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I've been reading recently that maybe Suwon didn't killed Il, but like your opinion, i don't think Sensei will trick us. First of all, why'd he bring his sword if he didn't intend to kill him? and even if let's say Il summoned him, regarding he believes Il killed his father, bringing his sword as for his protection, then what he asked for his soldiers to prepare? it's still a planned coup! i also don't think Il asked Suwon to kill himself and leave Yona in an instant.

I believe either Soo-Won really did mean to kill Il from the start or he was manipulated by someone into doing it (and lied to about Il killing his dad). The fact that other characters noted Yona’s ability to work with Soo-Won despite what he did is, I think, further proof that he really murdered Il.

taz modern college au headcanons where also they all live in seattle

(aka my extremely niche au that only appeals to me)

  • The Plot Here: the IPRE crew is a ragtag group of friends at college (probably UW? definitely UW)
  • John is an RA who’s trying to End All Campus Parties
  • The IPRE crew is constantly trying to throw epic parties and have a good time at them before John comes and shuts them down
  • The Light of Creation is one of these things
  • The crew and John are locked in a constant battle where John crashes their parties and steals it if they don’t hide it fast enough and then they have to sneak into his dorm to steal it back
  • Ango is also there he’s like a high schooler who got early acceptance into college
  • The crew adopts him accidentally
  • IPRE Robes = matching red snuggies that Barry made for the final project in that sewing class he took as an elective one year
  • garfield is a really weird weed dealer. what is he even majoring in?? does he even go here?? nobody knows but he has a weird little shop set up in a closet nobody uses anymore

more headcanons about everyone:

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One of my least favorite things in the Prisoner of Azkaban film is the handling of the Scabbers-Crookshanks narrative, and more specifically how in the movies it’s a far more one-sided fight completely in favor of Hermione. In the movie we get one scene of Ron warning Hermione to keep her cat away from Scabbers—a Scabbers who is apparently not ill or who Ron isn’t bothering to medicate like in the books, and a Scabbers that Ron can apparently almost forget to bring to Hogwarts necessitating his mother to run after the train to give the rat to him.

Jump to Scabbers suddenly being missing, Ron accusing Crookshanks with no evidence and Hermione defending her cat. The two are angry, but there is no real emotion, no actual hurt behind the words. Crookshanks could have accidentally spilled Ron’s inkwell and he would sound just as angry.

Then not minutes later, they are in Hagrid’s Hut where their friend miraculously produces the rat—not without chiding Ron “you should take better care of your pets” which automatically frames the situation as Ron’s fault to the audience. To drive the point further home Hermione, rather than simply be relieved and happy for her friend that his pet was not actually eaten, immediately starts in with “I think you owe someone an apology”. Ron purposefully acts obtuse, and further removes himself from the audience’s sympathy by replying “Next time I see Crookshanks, I’ll let him know” allowing Hermione a self-righteous “I meant me!” as if this is the greatest affront of her life.

And none of this is how it is in the book. At all.

Firstly, Crookshanks makes multiple attempts on Scabbers’ life throughout the novel in front of the Trio. This is partly because Hermione continues to allow her cat near Scabbers despite Ron repeatedly telling her not to. Because he cares about Scabbers. Despite him being a hand-me-down and a bit dull, Scabbers is his pet and Ron cares about him. He gets him—likely expensive—tonic when Scabbers begins losing weight and fur, he takes to carrying him around to keep him safer from Crookshanks. Scabbers is his pet and we are shown that Ron would be very upset if he were to lose him.

This sets the stage for when he does, when Pettigrew as Scabbers fakes his death and frames Crookshanks. Keeping in mind Ron’s feelings about Scabbers this whole previous year, his resulting actions make perfect sense. He is incredibly upset with Hermione and confronts her, only for her to deny her cat had any involvement.

And yeah, maybe it seems like he’s being mean to Hermione by shutting her out—something that Harry also does during the Firebolt fight that is conveniently left out of the movie—but look at it from Ron’s point of view. Hermione’s pet was attempting to kill his pet all year. He repeatedly requested she keep her pet away from his, and Hermione largely did not respect that boundary. When confronted with pretty damning evidence considering the circumstances, Hermione still refused to admit any possible blame and defended her cat who almost certainly—again, considering the circumstances—ate his rat. And just a note, Harry is equally convinced Crookshanks did it, even if he’s not as emotionally charged in his conviction. Why shouldn’t Ron be angry with her? Why shouldn’t he want her to admit her cat’s fault? His friend refused to listen to him all year and is now seemingly disregarding his feelings because she’s too proud to admit she’s wrong.

But here’s the thing. Once Hermione comes to Harry and Ron with the news about Buckbeak losing his trial—something far more important—they make amends. In fact it is Ron who does the most. Just to refresh everyone’s memory:

“They can’t do this,” said Harry. “They can’t. Buckbeak isn’t dangerous.”

“Malfoy’s dad frightened the Committee into it,” said Hermione, wiping her eyes. “You know what he’s like. They’re a bunch of doddery old fools, and they were scared. There’ll be an appeal, though, there always is. Only I can’t see any hope…Nothing will have changed.”

“Yeah it will,” said Ron fiercely. “You won’t have to do all the work alone this time, Hermione. I’ll help.”

“Oh, Ron!”

Hermione flung her arms around Ron’s neck and broke down completely. Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her very awkwardly on the top of the head. Finally, Hermione drew away.

“Ron, I’m really, really sorry about Scabbers…,” she sobbed.

“Oh—well—he was old,” said Ron, looking thoroughly relieved that she had let go of him. “And he was a bit useless. You never know, Mum and Dad might get me an owl now.”

(Prizoner of Azkaban, pages 291-292, Scholastic Hardback Edition)

Harry barely says anything in this scene, and it is mostly Ron who extends the olive branch. This makes sense as the matter primarily concerns him and Hermione, but I just want to make it clear that Ron is not pressured into forgiving her, he is not grudging about it. In fact, he is already offering her his help before she even apologizes, and once she does he immediately tries to downplay his hurt feelings over Scabbers’ loss—mostly out of a fourteen year-old’s discomfort with crying and hugging from girls they may or may not have a developing crush on. He doesn’t gloat over the apology or being right, and he instantly drops any hostility.

This is chapter fifteen out of a twenty-two chapter book. Hermione and Ron are not feuding up until nearly the end of third year, as depicted in the movie. Hermione does in fact apologize about Scabbers while Ron is not an ass about it, and the narrative leaves them off on mostly even ground. The rest of the book consists of Ron working on the appeal for Hermione as she prepares for all her exams, worrying over her impossible schedule, her health, and so on. They barely even bicker that entire duration.

Ron is a great friend to Hermione. The movies just didn’t want to show that.

Keith: (slowly and a little too loud) Hey, It’s me Keith. I am your fa-ther. We are bonding? Yes?

Lance: Keith, no. Just no. You know, she can’t talk, right? Try again. Just talk to her, like a normal person and not, I don’t know, like you are a robot who works with the elderly, maybe? 

Keith: Hi, I’m your dad.

Lance: Better.

Keith: Well, one of your dads. You have two dads. Your other dad, Lance, he is going to be a great dad. You’re a lucky little girl. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll love you. I love you now, more than I thought I could ever love someone I just met. And I promise I will always protect you. In fact, I’d slaughter-

Lance: Uh, I’m gonna stop you there, Keith. Up until the slaughtering, you were doing great. Can I have our baby back, now? 

(Lance looks like a man who regrets his life choices and it cracks me up. He doesn’t. Just the fact that Keith really has no clue about babies is dawning on him.)

Kim Minseok//At Odds

Summary: You don’t think your soulmark will complete itself on the same day that it comes to be on your skin, yet it happens - and who’s on the other end, a matching tattoo adorned on their skin? Only Kim Minseok, a man who could not be any more different to you.
Scenario: soulmate!AU
Word Count: 6,584

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Sad Dad Might: All Might trying to bond with Bakugou but there will always be a distance between them because of Izuku and Bakugou's pride and how he based his whole self worth on the fact that he was the best and Izuku was the worst. Years of conditioning doesn't just go away in a year or two...


(Bakugou was having a bad day and All Might tried to comfort him; he wasn’t sure if it was working and was gonna get up and leave Bakugou alone. he probably wanted his privacy, All Might thought, but Bakugou pulled him back… 

looks like he was doing this comfort thing right, after all)

A Beginner’s Guide to Victon

A/N: Stan and support the softest beans you will ever encounter

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General Information

Victon is a seven member group under Plan A Entertainment and is to many known as A-Pink’s “little brother group”.

On the 4th of November 2016 they released a performance trailer with the song “What Time Is It Now?”. Although, this is not a title song, only a sort of pre-debut teaser:

They made their debut on November 9th 2016, with title song “I’m Fine” and released their first album Voice To New World (Which is also where their name comes from):

Already with these two music videos, they have shown how they can handle different concepts, and they take on yet another one with “Eyez Eyez” released March 2nd and the album Ready:

On the 22nd of August, they returned with their third mini album Identity, where the title song was called “Unbelievable”:

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Me7Nam (Me and seven men) is a pre-debut reality show that displays how it is being like a so called ‘fly on the wall’ around Victon. Although the concept is slightly cringey at times, it is a good way to get to know the boys:

This is the link to the first episode, the next ones will pop up at the end or at the side

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Born Identity

They also had another reality show called Born Identity. This one feels more like a normal reality where they face lots of different challenges, kinda’ like the different Showtime ones are:

This is the link to the first episode, the next ones will pop up at the end or at the side

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Variety Shows

A list of variety shows Victon has been on are:

Other than this, they have also attended interviews, have dance practices and shows on their own channel called TVicton and Victon Diary

You can find all of these along with all the mentioned above in this playlist

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Now onto the fun part, I will give a few points of facts and then explain their personalities briefly.

Han Seungwoo

  • Born: December 24th 1994
  • Height: 184cm
  • Position: Leader, Rapper and Vocal
  • He is the younger brother of former Secret member Han Sunhwa

Seungwoo is the dad of the group, and also the rock. He is always positive and kind hearted and takes care of his members so well. He gives his all for the group (which is showed clearly on Weekly Idol) and has a very calming, but silly personality. Oh - and he works out a lot his body is great

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Kang Seungsik

  • Born: April 16th 1995
  • Height: 180cm
  • Position: Main Vocal

Seungsik is the mom of the group. He cooks and also cares for the members like Seungwoo. He might be the member that has to suffer from the pranks from the younger the most, but he never gets angry about it. He is sensitive at heart and has a brightening smile. And he also works out *cough*

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Heo Chan

  • Born: December 14th 1995
  • Height: 177cm
  • Position: Main dancer and vocal
  • He is the younger brother of Madtown’s Heo Jun

(Heo) Chan is the uncle of the group (he says so himself). He is very close to Subin and laughs a lot (the sun shines nicely when he does). He is a very good dancer as the main, but his vocals are also of high quality. He is 1/3 of the dimple line with Sejun and Byungchan and loves anything cute (Subin)

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Lim Sejun

  • Born: May 4th 1996
  • Height: 180cm
  • Position: Main vocal, face of the group

Sejun is the first son of the group (yes, they really have a system like this). He is soft spoken and dorky, but can be reserved and quiet on certain situations (like variety shows). He is also easily flustered and loves food more than anything. Sejun has dimples deeper than the pacific ocean.  

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Do Hanse

  • Born: September 25th 1997
  • Height: 179cm
  • Position: Rapper

Hanse is the second son of the group. He has many sides, but is all in all a softie (he’s even scared of cats how). He is very sweet, quirky and humourous and is as many rappers, very passionate about music.  

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Choi Byungchan

  • Born: November 12th 1997
  • Height: 185cm
  • Position: Sub vocal and visual
  • Edit: He had a little role in Sassy Go Go

Byungchan is the third son of the group. He has made himself known with featuring on Variety Shows and killing the girl group dances on Weekly Idol. Byungchan speaks prettily, is reassuring and heart warming. He can also be very silly at times.

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Jung Subin

  • Born: April 5th 1999
  • Height: 175cm
  • Position: Sub vocal, maknae

Subin is the fourth son of the group. He is a good mix of a sweet child and a maknae on top. Everyone likes to care care of him but also use the fact that he is the youngest against him (as a joke of course). He is very close to Chan, but also Hanse, who likes to always squish his lil cheeks.

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I hope you enjoyed this brief runthrough of the group. Send me any messages if you spot mistakes or if you have any questions.

Happy stanning!

My darling @blacktofade‘s birthday was, uh, two months ago, so here I am, ten years late with her birthday present. ILU BB!! If this lil au seems like it should be a full-length fic, that’s because it desperately tried to be, and I had to keep chopping at it to keep it under control, like some kind of rouge hedge on meth. (Now on AO3!)

In the hours after the fight, Stiles drives and drives and drives. At first it’s late, and then it’s so late that it’s early, but he keeps on driving, fueled by anger, mostly in silence, though somewhere around the middle of Pennsylvania he thaws enough to put on some music. He stops at a rest stop just past the Ohio border to get a breakfast sandwich, and as he sits at a dirty table and eats, he thinks: shit.

Doubt begins creeping into his thoughts; maybe he’d been too hasty. Maybe he should have given Jay a chance to explain - but no, no, fuck that. He’d always made it really fucking clear that if their relationship ever got to the point where cheating seemed like a good option, he’d rather just be broken up with and yet look what fucking happened. Stiles scoffs scornfully, chucking the wrapper to his sandwich in a nearby trash can. Two and a half years down the drain.

Refreshed by a new wave of anger, Stiles heads back to his car and gets back on the highway. He manages to wrangle his phone from his pocket and, ignoring the multiple text and missed call notifications, he calls his dad, who picks up with a sigh.

“You know what time it is?” his dad asks, and Stiles looks at his dash guiltily. He’s been so worked up that he forgot about the time difference - or the fact that even on the east coast, it’s early, the sun barely above the horizon.

“Sorry,” Stiles says with a wince. “I’ll call back later.”

“It’s fine,” Dad says with another sigh. “I just got home from an overnight shift. Everything all right? You’re not usually up before ten.”

Stiles opens his mouth and then closes his mouth, startled by the raw ache in his eyes.

“Stiles?” his dad presses, somehow gentle and sharp at the same time; Stiles is worrying him.

“I’m - ” Stiles clears his throat, tapping his fingers against the wheel. “Um. How would you feel about me moving home for a while?”

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Look I’m sorry I keep talking about it but Holt doing that for Jake and Rosa (and Amy) is so significant. This is the man who has fought tooth and mfing nail to get to where he is. He’s been constantly pushed around, beaten down, denied promotion and ostracized. It’s been obvious since the first episode that this is a man who would never, and I repeat, NEVER, put his career in jeopardy. It’s who he is. Captain Holt is a cop. It’s in how he introduces himself to people, how he signs letters meant for his husband. Raymond Holt is a cop, a captain, and there isn’t much that comes above his job for him.

So the fact that he willingly did what he did for his squad is so so so important. Putting down everything he’s worked for on the line because in all his years, he’s finally met the people who were worth it.

Captain Raymond Dad™ Holt has finally found the people who make him want to Dad™.


A/N: Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute. Hopefully this new series makes up for everything J I haven’t written hybrid!au stuff before, but I find it really hot so why the fuck not right?

There will be smut in later chapters!

If you’re not into that kind of stuff, then I wouldn’t read this story.

Based sorta on this J-Drama called Kimi Wa Petto, if you wanna check it out its super cute.

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Serpent Girl (Jughead x Reader)

“Could you write one where the reader and jughead used to be best friends but he left her for Betty and the scene where jughead gets the serpent jacket he notices the reader smirking among at him with her own jacket and he smirks back putting the jacket on please??xxx” –Anonymous

Imagine: Your childhood best friend, Jughead Jones has always vowed to be there for you. When he falls in love and leaves you behind, you finally decide it’s time to join the pack. Surprisingly, Jughead tags along.

A/N: I have hella other requests before this but I thought this idea was absolutely inspired, and it basically wrote itself! Hope you enjoy!

“I think something weird is happening between me and Betty,” Jughead stammered in confusion, pacing the room. “I dunno, ever since we’ve been working on this investigation thing she’s been really sweet to me and I think she’s been relying on me for emotional support ever since the stuff with her sister and–”

“Jughead, you like her,” you insisted, feeling your heart crack inside your chest. You said it to clarify his worries, but also remind yourself of this slowly worsening reality. It would be a lie to say you didn’t fall in love with Jughead through the years of nighttime talks, him sneaking into your room every weekend. You had hoped, just barely, that he felt the same.

He paused. “I… I do?”

Jughead was so dumb sometimes. So, so dumb. “Of course you do.” You smirked to hide your pain. “Now what are you gonna do about it?”

Jughead sat next to you, staring into your eyes sincerely. “What do I do?”

You cursed whatever God or higher power had fated you to setting up the love of your life with another girl. “Well, you’ve gotta sneak into her house like you do at my house. Don’t be weird about it though. Maybe say something cheesy you would say like ‘hey there Juliet’.”

Jughead chuckled. “Okay.”

“Then, you just have to do it. It has to seem spontaneous and passionate. You’ve gotta lean in like this,” You leaned in, Jughead mirroring you. “And then kiss her.” Your voice came out in a whisper, your lips centimeters apart. You could see his constellation of freckles and his stormy blue eyes and you wished so badly that things could be different.

“Okay.” Jughead said, leaning back and grinning in understanding. “Thanks, (Y/N).”

You smiled sadly. “If you and Betty start going out, you’ll still come see me, right?”

Jughead pulled you into a hug. “Always.”

This had happened before.

You and Jughead grew up together, your fathers partners in the Serpent business. In fact, it was your father who offered FP Jones a higher position upon his firing from Andrews Construction. When your mothers would work the graveyard shift, your dad and FP would leave you in a meticulously child-safe’d room in the Serpent headquarters, leaving you with nothing to do but torment and entertain each other until your relationship became something remotely resembling that of friends. Even best friends.

Eventually, FP worked out the logistics to transfer Jughead to the Northern Riverdale School District, leaving you in the South Side.

“Will you come back?” Ten year-old you, asked, eyes watering.

“Of course I will, (Y/N)! I’m gonna tell you all about it.” Ten year-old Jughead vowed. “Then I’ll come back and rescue you forreal.” He whispered. Your favorite play-pretend game was fairytales. Naturally, you were the princess and he was your gallant knight who always rescued you.

Unlike before, missed visits grew and grew, each with its own unique excuse. Some relating to Betty, some not. One thing was for sure, you weren’t getting “rescued forreal” any time soon.

You approached your father in the kitchen, ready to take on his invitation to join the family business.

One month later…

“You’re one of us, now,” the Serpent said, handing Jughead a brand new leather jacket embroidered with the South Side Serpent Sigil.

“…Juggie?” Betty peered out of the trailer, voice shaking.

Jughead looked back to her, and back to the gang of bikers who he had once called his family. All like fathers, or uncles to him…

He noticed a girl in the group. Familiar, but colder. More mature. Your eyes darkened with makeup and hair windswept by the motorcycle ride. You sported a Serpent jacket of your own, helmet in one arm. You smirked at the poor boy who used to be the love of your life.

Jughead glanced back at Betty Cooper, and he swallowed hard. Looking back at you, he shrugged on the jacket, the Serpent’s image tightening around the muscles on his back. He smirked back.

He began to walk towards the man who addressed him, but not before stepping near you, long enough to be acknowledged.

You stared down your former friend. “So much for ‘rescuing me forreal’.” You muttered, your childishness getting the best of you.

Jughead then leaned in, so close you could feel his breath warming your neck in the nighttime chill.

“Watch me,” he said.

•To Build A Home•
Chapter 1

He’s pissed off.

He’s bleeding from the huge gash on his forehead, his bike is in pieces of scrap metal on the side of River road and he’s fairly certain he’s missed his date with Tiffany… Taylor? No, it was definitely Tiffany. So yeah, he’s pissed.

Jughead Jones tucks his scratched up hands deep into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulls out a cigarette, lighting it against the wind, he inhales the familiar taste of tobacco and burnt paper and his shoulders finally slump in exhaustion.

This day sucks. It officially sucks, it’s sucked from the minute he set foot on the construction site to the time he walked into his second home, The Snake Sack Bar, he was tired, he was cranky and fuck if he wasn’t starving.

The blare of a truck horn shakes him out of his pity party, his redheaded best friend sticks his head out of the drivers seat window and grins

“Archie Andrews to the rescue! I’m here to save the damsel in distress.” He pulls to a stop beside Jughead as the dark haired man looks less than amused.

Archie’s eyes turn serious as he looks his friend over
“Seriously man, are you okay?”

Jughead shakes off his concern, he never quite got used to anyone caring about his wellbeing

“I’m fine, it’s my bike you should be worrying about. Look at her, she’s in pieces.” His hands are flailing frantically and Archie snorts

“Pieces doesn’t cover it. I don’t think even your uncle Harley can fix this buddy.” The all American boy drops a hand to Jugheads shoulder and begins to help him pick up all the pieces, throwing them into the back of his pickup.

“Mind telling me how this happened.” Archie treads carefully.

A low growl escapes Jugheads mouth,
“Jason Blossom and his goonies ran me off the road, probably has something to do with Jason taking over his dads construction company, probably doesn’t like that I’m working for Andrews Construction, or maybe they have something against the Serpents.” Jughead shifts in his jacket, the emblem displayed proudly on the back.

Archie snorts bitterly, a dangerous look flashing in his eyes
“Were 25 now, I figured the days of high school competition were behind us, he’ll never get over the fact that I stole quarterback away from him.”

Jughead shuddered at the mention of high school, that had not been a good time in his life and he very rarely revisits that place in his brain. He’s so much different now, ladies love him, he takes a new girl home every night. Gone is the gangly adolescent boy who hid behind bleachers, replaced by a filled out , muscular bad boy that drives all the girls who ignored him in high school mad. Damnit he could be showing that cheerleader Tiffany… Taylor, shit what was her name? whatever, he could be showing her the time of her life.

“I know a mechanic a town over, works real good with bikes. The shops open, I can take you there now.”

This is why Archie Andrews is his best friend, no matter what, they are always there for each other, it’s the way it’s been since they were four years old. Jugheads pressing some fancy satin scarf against the gash on his forehead as Archie mumbles something about Infection. They pull up to Pops Mechanic Shop and Jughead hops from the truck, he’s a bit woozier than he expected, his knees wobbly. Archie shoots him yet again, another concerned glance.

“I’m good dude, now where’s this mechanic you mentioned, I wanna talk to him about..”

He’s cut off abruptly by a distinctly feminine voice

“Archie Andrews, you better not have blown out your breaks again! I just fixed this truck last week.”

Jughead turns quickly to the voice behind him and nearly passes out. (It’s most definitely because of lack of blood, not the sexy creature before him.)

Standing In front of him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, long tan legs are wrapped up in short denim overalls, a dirty, red rag is hanging from one of her pockets, her feet are tucked into heavy work boots. Jughead lets his eyes trail over her body all the way up to her toned,bronze arms, she’s covered in motor oil and dirt but it only makes that much sexier. her silky blonde hair is tied up in a messy bun, strands sticking to her sweaty forehead, her eyes are the color of freshly cut grass and her lips are so perfect it should be illegal.

“Nope not me this time Betty, check the back of the truck.”

As soon as she moves to the back her eyes widen

“Woah, holy… poor baby, what happened here?” For the first time since the conversation started Betty’s eyes are on his, ocean blue meeting meadow green, they linger on his before flickering to the steadily bleeding cut on his forehead

“It’s my bike.. well it was my bike. I kind of.. got into an accident.” He answers dumbly, she can obviously see that he was in accident. Dumbass.

“That needs stitches.”

She speaks so suddenly it takes Jughead by surprise


“The cut on your head, it needs stitches, you ripped it clean open. I can fix your bike, gonna take a while but I can get her running.”

Jugheads mind races to catch up with her

“You can?”

“Sure, shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got some paperwork for you to fill out in the office, Arch I made cookies, there might still be some in the garage if the guys haven’t snatched them all up.”
A flash of red races to the garage, leaving Jughead to follow Betty.

The office is run down but usable,

“Do you have insurance?” Betty asks, her head buried in a filing cabinet, Jughead snorts causing her to look up a hesitant smile on her face.

“No.” the raven haired boy clarifies “no insurance.”

Betty nods, eyes understanding as she hands him a clipboard

“My prices are good, I won’t overcharge you, I can promise you I’m the only one who’s gonna be able to work on that bike.”

Jughead signs the paperwork quickly handing it back and sticking his hand out

“I’m Jughead Jones.”

The blonde chews on her lip for a Monet before taking his hand

“I’m Betty Cooper and I know who you are Mr.Jones” she grins wickedly and he smirks

“Oh really?”

He’s moving closer now, breathing in her air as she steps forward, face dangerously close to his own

“Mhmm, and that why I can say..” she trails off suggestively before taking a huge step back and shaking her shoulders

“I’m only interested in doing business with you, nothing more, nothing less. Your reputation precedes you Mr.Jones. I can’t count the amount of Husbands who come in here and try to sell their wives cars after you’ve broken their marriage up.” She giggled uncharacteristically before shoving his papers into the desk drawer

“So thank you but no Thankyou.” Just as she’s about to leave the room Jughead grips her wrist

“You don’t know me.” He speaks desperately, something about this woman makes him want to get on his knees and beg.

With sad eyes Betty looks down at his fingers holding her wrist.

“No.. but I know your kind.”

He wants to protest but Archie enters the room

“All set guys? Hey Betty, Veronica wanted me to tell you we’re coming over tonight, we’ve got a dinner party tomorrow and she has no clue what to wear.”

“I’ll be home.” The female mechanic smiles lazily.

All three of the adults head outside

“Well arch, I’ll see you tonight and Mr.Jones….”

“Tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow.” His eyes drill into hers and for a moment something flashes that he can’t quite catch but she’s quickly turning her back to both boys and walking back to work

“Whatever you say jones, see ya around.”

Archie looks back and forth between his two friends

“Everything okay? Hey if we speed I’m sure we can make it for your date with Tamara.”

Ahh Tamara, that was her name. Jughead stares out the passenger window and watches as Betty gets underneath a car, a wrench clenched in her fist.

“Nah, forget about Tamara. Hey you mind taking me to the ER, apparently I need stitches.”

Season 2 episode 9 analysis

More like me rambling abt my hyperfixation but here we go

This episode kind of revealed a lot abt the kid’s personal & familial issues & lives

To start: Nikki

Nikki was either projecting the way she personally was raised, probably with her mom taking on more of the responsibilities, based on how she acted & the fact that her parents are divorced.

Or she wanted her “egg” to be raised the best way possible, b/c she knows what its like to have (possibly) incompetent parents.

Then we have: Max

Throughout the show, Max has a very cynical, distant & angry demeanor. He seems the type to bottle up his issues, based on s2e8 when he pretended “everything was fine” when Mr. Honeynuts got taken away.

Then, when he is tasked w/ the responsibility of raising the egg, I see two things going on here:

1, Max with his usual cynical attitude of “I dont wanna be here and this is wasting my Saturday”

2, Max, projecting the way his parents raise him, neglectful & uncaring. He lets Nikki do what she wants for the most part & there’s a couple of telling moments of his philosophy on parenthood in the episode.

“Let’s just leave it in a box and get back to enjoying our Saturday.” - Max’s parents neglect (?)

“We could just send it to a summer camp and have strangers take care of it for 3 months” - what his parents did to him

“Nikki, calm down! Its like I told you, none of this matters! Nobody knows what they’re doing when they’re taking care of something too dumb to take care of itself! There is no ‘right’ way of doing any of this! How do you think WE turned out so FUCKED UP!?” - Max, projecting some of his own emotional neglect & trauma from his parents.


Neil, the whole time, was very over-protective & “hogged” the egg from Space Kid. This, again, could be seen as 2 things.

1, one of his parents hogging him from the other and being very over-protective & suffocating. Based on the fact that he’s at a summer camp, I’m guessing his more “chill” parent sent him there. This is evidenced in s1e3, when Neil says that his plans are “I think I’ll go to dads house and tell him mom sent me to an abusive summer camp. Pretend to like him more so that she’ll try to buy back my love.” Neil has already learned how to work the system of his parents dysfunctional relationship & custody over him.

2, Neil states that he sees a lot of himself in the egg and that the egg is “fragile” (like him) & that he must protect it. Neil has stated before that he’s a nerdy kid who got picked on back at home, so it’d make sense for him to project on the egg & not want it to go through the same struggles as him.

Ered & Dolf

This can be viewed in multiple ways, & overall displays that both Dolf & Ered had more laid-back parents.

This, of course, can also result in some consequences. Being too “laid-back” can result in the child getting hurt. Ered most likely experienced this as a child, & instead of getting the proper love & attention she needed, got a chuckle and “wipeout”.

Dolf states that their egg deserves not to be “held back by a regime”. On the one hand, this could just be a cheap Nazi joke. On the other hand, this could imply that Dolf has very controlling parents (which is why he enjoys the creative freedom that artistry gives him) & wants to be a more “carefree” parent as a result of this.

Nerris & Harrison

When these two got paired, I of course was PRETTY FUCKIN HYPE (I lowkey ship them)

These two obviously for the most part are just bickering over which one of them is more “credible” in the magic department, which results in them projecting their own interests onto their “kid”.

Harrison is not all that advanced in magic, as has been shown in the show before, and this results in their egg getting crushed. Their senseless bickering caused for their “kid” to “die”, which may reflect on their home lives, or may just be a cute joke. Who knows.

Nurf & Preston

This is by far the most fucked up projection of these kids’ home lives out of all of them.

Preston may have a perfectly normal & loving home life, for all we know. Nurf’s really the one projecting on this one.

Nurf, as we all know, has an extremely toxic and abusive home life, which really comes to show this episode. Ironically enough, he doesn’t want his egg to grow up “with an inferiority complex” *cough cough*, and yet falls into the same cycle of abuse.

He probably even repeated quite a few phrases he’s heard his dad say when exerting abuse over Preston, talking about how “you better not say you’re afraid to leave me”. Based on previous episodes, Nurf’s parents probably fought like this until his mom did leave the family out of fear. Of course, Nurf could have seen this as “his fault”, since his parents may have always been fighting over him (?)

The fact that they paired Nurf with another boy to demonstrate his toxic family life is no coincidence.

First, it is undoubtedly more “socially acceptable” to show a domestic dispute between two men, or where the woman is being abusive, than it is to show a man abusing a women (due to obvious problems within our society)

Second, Nurf has displayed interest in boys before. In s2e2, Neil threatens to spread photoshopped images of Nurf kissing boys. Nurf counters by saying “maybe I’ve already experimented with my sexuality” and then “Chris, why did you leave me.”

Preston was very obviously paired in the “mom” role because theater is shown to be a more “feminine” interest, and he sometimes displays some “effeminate gay man” stereotypes.

Helping Hand P4

Summary: Who knew that being saved by spiderman would start a blossoming friendship… or maybe something more?


inspired by this song. <— Give it a listen as you read!

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 6k+ (I got way too carried away)

Warning(s)?: NSFW, SMUTYY SMUTTT!!! Swearing, Oral (male on female) 

masterlist (x) requests (x)


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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Helping Hand

The rest of the school day went by without a hitch. After the bell went signalling Gym class was over you scurried out of there so fast before could have time to catch up to you. You went to your locker, grabbing and putting away textbooks before setting off to your next period. 

“Y/N!” Oh god not now. You halted your movements and slowly began to turn around. 

“What do you want flash?” You said, saying his name with distaste. He strolled up by your side and smirked.

“Well it’s nice to see you to Pudding” Ahh! You hated that nickname, like seriously, pudding? 

“I’ve got a class to get to-” You begin to say while moving before he blocked your path. You rolled your eyes and sighed.

“Why in such a rush? Don’t you want to spend some time with me?” He asks cockily. No, actually, I’d rather watch paint dry. 

“I thought I’ve made that clear months ago but yes, I don’t” You state with a sigh, moving around him. 

“You know this whole playing hard to get thing only makes me want you more!” He calls out to you. You continued walking away, just giving him the bird as you rounded the corner. Gah It was annoying when the boy just couldn’t take a hint. I knew his true intentions, he was a player, as soon as he got into my pants he will be gone. Like he was never even there. 

Of course you being you weren’t watching where you were going as you crashed into another body. You slowly sunk to your knees to collect your belongings that managed to leaves your arms during the collision. 

“Im so sorry! I didn’t see you there-” The boy stopped rambling as you looked up at him. Funnily enough this was the guy in gym class, the one who seemed to be friends with.. Peter.

“No it’s okay, I should have paid attention to where I was going” You say with a small smile. He returns it.

“Oh yeah, names Ned by the way” He stated happily, sticking his hand out for you to shake. You were kind of amused at just how happy this boy looked but decided not to laugh thinking it may offend him. You gently took his hand in your and shook. 

“Y/N” You state with a smile. 

“Y-y-eah I know who you are-” He clears his throat and momentarily looks to the ground. 

“I mean… your friends with Liz right?” He asked flustered. You couldn’t help but to laugh slightly at his state. 

“Yeah I am” you respond. You begin to walk around him before you hear him speak up. 

“Y/N?” he called out. You spun around and smile. 

“Yes?” You asked. 

“Umm…” He says almost nervously, scratching the back of his head. You just stood there, holding your books close to your chest with a questioning glance.

“C-c-ould you maybe help me with my biology homework?” He asked. Umm… okay. 

“I mean your tutor right?” He asked. I slowly nod my head, wondering how he knew that. The only people who knew that where the ones you were tutoring and a few teachers who would assign you to tutor someone, they gave you extra credit in return of course.

“Yeah.. how did you know that?” You asked curiously. He glanced down to the ground for a second before looking back up at you. 

“I’m kind of.. f-failling..” He speaks out. For some reason you could feel like he was lying to you but you didn’t say anything. 

“Umm.. okay.. well I’m free this afternoon, last period?” I asked up, I always had last period free cause they were often my tutoring lessons. 

“Yeah that’d be great!” He says almost too happily. You resist the urge to give him a funny look and smile.

“Meet me in the fiction section in the library okay?” You ask. He nods his head in response happily and almost skips away. You shake your head letting out a small laugh before continuing off to class, groaning cause you knew you were going to be late.

#Peter’s pov

I kept my back pressed against the wall, listening in to the conversation. I waited patiently until I saw Ned round the corner with a smile on his face.

“What did I say? Man in the chair..” He begins with a laugh. I shake my head and sigh. 

“I could hear your heartbeat from here” I state. He looks up at me wide eyed before lightly smacking my arm. 

“Your not supposed to do that! It’s creepy and so not cool” He says walking past me. I let out a chuckle before following him. 

“Do you know how hard it is to lie to a hot girl?” he asks out. Trust me Ned… I know. 

#Y/N’s pov

It was end of the day (for you) thank god. You made your way to the cafeteria to get some food before making your way over towards the library. You greeted the librarian before heading over towards the fiction section, pulling out a chair at one of the deserted tables and began to eat quietly. You popped your books and accessories onto the table and opened up your biology book from Sophomore year, beginning to read over your notes as you ate. 

You always loved to tutor in the library because it was the quietest spot and more often than not.. teenager free. You began to hang out in the library during your freshman year, borrowing books upon books that eventually you had a pile so big you couldn’t carry them. That’s when you began talking with the librarian, offering for you to come in during your free time to read and study or whatever. You immediately agreed, almost coming in up to three times a day. 

When you were free you would also pop in and if you were bored to see if there was anything to do. You would help yourself to the books on the returned pile and would begin to put them back on the shelves in their respective places. 

You heard the door open and close and finished your bite of food. You began to pack up your food and put it away, moving the books closer to you so you could get started. 

“Hey Ned.. I only have half an hour today but I was thinking we can still get some work done and organise another time lat-” You spoke, cutting yourself off as you raised your head. 

“Ter” You finished, gulping. Your eyes widen as you took in Peter in front of you. He wasn’t Ned.. 

“Where’s Ned?” You ask, managing to keep your nerves out of your voice. 

“H-h-e went home” He stutters out, walking around to sit in the chair opposite you. You advert your gaze and began to pack up your books. 

“Well them I’m going to head-” You began to say before being cut off. 

“Wait”. You really didn’t want to. There was such urgency in his tone that it almost made you decide to stat and wait but you didn’t. You packed up the rest of your things and stood up. 

“Look Peter your a genius, you obviously don’t need my tutoring” You said, not meaning for it to come out rude even though it kinda did. You ignored it and grabbed your things in your arms holding them against your chest. You turned around and began to walk away. 

“Wait, Y/N please” he almost begs. You stop in your spot as you see the librarian glance towards you guys with a curious glance. You turn back around with furrowed eyebrows. Then it clicked.

“I was never going to tutor Ned was I?” You ask out almost hurt. He drops his head shamefully and shakes his head. He sighs. 

“Great. It’s one thing to make a fool out of me once but twice?” You ask, feeling hurt. You weren’t too sure why you were feeling hurt but you were.

“I’m sorry, look I’ve been trying to talk to you but you’ve been dodging me” He says. 

“Yeah and for good reason” You reply. He doesn’t disagree. You knew this whole thing wasn’t his fault, in fact it was yours but you were too hurt. You turned around and began to walk away.

“Look can we please just talk?” he asks, raising his voice slightly. This earned both of you a death glare from the librarian. You turned around, this time feeling anger pool up. 

“I don’t want to talk Peter!” You whisper harshly taking him back. His eyes widen in surprise.

“Fool me once shame on you but fool me twice… ” You trailed off. 

“Shame on me” You finished before turning around and began towards the exit. This time you didn’t hear any objections from the boy you like so you left, the sound of the door closing signalling that you had indeed left.

~Early evening

You couldn’t stop your hands from shaking while you were trying to complete you math homework. It annoyed you to no end. You groaned and smacked your head against the table resulting for a headache to form. You reach your hand up to your forehead and sighed, leaving you chair and your room to get some ice from downstairs. You walked over to the freezer and grabbed a pack of peas out seeing you couldn’t find any ice. You turned around and sighed when you saw your dad busying around the house, grabbing his coat.

“Where are you going?” You asked softly, your headache now pounding. He stops and looks up to you. 

“Just work buisness honey, nothing to worry about” Though his tone suggested otherwise. You turned your head into the living room to see flickering lights from the television. You walked over and stood in front of the tv before your father had a chance to turn it off. 

You gasped. 

“D-d-ad what is that?” you asked out in a shaky voice. You pointed to the screen slightly scared at what you were seeing. In fact if your mind wasn’t playing tricks on you, you think you saw a… Dinosaur? In New York City?

You turned to face your dad just as he turned the tv off.

“Your not seriously going out there are you?” I ask worriedly. 

“It’s my job sweets” He says as he pulls his coat and and leaves a soft kiss on my forehead. You try not to wince. He turned around and began to walk towards the front door. 

“You mother is working overtime tonight at the hospital so don’t leave the house okay? not till I get back” He says as he opens the front door. You rush over to him, giving him a quick hug. 

“Be safe.. Please” You whispered as you gave him one last squeeze. He squeezed you back and sighed.

“Of course I always am.. Love you” he says sweetly before closing the door after him. 

“Love you too” you murmur knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear you. You raced back over into  the lounge room and turned the tv back on. It was a live cast of what was going down on the bridge. You sat the remote down and raced up into your room to grab your laptop and phone (which your parents replaced after you said you lost your other one). They were angry and decided to ground you and give you a month of chores before they replace the old one with a new one. 

Grabbing the laptop and phone firmly in your arms you ran back down stairs and went into the living room. You put your phone down on the table and sat on the lounge, quickly opening up your laptop. You glanced over your shoulder to see your dads laptop still open but the screen blank. Good. Typing in your password you began to sift through your files until you found one about your dad, well, more specifically how to hack into his laptop through your own. You taught yourself how to do this when you were 12, you were bored one day and was really curious as to why he never let you on his laptop so you decided to play around a bit, hacking into his software. Surprisingly it wasn’t that hard seeing the government only had one back up security check which with one click of the button could be wiped if necessary. You didn’t of course, just disabled it long enough for you to get in and get out without being caught. 

Your phone vibrated from the table. You put the laptop beside you before reaching for your phone seeing a message pop up. 

~Party tonight at mine, wanna come? xo -Liz

You quickly replied with a ‘busy’ text before putting your phone back down, reaching for you laptop to listen into the police call guide. 

“Suspect heading north towards Brooklyn, all units proceed with caution I repeat, proceed with caution” You heard one of the offices speak through the line. 

The line went quite for a few minutes.

“Hold your fire!” You could hear your dads voice speak into the line. You anxiously raised a hand to your mouth, biting your nails. 

“What was that?” You heard of the policeman say. 

“Sir he seems to be tied down with some sort of.. webbing?” Oh god… Peter. You quickly scramble for your phone and unlocked it, clicking on the contact icon. 

“If you see him swinging… don’t hold your fire” At this sentence your stomach dropped. They were going to shoot him?! You dropped your phone and went back onto your laptop and quickly set up a microphone headset to also join the conversation.

“Don’t shoot” Was all you spoke calmly. You could hear a few muffled responses, wondering who was that before your father spoke. 

“Y/N? Get off the line!” He says angrily. 

“Please dad.. don’t shoot him” You spoke, this time shakily. You reached for your phone again and pulled up Peter’s contact which was named 'Bug Boy’ and began to type. 

~Leave the scene, he’s tied down. If you get caught they have the authority to shoot you -Y/N

Was all you type before nervously putting the phone down, waiting for a response. That was if he hasn’t been shot at already. Oh god.. what if he’s injured badly and can’t even walk? 

“Sir he’s headed east bound! It’s your call Chief” One of the policeman spoke through the line. You bit your nails, wanting to speak up but not knowing what exactly to say. You were shaking with worry and fear.

“..Open Fire” and that was all you heard before you could hear the sounds of guns firing in the background. You slammed your laptop shut and reached for your phone, hoping off the couch and rush into your bedroom. You pulled up Peter’s contact again and rang. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s escaped a gun showdown but you still worried. You never understood how dangerous what he does really was until situations like these. 

“Pick up Parker.. pick up” you spoke anxiously as you waited for a response. Nothing. You hung up and dialed again, letting it ring completely through. 


You spun around once you heard a crashing sound against your window. You walked over slowly and slit the window open, sticking your head out slightly to see below. Weird… There was nothing there. 

“Psst” You heard from above you and glanced up. Your eyes widen in shock when you see spidey on the wall above you, his back pressed against it and his mask half up his face. You quickly move away from the window letting him get inside. Once he was fully inside he closed the window carefully behind him, trying not to make a sound. You could feel tears begin to pool in your eyes from all the worrying and threw your arms around him as soon as he turned back around. You caught him off guard and he stumbled back a bit, his arms out to the side.

He was safe. 

“I’m okay Y/N” he says softly, slowly wrapping his arms around you too. You let a tear slip from onto your cheek before lowering your head into the crook of his neck. 

“They could of killed you” You spoke, your voice slightly being muffled through his suit. 

“I know” He spoke with a soft sigh. 

“You could have died” You spoke again. 

“.. I know” he responded. 

“Your a fucking idiot” You said seriously, with your face still buried in the side of his neck. He stiffened slightly feeling your warm breath against his neck. 

“I know” you didn’t want to laugh but you did. You lightly laughed before beginning to pull away. 

“I watched my dad leave in a hurry, putting on his coat and his gun holster” You begin, your arms still wrapped around his neck, your face only centimeters from his neck.

“What was it?” You asked nervously, finding the courage to finally look up at his face. He let out a breath before frowning. 

“A lizard” He replied honestly. A lizard? Lizards don’t grow to be that big. Seeing the confusion across your face he began to explain. 

“There was the corrupt scientist back at Oscorp, I use to visit once a week to help him with these trials, they were trails for limb difference, specifically how to naturally grow back a limb” Grow back a Limb? 

“He started experimenting on mice first then he found the right code, once he figured out the perfect DNA sequence he injected himself with the formula, not knowing of the side effects it would have” He spoke quietly. 

“And… what were the side effects?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

“He transformed himself into a giant lizard” You felt like you were about to faint. This was stuff out of horror movies, this stuff just didn’t happen in the real world. You froze up, just imagining the huge lizard like monster stomping down New York City, the amount of damage it would have caused. The chaos. 

“Y/N… Y/N-” You heard Peter call out before your whole world went black. 


You opened your eyes slowly, rolling over to realise you were in fact already in bed. How did you get here? You don’t remember going to bed. 

You slowly sat up, now feeling your forehead to realise your headache was now gone. Strange. You heard a few muffled grunts coming from your bathroom. You glanced over to see the door as closed. You quietly stepped out of your bed, slowly making your way over to the door. You slowly began to twist the door knob, wondering who the hell would be in your bathroom. You slowly opened the door ajar before flinging it open the rest of the way. 

“P-peter?” you ask. Standing in front of your bathroom sink, shirtless was Peter.. with scratch marks and dried up blood. You watched silently as he gently applied the alcohol to his cuts, him wincing once it came into contact with his skin. 

“Pass it here” You spoke, walking over towards him. You grabbed the cotton fabric from his hand and began to take over, him wincing again every once in a while. 

“Y-y-ou passed out earlier” He spoke up. 

“Yeah I know, it didn’t click as to what happened till I saw you, at first I thought someone had broken in” You spoke half heartedly letting out a soft chuckle as did he. Finishing with the first cut, you wrapped it up before moving on to the next one. Luckily this time he didn’t look to bad, in fact he was already healing up. 

“I forgot that you can heal” You say amazed and chuckle. Once you finished with the last cut you packed up your first aid kit, shoving it back into the cupboard. You grabbed the medical tape and began to tape the gauze a bit, making sure it would stick. You slowly brought your fingers and lightly grazed his skin, feeling him tense underneath you. 

“Sorry” you mutter out, assuming he was still sore from the injuries. But little did you know that wasn’t why he winced. In fact he couldn’t really feel the pain, it had simmered down to a dull ache. It wasn’t until your hand grazed his lower stomach, taping the last gauze shut before he knew why he was tensing up.

He was getting turned on. 

He shook his head getting rid of the cloudy thoughts and began to think about puppies. Anything to get his mind off of Y/N and her hands…. her hands which were still on his torso, double checking the patches to make sure they stuck. He kinda wish she did it harshly and not gently, she was unknowingly making it worse for him. He didn’t say anything, what could he say? 'Can you please stop patching me up cause your starting to give me a boner’. 

Y/N was too concentrated on his wounds to feel the tension in the air rise. He could swear his cheeks were warming up and the room began to grew at least 10 degrees warmer. Unfortunately his mind didn’t stick to helpless puppies but instead drifted back to earlier in the day, gym class. 


Just remembering the image of you squirming in your seat, clenching your thighs together could make him let go then and there. 

And god your smell..

It was so intoxicating he had to use all of his self control to make sure he didn’t take you then and there. He never behaved like this yet when he is around you.. it’s like all rational thoughts escape him.

Finishing up with the gauze, you grabbed a cloth and cleaned off the bits of blood he has missed. You notice how you could spot a few purple/blue bruises that were covering shoulder. He must have had a fall or something you assumed. Without realising you cleaned off the blood, leaned your head forwards and lightly pecked the exposed skin. Unknowingly sending fire to run through Peter’s body. He softly leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of your lips on his body. He inhaled sharply, feeling your lips move over to the other bruise, softly kissing the area. He wanted to so badly run his fingers through you hair and pull you up, wanting to devour you like his life depended on it. 

You leaned forwards once more and left a soft kiss on the bruise in the crook of his neck. Unknowingly finding his weak spot. He lulled his head back further and moaned.

He moaned.

You immediately froze, only realizing what it was you were doing. You quickly retracted your lips from his skin and leaned back, grabbing the cloth and rinsing it under the cold water. Your hands immediately began to get clammy and you grew nervous. You were still close to him as you watched the cloth in the sink. 

But deep down you could feel knots beginning to form. You still couldn’t get over the fact that he moaned… he moaned at just you treating his wounds. You let a small smirk come across your face before quickly wiping it away.

You mustered up the courage to meet his gaze. You could feel the air growing tense around you. Blinking a few times, you looked him in the eye. 

His eyes have considerably darkened, almost to the point where his brown orbs were now almost black. That was weird, normally that only happens when. 

You froze once you felt something poking your thigh. You were confused at first before you started putting the pieces together. 

He was turned on. 

You bit your lips softly, feeling the room grow even warmer. 

“W-w-e should probably talk” You stutter out nervously, stepping away from him beginning to pretend nothing had happened. 

“Y-y-yeah” he stuttered, not so discretely trying to move his boner so it was less noticeable. But unfortunately that only caused your glance to flicker to his movements. You quickly looked away and closed your eyes.

“Are you… turned on?” You asked almost shocked. You couldn’t believe you were actually standing in the bathroom with a half naked Peter who was trying to hide his hard on. You were so glad you weren’t a boy, that way he wouldn’t be able to tell that were you also slightly turned on too. Wait…

“Aren’t you?” he responded back. You lowered your head. He took a step closer to you and kept coming closer till he was right in front of you. You weren’t sure where this sudden bravery from Peter was coming from but to say it wasn’t appealing would be a total lie. 

“I forgot that.. you can smell… things” You said, too embarrassed to say the actual word. 

“Like this morning..” You trailed off, not really wanting to continue but knowing it was going to come up sooner or later. 

“I’m s-s-orry” You stuttered out.

“Don’t be” he said, almost sounding a little hurt. You felt his hand cup your cheek, lifting your head slightly so he could look you in the eyes.

“I’m scared…” You trailed off, feeling vulnerable all over again. How did he do it? With one look or simple touch… he manage to make you weak at the knees. It angered you yet satisfied you at the same time, you weren’t sure to be mad and slap him across the face or to pull him closer. 

“Scared of what?” he asks softly, stepping closer while you began to take steps back. Soon enough you felt the wall pres into your back, signalling you couldn’t move any further. He took one step closer, your chest only centimeters apart. 

“H-how-” You breathing hitched. You followed with your eyes as he swallowed harshly, his granny’s apple moving in his neck. 

You closed your eyes and sighed, regretting the words that were about to come out of your mouth.

“How much I want you’' 

You didn’t hear a response. You felt your breathing quicken, your heart hammering inside your chest feeling like it was about to explode from anticipation. Why wasn’t he saying anything? You knew he was still there cause you could still feel his hand cupping your cheek, the other against the wall trapping you in between him and the wall. 

Fuck.. don’t do that’’ he says, his voice coming raspy. Without realising you had pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. His voice sent shivers through your spine, admittedly making your panties wetter. 

Do what?” you asked innocently, replaying on the events that happened not 24 hours ago. He grabbed your hips and roughly pushed you into the wall, his body now flushed against yours. You gasped once you felt his hard on poking your thigh again, this time alot firmer. 

Fuck… you have no idea what you do to me..” he says under his breath, his voice becoming more horse and raspy with lust.

Unintentionally you moaned after hearing the words fall from his lips. 

“Peter?” you ask softly, seeing your faces were inches from each other. He glanced up and looked into your eyes, his lust and love filled orbs reflecting off of your own. 

Show me” you spoke up, wanting to so badly know the effect you have on him. He didn’t have to be told twice. He leaned in fast and connected his lips with yours. He moved them against yours passionately you thought you were going to pass out again. You didn’t know someone could convey that much emotion through one kiss. 

Your wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him closer, feeling his body pressed against yours sending a wave of pleasure through to your core.

The kiss become more fast and needy, his tongue begging for entrance which you happily obliged. His tongue explored your mouth, both your tongues beginning to wrestle for dominance. His arms snaked around to your waist, squeezing slightly making you moan into his mouth. He took advantage of this and won dominance. 

“Jump” He commanded through the kiss hungrily. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist, running your fingers through his hair beginning to pull causing him to moan into your mouth. All the sounds he was making was doing wonders to your body, making you feel alive and on fire. He began to walk out of the bathroom and over to your bed. He let go of you legs and let you fall back onto your bed. He climbed on top of you and reattached his lips to yours, making his way down your neck, lightly sucking and nipping in different areas. You hands went up to his hair again and softly tugged urging him to continue. He continues towards the valley of your breast, dragging your top down your body. He quickly sat up, reaching for your top, helping you sit up to get rid of the piece of clothing. 

You weren’t sure where this dominant side of him came from but you were enjoying it all so much. He began kissing down your stomach, one hand on the bed holding his weight and the other on your hips, making sure they stayed still. Once he reached the waist band of you pants your hips bucked involuntarily. 

“Patience babygirl” he said hoarsely. The way the nickname rolled off of his tongue made you moan. You obeyed, trying to keep your hips still. 

He began pull down your pants, you lifting your hips so he could easily slide them down your thighs. You groaned in annoyance and sat up, reached down and cupped his face with both your hands. You began kissing him passionately and hungrily, wanting and needing more. You pulled him back with you so he was back on top of you. He pulled away.

“The amount of things I wanna do to you…” He moaned. You ran yours hands up and down his torso while beginning to kiss his neck, probably leaving a few hickies here and there. 

“I-i’m supposed to be showing y-y-ou” he stuttered out as he was too lost in your kisses. You ignored him and continued your attack across his skin. 

“Sorry but patience isn’t really my forte.. love” You replied before roughly connecting your lips back with his. In one swift movement you managed to flip the both of you over so now you were straddling his waist. You left his lips and continued to kiss down his torso. You softly began to grind your hips into his, creating some sort of friction to help relieve the ache between your legs.

“Fuck” he moaned and threw his head back as you made your way down to his pants. You began to unbutton them, pulling them down from the waist band. He sat up a bit and helped in taking his pants off, leaving him in just his boxers. You crawled back up and reattached your lips with his. You began to grind against his boxers, feeling his cock twitch from underneath you. 

“If you keep doing that I’m not going to last much longer” he says through his heavy breathing. You stopped grinding and pulled him up and began to kiss him again. Only this kiss was different. There was another emotion coming through this time. 


He pulled away and tried to control his rapid breathing. He reached behind your back and fingered the clasp of your bra, unhooking it and freeing your boobs from their hold. He stared in amazment and aww, starting to make you feel self conscious. You begin to lift your hands to cover yourself up before he stops you. 

“Never.. ever cover your beauty up” He says in aww and love, loving every inch of your body. Every curve, your skin, the bumps and even the stretch marks that covered your hips and breasts. He leaned forwards and connected his lips with your left nipple, lightly sucking causing you to roll your head back and moan. You swore your panties were officially drenched by now. You felt him move your fingers down to your covered core and placed them there. You began to grind your hips against his hand, needing to relieve the tension building. He moved your panties to the side before sliding a finger inside you, beginning to pump slowly. You moaned at the new feeling and rocked your hips against his hand.

“Just like that babygirl” he whispers along your skin, continuing to grind against his hand. Gosh how the hell was he so good with his fingers? Has he done this before?

“I pay attention in sex ed” He says, obviously hearing you say that out loud. He began to insert a second finger, losening you up a bit more. His fingers lightly gazing your walls before they made your way towards your clit. Unknowingly you clenched against his fingers and moaned. You could begin to feel the butterflies in your lower region and the knot grow tighter. You moans became more consistent and your breathing became more frantic. 

“Fuck.. I’m close” You moan out, continuing to grind against his hand as they worked they’re magic over your core. You continued grinding as you felt the knot begin to un tie, your hips speeding up and your eyes falling closed, enjoying the feeling of euphoria begin to wash over you like a tidal wave. 

“Yes… right there Peter!” you moaned out loudly, not bothering to hold back anymore. With one last slight pinch of your nub you came undone. You continued to ride out your orgasm as he continued to work your nub, making it last for as long as possible. The sounds of your juices hitting against your walls and his fingers making you moan.

He slowly began to pull his fingers out and brought them up to his lips. You could see them glisten with your cum as he popped them into his mouth and sucked his fingers clean. You moaned at the simple action, watching with your eyes. 

“What would you like princess?” he asked, his arms wrapping around your waist. you bit your lip and grinded your core against his thigh.

“You.. I need you inside me” You begged. He obeyed and held you firmly by the hips, flipping you onto your back and him on top of you. He reached for your panties as your lips connected in a heated kiss. He pulled them away and over your thighs, now leaving you completely bare. Your hands made there way down to his boxer fronts, you began to palm him through the thin fabric earning throaty moans from him. 

You could feel his precum lightly soak his boxers, you tucked your fingers into the waistband and pulled them over his hips and down his legs, he used his legs to discard the last piece of clothing before pushing you further into the bed. You reached out to you side table and dug around for a condom packet which you kept from sex ed. 

You pulled away and brought the packaging up to your mouth and tore it open with your teeth. Your hands reach down to begin to slide the condom over his length. Gosh he was big. 

He reattached his lips to yours. Once you rolled it on the whole length you lightly pulled on his cock, making him mover closer towards where you needed him. He pulled back slightly out of breath, briefly stilling his movements.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks seriously, not wanting to go further if you weren’t comfortable. You nod your head and lean up to kiss his neck.

“I’m sure” you replied. That was all he needed as he began to guide his cock in front of your entrance. He slowly began to push himself in, letting you adjust to his size. You groaned in pain slightly feeling yourself widen to accommodate his length. He stilled his movement but you bucked your hips slightly letting him know to continue.

Once he was fully in he stayed still, waiting for you to adjust. You wriggled slightly causing your walls to clench around him causing him to moan. 

“Keep doing that and I’m really not going to last much long-” He got off by you clenching your walls around him again. He moaned your name this time. The sound of your name rolling of his tongue bringing shivers to your spine. You began to rock your hips. His hips fell in sync with yours, slow at first then slowly beginning to speed up. He dipped his head into the crook of your neck as you could feel his hot breath fanning over your neck. You tilted your head back and wrapped your legs around his waist, managing to let him to go deeper into you. He thrusted harder, moaning with each thrust, loving the feeling.

“Fuck I’m close” he moaned into your neck.

“So am I baby keep going” you moaned back feeling the familiar know beginning to tighten. You closed your eyes slowly as you felt your walls begin to clench all on their own, making you reach your release sooner than expected. One more thrust and you felt him reach his high, moaning your name into your hair as he came into his condom. He slowed down his thrusting, riding out both of your orgasms. 

Slowly and shakily he began to pull out, you moan at the lose of contact once he does. You open your eyes and Peter lifts his head up from your neck. You stare into his eyes and reach for his face, pulling him down into a kiss. You feel him shake from above you, his arms wobbling from the sides. You let your tongue massage his lips and slip through, exploring his mouth once before pulling away. He opened his eyes and stared at you in aww. He became quite flustered.

“W-w-wow” He stuttered, completely amazed at what had just happened. Your nod your head biting your lip with a smile. 

He reached to wipe a few strands of hair from your face as he stares at you lovingly.

“Fuck I’m so in love with you” He didn’t mean to let it slip but he didn’t regret it. It was true. He loved you, with every fiber in his body. You smiled and bit your lip feeling over the moon. 

'I love you too“ and with that you brought his lips back to yours.


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A/N: First Smut… Yay or Nah? ??



-peter’s vlog about his trip to berlin (10/10 would subscribe)
-peter’s pure shock when tony says he can keep the suit
-tony and peter having the awkward father/son relationship
-every time cap would show up with his pep talks
-“so…you got detention”
-peter blowing up happy’s phone w texts and calls giving him updates
-peter changing into his costume in an alley way because he is *that* excited
-“i need a new backpack”
-“that’s like….the fifth one this month”
-just the entire scene with ned finding out peter is spider-man because me too
-ned and peter in gym and when peter is doing sit-ups the teacher says “nice job parker” and peter then goes slow on purpose
-when peter ends up stranded in the woods and runs across the parking lot bc he can’t swing on anything (i ALWAYS wondered how that worked so s/o to the writers)
-the Trainging Wheels protocol
-when peter said “if you really cared, you would actually be here” aND TONY STEPS OUT
-the fact that peter and ned have their own handshake
-the scene where peter tells liz he likes her and that entire scene because c'mon that was adorable
-but then that ends when he goes to the door and VULTURE IS LIZ’S DAD
-that entire car ride to homecoming because you just knew peter was sweating through his suit
-peter already making up his mind about what vulture said about staying away because he left his cell phone in his car
-ned becoming the computer guy
-“i was…….watching porn”
-peter emerging from the rubble and showing how strong he is (physically and mentally)
-peter saving vulture’s life
-the fact that peter turned down tony’s offer which shows how much he has grown
-“told ya he’s a good kid”
-pepper and tony are back together!!!! (hell yeAH)
-happy pulling out THE ring
-“i’ve been carrying this with me since 2008”

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Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

(continued under the cut)

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The Top 10 Best Dads in Persona

Hey guys it’s me, Ricetopaz, coming at you with the top 10 best dads in the Persona series as my Father’s Day special.

Let’s get down to business. At number 10, we have…

Kunikazu Okumura from Persona 5!

He may not be the most caring, loving, or nice father, but if there’s one thing he does have, it’s money. Lots of it. He also has a space ship. And a spooky death scene. And that’s all he needs to win the number 10 spot!

At number 9, we have…

Takeharu Kirijo from Persona 3!

I don’t actually know that much about Takeharu, but if I know 3 things about him for certain: 1: He Raised Mitsuru, and Mitsuru turned out pretty alright. 2: He died. And Mitsuru was sad about it so he was probably a good Dad if that happened. And 3: He has a really cool eyepatch and all good dads need an eyepatch. All these factors and more earn him the number 9 spot of best Persona dads!

Coming in at number 8…

Mayoshi Shido from Persona 5!

Objectively speaking, every child’s favorite day is “Bring Your Kid to Work” day, a day where they get to spend the entire day alongside their beloved Mother or Father. However, when you’re MAYOSHI SHIDO’s unwanted child, EVERY DAY is Bring Your Kid to Work day! Even in-between running for Prime Minister and committing constant horrifying illegal acts, he still makes time for his beautiful son!

Some of you may argue that commanding people to be killed makes him a bad Dad, but think about it. He did order the death of one of the lesser Dads on this list, Kunikazu Okumura. So in a way, he’s simply just killing inferior Dads to improve the Dad genepool for generations to come! So shine on you, Shido!

At number 7, we have…

Munehisa Iwai from Persona 5!

In a way, Iwai represents all the traits a good Dad should have: Hardworking, protective, and involved in highly illegal activities. Throughout his Confidant, he proves time and time again just how willing he is to devote himself to his son, and keep him out of harm’s way, even willing to risk his own life to protect his child!

But as our number 6 spot proves, being the greatest Dad of all takes a little more than just being willing to risk your life for your child…

Coming in at number 6…

Makoto and Sae  Niijima’s Dad from Persona 5!

Unlike that sissy Iwai, Mr. Niijima ACTUALLY died, rather than just be WILLING to die, like that coward Iwai is. Really puts him to shame, honestly.

And now at number 5, we have…

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What's your opinion on this robot harry?For me it's so annoying he can't even pretend to be excited for his own tour, his social media presence is such a turn off

Well I’m sort of digging myself a grave with this one, but since I haven’t seen a post I can fully agree with, here we go. Disclaimer, I actually study this at uni. I was the Social Media Manager for the planning and putting together of a fashion show, on all platforms. I just handed in last month a 6-months marketing plan that was based around social media promo. So I do have a bit of knowledge in this area. I am by no means an expert, but this is my future field of choice, so I like to think I’m at least educated.

The situation isn’t as black and white as people have put it so far. All I’ve seen is “he’s horrible at engaging with fans” and “he doesn’t own you shit so stop complaining”. The answer is a very big grey area in which Harry’s actual social media presence fits perfectly in my opinion. First of all, there’s two main templates we studied for marketing purposes this year, Gaynor Lea Greenwood’s promotion suggestions (2009) and Burcher (2013)’s Paid, Owned and Earned media concept. Long story short, the first one is your traditional marketing campaign and the second one relies more on social media and advertising on it. Now, I think Harry’s team went for the more traditional approach, and let me explain why.

Harry started distancing himself more and more from twitter and Instagram ever since the hiatus started.Even before, during OTRA and MITAM promo, most of his tweets were promo stuff, lyrics I’m not sure we fully understand even now, charity work, promoting friends or tweeting about holidays/important days or events. His fan interaction has been low for quite a while, and I’m honestly baffled people are acting like this is news. Looking through his Twitter in 2015, there are some tweets to fans, yes, but they’re very sparse.I counted about 12 in 5 months, most of them in September, when Perfect came out, and around the release of MITAM.His tweets were mostly thanks to fans for various awards and nominalisation, promoting the songs/album, some lyrics and, without fail, after every concert he tweeted a thank you for coming.

It felt more personal than what we have now (tho in all honesty, his tour hasn’t started yet and if we eliminate the OTRA tweets it’s already a different story), but Robot Harry has been a thing then, and people were riding along with it instead of condemning it to the extent they do now.But, the thing is, Harry didn’t have the entire burden of engaging with the fanbase like he has now.Louis, Niall and Liam always took turns in taking the lead in replying to fans and interacting with them, which allowed Harry to do his part and everyone was mostly happy.

And yet, I personally don’t feel this frustration many people feel. I think it’s quite interesting actually. A bold move that wouldn’t work for other artist whose career relies on people who live and breathe social media (maybe Beyonce or Adele, but they are in another league). I was very intrigued by Harry’s statement in the Behind the album video, in which he said that there was a time in his life when people knew everything about him, and he didn’t like it.He has been overexposed since 2012, his personal life splashed across tabloids, fake relationship or not.And now he disappeared for a year (and has been retreating into himself for at least 2) and he wrote this mysterious™ album, trying to see if people can listen and understand it without knowing much about the current him. In this context, having an album that surrounds itself in mystery and then doing 4 Q&As on twitter and 3 livestreams sends…extremely contradictory messages. I can, and will fault his team for presenting a dual image of Harry that sometimes makes 0 sense, for handling a lot of things so poorly, and for the entire Carolina mess, but I will say that his social media fits this old school mysterious rockstar image they’re showing of him. I also think his actual reason is very personal and very real, and I respect the fact that he didn’t compromise this choice he made for promo purposes.

His promo relied on more traditional channels. TV and radio appearances, print magazines, and most importantly, the secret gigs. Now, I’m sorry, but I felt entirely more connected to Harry running across London at 8AM in my pyjamas than by any twitter spree he’ll ever do. I never did this before. This reminded me of the stories my dad told me, of queuing up for days in front of the box office so he’d get the tickets when they went on sale. It was very old school and it worked for me. It was a phenomenal experience, something I will never forget. And he did this for us. All profits went to charity, he didn’t do this for money. And while I know this was for a few selected cities and a handful of lucky fans, it was intimate and it was special and I think everyone, regardless if they were there, or vicariously living through pics and videos, felt a connection to Harry. We got emotional on his behalf when he sang with his idol on stage 2 weeks later, you don’t do that for someone you have no connection to.

Now, the actual reason I’m happy with what we’ve got is that it is genuine from my POV. Liam is the perfect candidate for a comparison, since he also took a bit of a break from social media (not as heavy as Harry’s, but he definitely wasn’t as active as Louis or Niall) and his promo is as textbook as it gets. He slowly, but surely increased his activity since January, a few more tweets, a few more pics on Instagram.A big turning point was April when he posted 13 pics on Instagram, compared to 8 in March, 4 in February and 3 in January. His Twitter went through a similar process.Now, the moment he started posting more, I knew his music was gonna be out soon. It’s pure marketing. You start your campaign weeks before the actual launch, it’s only natural. Unless you want to drop it as a surprise, but that’s another discussion. Actually Harry did it too, with the TV ad, but that was ruined by the info getting leaked beforehand and everyone getting pissed off by that so whatevs. Now, Liam is going for the approachable celeb route. Streams, Instagram stories, snapchat, tweeting fans, loads of pics, videos with popular Youtubers. It’s nice and about as well handled as it gets (apart from that weird video release earlier than it should have been and Liam just generally being a bit…odd?off?idk how to explain it, but a lot of people feel the same way from what I’ve seen). It fits with the image Liam is going for, it aims at the right target audience. He’s not trying to enter a new market like Harry is. He’s consolidating his place in the current market from what I’ve seen (and I’ll admit I haven’t followed his promo as closely as Harry’s). Trying to imagine Harry doing this sort of promo doesn’t really work for me.

Niall has been present on and off social media ever since he came back from his trip last year. Literally, if I pull up the calendars people have been making each month, he doesn’t get more than a handful of days without doing something, so it’s unfair to compare him to the others, since he’s always around and posting and doing stuff.

Louis deserves a better team and I won’t have anyone uttering anything else in my presence, and yet somehow, despite Niall’s constant presence and Liam’s textbook engagement, I’ll never feel as connected to them as I feel to Louis. Louis’ tweets are the perfect mixture of absolutely adorable fan service (“our year” 😭😭) and some of the things he’s passionate about (tv shows, fashion, footie/sports). His promo for JHO was….I have no words for it and I’m gonna have a rage fit if I start thinking about it, but his overall persona is charming and endearing when he’s posting things himself. He created a real communication channel between us and him and he knows how to use it when he needs to send a message (warning selfies anyone?Only you?). There’s an actual analysis of Instagram stats that shows he’s the number 1 male account in engagement and overall likes and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Louis is a smart businessman, he has a loyal fanbase who is here for him through thick and thin.

And on top of everything I said so far, none of them owe us anything outside the promo bubble. Apart from shoots, songs/albums/tours info and official announcements, they do not owe us anything. If they chose to share a picture from their home, that’s their personal space, and while it’s good for PR, amazingly good in a society that thrives from the feeling of knowing everything about everyone (like what’s your fave’s breakfast and how’s their cat is doing), it’s still a part they can choose to keep private and no one should be entitled to ask for more.

Have you seen Adele’s Instagram? It gives you this illusion of closeness to her, with make up free selfies, funny poses and landscape shots. Too bad literally everything is from touring and other official appearances right? There’s one picture of her home, and that’s to celebrate the end of the tour. Harry sort of did the same with the booklet pictures. He allowed you into his personal space in a controlled manner, just like Adele did. Only he did it in a different way. His promo is just different and you have to think a bit outside the box to see that he actually did a lot of things other artists do. Just a bit differently. Was it perfect?Fuck, no. Was it as bad as many people make it look like?Personally, I don’t think so. It was just different and people are entirely justified to see it as a good or a bad thing. I see it mostly as a good thing. Mostly.

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Hey I love your blog! It's my favourite! Could you do a Shiro imagine where it's years after Voltron and him and his s/o have children and it's all cute and fluffy! 💖💖💖

ok, so I got a lot of this type of request so I’ll just do random HC’s, yeah? Mostly because if I broke these all up they would probably be extremely similar

  • Shiro’s got twin girls and he’s Blessed™ every morning he gets to see their beautiful faces
    • we’re continuing with the twins from earlier posts: Astrid and Hayden
  • if you didn’t think he cried when he got his first ‘#1 Dad’ you’re fucking wrong because this man bawled
    • it’s his favorite mug
    • until his daughters grow up more and start making him one every year, then those are his favorite
    • also he loves the crazy ties they choose for him each year. 
  • you thought he was romantic before marrying him? Well buddy, i have some news for you
    • takes every opportunity to say “Wifey” any time he possibly can. You are his ‘wifey’ and he loves saying it.
      • or ‘husband’ if that is what you prefer. every time. “Hey Husband.” what is your name? Husband.
    • flowers/chocolates/food/gifts weekly. just because he likes the look on your face when he comes home
    • you know that Roseanne post where dan gets her flowers? Yeah, that’s him
    • date night every wednesday (bc Fridays are busy) and sometimes it’s fancy, other times it’s not (”What do you mean Panda isn’t romantic? This is peak romance right here.”)
    • randomly massages parts of your body without asking
    • “What are you looking at Shiro?” “Only the most beautiful person in the universe.” “You’re a loser.” “But a loser who’s in looove~”
    • *soft sigh* “How did I get so lucky?” you’d think you’d be used to this, but it still makes you blush years later
    • “You’re so perfect, absolutely perfect.” “Shiro…I’m picking up dog shit.” “Yeah~”
  • has pictures of you, your daughters, and your pitbulls (3) all over his work area
    • there’s a small voltron dedicated area too, but it’s tiny compared to his family area. Lance is appalled.
    • “You won’t believe how cute my girls were this weekend!” proceeds to whip out the new 63 photos long album on facebook
  • speaking of, amateur Dad Photographer Shiro
    • he’s got a fancy Cannon with a bunch of different lenses
    • weekend daughter photoshoots are a hoot
    • your girls grow up loving it, being dramatic, imitating tyra banks, wearing ridiculous outfits, they are owning that back yard
    • they continue pretty much until the girls are like 13, because “It’s embarrassing dad!” “Ok, but I’m supposed to be embarrassing?” 
  • Soccer Mom Shiro
    • he’s got shirts that say his daughter’s names and numbers for every sport
    • he’s got noise makers and flags
    • the obnoxious parent who heckles the refs
      • “Hey ref! Did you come from FootLocker!? Because that was BULLSHIT!”
      • he gets red carded, a lot.
      • you don’t even fight it anymore
    • the team loves him though because he’s super supportive of the other girls and he brings some killer snacks
      • not homemade though, he can’t cook for shit
  • remember his Expedition? He finally traded her in for a new version and is the official Mom Car™ for team/friend trips
  • let me repeat, he can not cook for shit. but for some reason he can throw it down of the barbecue
    • convinced it’s a perk you unlock after childbirth
  • very protective of his daughters, but respects their right to privacy and right to do their own things
    • but he taught them how to fight, so every fuck boi within a 10 mile radius knows not to fuck with the Shirogane Twins
    • he chugs that Respect Women Juice
    • wants to break a kid the first time a daughter cries over a romantic partner. but then he remembers murder on Earth is illegal. 
  • overly supportive in whatever his daughters and you choose to pursue
    • just overly supportive in everything really
    • he basically lives for you guys 
  • doesn’t get sick for some reason, so whenever someone is sick in the house, Nurse Shirogane/Dad is on it
  • “Who wore their shoes in the house?? Seriously?”
  • *pinches his nose with a deep sigh* “I’m sorry, my daughter punched Travis. But frankly, he kept harassing her even after she told him to stop snapping her bra strap. So the question we should be addressing here, Principal, is why your teacher allowed this sexual harassment to continue and did nothing to help my daughter?” Guess who got detention? Not his daughter.
  • Wants to cry a bit when his daughters start asking questions about sex
    • but he’ll be damned if they don’t know everything
    • it was actually a good family talk, after the initial awkwardness
  • The Hot Dad
    • his daughters’ friends all have a crush on him and he can’t figure out why
    • it’s totally not because he’s hot
    • or that he’s actually interested in what they have to say
    • or that he does yard work shirtless
    • or that he remembers random facts about them that they thought he would forget
    • nope
    • his daughters are grossed out
    • you think its hilarious because you get to tap that
  • drops off his girls at school
    • “Have fun! I love you! Make good decisions! I miss you already!”
  • goes to pick them up and has a little sign like people do at the airport that says “Shirogane” with like glitter and hearts and shit
    • the twins are embarrassed each time but they secretly love it
  • threw up the first time he had to change a poopy diaper
    • he did it though. he did it.
  • sings around the house a lot, just little random song parts or to the dogs
    • “Where oh where are my pup-py dogs~?” the dogs come slipping and sliding around the corner every time you guys come home
    • *badly and purposely out of tune* “And there’s the love of my liiiiife!!!~” “Oh stop it Shiro!” “She thinks I’m talking about her~. but I’m talking about the noo~odles~” *you throw a noodle at his head*
    • accompanied by bad dance moves
  • speaking of puppy dogs, has 3 pitbulls that look vicious as hell but they’re just as sweet as him
    • they are wonderfully trained and big babies
    • his ‘other children’ 
    • wouldn’t hurt a fly, but ain’t nobody fuck with you guys on walks
    • Their names are Mr. Murder (Murds for short), Cupcake (Cakey), and Rebel (Bells). He didn’t name them. The girls did.
  • There is also a grumpy house cat that nobody knows how old it is or how you acquired it. The Captain has just, always been…
    • Cappy showed up one day and never left
    • he’s a solid grey Blue Russian/Siamese mix with green eyes that rules the dogs
    • only loves Shiro and tolerates everyone else (he loves you guys really, but Shiro is his person)
    • Shiro baby talks him, “Who’s a good murder cat? You are! Yes! You!!!”
  • the house cleaner, his house and yard is spotless.
    • once broke out a ruler to measure the grass. you made fun of him.
    • “I swear to God, if Jim’s nasty ass tree grows over the fence this year, I will cut it down. I don’t give a fuck.”
    • fond of power washing
  • hot mechanic, does his own car work
  • head kisses for everyone! you are a well kissed family
  • also you’re the couple that’s always got your hands linked, arms wrapped around each other, or just leaning against each other
    • you’re always touching. always.
  • family Halloween costumes
    • Halloween is his JAM
    • lives for Halloween decorating
  • watches House Hunters religiously
  • The one who drags the family to World Market and Kohl’s for house decor
    • the house is definitely decorated for every major holiday
    • and he’s actually really good at decor? Like, you wouldn’t think so given with his clothing style and bad hair cut, but wow. you’ve got a nice house. (yes, i’m dragging Shiro)
  • you’ve come home routinely to the girls doing is hair and makeup and nails
    • “Hey honey, look how pretty I am. Didn’t the girls do a wonderful job?” “Just…marvelous dear.” “Right? Your turn is next.” oh no…
    • doesn’t wash off the nail polish, nobody makes fun of him. nobody.
  • tries to make you breakfast in bed on your birthday and valentine’s day
    • he can only make harboiled eggs and toast
    • when the girls get older, it gets more elaborate because they can help
  • super excited to teach the girls how to drive, but worried about dying
    • screamed more than once in the car and tried to slam on his invisible break
    • “Please…stop… you’re making my hair whiter…”
    • “I said SLOW, THIS IS NOT SLOW!!!”
    • Hands are pressing on the roof of the car and he’s twisted in the seat trying to brace himself
  • one day he figures out how to work the crockpot and can now contribute to family meals
  • loves taking you guys camping
    • tent camping, because RV camping ‘isn’t real’
    • a pyromaniac
    • everyone needs a personal bear mace and a dog at all times
    • the cat goes too, on a harness
    • family snuggles in the hammock for star gazing. including said pets. it’s a big hammock. 
  • everyone has an absurd knowledge about space. he was an astronaut and lived in space for a few years, so yeah
  • routinely uses Scary Aunt Allura as a threat
  • selfies!!! he has a lot of surprise ones where he just comes up and kisses you and takes the picture
    • the girls are selfie queens too family pictures happen. a lot.
    • “Family selfie!!” “We’re at Albertson’s????” “Don’t care, get in here.”
  • just, embarrassing but totally authentic dad!Shiro melts me

South Park Season 21x02

* not sure how I feel about PC Principal with his glasses off
* Tweek is me 24/7 on that piano
* “He’s your boyfriend dude” AAAAH
* Herman is still a thing???
* Craig calling Tweek “Babe” AAAAH
* “Honey, Babe” I CAN’T TAKE IT
* Poor Eric….
* Awww, Tweek
* Don’t talk about the dad thing Eric…
* but can this actually be Eric’s full-time outfit?
* Fuck the ducking fidget spinner
* Aaaand it’s a nuke
* “CHILD” bye bitch
* PC Principal working out
* Why is PC acting so mellow about everything?
* Craig and Tweek fair date <3
* It’s like a very well constructed Fair AU fan fiction
* Seeing Craig yell…
* Tell him Heidi!
* It’s just the fact that Tweek plays the piano and HARMONIZES
* This whole episode is a callout on Trump being too stupid on his phone
* The ending song is a bop and a half tho.