and the fact that you can spawn anything

Damian Wayne: Over-Protective

Imagine having a sibling like relationship with Jason Todd and having met members of his family before but when you meet Robin you both instantly hit it off, much to Jason’s dismay.

Warnings: Swearing


It was unexpected bumping into Red Hood and trying to help him out a little since he’d saved your life. Considering you were only young and so willing to repay your debt he taught you some useful skills and found you to be entertaining company, especially after being brought back from the dead himself. It was nice to have someone so fun and carefree around and after running into him a few times he decided to keep an out for you, plus you learnt a few things from him.
It took you some time for a proper friendship to develop, but as a young child you soon realised something.
“You care about me.” You smiled up at the vigilante across from you.
No, I don’t.” Red Hood breathed, waiting by his motorcycle to drop you home since you’d decided to sneak out in search of adventure again.
“Yes you do, or else why would you be teaching me all this.” You justified proudly.
“I knew it! Thanks Jay!” Your joyful grin returning upon hearing no response from the vigilante and you were quick to wrap your arms around his waist in gratitude.
“Whatever kid, let’s go.” Jason replied nonchalantly, awkwardly patting your back signalling that you can let go now. You both hopped onto his motorcycle ready to go home.
“Hey - helmet now!” Red Hood ordered, noticing your lack of safety gear.
“You big softie.” You muttered under your breath, but apparently he heard you.
“What was that?!”
“You total badass.” Was your instant correction, voice raising an octave this time.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The vigilante responded, his tone holding a hint of amusement.

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I just read Miracle of Two and I cried. omg, thank you so much... what I've constantly tried to stress in my fanfics, you put in one comic... their Boss is a child, and Giotto can't forgive that. ;;

giotto at the end of it all just like…

giotto: every single one of you vongola bosses has seen little decimo here HOW DID HE STILL BECOME BOSS??
them: uh, well-
giotto: if i hear ‘i thought one of the others were going to make sure it didn’t happen, i didn’t think i’d have to do anything myself’ i’m going to disband this scooby gang before we even get a van, i will throw this box of rainbow fruit loops into mount doom
them: but you’ll break continuity and spawn a world where tsuna never existed
giotto: i’m still gonna have kids you nitwag
giotto: in FACT i’ll have enough MORE OF THEM if i don’t have to stress about one of them becoming youngest mafia boss ever known to mankind in the distant future
tsuna: i can have actual relatives?
giotto: you’re gonna have more relatives than you could ever want, child.

Seventeen Seven deadly sins! Au

With Seungcheol being Lust.
Jihoon being Wrath.
Seungkwan being Envy.
Soonyoung being Greed.
Jeonghan being Sloth.
Mingyu being Gluttony.
Junhui being Pride.

And they all have their human partners (except for Jicheol they’re together because I’m trash)

And Chan is the son of Lucifer, who is in preparation for world domination and all that jazz, is assigned to see how true sins act (trying to make their human partner sin with them for example or make them suffer through their sins) but he instead gets first row seat on the shenanigans they are all caught up with.

Some ideas:

. Lust is so bloody thirsty and Wrath is just not having it.
. Lust shouldn’t come with jealousy. That’s Envy’s job. So why is Seungcheol feeling all weird when Soonyoung steals Jihoon’s attention away??
. Seungkwan is envious of a lot of things but his human partner is a complete sunshine who doesn’t understand the concept of Seungkwan lacking something so he doesn’t see why Seungkwan should feel envious of others.
. Soonyoung is Greed so he ends up doing a lot of things he should not be doing. In human world he somehow ends up in a strip club which is very confusing because “I’m Greed, not fucking Lust!” and people think he’s crazy, except for this one boy who thinks he’s crazy hot.
. Mingyu trying to sin-trip his human partner by taking him on an around-the-world taste test with his demonic power. His human partner is not impressed. “You can travel to all these places and all you do is eat?” “Well, yea, of course.” Bonus if his human partner is a photographer and ends up making a whole album of him eating because Mingyu just looks so damn happy and cute eating.
. Junhui gets into lots of fight due to his Pride. His human partner saves his ass once. Maybe twice. Just maybe, because Junhui is still a badass.
. Sloth Jeonghan is really chill like he might actually be an angle if it weren’t for the fact that he actually slept through the whole battle between Heaven and Hell. Heaven thinks it’s inappropriate. Jeonghan doesn’t think anything about it because he’s already dozing off again. Bonus if his human partner is part Angel who is like “Jeonghan wake up and be an Angel” “Do I get to sleep?” “No but you get to help people” “This number you call is not available please don’t leave a message”
. Chan’s weekly report consists of “Dad, I don’t think I’m learning this right.” “Trust your mentors my young devil spawn” “Dad they are literally having a who-can-shove-most-socks-in-their-mouth competition right now.” “Yea yea good okay son I gotta go places to be people to rule tata.”

Extensive thoughts on SPN 12x08
  • Sam and Dean investigate by themselves, then there’s Cas and Crowley, then they split up just to meet Cas who was teleported in the bunker by Crowley who does his standalone thing and (re)rejoins the troop later, so they can split up again and meet some random badass like Mr. Ketch (not that Castiel could’ve handled the situation, because he’s bulletproof) who saves the day and flattens the way for a final group activity against Lucifer. Uff, have I got it all? If something’s not unnecessarily complicated on its own, do it yourself.

  • Not one single friendly word between Sam, Dean and Cas. Hell, I’m surprised there was even a little bit of concern and a teeny-weeny shoulder touch by Dean, when Cas was overwhelmed with his angel radio function. Otherwise they seemed like they would rather be anywhere but in the company of one another. Again, without an explanation for this sudden weird behaviour. Damn, Dean didn’t even look up or otherwise acknowledged Cas’ monologue, although Castiel was standing right beside him.

  • Sam being unhappy about the fact that Crowley can now pop into the bunker at any moment is one of the few consistent character traits, but it gets annoying nonetheless. We get it, you don’t like Crowley, but as he himself states, he’s always there to save your asses and wasn’t a threat to any of you since…god, too long ago to actually remember.

  • So the angels get a nephilim tingle or a holy notification on Lucifers spawn, but no one knew anything about the nephilim in season eight? Because back then Castiel was surprised that there even was a nephilim left and argued with Metatron over the waitress not being an abomination. He must’ve changed his mind by now. Metatron would be proud of him.

  • Sorry (not sorry), but Lucifer getting burned by crosses is just ridiculous. He’s an angel for heaven’s sake, an archangel even. And especially in season five the writers made a big deal to let everybody know that Lucifer may have created demonkind, but was still, is and will always be a celestial being. Am I to assume that not being able to touch crosses is Chucks payback for being forced to make up with Lucifer?

  • Why is Lucifer even having sex? That’s character development that comes out of nowhere. He mocked Gabriel in season five for having an affair with Kali and was disgusted by Gabriel being lustful , remember? I do, Bucklemming, I do.

  • Obviously we weren’t the only ones surprised by Castiels newly gained Jedi mind control tricks, because Lucifer didn’t saw it coming either. Otherwise he would’ve known the group was waiting for him, right? No way in hell did he think Sam and Dean would try to catch him all on their own, or would he? Maybe he, as one of the few, did get the secret memo about this argument between Sam, Dean and Cas that seems to have taken place offscreen.

  • Last episode Sam and Dean were just present to shoot in a room full of people and set off the fire alarm, but this episode Sam got promoted. He was chosen to carry the magical, golden egg of e(gg)xorcism. Dean on the other hand was just as important to the (temporary) final confrontation as last time.

  • Crowley and Rowena poofed off where exactly?

  • So, let me get this right. Instead of Cas being a helpless bystander when Sam and Dean are taken inside this horror van, Bucklemming rather chose him to be a watchdog (pun intended, because he still gets treated like a dog), than let him witness everything? God forbid that we actually get to enjoy some team free will feels or something that closely resembles, I don’t know, an emotional scene.

I’m sure there’ll be even more to criticise on a second watch when I search for details, but to finally bring something positive to the table. The special effects looked really great and this (re)new(ed) nephilim plot is the most interesting aspect in all of season twelve so far, but as interesting as it is, I’m not ready for how hard this will fuck with canon in the future.

And if everything above wasn’t enough to give you an adequate impression of my current mood, let me express myself without words.