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Stockholm film festival’s reply to my email about them showing Woody Allen and Roman Polanski’s films in their program really highlight how the festival circuit’s elitist bullshit is very much a part of the toxic film industry. Translated by me from Swedish.

“You’re bringing up an issue we are more than happy to address.

Stockholm international film festival’s main cause is to showcase quality film. Every year we watch thousands of films, and only the best are chosen for our program. In this selection process we separate the film from the director along the lines of the old mantra "judge the art, not the artist.”

We have been working with these issue for years and will continue to fight for women’s rights in the industry. However, we believe that we will change the power structures in the film industry more by highlighting women directors than through censoring directors who have committed crimes.

Another aspect we think is important is that film is a collective product where hundreds of people have often been involved in the process. To censor a film would therefore be a collective punishment, something we as a festival cannot stand behind.

In the end it is up to you as a consumer to choose which films you wish to see and we hope you will find other titles that interest you.“

Your wish is my command!

Sorry this took so long. Kinda got in a writing stump but i hope you enjoy this!

  • When Reinhardt heard you fall, he panicked.
  • He quickly took care of the person he was fighting, making his way over to you and standing protective shield up. Ana was thankfully already there, helping you to stand.
  • He was both proud and worried when he heard you insist that you were fine and that you wanted to continue fighting, he had known many a fighter who had fallen due to the injuries in battle as they had gotten hurt and wanted to keep fighting.
  • You looked at your father as he spoke, quietly asking you to find a safe place and let Ana have a proper look over you. Just to make sure you were alright.
  • You protested and Ana protected you both while you went back and forth, the sound of the sniper rifle would have been comforting if you and Reinhardt had been able to hear it. The battle had picked up.
  • You took your helmet off and Reinhardt’s voice wavered seeing the determined expression on your eyes, his shoulders slumped and he gave a defeated nod.
  • You look Ana quickly heal you up, put your helmet back on and gently patted your father’s armored shoulder before letting out a war cry and diving back into the battle.
  • The battle won hours later with you all resting, you watched the medics darting from person to person. Helping, it was comforting to have something to focus on other than the pain at your side.
  • Reinhardt and Mercy both came over with Mercy beginning to work on your injuries and you knew from Reinhardt’s stance that you were about to get a lecture
  • Instead he grasped one of your hands with his and began telling you how proud he was of you, he didn’t apologise for being protective and you didn’t ask him to.
  • By the end of it you were a teary mess and using your free hand to wipe at your tears.
  • “But please, please be careful. I would not know what to do if you were gravely hurt”
  • You snuffled and gave him a smile that instantly had him relaxing, giving your father’s hand a squeeze. You promised you would be careful, telling him he wasn’t going to ever lose you.
  • With a sigh and a nod from Mercy, he scooped you up into a gentle hug. Stress and tension you hadn’t noticed you had melted away as your arms wrapped around him.
  • You were glad you were both alive and well.

All I’m saying is that if we flash forward to the next election and a democrat gets into office are you still going to be pushing for the #resistance? Or are you going to crawl back into your comfort zone and ignore what’s happening? Because people who are actually harmed by racist & classist institutions have been fighting long before Trump and will continue to do so after he’s gone. But if you’re satisfied by the system after his removal, you never really gave a shit in the first place. It was only about Trump and it needs to be more than that. 


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and you’re kind, scorpius. to the depths of your belly, to the tips of your fingers.


Scott McCall is a True Alpha werewolf, the son of Melissa and Rafael McCall and best friend of Stiles Stilinski. Leader of the McCall Pack that has included Derek, Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Malia, Kira, Liam, Mason, Corey, Hayden and Theo, his friends help him in his fight to protect the people of Beacon Hills. Along the way he has lost people he loved, but ultimately stayed true to himself despite the difficulties he’s faced. After high school, he gained a placement at UC Davis, but chose to stay home and win one last battle. With the fight over, Scott continues to protect those who believe themselves to be monsters, but are in fact werewolves, like him.

He is portrayed by Tyler Posey.

So there’s this long list of prompts, and I love all of them, so I’m going to do a bunch of them completely unprompted.

Number One: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“I can’t believe this is your dirty secret.”

Boyd raised his eyebrows, adjusting his belt. “What did you think it was?”

“I don’t know, scrapbooking? Ballroom dance? Secret piccolo prodigy?” Stiles tried to shimmy the massive wedgie out of his buttcrack, but it just slipped in further. God damn it. He was wearing way too many layers to go after it, at least two of them chainmail.

“Piccolo?” Boyd’s tone itself wasn’t threatening, but picking up a broadsword and sheathing it on his belt certainly was. It was much bigger than Stiles’ sword, that was for sure.

“Come on, dude. Do you really not see the irony of a literal werewolf LARPing? And not as a werewolf? You wouldn’t even need prosthetics!”

“It’s not roleplaying if you’re just being yourself.”

“Okay, but why roleplay when you’re already a badass? Let’s face it, if anyone here should be roleplaying, it’s the pack human who doesn’t have superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers!” Derek’s usual reflex response came from behind the curtain, and then he added, “Are you sure you didn’t give me Kira’s outfit?”

Boyd rolled his eyes like they were the ones being unreasonable here. “Yes, I’m still sure. Come out.”

Stiles couldn’t actually hear it, but it was like a sixth sense by now; he knew Derek sighed before yanking back the crookedly hanging sheet that served as a dressing room in a corner of their massive canvas pack tent.

“So, the skirt is supposed to be this short.”

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Mischievous Maintenance (M)

Summary: You have an eventful Monday, thanks to the ever-resourceful head maintenance technician who works in your office.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6,913

Warning: MaintenanceTechnician!Jimin, workplace hookup, sexual themes, dirty talk, rough sex, oral sex, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Hope you enjoy this quick and dirty oneshot!

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Thoughts of a Hockey Penalty Box Attendant

  • ‘Get a job in the NHL they said, it’ll be fun they said, fuckin’ lied though didn’t they.’
  • 'Here comes our first prisone–I mean player.’
  • 'Why do you guys have to hit the glass with your sticks? Why? You could poke an eye out.’
  • 'Oh no, no no no, not the camera– damnit, we just got a new one.’
  • 'How many times is this guy gonna get a penalty.’
  • 'Oh great, here comes another one. Joy.’
  • 'Okay guys, I’m running out of roo- okay honestly, I have no where to sit now.’
  • 'Ew, I just stepped in some sort of bodily fluid.’
  • 'Just once I’d like to see a fan come in the box circa Tie Domi. Just once.’
  • 'It’s a good thing there’s no hot mics in here. A sailor would blush after hearing some of this shit.’
  • 'Can–can you not try to continue the fight while in the pout palace? You’re basically in a glass case of emotion and no one can hear you but me.’
  • 'I will either go deaf from players yelling or fans. Probs both.’
  • 'I am the keeper of the bad children and I alone can release them from their prison.’
Oh hey-

I’m Beans, take a seat thanks. 

As you know I’m mutuals with some amazing artists. *motions to the mututals I don’t deserve because they are truly wonderful, honest-to-lord people*

And you know what really grinds my gears, reposting art. I see how hard my mutuals work on their art, how important their art is to them. Takes a lot to be an artist, practicing and honing skills. So it really stinks when folks repost it. And you may be thinking, “Gee Bean, but I found their art and I didn’t know! I just wanted to share the good stuff on my blog and get it out there” Well friend, that’s when I say–

Fuck off with that bullshit. You don’t know? In an era where googling and reverse image searches are literally built into our fingertips? You can’t tell me that your crusty, shady behind who likes a certain fandom hasn’t come across some fanart by the original artist ONCE. 

Reposting art is STEALING because the artist will never see those notes and anyone who reblogs and gets all up in arms with reposted art will never know where it came from. Its lazy ass bullshit. And that whole “if you know the artist put the credit beloooow” no, again, lazy. You figure out the artist you take down their STOLEN artwork and you reblog it and apologize like a decent human being you were most likely raised to be. 

Credit means shit if the source doesn’t go back to the artist. Ask for permission, reblog fucking art and stop being assholes when people call out the fact its art theft. 

Hell fucking shit– 

Well, thanks for listening, its been grand. Have a nice day (dickwads) 


We just heard that tomorrow at 7 AM PT, October 6th, a new stage named Snapper Canal will be added to the rotation!

Battles will take place on a riverbed that’s under construction. Try not to blindly rush in – it’s easy to fall into the central waterway if you’re not paying attention. The ground is also lower near the water, so watch out for foes with long range weapons on the platforms above. The key will be finding out how to successfully cross the water and continue the fight on the other side. There may be some snappy comebacks during these fights, so be prepared to make some snap decisions!

Cuando persigas una meta y te suponga una gran dedicación, quéjate. Dí que te parece muy duro, que es demasiado esfuerzo… Desahogate cuanto necesites. Porque por mucho que te estés quejando, seguirás continuando. Pero que nunca se te pase por la cabeza rendirte.
—  Una voz

Sugawara: *kisses Daichi on cheek*
Daichi: what was that
Sugawara: affection
Daichi: Sweet. *kisses Sugawara on lips*

Hinata: *trying to kiss Kageyama on cheek but to no avail*
Kageyama: what are you trying to do
Hinata: Giving affection..?
Kageyama: What
Hinata: The kiss!!
Kageyama: Do you want me to kiss you?
Hinata: No!! I mean Yes!! I mean I should’ve the one that kiss you and then you’re asking what was that
Kageyama: What are you playing here I don’t understand why should I ask you what was that
Hinata: That’s how it should be on the first place?
Kageyama: But it doesn’t make sense
Hinata: It does?
Kageyama: It doesn’t
Hinata: It does
Kageyama: It doesn’t
Hinata: It does!!
(continues to fight until 19837 minutes later and the kiss never happened)

Yamaguchi: *kisses Tsukishima on cheek fast and lightly*
Tsukishima: What was that
Yamaguchi: Affection..?
Tsukishima: Disgusting
Yamaguchi: Sorry, Tsukki
Tsukishima: Wait
Tsukishima: Do it again

Kenma: *kisses Kuroo on cheek lazily*
Kuroo: What was that
Kenma: Surprise attack
Kenma: Kuro you’re red to ears are you okay

Oikawa: *Kisses Iwaizumi on lips*
Iwaizumi: wh-
Oikawa: that was affection, Iwa-chan
Iwaizumi: I know bu-
Oikawa: *sigh* You’re such a hopeless romantic
Iwaizumi: Oika-
Oikawa: Who on earth didn’t know what was that?!
Iwaizumi: Sh-
Oikawa: You need to learn how to flirt Iwa-chan

Hanamaki: *French kisses Matsukawa suddenly*
Matsukawa: What
Matsukawa: What was that
Hanamaki: Lust, fuck me now
Matsukawa: Babe

Akaashi: *Kisses Bokuto on cheek then leave*

Ushijima: *proceed to kneel down and kisses Shirabu’s hand*
Shirabu: What was that
Ushijima: Affection.
Shirabu: Oh
Shirabu: It feels nice somehow.
Ushijima: I know, let’s do it again another time.
Shirabu: Okay.

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where Lance is super smart and he gets fed up with the team acting like he's stupid, so be basically snaps at them?? I love your stories!! They're awesome!

Thanks so much! I hope you like it! 

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with us Princess Allura,” Kolivan bowed to her. She gave him a small smile and a nod. They were gathered around the dining hall table with the Paladins and Alteans on one side and the Blade of Marmora on the other. Kolivan pulled up a stolen layout of a Galran base and placed it on the table.

“There is valuable information, regarding the locations of important members of the Blade and our allied rebel forces stored in this base’s hard-drive, it is imperative that we get our hands on it and away from the Empire,” Kolivan started. “We need to find a way in without being spotted, and complete the mission without alerting the Galra. We were able to infiltrate successfully some time ago, and have access to some of the surveillance feeds and schematics,”

Immediately the room was filled with the sound of ideas being thrown around; Lance quietly listened to the different scenarios coming from his teammates and stored them in the back of his mind quickly picking out the flaws and how he could secretly tweak them when they were out in the field. He realized that the others would reluctant to listen to his ideas because of how he had already presented himself to the group. So he decided to quietly help them in the background instead. He pulled up the information on his screen and scrolled through the information available. Without a word he began highlighting points on his map that would require extra surveillance once they entered the base. Unbeknownst to him; Kolivan was watching over his shoulder with interest and nodding along to each dot. After Lance stopped and absentmindedly nodded his head, Kolivan put his hand on his shoulder. Lance yelped and he shot around to look at the leader of the Blade.

“Apologizes Blue Paladin, I would like to hear your ideas for this infiltration,” he admitted giving Lance all his attention. Lance gave a tentative smile and opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by Hunk and Pidge’s laughter. His head turned to the two and he shrunk into himself a bit knowing that the two were laughing at him. Kolivan only looked with a raised brow.

“Sorry Kolivan, but you don’t want to ask Lance for ideas,” Pidge giggled. The two of them cracked up into laugher, eventually dragging the rest of them minus Lance, Kolivan, and Coran who were looking at them incredulously.

“I apologize, but perhaps I’m misunderstanding. Please explain why I should not consider the Blue Paladin’s suggestions,” Kolivan said stepping forward. The laughter stopped aside from a few sniggers and they looked toward him.

“Kolivan. Its Lance, Mr. Razzle Dazzle, get all the girls and glory,” Pidge said with finality. “His plans probably involve a lot of shooting and not getting anything done,”

“Yah, he has fighting power but when it comes to infiltration…” Hunk continued with a shrug. Lance could feel the blush traveling up his face, and his shoulders bunched up further as if to protect him.

“All his brain can store, are cheesy pickup up lines and weak insults,” Keith commented. The others burst out laughing again; Allura and Shiro only giving weak smiles. Kolivan looked down at the blue paladin and while he seemed shocked and saddened; he could see anger stirring in his eyes as well.

“Hey! I have more in my brain than that, I have good ideas!” He cried trying to defend himself.

“Really, a thousand times ten?” Keith asked with a smirk. Lance’s eyebrows drew down with an angry grimace.

“I was trying to break the tension,” he growled. His hands were clutching the armrests of his chair tightly, his knuckles turning white from the pressure. Shiro stood up from his chair and carefully approached the angered teen.

“Its okay Lance,” he said soothingly. “We all have our weaknesses, this is just yours,” he gave him a soft smile. Lance looked at him in pure disbelief; this man was the leader of their group and he was going to let Lance believe that he couldn’t contribute to the planning of this mission.

“My weakness?!” Lance growled. “You know what?! I’m done!” He yelled jumping out of his seat and pulling his screen along with him to the front of the room. The others looked at him with quirked eyebrows.

“What? Going to shows us the pretty dots on your map?” Keith taunted with a smirk.

“No, each of these dots is a mistake that you over looked,” he hissed. He pointed to the first one and pulled up the surveillance from the base’s server room. “This is a PXY-6075 system, you were going to go in blind with a code not appropriate for this system, it would shut down the entire thing and we would lose everything,” he swiped across his screen and sent a code to Pidge’s system. She pulled it up out of curiosity and her jaw dropped before she looked up at Lance.

“Lance, this is genius,” she muttered. He ignored her and went to the next beacon. A security camera showed a hallway were Shiro suggested they infiltrate on the way to the server room. He turned to the leader with crossed arms.

“This hallway is filled with blind spots and vents, how could you even think that this was a good place to enter?” Lance asked with a quirked brow. Shiro only crossed his arms in defense.

“It is the fastest way to the server room, we need to get in and out quickly,” he replied. Lance gave him a short glare.

“So because it is the fastest way to the server room, it is automatically the safest, you’re putting the safety of your teammate on the line in order to complete the mission faster?” he asked getting closer to Shiro who tried to avoid his eye. “What would have happened if we went down here and there were drones or weapons in the vents, we could have died in there,” he pulled the map back and brought up a different hallway. Shiro looked at it and back at Lance for an explanation.

“It’s a maintenance hallway, the other direction from where this one is, it is fully surveillanced with no blind spots and no places for anything to be hidden,” he said pushing the screen into Shiro’s who looked at it sheepishly. He zoomed out letting the outside of the base show. He turned to Allura who jumped at being in the teen’s sights.

“The defense of the base is different from the cruisers we come across Allura; if we had gone on the mission and used what we usually did we would have gotten caught and the entire mission would be compromised,” he stated bluntly. He brought up the schematics of the base and pointed along the foundation “This area is susceptible to fire, if I send out an electrical pulse along the base, it should collapse the barrier without any alerts to the Galra,” she carefully nodded it response watching the tiny barrier breaking down on her screen. Lance looked around at the ashamed paladin avoiding his gaze around him.

“Need I go on?” He asked quietly. He humphed when he only received sheepish nods. He turned to Shiro and pushed a finger into his chest.

“Next time when you say something about someone’s “weakness”, don’t. None of us are weak and you out of all of us should be the one to see that,” he said pushing him back. He turned to Keith.

“You shouldn’t be so insulting,” he said standing beside his chair. “I know that I haven’t shown you what I’m capable of but you don’t have to be so condescending,”

“You shouldn’t be so quick to judge,” he stated turning to focus on Pidge. “I try to come off as the carefree goofball because let’s face it, we’re fighting in a war and we’re a bunch of kids who probably shouldn’t be out here,” he turned to look at Hunk as well at this point. “You should know that I’m smarter than I act, you have known me the longest,”

“Lance,” Hunk tried but Lance only raised his hand between the two of them.

“Please let me finish,” he pleaded. “I wasn’t at the Garrison as a charity case or anything, and everyone here ignored that. I tried to do the best I could to keep the peace and keep the image of comic relief because it seemed to help you perform better,” he looked down at the ground trying to avoid the gazes of his teammates. His hands were shaking by his sides, the only visible sign of his anger through the entire rant until he started to feel a tremble in his lip and tears gathering in his eyes.

“Lance…” he heard Shiro hesitant voice call. His head shot up causing a tear to roll down his cheek as his eyebrows furrowed in anger.

“No! I don’t want to hear it!” he shouted shocking the other into silence. “You have been pulling this shit for too long, and you didn’t think anything of it! Well, it hurts! It hurts and no one cared enough about me to stop it!”

“Lance, we’re sorry,” Pidge said reaching out for the teen trying to put her hand on his arm. He slapped it away and started making his way to the door to leave. Before he left he put his hand on the doorway and looked back at Allura.

“Call me for the mission, I need to cool down for a bit,” he said quietly. Angry tears still streaked down his face, be he felt and looked resigned now. He turned and left, leaving the bridge in thick silence. It was broken by Kolivan making his way to the entrance to follow Lance to wherever he decided to hole up. Just like Lance, he looked at the others before he left.

“Perhaps next time, you should get to know your soldiers before you judge what they are capable of,”

It’s literally been years of marriage and Erwin still pulls this shit.

“You’re being graced with her presence–show some respect.”

“This is why we have like, four friends.”