and the fact that we have groceries

So I just posted another thing about where I work, and I mentioned that I’d seen some shady practices since I’ve been here. So the bakery is in a grocery store in the Midwest that used to be Pauls, and I’ve only been here for 2 weeks. Yet they have me alone running the bakery. I share a space with deli so my work area is legit one small table. My manager keeps yelling at me to help deli when they’re busy, despite the fact that I’ve barely been trained in bakery, and never trained in deli. I work 9 hour days yet i usually go over because it’s way too much work for one person. But the day before the Super Bowl takes the cake. It was my first day by myself, and we were out of French Bread and Ring Doughnuts. Like my manager never put in my order for more so I couldn’t even make more. So they go to a competitor grocery store, buy French bread from their bakery, and have me repackage and label them as ours. They also had me put Krispy Kreme doughnuts in our doughnut case, which is supposed to be doughnuts that we made. I doubt those are allowed for individual sale. So not only is that ethically so so wrong, I’m pretty sure that’s all illegal? Reselling an item as yours, especially a name brand thing like Krispy Kreme?
I don’t have to deal with customers, but I really dislike the job. I plan to leave soon, though that’s mostly because of health issues.

Double-Take...Part 2

(Part 1)

It had been four weeks since they had found you in that closet, and in that time Spencer and Penelope had helped you get into a halfway house for women, secure a part-time job at a grocery store down the road, and even took you thrift store shopping on their own dimes in order to get you a starter closet of clothes.

But while you were healing from your wounds and pulling your own paycheck, no one could doubt the fact that you couldn’t afford a place of your own.

“In three days, she’s gonna have to leave, Hotch,” Spencer croaks.

“This is why we can’t personally get involved with cases, Reid,” Hotch sighs as he leans back in his chair.

“That’s rich, coming from you,” Spencer mumbles.

“Reid,” Hotch says sternly, “it’s wonderful that you and Penelope have been so kind in helping her, but when she leaves the shelter will give her numbers for the state to help her.  I’m sure they will set her up with-”

“Hotch.  We never get to see what happens to our victims once we save them.  Yes, she’s had a lot of progress, but she’s had a lot of pitfalls, too.”

Spencer was right.  You were struggling with taking your pain medication because of all of the times your captor had medicated you in order to subdue you.  You were struggling with descriptive nightmares, losing sleep, and you were overwhelmed with the way the world worked.  You had no knowledge of technology, no idea how basic money worked, no driver’s license, and no foundation of social knowledge.  While, on the shelter’s checklist, you were doing fine…Spencer and Penelope knew you were doing everything but.

“She’s absolutely lost,” Spencer begs.

“And what do you want me to do?” Hotch asks, “Why did you knock on my office door, Reid?”

Aaron knew he was being harsh with his colleague, but he had a point.  This was the exact reason why agents couldn’t get personally involved in cases.  It was their job to save victims and put bad guys away.  Their responsibility stopped there.

But that’s when Penelope knocked on the door-frame.

“Come in, Garcia,” Hotch beckons.

“Sorry, boss.  I just-…I have sort of been standing here for a while and I think I have a solution to Reid’s problems but I don’t know how you’ll feel about it,” she rambles off quickly.

Hotch sighed heavily, but didn’t stop her from sitting down beside her distraught friend.

“I have another room in my apartment.  It’s walking distance from the grocery store, and she would have her privacy.  I could help her with social cues in terms of being a woman in today’s world, as well as slowly coach her on basic technology.  Plus, Reid wouldn’t have to worry because she would be with someone he knew, so he could come check on her from time to time if he wanted.”

“Plus!” Penelope adds, “I don’t leave on cases like you guys do, so someone would always be there in the evenings if she needed help with her nightmares.”

“She’s still having her nightmares?” Hotch asks.

“See!?  Hotch…we aren’t compromised.  We just care…and that isn’t a problem.  We’re allowed to still be human on this job.”

A sentiment echoed back to him, gracing Hotch’s ears, made him shake his head as he began staring off into the wall.

“I think this is gonna be a lot more work than you realize, Garcia,” Hotch warns.

“And I think you underestimate her strength…sir,” she adds hastily at the end.

“I can’t stop you from offering her something like that,” Hotch says as he drifts his gaze back to Garcia, “but I can tell you to be careful.  She’s sensitive, and vulnerable, and may unnecessarily latch on to you…to you both,” Hotch adds.

“Got it, Hotch,” Garcia smiles as she springs up from her seat and shuffles quickly to the door.

“And Garcia?” Hotch calls behind her.

“Yeah, sir?” she asks as she turns her head towards him.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself if she becomes too much.”

“I won’t,” she smiles as she scurries off for the stairs.

“I’m surprised you didn’t jump in with the fact that she could stay with you,” Hotch murmurs as he flickers his gaze up to Spencer’s.

“Oh, we talked about it before.  Figured Garcia’s was a better place because she doesn’t travel so much,” Spencer says as he stands to his feet.

And Hotch could only shake his head and bury the smirk trying to climb across his cheeks.

They were good.

And it’s that exact reason why he knew you were going to be alright.

Because I don’t know any little girls who are of Girl Scout age, I bought about fifteen boxes from the girls that had a stand outside of the grocery store. I know what you’re thinking. Fifteen boxes of cookies is a lot. But is it really though? Consider the fact that you can only order Girl Scout cookies once a year. They should change that. We should be able to order them all year round! I might also have a slight cookie problem.

…you know you’re tight on money when you’re trying to plan which of your bills can be late without throwing yourself under the bus money-wise.

I’ve decided the late fee on the furniture is worth paying to keep our heads above water this month. And we’re only doing that much because I’ve redeemed the points I’ve racked up on my credit card from buying all those damn groceries all the time. And gas. I get points for gas too.

Because one of the Amazon third-party merchants was a douchebag and did not honor my request to cancel and sent the damn thing anyway and then CHARGED ME for it. I get a credit to my amazon account for it but at the same time…that doesn’t make up for the fact that I have NO money in my bank account right now. And I’ll be charged their restocking fee when I return the damn thing so I won’t be getting a full refund from them. Bullshit. That’s what I say.

A lot of shit has coalesced at once into a big ol shit storm for me money wise. If anyone wants knitted or crocheted handicrafts, hmu. I charge mats + time at 7.25/hr. I’m pretty quick too so it’s not that expensive. I can provide images of things i’ve worked on in the past as well as estimated time to create it. I have PayPal. I will ship anywhere.


~the captain.

Stan + Ford = Chaotic Fun

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of trouble Ford and Stan must have gotten up to when they were kids/teens.  We don’t get a complex sense of what they were like pre-science-fair besides Ford being ‘a nerd’ and Stan being ‘a free spirit’.  But if you add those together with the fact that they were best friends, I can’t NOT imagine them putting their brains and brawn together and just terrorizing the living hell out of people.

One specific thing that won’t leave my mind is them as pre-teens trying to launch a grocery cart over a sand dune (or something equivalent).  Stan would have the hyperactive drive and out-of-the-box thinking to suggest it, and Ford would have the smarts and schematics to get it done.  They’d probably almost die because of it but both boys would be elated to do this kind of crap together.

Or as teens:

Stan: “Let’s prank that bossy gym teacher that keeps giving you crap.  Maybe set off a series of fire extinguishers in his office.”

Ford: “We can rig it with a series of contraptions that will go off when he opens his door.  I have the angles and combustion rates all worked out on this diagram.”

I mean, how could they NOT succeed when working together?

What do normal people do on a Friday night? Go out, right? Well, I know of a blonde who kicks her hotel chef away from the kitchen and cooks pancakes for the first time in her life.  And if you were wondering that random blonde is me. Luckily the hotel customers liked today dessert and I got a original way to entertain myself from shoot to shoot. How is everyone else?

Perfect Fit

So the idea of this just came to me the other day and it’s been haunting me ever since & I finally came around to writing it so here it is!  ♥︎ ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Word Count: 2939

Rating: SFW


“Well since we have done just about everything else in this city I figured why not pretend that we’re getting married.” 

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And even with all those things being so different about our lives we all have this one thing that we have in common every single one of us. And that thing is that when we feel great amounts of joy or when we feel great amounts of pain we turn to music and that is why we are here at this stadium. It’s never been so obvious to me and I’ve never been so aware of the fact that everywhere we go, whether you’re at a stadium full of 60,00 people or you’re in a grocery store or you’re at school, or you’re at work, every single person, we’re all walking around with a different set of hopes and fears and regrets and things that terrify us. Um, and I think that it’s important sometimes to remind ourselves of that because every single night at meet and greets when I meet 200 to 300 people before the show, I hear what they’re going through and a lot of times they’ll confide in me and I just think that when we’re treating people, when we’re dealing with people in public, and the fact that you’re out there dancing together even though you may not know the person next to you, you have no idea how happy hat makes me. That you are being so wonderful to each other because every single person regardless if they’re smiling or not dwelling on it, every single person is going through something. Maybe you lost someone, maybe you lost yourself, maybe you’re absolutely terrified because you just don’t know what the next few years hold for you, maybe you haven’t decided what you want to do with your life yet and that freaks you out. Or maybe you just, you just don’t feel like anyone gets where you are in your life right now. I don’t know. Every single person is different. But I want to let you know that I’m proud of you for something. Because regardless of what you’re going through at this very moment you decided not to let it break you. You decided not to stay home tonight. You decided to come to a concert and have the best time ever with us. And I want to thank you so much for that because these things in life we go through, life is a series of fleeting moments and fleeting moments of pain, and all the things in between, the choices you make are what actually count. And the choices that you make in between to get up to go to a concert, those are the things that are going to make you move on with your life to the moments of happiness that are ahead of you. And the moments of pain that we go through, the moments of regret that we go through, those things teach you the lessons that you’re supposed to learn in life. They do not make you tarnished, they do not make you damaged. I think it’s just the opposite Boston, Massachusetts. I think those things actually make you clean.
—  Taylor Swift, Gillette Night 1 Clean Speech

today I was loading our groceries into the car at target and next to us was this car full of guys and they started yelling really creepy things at me and told me to spend the night with him and whatnot and I ignored him but I was internally screaming and crying inside because he kept going and going and started saying really violent and sexual and disgusting things and when we left they followed us for half a mile or so and I’ve honestly never felt more uncomfortable or unsafe in my entire life and yet people still wonder why girls fight so much for things like equality because what we are to men are just objects of amusement and satisfaction and possessions to abuse and use and the fact that I can’t even fucking go to the store to buy groceries without being harassed like that makes me sick to think that every day, thousands of women have it so much worse

So in honor of Anton yelchins death I’d like to tell you all the story of how I accidentally impersonated him on court record. Feel free to read or not too, it’s a bit long.

When I was about 14, my mother and I were in Kroger, grocery shopping for the week, and a cash register exploded. No alarms went off, but when we reached the front there were toxic fumes spewing from one of the conveyor belts. I was coughing a lot so, mom put our names down on a list of witnesses in case I came down with something more serious.

Fast forward to the summer after I turned 16 and a man shows up at our door with court papers. I have completely forgotten the entire incident, in fact I’d just woken up. It turns out an elderly lady had sued Kroger in order to pay part of her medical bills for lung problems that could have been caused by the incident.

A couple months later, mom and I go and do depositions, and they ask us to be full witnesses.

The next spring mom checks me out early from school, I change into decent clothes the car, and we have to go to the enormous courthouse in downtown little rock. I’ve never been there, and even the small heels I had on made this cool echoey click on the tile floors. So we wait. And wait. And wait. Outside the courtroom. It’s hot. I’m nervous. Really nervous. There’s going to be a bunch of people looking at me, asking me strange questions about an incident I barely remember at all. I’m sweating through my white blouse, hoping it doesn’t show in the strange sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows. They finally open the big wooden doors (somewhat like I imagine the ones in the great hall at Hogwarts would be like) and let me in, and I get up there on the stand, and the first thing they ask after swearing in is of course, “what’s your name?”
“Annika” I say. The next thing they ask is how old I am. And in a perfect impression of Chekhov in the rebooted Star Trek movie I say
“Sewenteen sir”

Moral of the story: Somewhere deep in Arkansas court record is an accidental Star Trek reference I made. Also. I couldn’t miss Anton Yelchin more.

I just had the chance to watch @freddiesmyqueen new video and apart from the fact that it’s beautiful, that the more i watch these videos the more I think I have never seen such a beautiful, perfect, well-assorted couple than them, that they LOVE each other so much and it’s so obvious i don’t even know how people cannot SEE it as soon as they have a proper look and the fact that the part with If I could fly and seeing the Bears again ripped my heart out of my chest, i feel also very sad because I wonder HOW and WHEN it was possible that we went from ALL OF THAT to….this shitshow right now. if it hurts for us, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for them and I am very sorry because a love like theirs should only be celebrated and brought as an EXAMPLE in the world and not hid behind photoshopped pictures and pap walks at grocery store. 

My fiance just shaved his head again yesterday.

I have colder-than-average hands more often than not.

These two facts were the reason why we may or may not have been scooting quickly down a grocery store aisle with him pushing the cart, trying desperately to pull away from my hand on the back of his bare scalp while muttering “no. no. stop. it’s like the cold touch of death!”

It’s the little things that you treasure.