and the fact that he's english here

in case anyone wants to know what lin is up to these days here is a fun fact that i forgot to share with you the other week: not only is he doing an english accent for mary poppins, hes going like ALL OUT with his accent training and even does it when hes not in character, like apparently he shows up at family gatherings with an english accent and weirds people out

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Well, I guess you could just watch the English Version. Fun fact: Cristina Vee voices Marinette and Sailor Mars.

Here’s the problem: the English version is the one I watch when I want to laugh like crazy because it’s overall terrible. Lines are weird and make little sense (like Adrien saying Ladybug has his mother’s EYES?? Mama Agreste has green eyes and Ladybug has blue?), Adrien’s father not giving him anything but a pen for his birthday isn’t even canon in the French version (because, well, it’s honestly ridiculous), the French version also does not give Hawkmoth any lines saying he wants to take over the world (which I prefer because I want him to not have the stereotypical villain motivation), also, I think a lot of the voices in the English are laughable (which isn’t to say the voice actors aren’t talented, cuz they are, but they make some odd choices with their voice approaches in this show and Gabriel/Hawkmoth’s voice is the only one that’s honestly really enjoyable to me).

Also…’I am a cat’ is a line in the opening. Like, come on. Did we really need that basic of an intro for ya, dude? That and Chat’s lines that all sound submissive to Ladybug are suddenly changed around to sound like he wants to take control or something and that is complete bullshit.

I love the English version in it’s own funny over-the-top way but when I want to get serious about the characters and plot, I want the French version with the original French lines. The characters are deeper and more human in the French version while the English honestly seems to make fun of and simplify things that really should be made more human. And when my favorite character is Gabriel/Hawkmoth, I need that human element cuz all they want to do is make him out to be the stereotypical villian and stereotypical distant father without giving reason that would be closer to real life abusive situations when children really need to be given a way to see those bad behaviors if their own parents are displaying them.

So, yeah, I want the French version and I want it with the actual French dialogue translations and I’ll fight for it.

Also, fun fact: When Christina Vee voices Sailor Mars, it’s with the original Japanese dialogue for the original Japanese Sailor Moon script translated directly. You won’t see any characters with blue eyes being told they have the eyes of someone with green eyes there, my dude. 

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so today in history class i learned my favorite fact ever. so basically, there was this bisexual english poet called lord byron, and when he went to college, he wanted to bring his dogs, but they wouldn’t let him, because it’s in their rule book that dogs aren’t allowed. so you know what he did??? he brought a bear instead. and they were like “no, u can’t do that either” and so he said “well i mean there’s nothing in the rule book about bears.” and they still wouldn’t let him bring a bear so he sued them and won and it’s my goal in life to achieve that level of pettiness


Cassian sees the fist directed right to his face the second the other Illyrian aims at him, but he doesn’t move, stays still until the last moment, gives his opponent the illusion that he will be the one who will bring the Commander down.



Cassian moves quickly to his left just when the other Illyrian knuckles are just a few inches from his jaw, making his opponent stumble and drop his defense, it’s just for a second, but it’s enough to leave the other Illyrian with no idea of what actually happened.

Cassian closes his hand and then it’s just fist after fist after fist, and he doesn’t stop -he wants to savor the fight, to feel the adrenaline as long as he can- until the other Illyrian is on the ground, his hands raised in defeat. Cassian thinks of giving his opponent his hand, to help him get up, but thinks better of it; that prick is the sixth Illyrian who tried to challenge him since Rixalata begun, the sixth who wanted to see the bastard-born commander with his face in the dirt and the sixth to get his ass kicked.

Rixalata is one of the few Illyrian traditions that Cassian is particularly fond of: it’s a whole day and a whole night of fights where everything is fair if it comes with the blow of a fist-no swords, no killing power, no siphons, no weapons of any kind, just the brutality of fists and kicks and of the breaking of bones.

There’s just one simple rule: no killing; if the opponent raises his hands in defeat, the fight ends.

His blood is singing with triumph, the beating of the drums makes everything seems faster, more vital, and Cassian feels all the energy flowing through him. He looks around, hoping for another challenge, another fight, another stupid prick who thinks he’s better than him, but it’s not a fight he wants.

He wants her.

Nesta is a constant in his mind, the first thing he thought of when he woke and felt that energy, that need in the pit of his stomach and even if she was miles away, her scent filled his lungs and he wanted nothing more than go to her, to take her and take her and take her.

He goes to a well, taking the water from a little bucket and cleans the dirt and blood from his skin.









They talked about it, him and Nesta, of what Rixalata means, of what would happen. She listened, never interrupting as he told her that he would act on instinct alone, even more than usual, that he would pass all day fighting other Illyrians and his voice lowered when he told her that he would pass the night thinking of her, touching himself and pretending it was her hand, moaning her name.

Nesta looked at him, her face turning an endearing shade of red at his words, and he knew she was plotting something in that lovely little head of hers.

She moved toward him slowly, calculating her every move, like she was still making a choice and wasn’t sure of what would happen, of what would his reaction be, until their faces were not even an inch apart, her breath hot on his lips when she whispered, determination seeping through her every word “At night, come home to me.”

He blinked, not quite believing what he was hearing, but she was serious, she wanted him with her, even after he told her what Rixalata was, she didn’t say it was barbaric or low or even stupid, she just said he wanted him with her.

He kissed her, kissed every inch of her skin with everything he had and showed her just how grateful he was.

Again, and again, and again.


And all day, she was the only thought in his mind, his blood screaming to go back to that damned cabin and to his mate, to claim what was his, to make her body sing, her back arch, to make her moan his name because she’s his heart, his soul, she’s his-


With every fight, he tried to focus on the adrenaline in his blood, on his opponent, on the force of the blows, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was as if every beat of his heart pulled him to her.

come home to me

Cassian looks up to the sky, at the sun that is quietly disappearing, leaving space to the moon.

The Illyrians have their orders: there’s no going out of the camp to go and bother the females that are having their own celebration elsewhere, not if they want to see the light of day after Rixalata with their own eyes, and he can trust Azriel for that.

He looks at the moon and opens his wings, feels the wind calling to him, singing to go to her.

And he does.

He flies and flies and the closer he gets to the cabin, the more his need becomes unbearable: he can scent Nesta all over him, feel the phantom of her touch on his skin, her taste in his mouth.

He dives down as fast as he can when he finally sees the cabin.

When his feet hit the ground he stops in his tracks, unable to move and think and breath and do anything but follow her scent.

He opens the door and finds Nesta in the middle of the living room, on her way to him.

Cassian is in front of her in a blink, his hand in her hair while the other pulls her closer to him, his mouth hovering just above hers, but he doesn’t move.

He tries to hold himself back and his whole body trembles, but he wants- he needs her to make the first move, to accept him once again, with his bruises and cuts and his crashing need of her.

Her hands to got his shoulders, pulling him down, and she kisses him, and the brief contact of their lips is enough to make him snap, to take her in his arms and against his chest, to move until she is with her back against the wall, his hands on either side of her face.

He looks in her eyes, that stunning gray gaze that he loves, see how they are now a pool of black.

Cassian smirks, unable to help himself as his hands move to her nightgown, a white, long nightgown that goes all the way to her feet and he takes it off of her, snarling- he doesn’t want anything on her but her skin and his hands and his mouth- leaving her standing in front of him only in her undergarments.

Cassian moves his hand up and down her sides and the touch makes goose bumps rise all over her body, makes her move closer to him, but Cassian shakes his head, moves her until her back is against the wall again.

The first thing he does is take off the little strip of fabric that covers her breasts and he moves his hands to cup them in his palms, moaning at the perfect way they fill his hands.

One of his hands shifts position and Nesta takes a sharp intake of breath as the calluses on his fingertips move on the soft skin of her stomach.

Her hands are gripping his arms hard enough to leave a bruise but that’s a bruise he wants, the mark of her on his skin.

His fingers move in lazy circles on the fabric that covers her sex and she’s already so wet, the dampness of her heat seeps right through his fingers and when Nesta rolls her head back he moves his lips to her throat, kissing, licking, biting while his index finger moves aside her underwear and he has to touch her, to cover every inch of her skin with his, so he moves closer until there’s barely enough space for his hand to move.

“Hello, sweetheart.”, he says, his voice a low, barely understandable growl.

She opens her mouth to answer but only a moan comes out of her beautiful lips as he sinks a finger into her, the sound going straight to his already hard cock, and Cassian delights in the burn of her nails digging into his shoulders.

He’s mesmerized by her, by the expression of her face, the red of her lips, by the way she tries to get her hips closer to him, by the sight of his finger disappearing into her again and again and again.

“Cassian,” her voice, the wanton sound it makes as she calls his name, it drives him out of his mind.

“Cassian, please, please, more.”

He licks a trail all up her neck, adding another finger and pounding into her, going faster and faster until her legs begin to shake, until her moans are so loud they echo in the room.

He knows she’s close, and he wants her to be.

“Come,” he growls, his forehead on hers, his thumb above her lower lip, stroking “Come. I want my fingers to be soaked with you.”

Nesta moans even louder at that, holding his shoulders like a lifeline as she comes, her eyes half-lidded, her chest heaving and she’s so beautiful he might die.

She doesn’t even have the time to come down from her high before he sinks to his knees, his tongue licking the wetness on her inner thighs and she’s still shaking, her hands now in his hair, pulling.

He moves her underwear down her legs, and her smell hits him so strongly, the scent of her arousal, it’s the proof of how much she wants this, wants him.

Cassian moves his face, goes higher and his tongue trails a path right in the middle of her legs and Nesta wails.

He moves his hands to part her still shaking thighs and then one of his hand goes up to cup her breast, to pinch the soft skin on the peak of it.

She yelps and at the same time she moves her hips on his face, she likes it.

Cassian knows he can’t hold himself much longer, he wants to be in her so bad it’s becoming painful, his cock straining against the fabric of his pants, but the way she’s moving, her hips going back and forth, the way she raises herself up to her tiptoes to give him more space, her moans and her fingers in his hair- he wants her to come again, to scream his name so all the world knows she’s his.

His tongue curls around her and the words coming out of her mouth -more, please, Cassian, love you, want you, please- he will give her everything she wants, and more.

He looks up to her, to the blush spreading on her beautiful breasts, at the blissful expression on her face and she’s looking down on him, her breath stopping in her throat for a moment when their eyes meet.

His hand moves away from her breast and she makes a little sound of protest but he slowly moves it down her stomach and the anticipation in her eyes, the sheer want she feels, it reflects his own.

He dips his fingers inside her again, but now his motions are slow, achingly so, and Nesta starts to move as much as she can, as much as the little space between him and the wall allows her, trying to get him deeper, rocking her hips back and forth, but he doesn’t change the rhythm, his tongue focused on the spot on the apex of her sex, moving slowly, letting her pleasure build up and up until she can’t stand it, until she begs him to go faster.

And so he does.

Cassian moves his hand to her hips, keeping her against the wall as her legs start to shake so bad that she can’t keep herself upright, but he doesn’t stop his tongue from moving, drinking her in.

Nesta’s breath starts to come in quick, labored pants as her orgasm hits her, her face flushed a beautiful shade of red, her eyes wide.

He goes up to her then, cups her face in his hands and kisses her, making Nesta taste herself on his tongue.

Mine, you’re mine, you’re mine”, he says and Nesta, still shaking, her naked body covered in sweat, with her voice hoarse from moaning whispers “Prove it.”

It takes a second and then she’s in his arms again as he moves toward the table, moves one arm to throw everything on it on the ground, not caring of the sound of glass shattering, nothing matters but them.

He places Nesta above the table, her golden brown hair like a halo around her head.

Cassian moves away just to remove his pants, and seeing her, splayed in front of him it’s-it’s too much, his blood screaming inside of him, every last shred of his self-control disappearing.

He slides is cock inside her and watches as Nesta arches her back.

He bends on her, licking up her breasts, her hands in his hair again, but it’s just a moment, then his hands are on her hips as he thrust into her and she’s so perfect, so perfect, tight and wet and hot, the smack of their bodies meeting vibrates through his bones.

He moves one of his hands and puts it under her navel, spreading his fingers and pushing down “Can you feel it? Can you feel me inside you, how we fit perfectly?” he’s beyond coherent thought now, the words coming out of his mouth like a flow.

She nods her head frantically, a gospel of “yes, yes, yes”.

“And you know why? Because you are my mate, and You. Are. Mine” he punctuates every word with a deep, powerful thrust.

Cassian moves his hand, makes it travel gently on her throat, stops on her mouth and she parts her lips, takes two of his fingers in her mouth and sucks.

Fuck”, he says as her tongue swirls and he can feel the vibrations of her moans on his fingers and Mother, he wants her mouth, wants it wrapped tightly around his cock, he wants everything of her.

Her legs move around his hips, her feet on the small of his back, urging him on and he growls, buries himself even deeper into her; he removes his fingers from her mouth to kiss her, a kiss that is wild and consuming, burning.

He moves to Nesta’s neck again, biting down just as her nails scratch at his shoulders -ten red lines on his body, the signs of the female he belongs to-, both of them trying to mark the other.

His hand travels between her legs again and he knows she must so, so sensitive right now and when he start to touch her with the same fingers that were in her mouth moments ago she nearly screams, her moaning so loud it makes him move quicker, his hips snapping against hers, the slick sound of skin on skin.

He feels her tighten around him so he strokes her even harder, moves his hips faster until all that she can do is feel him and moan and scream-yours, yours, please, faster, Cassian, Cassian- and when she comes he knows he won’t be able to hold back much longer so he takes her hips in his hands and it takes a handful of thrust for him to go over the edge, his face hidden in the crook of her neck.

He moves to kiss her, both of them trying to breathe normally as the pleasure weighs down and the first rays of sunshine come in through the window, playing with the gold on Nesta’s hair.

The kiss is gentle, slow and sweet and he slowly moves out of her to cradle her in his arms as gently as he can, even if they are both still shaking, their breathing still nowhere near normal.

“How about a bath now, sweetheart?” he asks and she nods, already half asleep and it’s obvious from the way she leans into him, from the way her legs still tremble that the bath will have to wait, so he goes to the bedroom, moving the covers as best as he can without putting her down.

When she’s under the covers he moves in too, taking her in his arms, kissing her forehead, her hair, telling her how much he loves her, ho wonderful she is, the best thing to ever happen to him.

She mumbles her agreement and Cassian can’t help but laugh.

Nesta moves closer, snuggles against his chest and says, her voice thick with sleep “Next year, you are passing this celebration of yours with me, day and night”, and even if she is fighting to keep her eyes open, and he can’t help but feel like the luckiest bastard on heart to be able to make her like this, to make her feel so good and come so hard that she can barely speak, Nesta still somehow manages to make it sound like an order.

She nods to herself a bit, her nose moving on his chest, and then falls asleep.

Cassian looks at her, at the peaceful expression on her face, at her hands on his chest and he knows that he will never, never love anything as he loves her.

He opens his wing, moves it until it covers her, shields her, protects her.

His eyes stay on his mate until he can’t keep them open any longer, so he kisses her, one last time, and falls asleep.

I’m Your Man (King George x Reader)

Ok, then can i request a one shot where king george is in a arranged mariage with the reader and there is a lot of fluff? (Sorry if this is confusing or if there are any errors, english is not my first language )

Requested by anonymous

I wrote him younger, like before he was king, I hope that’s okay!

It was all too much. Your life was being turned upside down, and you had no say in the matter.

Of course, you understood. As a princess, your parents would use your marriage for political benefits. But that didn’t change the fact that you felt helpless in the situation. What would your husband be like? Would you even get to meet this Prince George before you married him? You were afraid; so afraid.

Here you were, in the palace of your future husband’s family. Your parents were discussing plans with his parents, but you were sitting on a remote staircase with your face in your hands. You had excused yourself from the room on the pretense of feeling ill, but in reality, you were just too overwhelmed. Thinking about your uncertain future, you began to cry. You hadn’t realised that you had been holding tears back until now as they burst forth, shaking your huddled body. You sobbed softly into your hands, so focused on your dilemma that you were completely oblivious to your surroundings.

“Are you alright?” a voice interrupted your grieving.

You gasped and your head shot up. Standing on the stair beside you was a young man, probably around your age. His clothing was very fancy, but his eyes were concerned.

“I-I’m sorry,” you stammered, “I just…I was just…”

“There’s no need to apologise,” the man interrupted, sitting down beside you, “What has got you so upset?”

You meant to think up some excuse for your behaviour, but looking into this young man’s soft blue eyes, you felt inexplicably trusting.

“Well…my parents are making plans for me, and I’m just so nervous about them,” you confided, looking at your lap.

To your surprise, your companion chuckled. You looked up at him, confused.

“I understand,” he explained with a comforting smile, “My parents have an important meeting today that affects my future.”

You sniffed and wiped some tears from your cheeks, and he pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to you. You accepted it gratefully.

“So what is it that your parents are planning for you?” the boy asked, leaning his elbows against the stairs behind him.

“A wedding, actually,” you admitted, voice cracking sorrowfully, “I am to marry the prince who lives here.”

At that, the young man sat bolt upright and stared at you with his mouth open. You stared back in bewilderment.

“…Are you Princess (y/n)?” he asked in a shocked whisper.

“Yes,” you answered, taken aback, “How did you know?”

“I’m Prince George.”

It took a moment for the statement to sink in, and when it did, you were filled with dread. You gasped sharply, hastily wiping at the tears on your face, trying hard to backtrack.

“Oh! I…I sincerely…I never meant…” you babbled, mentally cursing yourself for being so vulnerable.

To your surprise, the prince smiled. He grabbed your hand to stop your frantic scrubbing and looked you in the eye. It was impossible to look away from those bright, understanding eyes.

“It’s alright,” he said simply.

You began to calm down at his words, taking a deep breath.

“I meant no disrespect,” you spoke shakily, “I was only nervous…I was just being silly.”

“No,” George corrected, shaking his head, “You’re not being silly. I understand. It’s frightening to think about. I was nervous about this meeting, too.”

He gave your hand a squeeze and you dropped your gaze awkwardly.

“Maybe we had better just start over,” you said uncomfortably.

“Alright then. Prince George. What is your name?” the prince asked, sitting up straight.

“Princess (y/n),” you replied, the ghost of a smile on your lips.

“Lovely to meet you, princess,” Prince George hummed, lifting your hand to press a kiss to it.

“And you,” you replied with a polite incline of your head.

There was silence for a moment, and you finally looked George in the eyes again. You watched each other for a second, and then you broke into a smile.

“Ah, you do have a smile!” he quipped, “And how lovely it looks on you!”

This earned a flattered giggle from you.

“Look, Princess,” Prince George said gently, “I know how daunting it is to have your future chosen for you, especially with such a big decision. But may I say: simply meeting you has calmed my nerves so much already. And if this match is to be made, I will do my very best to help you feel comfortable.”

“I already feel much better,” you replied earnestly, “Thank you so much.”

Prince George shrugged and answered with a smirk, “Well, that’s what we princes do.”

You smiled and wiped away the last of your tears with the handkerchief. The prince took your hand again and rubbed his thumb across your knuckles reassuringly. It was unbelievably comfortable just being here with him. Unfortunately, the moment was broken with a call several halls away.

“Prince George!” a voice called, “Prince George, the King and Queen have requested your presence!”

The two of you looked at each other.

“I think they are about to introduce us to each other,” you remarked.

“I’ll act surprised if you will,” Prince George chuckled, standing up.

“It’s a deal,” you said, grinning up at him, “I’ll go in after you do.”

“See you soon, Princess,” he declared with a wink, setting off down the hall at a jog.

Culverton, Mofftiss, and the solution for The Lost Special

Hey tin foil hatters! So I’ve been watching TLD for like the 100th time, and I’ve always asked myself why are we seeing those clips of Culverton inserted in the scenes where Sherlock and ‘’Faith’’. I get that they are mirroring actions that happens in the actual scenes and are showing us how much Culverton is influencial, important, goes to talk shows, etc. But what bugs me about those scenes is that he’s breaking the fourth wall each time, and since TLD is pretty much the ‘’normal episode’’ here, I really think that it has the solution to the meaning of this series and the fact that there is going to be a 4th episode. Sorry, this meta is pretty long, and sorry again for my writing skills, since English is not my first language.  

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Part 1: Am I the only person who lives for Isak calling Even "baby" ? Cause that's so innocent and pure ? It's the most adorable thing he does and Even is his first "serious" reationship (let's be honest, Sara + Isak was bullshit) and he totally melts around him and he doesn't know what to do, how to call him and he's so shy ! Even is so "ISAK RIGHT HERE IS MINE PLEASE LOOK AWAY AND LEAVE MY BABY ALONE THIS IS MY TREASURE NOT YOURS BYE"

Part 2: and Isak is all “Baby come lie down with me plissssss” cause he literally does not know how to tell him “I love you” without saying the words and make him aware of the fact that he really does love him and he’s really into him in every way possible. And the fact that it’s “baby”, in English is so afvjzoidsj cause it’s the first sweet adoring thing eveyone says and Isak is doing it too. He is allowing himself to love a boy and he’s not denying it anymore.

Part 3: he is breaking down these walls he built for himself, to protect himself. He is saying these words to the person he loves the most and makes him feel both love and loved. He is saying it just like in the movies, just like the couples he sees in the street, on screen.. It’s his way of saying “I love you and you’re mine and I’m yours” after calling him “the man of my dreams”. Cause these were the first. They were his first “I don’t wanna lose you”. So he moves on to the next level.

Part 4: and the next level is finding a nice little way of calling hime “the man of my dreams” (let me just say, the “the” is like very important. cause it’s him and no one else in the universe.). So he goes with “baby” cause it’s casual and everyone goes through it and he wants to take care of him just like Even saved him. And so now Even is his “Baby” and he’s proud of it, of him, of Them, even though he might still be a bit uncomfortable with PDA. (I am sorry it was long and repetitive).

pls its too early for emotions,,,,,


“Quick“ drawing about the Bara!Sans of @cheshidoodles because holy shit, I probably have a lil’ crush. ♥

I have no idea if your Sans prefer flesh or bones sooo… I drawn myself and my skelesona, Micursif. *shrugs*

The design is really cool (dude. Bara!Sans. Bara. Duudddeee, more big a monster is it, more chance I have desire love for them) but the fact he have BPD? This is a good idea. And I just… Love him more? I have a friend with that, a good friend, he’s a brother for me, we know each other for 15 years now. I know how hard is it to live with this… I just want to hug him, help him, listen and be here for this huuuuge Sans…! ♥

Also, this is for the same reason I want to say : Chesh, you don’t know me, I’m not really good in english but listen. Many people care about you, we love you, we are there for you. I already see some persons said “Hey, if you want to talk, I’m here”, well, I’m one of them. Because you are adorable, cute, full of love and you give us so much good vibe. Thank you and we love you.

Anyways, I hope my english don’t suck too much. And Chesh, are you ok if I drawn more your Bara!Sans? Have a good day~

The fact that Changkyun is so good-looking to me stresses me out ?? like I be here trying to be loyal to Hoseok and he just comes in, speaking english with that beautiful voice of his, puffy hair, long legs, long arms, long torso, beautiful smile, perfect lips and I’m just mad how can you be so… beautiful ??

The Souvenir - some Gladion x Moon fanfic

Okay so i had this idea for a long time, and since i couldnt find a writer to do it, i wrote myself.

My english sucks and im not a good writer so im very sorry if your eyes bleed after this.its also very short, but i hope you dont die of disgust. Lol. Here it goes:


The weather in the Alola region had always been hot, thats not a surprise to anyone. But this day was one of the hottest day on Alola, and Gladion wasnt content with it at all.

He had been sitting under the shadow of a tree all day, trying to avoid the roasting day.

The fact that his outfit was all black didnt help a bit.

So there he was, nearly dying under a tree, when suddenly he saw a blurry figure aproaching him. When it became clear enough he realized it was Hau.

Hau stopped just in time, and standed in front of him.

-“ Hey friend! Look at what Moon gave me!” - The boy was excitedly showing him some rare tiki figure he had never seen - “ Isnt she just the best? These are souvenirs from Akala Island! They are really pretty but really expensive too. I cant believe she got me one! She also sent one to Lillie, i think”-.

Gladion quickly examinated the object before muttering an “Hmph” and return to his initial position.

The tikki wasnt anything special,he concluded. But why was he feeling so…. empty?

He wasnt feeling bad because she hadnt got him one, it just couldnt be. He had stated they werent friends in the past, so there wasnt any reason she would get him one . Hau and Lillie were her friends, he wasnt.

But, deep in his heart, he wished there were. He wished they could be friends. Even more.

The blonde blushed at the least thought. Were did that had come from? There was no possiblity of that happening. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day.

-“No possibility..”- He whispered to himself with a tone full of sadness in his voice.

Later that day, during the evening, he went for a walk trough Iki Town. The sun was setting, so it wasnt so hot anymore, but the characteristic alola warm remained.

The purpose of the walk was taking that stupid tiki of his head. Why would it matter if she hadnt got him one? It didnt mean anything. They werent anything.

- “Ugh! Why am i feeling like this? This isnt supposed to be how i should feel! We are rivals, nothing more”- He growled.

Finally, the boy let out a sigh - “ But i wanna be more…”- He said to no one.

 When Gladion turned to go back, he bumped into someone.

“ Oh, im very sorry! ” - Said the voice - “ Let me- Gladion?”-.

Of all the people he could have bumped into, it just had to be her,he meaning of his mentan crisis: Moon.

Solgaleo had to be playing a joke on him.

-“Wow! Long time no see, eh?”-. Moon let out with that beautiful smile of hers. Wait, beautiful? When had he started to asimilate those kind of adjetives with her?

-“ Humph, thats a lie ” - He answered - “ We saw each other last week”.

The girl giggled - “Well thats a lot for me,silly. Friends are supposed to see each other more often, dont you think?”.

Friends? Did she really considered him a friend? But how? The only he had done for her was battle her without reason, and drag her into his family mess. He even stated they werent friends! So how-

Moon noticed the look on his face and continued - “I know you dont consider us friends, but you are special to me, you know? You helped me improve, get stronger, become a better person. I wouldnt be where i am without you - She took a bit of breath - “I guess what im trying to say is… thank you ”-.

The champion of Alola grabbed his hand and put something into it. It was a tiki. The same souvenir Hau had showed him before

Gladion wasnt the best at expressing himself, that was a fact,so he did the best he could: He hugged her. With that action he was letting her know all the happiness she had brought into his life,one he had been seeking for so long.

The hug lasted what it felt like hours, until they finally broke it.

- “Um” - Moon was so red she would had been confused with a Magby -“ I- i have to go. Promised my mum i would help her with dinner. Alola! - And before he could say something, she was gone.

He couldnt feel more… alive. He had a friend. The first person he could entirely trust with his heart, and he was happy to say it was her.

Gladion looked at the tiki one more time, and blushed.

-"Some day, maybe even more…”-.

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hey! i was wondering if you could help explain the signs used when melchior signs "you watch me, just watch me, i'm calling and one day all will know". people have talked about the difference between Those You've Known VS All That's Known. tysm!!

yeah!! so i didn’t gif it, but the only difference between the two songs are the signs used for “i’m calling.” the rest of it is the same & roughly translates pretty well (it’s just LOOK [signed with fingers pointed at self instead of pointed away] & then WILL EVERYONE KNOW). anyway, here’s the difference:

all that’s known — he signs something more like the original intention of “i’m calling” that i don’t think there’s an english word for, but it’s like calling out to someone. the fact that he didn’t just sign “ASKING” makes me think there’s more of a longing feeling, especially because he then signs it again coming from his heart

those you’ve known — he signs “i’m calling” twice in this song. for the first one, he signs “I” & then something like “persevering” (which there isn’t an exact sign for, as far as i know). the difference between what he signed & the sign “continue” is that his sign means there’s difficulty. it implies courage, rather than just keeping on going in general. for the second “i’m calling”, he signs “I STRONG”

also, in the bootleg i just rewatched of these parts, during “one day all will know”, melchior actually signs EVERYONE in all that’s known & THEY in those you’ve known. i won’t explain that bc the reason for it is more up for interpretation, in my opinion, but the signs he used are probably different for a reason

sorry this was long, i hope it’s what you were looking for!!


You looked at yourself in the mirror, you barely touched the bruise under your eye and you flinched. You walked out of the school bathroom and straight into class. Theo was sitting right behind you. Just breathe, just breathe, he’s not going to do anything. As long as I keep my mouth shut, he won’t hurt me. You hated the fact that you could tell he had a smile on his face. He began to play with your hair. You pulled yourself as close to the desk as much as you could.

“Please, let go of my hair, I’m not going to say anything.” You said coldly.

“Oh honey I know you won’t.” He said, and you could feel the danger in his voice.

You had to stay late to help your English teacher with grading and working on files. You both herd footsteps.

“Who would be here at such a late time?” She asked and walked out of them room. All you heard was a scream that didn’t even last second. You ran into the hallway and saw her on the floor; her neck was broken, basically twisted. You looked up and saw the nogitsune staring down at you.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Where’s Theo? I can smell him for miles.”

“I don’t know, what do you want with Theo?”

“I’m going to rip his throat out.” The Void said with a big smile.

“Oh really now?” You both turned around and saw Theo standing in front of the doors.

“Okay, before anything starts, we should all tell each other why we want to do this to each other.” You said with fear.

“Why did you hit her Theo? Hmm? Oh, and you might want to choose your words very carefully.” Void said as he held you in this cold arms.

Theo smiled.

“She was doing something that I didn’t want her to do. And as a powerful male werewolf, Physical harm is the best way to stop them from doing the wrong thing.” Theo explained and began to walk towards the doors.

I looked up at Void and anger was blazing in his eyes, and he tightened his grip on you. He pushed you aside and all the sudden he ended up being right in front of Theo. Theo received a huge punch in the face and then his leg got snapped when the Void kicked his leg. Void moved very quickly. He was throwing Theo around; wall to wall. He threw him down crushingly hard, cracking the floor. Theo, a bloody mess, quickly scooted away from Void.

“I suggest you go find a different pack, none of us will be a part of it. Be careful of what you ask for Theo, sometimes getting something you want will backfire.”

Void took your hand and held it in his; setting your hand on his cold chest.
“Are you okay, dove?”  You nod and watch as Theo limps away and out in the raining darkness.

“Let’s get back home, your pack is probably thinking that I kidnapped you.”

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Hi! For the emoji ask... 📚

📚 share 3 books that you love and your favourite quote from them.

okay! Woo.

1. Perks of Being Wallflower:

“I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won’t tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn’t change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have. Good and bad.”

2. The Glass Castle

“Whoever coined the phrase ‘a man’s got to play the hand that was dealt him’ was most certainly one piss-poor bluffer.”

3. Here’s one from my favorite fanfic, The Chosen End

“America breathed steadily for a while. “So, do you just not have discretion over here, or…”

Russia subtly mimicked his pose. “Discretion is an English invention, America. And at any rate, what he calls discretion, the rest of us call dishonesty.”

On a page of one of Joe’s ubiquitous notebooks he drew a pair of circles; one circle, which he declared to be “Mine,” showed his own ethnic origin: half of it is Scottish, while English, German, and Armenian are given smaller portions. The other circle bears the name “Mick’s”; here half is English, the rest, Welsh, Russian, and Irish. Joe comments on the two circles: “The National Front are hopelessly fighting one COLD fact - a GENETIC fact ask an expert - there is no such thing as a pure race. What about the half Greek fellow or the Scottish Italians are you gonna throw them out too? - where do they draw the line? Only people of a different colour? Why? For JOBS? French Dutch Swedes Arabs Indians Germans Spaniards etc. all work here. There’s room for everybody.” 

(Chris Salewicz, Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer)

Not as planned

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 Pairing: Cat!Castiel x Reader

Words: 963

Summary: you went on a hunt with Castiel and it didn’t really happened as planned. 

A/N: I saw this gif and I just go like “oh my god, he’s too cute, I need a Cat!Castiel!!!” So here we go. I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none

You opened slowly your eyes but shut them as fast as the light blinded you. You tried again but more slowly. Your body ached everywhere but your head was the worst. You tried to stand up, the world was turning around you, you shut your eyes a second and after a minute, manage to stand on your two feet. You looked around you, the furniture was crash on the floor, in fact everything was a mess. Step after step, you walked in the room and tried to remember what had happened on this hunt.

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i feel like the idea that hinata and naruto make a good ship based on the fact that hinata saw him as more than just the jinchuriki and watched him from afar and appreciated him etc etc etc is kind of weird because like… shikamaru did all of the same things? and he actually spoke to and hung out with naruto? instead of just stalking him? therefore by the same logic shikamaru and naruto are the perfect couple confirmed this is 100% legit

do you know what time it is? time to post some illustrations from waoheas fanfic!

here we have a beautiful moment when jake meets people he admires and his and dirk’s not-a-date is interrupted

i hope i can find someone who shares this human!aradia headcanon with me…

hello ya beautifuls, my name is emma and i’m super excited to be here. this page is for my trash prince, rabastan lestrange. i wrote up a tiny summary beneath the read-more so you could all get a general idea of what this freak is about. 

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Well @draw247 threw out a bonus day, so this is mine.
Remember Twilight from a few days ago? Yeah because he got doodled (thank you, @14baristonoir ) I decided to do serious chibi image with full redesign along with Angela (Thanks @url-does-not-exist and @i-thought-i-was-being-clever BECAUSE I STUMBLED ON THE CARD AGAIN) provided I have the spoons to do it.
So here’s a WIP of me trying to climb out of the artistic rut, and a tiny bit more info for him.

He travels with pirates now that he’s been ‘freed’, and seems to not care at all that he pretty much lives with a bunch of thugs and criminals, treating it often like being on a vacation. In fact, he gladly provides them entertainment by playing his ukulele, which he’s pretty good at. 
Oh yeah, and he never speaks, appearing to be mute, but don’t let that fool you–He does know SOME English, but to what extent is another question. 
And watch yourself if you ask him for a wish. He is one of those djinn that loves to play the ‘exact words’ game.