and the fighting continues~

RoseGarden | Wedding | Ruby Rose x Oscar Pine (Featuring Qrow)
  • *Oscar and Ruby fighting a HUGE pack of Grimm, along with Qrow, the rest of Team RWBY, and ORNJ*
  • Oscar: Ruby! *Rushes over to Ruby* Will you marry me?
  • Ruby: *In Shock*
  • *Ruby blocks Grimm's strike*
  • Ruby: I don't think now's the best time!
  • Oscar and Ruby: *Continue to fight Grimm*
  • Oscar: Now may be the ONLY time!
  • Oscar and Ruby: *Strike a couple Grimm*
  • Ruby: *Rushes over to Oscar*
  • Oscar: *Holds her by the waist* I love you.
  • Ruby: *Stares at him, then quickly speeds past him, shooting a Grimm*
  • Ruby: *Returns to Oscar*
  • Oscar: I've made my choice. What's yours?
  • Ruby: *Looks at him, lovingly* UNCLE QROW...!
  • *Ruby and Oscar look up, to see Qrow, on a cliff, fighting off a pack of Beowolves*
  • Ruby: MARRY US!
  • Qrow: *Kills a beowolf* I'M A LITTLE BUSY, AT THE MOMENT!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Look at each other, before going their opposite directions to fight Grimm*
  • Oscar: QROW, NOW!
  • Jaune: QROOOW!
  • Qrow: *Annoyed* ALRIGHT, FINE! *Continuously fighting the beowolf pack
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Rush over to each other*
  • Oscar: *Holding onto Ruby's waist*
  • Qrow: *Goes near the edge of the cliff* DEARLY, BELOVED WE BE GATHERED HERE, TODAY...!!! *Stabs a beowolf, in the head* TO BRING THIS SILVER-EYED WARRIOR, AND THIS NEXT GENERATION WIZARD, TOGETHER FOR ALL ETERNITY! *Fights some more beowolves*
  • Ruby: *Ducks*
  • Oscar: *Slashes Grimm with his cane*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Fight some Grimm, on their own*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Run in a circle, and hold their hands together*
  • Oscar: Ruby Rose! Do you take me to be your husband?
  • Ruby: *Happy* I do!
  • Oscar: *Relieved* Great!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly move out of the way, as another Grimm comes straight toward them*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Start battling Grimm with one hand, each. Their other hands being held together*
  • Ruby: Oscar Pine, do you take me-!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Slash some Grimm*
  • Ruby: -To be your wife?!
  • Oscar: *Twirls them both around, in opposite directions, and shoots with one hand*
  • Ruby: *Shooting* In sickness, and in health! For better, or for worse?!
  • Oscar: *Twirls them both around, once more, with one hand, striking; takes her by the waist, and smiles* I do.
  • Ruby: *Smiles happily*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly begin striking, and killing Grimm close around*
  • Qrow: *Blocking Beowolf attacks* AS A PROFESSIONAL HUNTSMEN, I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU-
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Both stab Grimm while holding onto each other*
  • Qrow: YOU MAY KISS... *Slices off Beowolf's head* YOU MAY KISS... *Shoots Beowolf*
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Striking Grimm*
  • Oscar: *Twirls, and dips Ruby down, leans in...*
  • *Grimm coming straight toward them*
  • Ruby: *Quickly moves out of Oscar's way, killing the Grimm, while still holding his hand*
  • Oscar: *Does the same*
  • Qrow: *Stabs several Beowolves* JUST KISS!
  • Ruby and Oscar: *Quickly turn around, after killing their set of Grimm, hold onto each other and kiss passionately*
  • Rest of Team RWBY, ORNJ, and Qrow: *Fighting Grimm around Ruby and Oscar, so they wouldn't be disturbed*
Ignorance burns more than any stake

I invoke the gods and goddesses, the elements, the sun and the moon, Hecate, protector of all witches, all celestial, gray, and dark beings to protect these witches and fight all ignorance thrown at them.

People have and continue to wish death on those of us who did the binding this evening, and are saying things like, ‘I hope they all get shot, I hope a Muslim walks by and pours gasoline on them, hang them, burn them, you all should go cut themselves, that’ll solve the problem.’

All of my witches, send out your protection into the community, support each other, love each other….we are all we have.

can we please discuss the fact that hinata took on lord pein, who was strong enough to defeat naruto even in sage mode?

and not only did she do that, but she continued to fight even though she was quite literally dying, and only stopped fighting when she couldn’t fucking move anymore.

hinata was facing a man who controlled gravity, who took down one of the strongest men in the village, who killed one of the SANNIN, and she still fought until she couldn’t move.

i know carrie’s death is devastating, and i know we’re all mourning the loss of such a bright soul, but in these dark times please don’t forget what she taught us.

don’t forget that your mental illness doesn’t define you, but it’s not something to be ashamed of, either. don’t forget that you are so much more than it. don’t forget that you are not alone in your fight.

don’t forget that a jewish woman was a princess, and a general, and that she kicked some major ass.

don’t forget that you are beautiful no matter what age, no matter how your body has changed, no matter what unrealistic standards you face.

don’t forget that carrie was so much more than just princess leia. she was an author, activist, mother, friend, inspiration.

don’t forget that carrie would be so, so proud of you, just for being here and for continuing to keep fighting.
Troye Sivan - HEAVEN ft. Betty Who
New album 'Blue Neighbourhood’ feat. “HEAVEN” & “YOUTH” available now: 'Blue Neighbourhood' merch & more here: http://tr...

we have always been here. we will always be here. this video is dedicated to all who’ve come before me and fought for our cause and those who now continue the fight. in dark and light times, let’s love forever. love, troye x

The best cosplay I ever saw at a convention was two kids in a dual stroller, who as their parents pushed them past me were whaling on each other, just, calmly but continually fighting like they didn’t know how not to fight, and as they drew closer I realized these tiny violent toddlers were dressed as Cyclops and Wolverine. 

I think about those parents a lot

We’re celebrating another LGBTQ influencer for #BlackHistoryMonth!

Laverne Cox became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her iconic role as our favorite hairdresser with a troubled past on Orange is the New Black. Since her big break on Netflix, she has been regarded as one of the most influential people in the trans community, and continues to fight for gender equality. We love you, Laverne!

My New Year’s Wish for Donald Trump

Donald Trump issued the following tweet on the last day of 2016: “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!”

The man who is about to become President of the United States continues to exhibit a mean-spirited, thin-skinned, narcissistic and vindictive character.

Trump sees the world in terms of personal wins or losses, enemies or friends, supporters or critics.

He hasn’t yet figured out that a president holds a position of public trust that transcends personal animus. A president is supposed to represent all Americans, including those who voted against him and may continue to oppose him. 

In a democracy, those who fight against a president’s policies are not his personal enemies; they are political opponents and critics. A democracy depends on the freedom to oppose those in power, without fear of reprisal, without being denigrated or labeled an enemy.

Happy New Year, Mr. Trump. You have 20 days in which to learn how to act as a president. All of us – even those who oppose your policies and worry about your character – sincerely hope you do.  


Today, Trump signed an Executive Order allowing the construction of both Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s going to take a lot more than than that for him to overturn what we and the Army Corps of Engineers have done. But it’s a step in the wrong direction. Join Standing Rock in continuing to fight for a cleaner, safer, and renewable future:

The biggest negative feeling for the signs:

Aries: Knowing that even when they give their all, failure is still a possibility.

Taurus: Being put into awkward positions.

Gemini: Feeling stuck in a place that doesn’t allow them the freedom to learn.

Cancer: The feeling of continuing to fight for someone who clearly doesn’t give a damn about them.

Leo: Feeling like the people they care about the most don’t believe in them.

Virgo: Feeling like everything they do goes unnoticed.

Libra: Continuing to give someone the benefit of the doubt only to get hurt over and over again.

Scorpio: The feeling that there is no one in the world they can trust.

Sagittarius: When people or situations have enough power over them to change their outlook on things.

Capricorn: Feeling like they are not reaching their full potential.

Aquarius: Feeling misunderstood most of the time.

Pisces: Going to the ends of the world for people only to be taken for granted.

Chant Chant the Special Cultist

Level 2 Party: *enters the lair of Lorghoth the Decayer*

DM: Shadowy, black-robed cultists materialize around the room, chanting in sync. Lorghoth stirs. Roll initiative.

[Fighting Ensues]

Dwarf Ranger: *retreats through one of the shadow-cultists*

DM: You take 2 necrotic damage.

Dwarf Ranger: Blargh. Okay, are the cultists actually doing anything?

DM: Just chanting, as cultists do. One of them repeats the wrong line, the other ones all stop and groan at him, you know.

Tiefling Warlock: Oh, God, it’s Moon Moon the death cultist

Party: *gleefully dubs this cultist “Chant Chant”*

[Fighting Continues]

Tiefling Warlock: Can I cast Crown of Madness on one of the cultists [to take control of them]?“

DM: They’re insubstantial, but sure, go for it.


DM: Oh, God.

Tiefling Warlock: *rolls* *succeeds* I order him to give Lorghoth a great big hug!

DM: Chant Chant makes a flying leap, yelling, “I LOVE YOU LORGHOTH!” and…

DM: *rolls a natural 20*

DM: …fuck me. Gives it an enormous hug for…

DM: *rolls a hilarious number of dice*

DM: …30 damage.

Party: *through tears of disbelief and laughter* How does Chant Chant feel about this?

DM: Chant Chant is hugging his god. This is the BEST DAY OF CHANT CHANT’S LIFE.