and the fiddle

3 words.

Bakugou would never thought that in this lifetime Kirishima would be able to drag him to a bar right across town (just because Denki is working there and fucking asshole dragging him into one of his schemes just to flirt with his fucking gross boyfriend) especially with fucking Deku and Half ‘n Half in a tow. He never expected he would even share a table with them — not entirely in this lifetime.

He ignores the glances Deku gives him and drowns another glass of beer. Of fucking course, of all fucking people who had to expose his stupid fucking crush (which he’d like to forget, thank you very fucking much) to fucking Half ‘n Half — it had to be this twerp who gives Bakugou meaningful glances which he tries to brush off every single time.

Hey, it’s not like he needs Deku to fucking intervene and it’s not like his fucking crush won’t go away (it fucking doesn’t) and he tries his goddamn hardest (he actually does, but fucking Half ‘n Half and his fucking smile and the way his nose scrunches up when he finds something mildly disgusting and the way his eyes seem to light up— and yes, Bakugou is so fucked) to bury these feelings deep down.

“How’s job hunting gone for you, Midoriya?” He is temporarily snapped out of his thoughts as Bakugou hears Todoroki say. His lips are on the edge of the glass, the liquid intruding his mouth and Bakugou suddenly thinks he wants to be beer all of a sudden. Fuck.

Deku scrunches his nose clearly in distaste. “Bad. I mean, describe yourself in 3 words. How would I even describe myself in three words?”

“Scaredy cat. Pebble. Anxiety.”

“Technically, those are four words.” Todoroki counters Bakugou’s statement with a half-smile that Bakugou hates so much because it makes him want to do nothing but wonder how he would smile underneath Bakugou— nope, he needs to fucking erase every single thing, right now. “Besides, how would you even describe yourself?”

“Confident. Brave. Best.”

At this, Todoroki’s lips quirk uo slightly. “Best, huh? That’s not what our weekly monopoly says.”

“Shut up.” Bakugou says, though a small pout arises. “I hate monopoly.”


At the middle of the night (with Kirishima and Denki almost making out in the counter, Todoroki is almost dazed with Irish Whiskey, nobody knows how they have fucking Irish Whiskey in this place and Bakugou still sober enough to drive), Deku broughts up the question again.

“Hey Todoroki, how would you describe Kacchan?”

Bakugou is glaring daggers at Deku now, his fist clench and it takes all of his courage not to walk away (of course, not because he wants to hear Todoroki say about him, nope). And those glares are brushed off by Deku. Well touché.

“Hmm?” Looks like Todoroki is still sane enough to answer Deku’s question. “Dense. Strong. Stupid.”

“Hey fuck you! I am not stupid!”

“Remember that one time when we had to pry you—”

“That was one time!”

“And the time when we went to the museum—”

“It was the stupid guard’s fault!” Bakugou grumbles and sees the small smile on Todoroki’s face. He averts his gaze.

He hates this.


More drinks come into their way and Todoroki is more than a little dazed.

“Three words.”

“Stupid. Selfless. Reckless.”

“Four words.”

“He makes me worry.” Todoroki grumbles, his tone low and it makes Bakugou step back slightly.

“Five words.”

“I want to kiss him.”

Bakugou.exe has stopped working.

Deku smiles. “Seven words.”

“I really want to kiss his stupid face.”

Deku smiles. “That was eight words, Todoroki.” Todoroki merely hums and mutters a small, is it? that may or may not be Bakugou’s hallucination because at this point, Bakugou fucking thinks he’s hallucinating or dreaming, or he died and went to fucking heaven.

“Eight words.”

“I really really want to kiss him now.”

Deku pats Bakugou in the back before he brushes past Todoroki, whispering. “One word, Todoroki.”

Todoroki looks at him; his unmatched eyes gazing on the edges of Bakugou’s soul, dazed. His cheeks are red (probably from the whiskey) and his mouth is half-open and it makes Bakugou jolt and it takes all of his self-control not to press Todoroki on the couch and invade his personal space.

Todoroki’s voice is soft — almost a whisper. “Please?”

And it snaps Bakugou’s self control.

To hell with self-control. He pushes Todoroki on the couch with force enough to make Todoroki’s eyes go wide slightly and winces a little. Todoroki’s eyes are wide with wonder and his mouth opens in surprise.

Bakugou supposes he was dreaming and he wanted nothing more than to sleep forever if this was the kind of dream he was having. Todoroki’s warmth is next to him and his arms clutch Bakugou tightly like he doesn’t want Bakugou to let go.

At this point, Bakugou doesn’t even have enough will power to let Todoroki go.

“Bakugou.” Todoroki’s voice is merely a whisper, his eyes closed and his breathing ragged.

“Three words.” Bakugou whispers back. “I… kinda like you?”

Todoroki hums, placing his head on the crook of Bakugou’s neck. “Those are four words, Bakugou.”

as a child i thought constantly about an alternate reality where Remus killed Romulus and founded Reme and we all studied The Ancient Remens and the Remen Empire and the Greco-Remen Gods an people said “When in Reme…” and “Reme wasnt built in a day”

like i just though a lot about that but no one else ever brought it up


Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

Being a violinist

•good finger dexterity

•tiny fingers

•toned arms (especially if you play fiddle music like damn)

•beautiful instrument

•you’re automatically smart if you play the violin. don’t ask why. it’s apparently a stereotype. just go with it.

•kids love you regardless. play something they recognize and they will love you.

•backpack cases

•you develop good hand-eye coordination and enhanced muscle memory

•covers sound 10000000x better when they’re played on violin. 100% confirmed by scientists.

•you get gigs VERY often when you’re for hire (seriously when did people get so demanding for violinists/fiddlers?)

•jam sessions!!!

•dexterity in fingers = 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

•music stores are your best friend

•electric violins are BAD ASS.

•violins are so diverse. they can be in jazz, bluegrass, classical, blues, swing, folk, gypsy, burlesque, ragtime, and basically every style of music.

•good vibrato sounds like heaven

•just basically a fun instrument to play. seriously.

•calluses. calluses. calluses.

•HICKEYS. Hickeys. Yes they are a thing, don’t look at me like that.

•*shoulder rest decides to fly out from instrument while playing*

•backache. arm ache. backache. fingers are sore. neck is sore. everything hurts.

•"Can you play Beethoven?“

•don’t even bother going anywhere with customs. they’ll hold you back because your instrument case looks "suspicious”.

•*bridge decides to snap out from under strings while practicing*

•"Can you play Devil Went Down to Georgia?“

•no matter how hard you try to make that fourth octave C sound pretty, it’s still going to sound like you stuck a fork up a baby bird’s ass.

•"can you teach me how to play it?”

•doesn’t matter if you rosin your bow; slurring to the open E string will make a godawful squeaking noise.

•"I promise I won’t break it"

•watching movies/TV with a violinist makes you cringe because it’s obvious they’re not a real violinist. (seriously, when they’re playing whole note open G they’re playing eighth notes on the E string. what the fuck.)

•"I thought violin and fiddle were two different instruments!“

•that song may sound cool, but don’t bother learning it when it’s in the key of C#.

•up bow. down bow. down bow. up bow. down bow. up bow. down bow. Wait, fuck. *erase*

•"no, I did not slaughter a horse to make my own violin bow.”

•that soreness in your wrist is from your countless attempts to perfect that vibrato. oops.

•tuner? check. shoulder rest? check. mute? check. rosin? check. bows? check. instrument in tune? check. sheet music? check. Advil? yes.

•you’re automatically a stuck-up snob if you play violin. that’s also a stereotype. don’t ask why. I have no idea.

•when your string breaks, it’s the equivalent to having your life flash before your eyes.

•electric violins and their equipment are worth your entire bank account. js.

•"play this song! right now!“

•*bow hits microphone stand*

•"sorry, I couldn’t hear you since my instrument is always in my ear.”

•everything hurts.

Samuel “Cool” Beans + Amanda Hess

Okay hear me out.

All I want in life is for Lup to duel for someone’s soul using the fiddle, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” -style (with comparably amazing fiddle-playing) while in full reaper regalia. Like, full suit, skull motif, wicked smile and playing this fiddle with terrifying precision against this necromancer with captive souls who did not account for her musical talent before issuing this challenge.

I would also be happy with the same scenario involving Kravitz. Actually, Kravitz has probably already done this, it’s probably one of the stories that gets told around the office most often. Kravitz goes to pull out his own fiddle and Lup just pushes past him like “nah it’s my turn” and fiddles this unsuspecting necromancer into the ground. (And then totally takes his fiddle because that’s how this goes, it’s right there in the song them’s the rules.)