and the fact that some of these girls' heads are bigger than kristen's

Thoughts on 520 (Gleecap...ish)

WARNING! If you love Blaine, Sam or Klaine DO NOT read!

So here is what you missed on glee: …oh who the hell cares, it doesn´t matter anyways

Tonight on glee: same old bullshit, turn off the tv, go hug your kids or make a sandwich, go have crazy sex or something. All way better alternatives than watching this crap, then again, punching yourself in the face or runnng repeatedly against a wall head first is also better then glee. At least you know that headache will be gone by tomorrow and not a year from now.

I had to force myself to watch this episode. I realized there is nothing left that i want to see. Also whatever happens in this episode it will not really matter with the time jump and i don´t care about these people anymore.

By now it´s not an excited “uhhh i wonder what will happen this week” it´s an “ugh!I wonder what shitfest will happen this week”

Let´s get this over with…

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