and the fact that she asks him to wait it the first place

but like consider charles pacing up and down in the hospital waiting with amy to see if gina’s okay and the whole time he’s just blaming himself- what if he hadn’t sent that text? why couldn’t he just have waited until gina had crossed the road? why didn’t he stop gina from crossing the road in the first place?

amy’s telling him that it’s not his fault- that this was all just an accident and that gina’s going to be just fine, and that in no time she’ll be up and about bragging about how she survived getting run over by a bus but charles isn’t having any of it. gina and he are step-siblings and he’s never hidden the fact that he saw her as an actual sister. yet as her brother he failed to protect her. gina protected him so many times yet here he was, unable to return the favor.

but then they hear unsteady yet quick footsteps run up to them. it’s rosa, who hung up the moment she got the news. it’s obvious that she’s been crying. it’s obvious that she still is.

“where is she?” rosa yells desperately, and when amy explains that they still don’t know about her condition rosa stomps angrily to the nearest wall and punches a hole through it. she takes a while to notice charles and amy’s bewildered faces before muttering “i’ll pay for that.”

rosa walks away after that and locks herself in the nearest empty toilet. they hear a muffled scream of anguish.

amy turns to charles and looks incredibly concerned and meanwhile charles can only offer her a confused shrug; but he knows exactly what’s going on.

someone’s in love with his sister. and very deeply so.

“Remember me?”, he asked.

“I’m the one you pushed away.”, he added.

She was stunned as she tries to remember all the times they had. She cleared her throat and said, “Of course I remember you. You were the one I most regret pushing away. Actually, I only did that because I was testing you, but you walked away completely. It’s like you never wanted to stay in the first place and you just waited for me to do something completely stupid so you’d have a reason to go, making feel and look like the bad guy.”

He was shook. All this time he thought that she never really wanted him when in fact he is the only one she wants. Then he thought, maybe it’s true. Maybe he never wanted to stay in the first place that’s why he just walked away completely and never asked why. Maybe she’s right.

It’s Not As Great As It Seems ~ Calum Hood (Requested)

Request: Could you do 1 where Calum & the guys & their families are going on a trip but when their bus breaks down they stay at a guest ranch that the reader owns. Calum is really rude at first but she puts him in his place & he slowly starts to fall for her. 

Word Count: 2,107

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Tadpoles Headcanons

Foxtrot will be Lardo’s favourite.

He is quiet, always does what he’s told, doesn’t ask questions when she needs an extra pair of hands to set up an installation, and owns his own bedazzler. He also knows, like, three different guys to score weed off which is helpful because all her suppliers graduated.

Foxtrot is really glad no one is calling him Foxy like at school.

Fun fact: having a Taddy named Fox is what gave Ransom and Holster the idea for Tango, Whiskey, Foxtrot in the first place. Whiskey’s name is Whitman. Tango’s is Taylor. They had to stretch to make it work.

Lardo gives Foxtrot her dibs at the end of the year, because we all know Dex and Nursey are getting the attic.

Tango has to wait for Bitty’s dibs, because of course Bitty will give his to Chowder’s favourite, but he will totally demand that Tango learn how to make 12 essential baked goods in order to ‘earn’ it.

Whiskey eventually gets Dex’s dibs for his senior year.

Dex spends months pretending Whiskey is his favourite 'because he’s so relaxed and nothing bothers him’ purely to annoy Nursey but he ends up unironically enjoying Whiskey’s company, and this teaches him to appreciate Nursey more (though honestly 9/10ths of this new appreciation comes from finally finding a thing that irritates Derek Nurse).

Nursey does not have a favourite tadpole. Whiskey is his nemesis. When graduation approaches, Nursey puts way too much effort into trying to work out which teammate Whiskey would LEAST like to share the attic with. He can’t find one, because Whiskey gets on with everyone, damn it.

Nursey’s favourite is Dex, always. Don’t tell anyone.

& hcllucxnations

it had been just over a month since kaiden left to go on tour, and as though it hadn’t been hard enough just missing him, sydney had had to hide the fact she was pregnant. not only from the paparazzi that still hung around, and the occasional fans that would stop her in the street to ask about kai, but from him too.

she’d found out about a week after he’d left the country, and she’d decided she would wait til he got home to tell him, knowing he’d probably get the first flight home and disappoint fans if not. 

and so she waited at the airport, it was late and she’d barely slept the last few nights, her anxiety was all over the place, mostly due to worrying how kai would react. at first she’d been fine speaking with paparazzi and fans, but she was growing tired now, and as the crowds grew for the band they became a little to pushy and impolite for sydney’s liking and so she’d waited with security instead. it wasn’t until she saw kai that she smiled genuinely for the first time tonight, not even giving him a chance to settle before she ran into his arms. “kaiden, i need to tell you something, it’s important.” she breathed, needing to get it off her chest right away, despite the fact it’d probably end up on the front covers of magazines tomorrow. “fuck, i’ve missed you.” she added, looking up to him.

Love Hurts  Part I {Gilinsky}

This story will include things such as Self Harm, drug & alcohol abuse.

I do not promote these things in anyway, if you or someone you know is dealing with such things please do not hesitate to tell someone.

This is also my first story so please don’t be too judgmental lol

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I wait nervously outside the Miami International Airport, I was hoping my boyfriend; Jack would have already been here waiting for me since I have a terrible fear of waiting or just being alone in public places.

I haven’t seen Jack in weeks because he travels a lot now since him and his best friend Jack Johnson blew up on Vine and were asked to be one of the entertainers on The Magcon Tour.

This weekend is our 1 year anniversary so Jack asked me to fly out here and attend the Magcon Miami event and then we would do something to celebrate.

To avoid eye contact with strangers, I’ve spend the last few minutes looking down or at my phone but then finally I heard


So I quickly looked up, smiling when I see that Jack had finally got here.

As soon as Jack was close enough to me I hugged him and said “Oh my god you took forever” which made him laugh.

“I’m sorry I had to convince them to give me a car so I could come alone” he tells me, I roll my eyes playfully and respond “You could have texted me” Jack smiles at me “I’m sorry, but I’m here now” “After it took you a million years” I joke finally letting go of him.

“I said sorry!” “I know I’m just kidding, kiss me” He listened and pressed his lips to mine before saying “Let’s get the hell out of here” “Gladly”

An hour later we were at the hotel, I got my own room but Jack has planned on staying with me in mine instead of the room that he was in the night before with his best friend so we could be alone.

I roll over onto my stomach on the bed and look at Jack who is sitting in the chair at the edge of the bed “When do you have to be at the event?” I ask him.

“We have another 2 hours before we have to be there” he tells me while looking at his phone in which I assumes he was checking the time.

“No I’m-” I begin but he cuts me off to tell me “Babe this isn’t up for discussion”

I want no part of the event, yes I am aware of how mean that seems but to me all that means is large crowds of screaming girls who are strangers. The thought of it makes my heart race.

I groan “Why do you hate me?” He jumps on the bed and lays next to me “I don’t, I love you and I don’t see why you don’t wanna go?” “Because Jack there’s so many people and I’d rather not break your fans hearts” “Stop you’re coming” “You’re so mean” I complain.

“Only because I love you” “If this is love I can only imagine how you hate someone” “Wanna find out?” “Do you hate better then you love?” “You’ll have to wait and find out” he winks at me and I just laugh.

“I’m gonna go get something from my room I’ll be right back” Jack tells me and then gets up off the bed.

“Okay…I’ll be here obviously” He kisses me then leaves.

@Y/t/n: finally reunited wit bae <3

A few seconds after I posted my tweet, my notifications begin to go insane so I started going through some of them and all I see are these pictures of Jack feeling up some girl I’ve never seen before.

I make the mistake and keep scrolling and eventually there are pictures of them kissing and immediately my heart drops to my stomach.

These couldn’t be real; Jack would never do this, right? I ask myself.

I start to panic; this can’t be true he wouldn’t make me come out here for nothing. If he didn’t wanna be with me anymore he would have told me instead of dragging me along like this.

My thoughts are going insane and my heart is pounding against my chest, surely enough if I don’t calm down soon it will break through my chest.

@y/t/n: Totally HATE social media right now, I wish people would stay out of my business

Literally right after I post my tweet again the door opens and Jack is back, I don’t wanna say anything because I really don’t wanna fight or seem like I don’t trust him but then again I  also wanted to know if Jack was interested in someone else.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me when I assume he notices the look on my face.

“Nothing, just saw something…sad” I lie but not really what I’ve just seen is sad, for me at least.

“You’re sure?” Jack looked at me like he knows something is up but I try my best to look believable.

“Mmhmm…Can you believe it’s been a year already?” I say changing the subject. “Yeah one really long year”

I pick up a pillow and throw it at him “Rude” Jack laughs “Its love babe remember” I roll my eyes “Yeah sure”

I’m trying so hard to forget about those pictures but I just can’t. The thought of Jack with someone other than me makes my heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

“y/n something’s bothering you, I can tell don’t lie to me and tell me what’s wrong” he tells me interrupting my thoughts.

I get up off the bed and contemplate whether I should tell him or not

“Well…um” I begin to say “What?”

“D-Did you cheat on me?” I finally blurt out.

“What? Where did you hear that?” Jack questions.

“So it’s true?”

“Babe let me explain!”

Jack doesn’t even try to deny it I’m not too sure how I feel about that.

I shake my head “No, there’s nothing to explain Jack, I just don’t understand why you made come all the way out here”

“Because tomorrows our 1 year, y/n please just let me explain it was a mistake it should have never happened”

“What did you think? I’m stupid that I wouldn’t find out?!” I could feel myself getting angrier by the second.

“No that’s not what I thought I just please, baby hear me out” He tells me and steps toward me but I take a step back, not wanting him to touch me.

“You kissed another girl! What is there to explain Jack!” I yell.

“Please?” he begged “Fine” I agree because I figure this can’t get any worse.

“Me and the guys got drunk and I missed you, she was there-”

“You’re kidding me; you know what just don’t say anything anymore just get out”

“No you don’t mean that” he pleads with me but I don’t budge “I wish I didn’t but I do, so just go please”


“Leave!” I yell shocking both of us since I hadn’t thought it would come out like that but I’m glad that it did.

“Okay fine I’ll go but we’re gonna talk about this” Jack says to me before finally leaving me alone.

Once the door slammed shut I fall onto the bed and start crying.

You weren’t good enough for him.


You’re so stupid.


How could you think a guy like him would want you?

That stupid voice in the back of my head is back and I just want it to shut up and leave me alone.

Just swallow your pills the whole world would be so much happier if you were gone.

You made him do this.

Before I even have a moment realize what I’m doing I am holding a bottle of pills in my hand.

Just do it, Jack doesn’t love me he never did I tell myself.

I stare down at my hand, a few more tears fall before I throw them all in to my mouth.

I cry some more before throwing myself back into bed and eventually the world faded and became black.

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Part II