and the fact that i could actually cosplay her

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Wait, so if Tsumugi can only cosplay fictional characters, why does she get hives when she's putting on Kaede's clothes despite the SHSLs being fictional characters in the reality show?

Well, there’s a lot of speculation about that, actually! Personally, I think it all comes down to the fact that she could never actually fully think of the ndrv3 cast as fictional, despite her claims in Chapter 6.

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So. You still doing ships/matchups? If so, could you do one for me please? I'm a 6'2, kinda muscular, pan girl with a giant heart for nerds, food and everything involving motorcycles and vintage cars, i cosplay, read and watch movies a lot. You don't wanna start a fight with me or any friends of mine, because if you do, no being in the universe can save you from my wrath, since my friends mean the world to me.

I match you with Widowmaker. She actually really enjoys the fact that you tower over her, being pretty tall herself so it took her back when she met you. She is interested in your cosplay, sensing the amount of love you put into each. She was actually taken aback when you defended her, not used to anyone caring about her for years.

What is a gem?

This is gonna be a long post

Ok, so i noticed, there are many people who are big fans of Steven universe. But still get many simple facts mixed up or ignore them. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, this not just ‘cause some roleplayers got something messed up, or someone’s oc doesn’t make sense. this is just in general.

So i’m making this, simple facts about gems and what they are, as well as (you can call it a headcanon) how their bodies are. Also. i’d like to say, this isn’t saying that people should stop drawing or describing the gems in this way, I infact am very happy drawing them in a very human way, these are just some facts that I find very canon.

what are they

A gem or space gem to be precised. Has a humanoid body, that is made of light, only with more mass. This means their form doesn’t have to work with physics, explaining Peridot,YD, Garnet and Pearl’s hair.

Because, no matter how hard you try… there is no way you could actually cosplay peridot with perfect hair. (that’s not true, but her hair is reallly hard to do. is my point) 

look how thick it is, not to mention that it does split at the tips sometimes.

Back to Humanoid. When I say humanoid, it’s because they don’t actually have a full human body, this relates to the ‘stephen galaxy’ art (i’m sure you know what that is, but for the innocent ones, it’s the nsfw side of Su fandom) and how people see the gems with out certain parts of their body covered (this includes feet, facial features etc.

They don’t have breasts. this is more of a head canon. But i’m fairly certain they don’t

if you look at sugilite, you can see she has no cleavage. I won’t go too into detail. but you can see my point. i’ll cover nsfw stuff like this more later.

their chest, is literally a blob. it’s just a round thing on their upper body, you can blame this on art style. but literally the only exception i’ve seen is rose. so i’d say, most gems are just rounder in the chest by choice or design (like peridot)

Pearl’s nose is also something that is probably impossible for humans. it’s shown that pearl’s nose is not just an exaggeration, as it is a cartoon after all.

(note this a completely canon thing that happened in the first issue of the steven universe comics)

now, i now there are some humans in steven universe with odd hair styles, but this being a cartoon, there will be some exaggerated choices for style. 

example, do you lars had no ears and only stretches? no. in the pilot we see he has ears.

mind you cartoon style ears. 

Nanefua, has an exaggerated bun, that could definitely be recreated, same for mr fryman … as for kofi, i have a feeling his hair as an afro that he shaped, which is a real thing that some people do.

Next thing

what to call a gem

Gems all have female pronouns, despite having no gender. humans define a biological gender by .. their biology, so it’s important to note, that they only use female pronouns and have some feminine traits. But they are not actually females. They’re aliens. 

when naming, Steven and other gems call each other by their gems name is. because they are the gem. 

for example, it’s like calling a pet cat, cat. you call it by what is actually is. 

 A gem’s body is only an illusion, light with mass. this isn’t completely canon and more of a headcanon, but i feel like the crystal gems do this so it’s easier for Steven to understand. 

to say their gem is mildly incorrect. (not to say that is completely wrong to say)

example: “Amethyst was poofed, but i’m taking care of her gem

what i’m saying, is that to say her gem, or their gem. would be in a way, incorrect. rather you would say.

example: “Amethyst was poofed, but i’m taking care of her”

remember, they are their gem. their body is just as much a part of them as their gem. But i’m saying that their gem shouldn’t be treated as a body part if they are poofed, or sent back into their gem. when it is just their gem, it is them.

next thing

what gems first form with

So, it’s pretty obvious that gems don’t need to eat, they also don’t need to consume anything really. they don’t need to shower, sleep or breath.

not having to eat, means they would originally form with no stomach, no guts or organs of the digestive type. they also wouldn’t normally have lungs. when a gem first forms, they are the most basic, they would probably come with vocals but that’s about it. there is also no need for a heart or brain as their gem would give them all the energy and life they needed, this is why pearl doesn’t bleed when she gets stabbed.

there was no particular reason for her to need any of those organs/muscles so she never formed them.

the only times a gem has 100% canon formed an internal body part, is when rose formed a womb and Amethyst and pearl would have the digestive system for eating and drinking.

as for crying, tear ducts is also something gems form with, because in  ‘when it rains’ , Peridot has a scene where it looks like she is crying.  

(she’s totally crying)

last part- the nsfw stuff about the body parts of gems

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An updated ref for my human Fi design. It’s not much different from the old, except for the fact that I got rid of the little crystals on her hand.

I drew Fi wearing a backless dress cause I thought it would be easier to put on, especially after when she has loses arms. Of course, someone else helps her put on the dress and button it for her.

She has no scars cause she has incredible self-healing ability. If she didn’t, her entire body would be covered in them.

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How about cosplay au where at a convention Eren meets fellow cosplayer Mikasa. It seems they chose to cosplay each others favorite charcters, that also happen to make up the least liked couple in the fandom or two dorks fall in love while cosplaying a unpopular ship Au.

This was both an natural prompt and such a hard one for me haha It was natural in the sense that I know exactly what goes into cosplaying at a con, but hard because I never know what characters to pick for other characters to cosplay lol So it took me a while to find a pairing I feel like they both would cosplay. I did have to go with a well-loved (and very canon) pairing but I made it from an older and lesser known series (at least I find, if you haven’t read this series please do. It’s wonderful)I just felt like the both of them would cosplay these characters (and I had to give Eren the Shounen hero character haha)and since the pairing is canon, it adds another cute level to them actually meeting :3 (though I really wanted to do FMA ones for them lol).

It wasn’t too unusual for Mikasa to be the first one up in the hotel room. Annie didn’t cosplay so she tended to just sleep in till she felt like getting up, and Connie and Sasha were cosplayers who never get up till at least noon even on con days. Mikasa didn’t mind too much, it left the bathroom free for her to get dressed in her own costume, do her wig and make up without feeling like she was in the way of anyone else trying to get ready.

She decided to keep it simple today. After all, it was Friday and it was in the middle of August heat; she’d rather be comfortable than have heat stroke. Mikasa flipped at her short, light brown wig in the mirror, getting it to lay where she wanted it to before looking over her whole costume. It was very simple, and even simpler to make; just a form fitting cropped white and red tank top with a short blue skirt and a low hanging belt that also doubled as a holster for her tonfa blaster props when she wasn’t holding them.

It was a simple costume she had for at least a year but Mikasa always liked bring Elie with her in the summer just because it kept her cool and the people who did remember Rave Master were always more than happy when they recognized her. Granted to this day she had never ran into another Rave Master cosplayer but it was a pretty large con so it was always possible. She figured she’d see far more of whatever was cosplay popular at the moment but there were always some gems mixed in there too.

Mikasa grabbed her bag she left on the bed Annie was still sleeping in, double checked to make sure she had her phone, badge, and room key before heading out the door and to the elevators. The nice thing about this particular con was the fact all the hotels were close by, only one actually attached to the con center, so from her hotel just across the street she didn’t have to wait at all for an elevator. She just got in it and headed straight down to the lobby. Of course, it was rather early in the morning as well.

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