and the father is a cutie pie


Look at this beautiful cutie pie!!
Her name is Ariana Miyamoto and on the 12th of march she was crowned Miss Universe Japan! And how could they not? Just look at this beautiful goddess. 

Now there are people complaining that she’s “not really Japanese” because her father is African American, but they can all go fuck themselves. Go go Ariana!


Word Count: 1,155

Warnings: Sam being a cutie-pie over violins, music feels

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I had a dream about Sam secretly teaching himself to play the violin and this happened…

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Ear Biscuits Ep.7 Julian Smith
Snippet of over-protective father, Link
Ear Biscuits Ep.7 Julian Smith

So ages ago I saw a post about Link not wanting Locke to text Lily and i was like WHERE DID HE SAY THAT??? and recently I was listening to old ear biscuits and FINALLY came across where he specifically said it! Basically Link being an over-protective father is the cutest thing and I got a kick out of it.


I absolutely love these two together, as both my BIAS and my Bias WRECKER in VIXX i guess i have become complete TRASH for these two, every interaction between them sets my heart ablaze<3
the perfect example of opposites attract, lol. Also known as Vixx’s bts couple, i just love the way Ken brings out the shy giggly cutie pie that is Jung Taekwoon:)

Donghae and Eunhyuk”s love for eachother has been going strong for over 10 years!
They are the first to admit that they are best friends and each time they are together i swear i see hearts floating around them… Donghae touted Hyukkies handsomeness from the get-go, always giving Eunhyuks’ name as the answer to whom he thought was most handsome in the group.and lets not forget how often Eunhyuk lets EVERYONE know how cute he thinks Hae is.  *SIGH  so romantic<3

As proclaimed mother and father of B.A.P, these two have been bestest of friends since training days.  Yongguk often forgets to take care of himself with being the leader and songwriter of the group, Himchan is always there to remind him to eat and get rest. The other members have stated multiple times, that Bbang’s smile is because of HIMCHAN<3 (dying!!!!)
And when Channie was having problems with his strict dieting, Yongguk was always there as full support.  Himchan has stated that Bbang is one of the 5 most important and loved people in his life! *SWOON

First to admit that his personality is prickly, Key always says that Jonghyun makes him happy and smile:)
The way Jong looks at Kibum like he is his ENTIRE world just kills me,  and Key always gets this sweet soft look when he watches Jonghyun do anything… I CANT STAND IT!!!

The yin/yang couple of GOT7, Mark and Jackson are just perfect together.  Mark stated that he tends to be quiet and very reserved,
but put him in the vicinity of JACKSON WANG and insanity ensues.. They have cute nicknames for eachother Mark(Dimsum), Jackson(Mandu).
They often speak to each other in chinese, both being of chinese/taiwanese descent. and both are really close with each others families.
*ok, so i know that ALL of GOT7 are extremely close, its almost impossible to just ship one member with someone else, but the way they just
STARE adoringly at each other? #DEAD

TRUE LOVE. That’s what i get from these two. Kookie treats Tae like he is a priceless angel, He is always calling him handsome and telling
everyone that he wants to room with Taetae and gets VERY jealous at anyone else interacting with HIS Taehyung!
V is just a sweetheart that comes alive under Jungkooks special attention, but that doesn’t mean V doesn’t have his share of Jealousy moments.
Tae is always clinging to Kookie, and dancing with him, watching him, eating with him…. its LOVE<3

So yeahhh Salvador my bae, the son of my whore i mean cutie pie alex, so just a little info.

Name: Salvador

Gender: male

Height: 6'0 just a biiiit taller than his father

Age: 19

Class: Bride

Skills: Bond, Sol, Renewal, Agressor and Ignis

Asset: Strenght

Flaw: Defense 

Unlike his father he has a loooot of problems with girls, he gets really nervous whenever he is around them,often gets laughed at because of his class, but he doesn’t really care, often annoyed by his father’s need to be smoking, trying himself to get away from the corrosive addiction, he is a little bit of a finicky person, often serious but awkward.

Yay! I finished commission for cutie pie @dashtumbles​. She ask me to draw Leo from her AU. For better conceptualize how it should look she send me one of her incredible stories (damn u grl, u know that I shed a tear or two reading them! <3). I have permission to publish it so u can find it below. Honey, one more time, thank u so much for commissioning me and for ur patience!

Flash back:

“Father, the tree….why is that leaf different from the others?”

Splinter and a young Leonardo were in the dojo, stood next to the tree that grows in their lair, most of the leaves have died and fallen to the polished wooden floor, while a few others have dried up while still attached to the tree, one single new green leaf had appeared randomly on its branches.
Leonardo as usual was quick to notice anything new in the lair, inquisitive even at such a young age his skills were quite impressive.
Having stayed on for extra training, the two had just come to the end of their lesson, spending a little relaxing time sharing tea under the tree.

“ Leonardo, it’s ’ Master Splinter ’, not father while we’re in the dojo.” The old rat reprimanded, though there was a warm smile on his features, amber eyes studying the leaf that had distracted the young turtle so, his whiskers twitching curiously.
Moving to a stand the wise rat moved to gently place a clawed finger on the newly grown leaf, lowering his visuals to study the turtles reaction.
“ This means new life, or maybe a new start..what do you think?” The wise ninja looked down, stroking his beard, studying Leo’s reaction to his explanation. He set a fur covered hand on the child’s shoulder, watching as Leonardo stared at the leaf just a little longer before answering.
“ To me..? it means don’t give up and that new life means new choices..I was wrong, sorry fath-Master Splinter, guess I was thinking too much about it?”
Amber orbs widened in surprise, not quite the answer he’d been expecting.
“ No Leonardo, it isn’t’s important to be the best we can be and even when things seem lost, there is always a just have to work hard to find it. It’s the same when you lead eventually, you have to show you can take that burden.”
Leonardo smiled then, content with the answer, going back to his tea.

Present day:

Leonardo had just got Splinter settled down for the evening, the older rat had fallen asleep peacefully, huddled up under piles of blankets. As silently as possible Leo pulled the rice paper doors shut, letting out a sigh as he walked across the wooden floor, candle in hand to light his way. Quietly as possible, moving to stand under the tree, azure orbs narrowed in a paranoid fashion.
Ever since Donatello’s disappearance the technology he had supplied his family with had all but diminished, leaving no power, or security cameras, things taken for granted.
Candles were lit around the dojo, giving the ninja just enough light to see around the room, Leo himself enjoying their dance as they swallowed the shadows like a battle between good and evil, he saw comfort in the flames, relaxed by their presence.
With a longer candle in one hand, he moved to lean against the trunk, dead leaves falling down to his feet as his carapace connected with the wood.

He held up the flickering light source above his head, paranoid that a shadowed figured could be stalking him from the branch above.
Brilliant blue eyes widened, adjusting the candle slightly a gasp escaping his beak as he lifted his free hand to gently rest a green digit against a small, but definitely new green leaf, poking it as if he needed proof it was really there, the first he could recall seeing in a long time.
For a moment Leo was thrown back to his younger days, recalling the conversation with his father.
“ Don’t..give..up..”
The words rolled off his tongue, watching the leaf like a hawk, digits still holding the leaf as if unable to let it go, remembering their talk as if it had been yesterday. Despite everything that had happened in his short life, Leonardo knew this could well be the turning point he desired, the leaf proof that things would get better…
He tried to walk away, slowly lowering his hand, making to walk across the room.
He stopped, why? Even Leo didn’t seem to know, a fuzzy feeling in his stomach, heading back to place a hand against the leaf one more time, as if afraid his eyes had been deceiving tricks on him.
A smile appeared as he lowered his hand, an audible chuckle escaped parted lips, he’d seen the sign, bowing his head towards the tree as he slowly lowered his hand, time to change..starting now. If the seasons didn’t stop for anyone, why should Leo?

Decided to jump on that Pokemon Variations bandwagon. Inspired by too-much-green​‘s pokemon variations based off of the father. 

Grass type starters have always had a soft spot in my heart, same with 4th gen. That’s why I made Turtwig variations. Plus Turtwig is a cutie-pie. 

Pure Breed (+Ditto/Torterra): even temperament, ideal for new trainers. Not often found naturally in the wild. Can be over bred in the attempt in a mutated or ‘shiny’ version.
Mountain (+Haxorus): more aggressive in order to compete with the tough life-style up in the mountains. Tusks inherited from the father, and a harder shell developed.
Forest “Spotted” (+Venusaur): friendly, can be found in most forests. Spots help camouflage. Develops striking flowering trees when it evolves. 
Forest “Mossy” (+Amoongus): timid and rarely seen. Found deep inside forests, its shell is often mistaken for a poke ball. Once evolved, its tree will produce Apricorns. 
Cave (+Ferrothron): very stubborn breed, difficult to train. Will often headbutt its trainer as a sign of affection. Often found deep in caves, with less access to sunlight. 
Field (+Whimsicott): timid but friendly, these Turtwig gather in flower fields. This breed tends to be full of energy and light on their feet. 

These were really fun. First time scanning traditional lines and then live tracing using illustrator. Probably going to do another one of these (maybe Slowpoke?)

I just need to rant about John Murphy for a second. He has been through so much. Came from a horrible situation; his mother blamed him for the death of his father (it wasn’t his fault!). He’s been screwed over so many times and doesn’t know who he can trust. Yet inside we know he’s just a sweetie pie. He has these moments where we know he’s just looking for someone to open up to and it kills me. He also has the best witty sense of humor and seems like he’d be perfect to cuddle with ahh

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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who loves Shuutoku but doesn't hate Akashi? Yeah,he defeat Shuutoku in a brutal way,but that's no reason to hate him,he's such a great character.

Yep, he’s such a cutie pie, he doesn’t deserve all this hate he’s just a bit obsessed with winning.

But why is he so obsessed??

First of all it’s his father’s fault… he is a piece of shit

Aaaand Akashi always does his best because the others count on him!!

Akashi is way too precious~