and the fact that she did this

It’s interesting that so few people attended the inauguration even though a lot of people obviously voted for Trump. I think this reflects the fact that a lot of the people who voted for Trump probably just did it because they hated Hillary Clinton so much. That suggests Bernie–or almost any other candidate–would have won against Trump. I think both candidates were highly disliked and failed to motivate most of their party’s base

im tired of yall ugly ignorant asses calling melissa, a good fucking person, racist and what not bc of that stupid and wrong tumblr post saying she’s playing a muslim woman in some movie. melissa plays a WHITE WOMAN who converted to Islam - a religion that accepts all - after meeting her husband (she plays the wife who’s white irl) in a 15 minutes tops appearance in ‘patriots day’. do i like the idea of the film? you can be sure i don’t. do i wish she wasn’t on it at all? yes, i do. but since she is and we’re talking about it, at least get your fckg facts right before jumping on a super nice girl who did NOT do what you think she did. stop believing everything u read on this hell hole and do a little research for yourself instead of spreading fake bullshit

look is no one going to talk about the fact that Haggar is Altean???? Like we literally met another Altean besides Allura and Coran and no one is talking about it. And she was right under our noses this whole time, kind of disguising herself. and this brings so many questions to the table. Are there more Alteans out there? If there are, are they hiding or simply minding their own business? do they know about what happened to Altea? Why does Haggar kinda look like actual Galra? Can people turn Galra or is Haggar just kind of doing that shape-shifting thing Allura did in season 1? Is it quintessence? Is it because she’s a witch? are there other Alteans working for Zarkon? If so, are they being forced or doing it willingly, like Haggar? Is Haggar a mix between Altean and Galra, just like Keith is human and Galra? Is there a chance that there are half-human, half-Alteans on Earth? Are there actual Alteans on Earth? Are they hiding? So many questions tbh I can’t wait for season 3

even as a child sowon was a visual queen… i am not worthy

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Not even gonna mention the complete lack of Happy Birthday tweets/posts from both the Tomlinsons and OT3. Liam has supposedly a child on its way, Harry adores babies and also Niall. Louis is one of the most important people in their lives and yet they seem uncapable to achnowledge his first child birthday? (just like they did last year the day of the "birth")

Forgetting what Louis was doing in the video for a moment, the fact that B is tousling her hair forward to preen it while she is presenting her child’s first birthday cake says how fake it is to me. Surely as a mother your focus would be on your child not how good your hair looks.

Louis seems like the type of person who wouldn’t be able to even act mad at a baby imo so I don’t see why people think that him acting fond over a child automatically makes it his. If he cared about the kid he wouldn’t be at a concert rn. Smiling at a cute not to mention completely innocent child doesn’t mean anything from my standpoint. But I guess everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Sorry if this is repeating something that’s already been said and I hope you’re having a great day :) x

I smile at kids I have no attachment with, because they’re kids…. and they’re cute… and I love kids. It doesn’t mean I mothered all of them. Plus, this is even more relevant, because he was so cold for a year and then he smiled for the first time yesterday….. I mean LOL

Louis was polite and soft with F and this is normal. He loves babys, he dreams about own babys. Why he couldn’t smiling? F is cute. Louis don’t hate him. Louis not a father of this kid but it doesn’t mean what he is harassing F. He was careful and kind, why not? One smile on one year? Thing like this don’t doing people dads. Sperm doing. Sex. DNA. . Louis hasn’t sex with B. and he hasn’t generel DNA with F. Case is closed.


In which the anons are me.

since the entire fandom agrees that clizzy is in fact canon, i wrote a 4 times but 1 fic in which the shadowhunters think clizzy is canon but its not (but it is)

Of course you’re dating, she’s your girlfriend (on AO3)

1.      Christmas Tree

“This is ridiculous.” Snapped Izzy, glaring daggers at the tree in front of her, like its mere existence offended her.

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Only Question for Today’s RWBY Episode

… where the fuck is Nora from? It’s obvious Ren is from Anima cause he not only knows the continent and language pronounciations well but (spoilers) we get to see adorable little Ren in his home town. Which undoubtedly is on the continent of Anima. Intriguingly Ren kind of has a bit of an accent, possibly the accent of people from Anima which sounds similar to an East Asian one.

And then we get Nora. Kid who looks very different from much of the villagers, has less of a knowledge on Anima / places there, and for some odd reason was in Ren’s village. Even in the episode the stereotypical bullies mention that she’s “dressed weird” implying that in Anima, Nora is in fact a foreigner.

So… where the fuck is Nora from? And if she is a foreigner of a kind, how did she end up on the continent of Anima? She notedly in the flashbacks doesn’t have the same accent as Ren so we might be able to rule it out. Intriguingly it seems like Ren as a young man has lost the accent he once had. If I had to make my guess Nora could be from Sanus - continent where both Vale and Vacuo are located since she doesn’t sound that disimilar from characters from there (like Ruby and Yang) however this still doesn’t explain how a little foreign girl winded up on a continent an ocean away.

Hell it’s kind of like Drake and Josh all over again. “What would a dying British orphan be doing at a Padres (San Diego) baseball game?”

But… even if more questions are raised… it still makes me excited to know that Nora also has something of a unique backstory that can be learned. Still episode was fucking awesome and I loved Nora and Ren’s shared history / all their moments together.

Anonymous: The difference a year dealing with bullshit makes. Last year I threw up in the bathroom at a train station when I saw his announcement and pics. This year I just laughed and shrugged and said “well that’s over with now”. I’m still upset he has to deal with this but nothing is going to erase the things I have seen and the legit fact that she was never pregnant.

Did I ghost write this?


Anonymous: I mean I hear the story of the girl throwing up last year and now she’s fine. But last year at this time I was crying and I couldn’t breathe. Today I just had a tiny anxiety attack but I am close to fine now! Getting better I guess?




This is so disturbing!

Why the hell will you put yourself through this?

I made a mom for Markus because of who I am as a person??? I forgot if Markus’s mom was even mentioned in canon, but I couldn’t stop myself

some facts abt her under the cut!

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Split movie mixes fact with fiction in a way that spreads misinformation

“In (The therapists) descriptions of DID she takes real stories, such as the real true story of a blind women who has alters who can see, but puts in untrue facts that they could see because “their optic nerves grew back because they believed they could see”“ when in reality this women had a form of brain-based blindness rather than eye-based blindness and therefore it did not effect her whole system. Source

Aside from the obvious demonization from the film this close mix of fact and fiction can cause a lot of confusion in the audience leaving them unsure what to believe. This mix of fact and fiction encourages the spread of misinformation and ultimately causes serious problems for advocates and educators

my friendship!sara/yuuri headcanons

• they like to play pranks on all of the skaters, especially michele and jj, since it’s so easy to prank them.

• they pranked viktor once, but he was completely oblivious to what was going on. when they did it to yurio, they had cat plushies thrown at them for a week.

• they have their own secret language thing. not a single person can decipher it, so it makes it easy for yuuri and sara to talk about others, especially when they are poking fun at their significant others (right in front of them, of course).

• sara is a phichit-level friend, so she’s really close to yuuri.

• in matter of fact, she’s also really good friends with phichit. when together, yuuri refers to them as “the selfie twins”. 

• they share the same taste in corny/obscure movies. they love to have movie marathons in which they show the cheesy movies they’ve ever seen while eating a big bowl of popcorn and chips mixed together. 

• whenever yuuri gets into a small argument with viktor, sara does an impersonation of viktor to make yuuri laugh. it is frighteningly accurate. 

• yuuri had gotten sara into watching anime. her favorite so far is mirai nikki, and yuuri isn’t sure if he should be worried by that. 

• sometimes sara surprises yuuri by coming to visit him during practice. she becomes his number 1 hype woman then. 

• she’s like that at his competitions as well, and phichit is there with her so it’s double the hype. 

• yuuri does the same when sara is skating, and everyone becomes surprised at the usually timid japanese skater screaming “in bocca al lupo” at the top of his lungs while waving around a mini italian flag. 

• despite being a graceful skater, sara’s dancing skills leave much to be desired. yuuri once recorded her dancing in her pjs. it went viral in two days. 

• sara can sing as beautifully as she skates. yuuri loves to hear her sing. 

• they have pretend fights about who’s better, viktor or mila. they usually end up settling on makkachin being the best. 

• nothing is more scarier than sara and yuuri having an intense smash bros. match. 

• every time michele comes around, yuuri and sara instantly hug each other and refuse to let go. they love seeing michele’s reactions. 

• when they are in different countries, they facetime or skype each other often. 

• when they have the time, yuuri would visit sara in florence or sara visiting yuuri in hasetsu, and they’d go sight-seeing every day and learn a lot about one another’s culture. 

• sometimes, they start a selfie war with the other skaters. phichit always reigns supreme. 

• sometimes, sara and yuuri hold a competition in which sara pair skates with viktor and yuuri with mila. it’s a pretty big deal, and the skaters place bets on who’d win, with yurio and otabek being the judges. it always comes out a tie. 

• one time, sara and yuuri did a pair skate based on the theme of “precious friendship”, and everyone was brought to tears. even yurio, though he denies this. 

• their friendship is so close that they know pretty much every little detail about the other, as if they’ve been lifelong friends.

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I don't know if you've written about this before, but I was wondering what you think of why Margot chose Will as her unwitting sperm donor in S2. Sheer opportunity? Experiencing sympathy/empathy with his own 'trapped' state? Mind games with Hannibal? (She is surely aware that Hannibal is not providing standard psychiatric care, even if she goes along with it.)

1. Yes, Margot doesn’t seem to have any support group, friends, or anyone to help her, let alone men she might consider sleeping with.
2. Yes, the show made a point of their similarities of both being abused by someone they loved who was supposed to love them back, and the fact that they related to each other on the issues of their scars, both internally and externally. 
3. Not necessarily, but Hannibal did suggest that she find someone who would kill her brother for her, and Will Graham is probably the best candidate she’s yet met. Aside from Hannibal, but then he wouldn’t need to suggest she find someone else if he planned on doing it himself. So her interactions with Hannibal played some part in sending her that direction, in addition to him encouraging her to get pregnant in general.

Also, he’s cute as a button.

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I'm sorry, but I don't know what's going on exactly...with JB, did someone reject him or something? I don't think we should judge one fan's actions so harshly when we don't understand the whole situation, don't you think? Maybe some people don't like being touched..

lmao but she seems okay to touch the other members? also the issue isn’t about her not hugging jaebum but the fact that she looked unhappy being picked and was just using her phone the entire time on stage is absolutely disrespectful to not only jaebum but the entire group and audience

The thing about Taylor not marching/ speaking out in general isn’t the fact that she has a big following or outreach. I’m not “salty” because she is a big name. The only reason I am disappointed in her lack of action is because of how big of a fuss she made about the whole “feminist” thing back in 2014. She was on board and somewhat speaking out when it was still hip and trendy to be feminist, but these past few months when it has really counted she has stayed silent. I understand the consequences of being outwardly feminist for her. I get it. But the thing I love about the people who did march is the utter disregard for the consequences. Being a feminist isn’t just about speaking out when it is popular to do so, it’s about doing so even when it’s not. This isn’t specifically about her not being at the march, it’s about all the times where her contribution as a so-called “feminist” would have made ACTUAL impact, where she chose to stay silent. If she had been a voice even just once, I would have been content, but she has proved time and time again that the whole “passionate feminist” thing isn’t necessarily truth. So yeah, yeah it was “oh so brave” of her to post that tweet. I’m sure she can give herself a huge pat on the back… 

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Do you think any blame be laid at Lyanna's feet for starting Robert's Rebellion? Rhaegar gets lots of s**t for starting the war (some fair, some not), but it seems a lot of people overlook Lyanna. I mean, she did decide to run away with the prince (at least, that's what's hinted at in the books and show).

I see it different, I see a lot of people say that Lyanna was primarily to blame after Aerys, not Rhaegar. That Rhaegar just gave her what she wanted and she should have sent a note to Brandon to cool his head. Putting aside the fact that such a thing probably wouldn’t pacify Brandon, I think that’s putting too much blame on Lyanna. Lyanna’s decision certainly would have personal and political consequences for House Stark, but she couldn’t have reasonably theorized that Aerys would murder his way through the feudal contract or that Rhaegar would back up that right for his grand plan for the Prince that was Promised.

Thanks for the question, Bruin.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

I loved shingens’ generosity. …in helping mc, her family, coming to take her from kenshin, …how generously he apologized and forgave her too…and did not tell his retainers about the fact that she ran away, not kidnapped like every1 assumes…..then he acknowledges her as a female, gifts her with dresses (sugar daddy much??) Then sets up a match for her with yukimura and is ready to adopt her..(felt like cinderella rags to riches tale)….when he senses she is not comfortable with the match…he..without her saying a word says he will arrange for her to go home…..all generous acts of kindness he does unselfishly , asking nothing in return…just to make the people around him happy….(i was getting uncomfy cuz of the fairy tale like feel)but when i realised he was a dying man , all alone, desperately fighting his demons, trying to hold on to life by his teeth , he is trying to create happiness around him, trying desperately to make the ppl he cares for happy, he is trying to secure the future for mc…..and yukimura one of his favourites….in short he is trying to make ppl happy to make himself feel alive. Its just desperately sad.he is trying to cull out happiness in his own hearts’ darkness by showering gifts and favours on ppl.and there is no 1 there to comfort him, tell him that he will be loved and remembered. .he doesnt need to give worldly possessions to get ppls love.and the part where he needs a women to sweat out his fevers is also aching. He said a man never feels more alive when he is with a women….his fevers are a sign of his sickness and impending death… he tries to nullify the feeling of impending death by losing him in some strangers body to steal a few moments of solace, of feeling alive…its so desperately sad.

RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously!

I had the good fortune to be tagged by the wonderful @biberrymuffin!  Thank you!

1. I have a lot of difficulty telling left from right, but I’m good with cardinal directions.

2. I don’t swear.  When I was six I was making up words to make my baby brother laugh, and suddenly at a word I made up my mom whirled and demanded, “Where did you hear that?”  And she was so shocked and upset that I.. just… can’t.  Even though she doesn’t care now, and I have been in situations where it’s far more embarrassing and socially inappropriate to not swear.  I’ve been trying to cultivate it a little, for fanfic, but my comfort level will only let me go so far.

3. I was homeless for two weeks in 1998, but like, couchsurfing homeless.

4. Before the latest toe incident - and that was never made official - the smallest amount of time that had gone between my breaking a bone and having it diagnosed as broken was two weeks.  The largest, nine years.

5. People who see me in person tend to underestimate my age, my upper body strength, my level of physical fitness, and my smartitude. 

6. I have written six novels.  Three of them are about Ylvis.

7. In 1997 I snuck backstage after a Yes concert (because my Rush t-shirt was the exactly blue of the backstage pass) and met Alan Parsons, Ian Bairnson, Billy Sherwood, Alan White, and Jon Anderson.  Jon shook my hand, but before we could speak one of his people let him know he was needed elsewhere.  But he kept hold of my hand the whole time that they were talking, and then said, “Sorry, I have to go,” and blew me a kiss.

8. Back when I lived in downtown Toronto, my favourite thing to do on a Friday night would be to just walk out of my rooming house/apartment and go on adventures.

9. To me, everything that I do is perfectly sensible and logically laid out, but especially when I was a kid, people would see my workspace and think I was a trainwreck.  I used to just accept that until someone I was working for called me organized, and when I protested, she said, “Well, stuff gets done.”  (Come to think of it, most of my life has been this process of thinking I’m terrible at something, only to find out that I’m not nearly as bad as I thought I was.  So maybe I should just be cockier.)  

10.  I’m ace, but I made an exception for this one guy once and it’s lasted twelve years.  It blows my mind that it’s been that long, because I still think of myself as fundamentally single.

11. After eighteen years in Toronto, I’m living with my parents again, because jobs are ridiculously scarce, and because I trained for over a decade for a career in academia that I can’t pursue if I’m working full-time in a factory.  I love my parents, and it is very comfortable here and it’s so nice to be comfortable, but I hope like heck it’s only temporary.  

I tag @humbae, @hydie-von-shuffle, @chaoticellum, @charlies-drumming-on-miss-you, @surroundedbyselcouth, @it-is-baja​, @krokomot​, @alxhxmora​, @nirnaed–arnoediad​, @vegardisfinn, and @twoshotsofhappyoneshotofsad, if you want to!

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I saw your header and had to make a comment. ADC in fact did not know that accepting the role of Lexa was also accepting to play a lesbian character. We know she is a private person. I genuinely believe she did not feel comfortable becoming an icon to the LGBT community BUT not bc she doesn't support it, simply bc we almost always put those actors on pedestals, and just doesn't feel like representing something she doesn't get? I think people need to lay off of her for not speaking much on Lexa.


Allow me to re-address your points because I’ve talked about them tenfold but you might have missed it so no problem. 😊

I have spoken at length about ADC accidentally playing a lesbian. Her rabid fans accused me of accusing her of being lebian/homophobic. But it’s true. It’s a irrefutable fact that she had no clue Lexa would be a wlw. I also know she’s very private. But, anon, she pursued a career where your privacy being invaded is an occupational hazard. Not that that is right in any way, but she certainly didn’t get into this buisness with her eyes closed. What does being private have to do with becoming an important figure in the lgbtq community? Anyway, I’ve talked about how it is beyond clear she is not comfortable with the “type” of attention playing and dying as Lexa has brought her. That’s what almost my entire ADC discourse tag is about. Does this stop the attention? Does her discomfort make her any less a figure in the community? No and no. She doesn’t “get it” THANK YOU. Finally someone understands what I’ve been screaming into the void since this summer. She. Doesn’t. Get. It.


This excuses everything? Her willfull ignorance is why my ADC discourse began. Because I was pretty miffed about how tone deaf she has been.

Do you have to be starving to know hungry ppl need to eat? Do you have to be black to cry for those unlawfully slain by the police? No…. And no. You do not have to be a part of the lgbtq community to, on an intellectual level, understand what we go through and why Lexa was so important to so many. And why her death was so harmful to so many.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you. Instead of laying off, I think someone should outright ask her about her dismissiveness.