and the fake directioners

zerrie/zigi VS ZIAM

I’m sure most of y’all have watched the zayn x morning mashup interview (if you haven’t, click here) and i just gotta do this, just had to, it’s just too funny i had to.

They talk about the song (IDWLF), mentions T swift and her birthday and asks if Zayn wished and all (no, because he is a ‘shit’ friend xD) and then he casually remarks about gigi which prompts the radio dj to ask him:

“Listen, for all the guys out there, how did you land her?

And of course, like given their one year plus oh so romantic relationship, hashtag goals, how she is the anchor to his anxiety woes, surely they got together in a sweet way? Surely they met at macdonalds where they lock eyes and some sort of emotions burst at the seams of their heart and neither of them can wait to tell the world–

Instead Zayn says–

 Yeah, of course he doesn’t know how are you supposed to say ‘oh it was in a little room where we signed the contract to our faketionship, or because she needs publicity sooOoOooO

I mean lowkey or private aside, ziam aside, surely you’d have the slightest inkling on how y’all got together no? Even if it’s nothing theatrical. 

But radio dj really wants to know, damn it how does he get the girl??? (Just hire a publicist) “You had to ask her out on a date so how did it start?”

I wanna know how did it start too Zayn :P 

And Zaynie, he well, he just doesn’t give a fuck–

I love how he just doesn’t even try, sounds like something I’d do too, honestly.

 I mean, AGAIN, ziam aside, wouldn’t you remember the slightest detail? Doesn’t have to be romantic it could be extremely unromantic but because yall are so in love it’s actually romantic (get my drift–clearly someone writes fanfic here coughs). I totally get it if celebrities wanna be private (hell I’ll be lowkey af), but doesn’t this: oh yeah we were having burgers and then her lips got some mayonnaise and I realized how much I wanna licked it off, so i asked her out proper– sounds a teeny better? No? Yeah I liked his answer too.

This reminds me of-

I can’t bloody find the video where he talks about how he proposed to Perrie to make gifs (sobs) but how he described it:

  • We were, watching a film in the back garden and her mum was there
  • my mum was there… 
  • Erm, my two best mates were there which was quite sick… 
  • And that’s it, and she said yeah which is quite sick! 

I swear it sounded (to me) like he literally just came up with that story on the spot HAHA (if you’ve watched the video you’d know what I’m talking about), and then there were 254372919 articles on how sweet the story was i’m like bitch where?? if anything, it was vague af lmao (but that’s how zaynie rolls and i like it)

what about this: oh yeah we were having burgers and then her lips got some mayonnaise and I realized how much I wanna lick that pair of lips forever and ever so i got on one knee and whipped out my ring–

sorry i digress



                                              MOVING ON–

With a platonic friend:

(remember this?)

stop it zayn, stop

 idk what audition he’s referring to (i dont think it’s the x factor ones cuz the first one the shoes are black and the second Li’s wearing boots so–) //  X

ah, young love :’)

Remember this iconic moment? (Then again everything is iconic with ziam tbh)

extensive display of knowledge zayn, well done indeed! i’m a shit friend, i don’t  know what the top ten most frequently played songs my closest friends listen to (fav artists/ preferred genres i can still get away with), but then again they wouldn’t know mine(!!)

You’re drooling Z, stop (actually don’t)

Here’s a good romantic story to tell next time: We were singing on stage to an arena of thousands of screaming girls and i pretty much professed my love to my boyfriend by giving him a rose…and he took it ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

It really did happen…

I live for Liam’s heart eyes really CAN SOMEBODY PLS LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT GDI

Ok so i made my point of how much fucks Zayn give (-100000) and I got a tad carried away while doing so orz. I wanted to add in a bit more zigi observations that i picked up on buuuuut ain’t nobody ruining ending this post with any sort of nonsense  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


( ⊙‿⊙)( ⊙‿⊙)( ⊙‿⊙)( ⊙‿⊙) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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no offense but posts talking about the good old days of early 1d being drama free are fake as shit like the tensions between Directionators and Directioners were unmatched, and you don’t know what fire on your ass feels like until someone asked you what your 1d order was in 2012,


Au memes: one Direction are together again ….. 😢

this is NOT real , but maybe one day is this real? #ForeverOneDirection #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik

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One Direction bios
  • Hey gente, tava de boas e de repente tive ideias para bios do One Direction ahaha. Like se pegar ou segue no twitter :) 

Eu sigo @GemmaAnneStyles e quero o irmão dela que ela tá sorteando

“Ainda não sei o bi” Ziam, Larry. QUEM É O BI?

floop de 4 anos, o que dizer?

nananananana, anos se passam e nunca irei entender que porra será essa

a vida me ensinou a pesquisar zayn today e sofrer

“tell me a lie” Zerrie!

Era uma vez uma garota abençoada que foi no caminho do satanás e virou directioner e dona de FC

late mais alto q da coxa do harry eu não te escuto bjs

harry styles é rainha!

eu poderia estar roubando, eu poderia estar grávida. Mas não, estou no meu FC

one direction fode com a minha vida, mas eu amo

niall horan é meu príncipe encanto, sinto muito inimigas

minha mãe diz para as amigas delas que eu sou a+, só o q ela n sabe é q fumo maconha com zayn malik

a testa do liam ocupou a bio inteira

gosto de louis tomlinsons que comem cenoura


Au meme: Today is Harry Birthday (really XD) and you don’t come to His Birthday Party ….or? :D
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people who thought elounor was fake and sophiam is fake and zerrie was fake and one direction might as well be fake, simon cowell must be fake and xfactor is fake and england is fake and shakira’s hips are fake and obama’s foot is fake and water is fake u know i might as well be fake too lets not trust anyone .. it’s a fake world run by fake people everything is fake nothing is real goodbye