and the face he makes

give me more non-robot enjolras. i want enjolras who stops in the middle of Great Speeches because he can’t stop laughing at courf making faces. he loses track of what he’s saying and sometimes he forgets important things (lecture notes, his glasses) so meetings fall apart. he once punched a man for harassing someone on the subway but he cries when he sees tiny dogs. he likes space movies and laser tag.

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Ive noticed theres this tiny red-ish birthmark(?) on gerard's right(?) cheek,Im pretty sure Its not a zit or anything because Ive seen it in some pics(v little amount of pics tho)and his hair was a different colour in each one.But most of the time Its covered up by makeup(even when he doesnt go heavy)and idk does he cover it purposefully?You know anything about its existance?Pls dont judge me i know Its a bit silly But i find it super cute for some reason(considering you like his armpits cough)

lmao its actually a burst blood vessel. he said so on twitter

and he never covered it. photographers covered it for shoots mostly. or he covered it when he wore face make-up

Assist Me - Part 8

Summary:  With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger

Word Count: 3704 (This is a lot more than I anticipated)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: a little bit of angst

A/N: I think this will be the second to last part. Thank you guys so much for reading and being patient!

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When the doors opened, the bright lights of the midday forced everyone to squint. Your opponents stood before you, ready for what was about to happen.

“This is actually pretty scary. Can I go back?” you joked and Bucky responded with a nervous chuckle. He squeezed your hand.

“You made it, babe,” he looked at you, eyes glossy and a small smile curving into his face, making his eyes squint a bit. He thought you looked so cute in your uniform. The way it fit your body looked nice. Luckily for you, it felt just as nice as it looked. The elasticity of it helped you to be as flexible as you would like and the thin material prevented you from getting hot so quickly, considering black attracts heat.

The both of you anticipated this day for a long time.

People began to split up. Bucky pressed a quick kiss to your lips before you two began.

“Let’s do this.”

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when u almost get hit

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“oh, look at this lost human child!” hahahhaa

I always like the idea that magical creatures have a bit of difficulty to tell humans apart or know their age or smth xD

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yay!! i hope people speaking up on this shit keeps on for the next 4 yrs. i was touched by misha's story about being on food stamps because so did my family at some point & it would fucking suck for people who need it and insurance to not have it. i hope he makes a video called "this is my happy face" lol

i sure as heck hope so too, that’s the biggest thing we can do for the next 4 years is speaking up. 

his story about his childhood always makes me tear up ;_; aw that would be nic e :) 

BTOB: dating Changsub would include

▪ get ready for the ride of your life with this boy

▪ tbh ever since meeting him, your life will probably never be the same 

▪ in a good or weird way…I’ll let you decide 

▪ when he saw you for the first time it was a straight up kdrama scene where the guy looks at the girl for like 10 hours dramatically 

▪ someone has to snap him out of it before you see it and run away 

▪ he’s just so shocked someone could have an affect like that over him bc it’s never happened 

▪ so he’ll do his best to try and sweep you off your feet 

▪ with a little help from the boys aka fairy godmothers, he does just that 

▪ you’ll be in tears for the rest of night 

▪ not only bc he tripped on your feet as he was trying to proclaim his love for you, but bc he was so romantic aw

▪ he regrets doing all of those ugly faces when you were around lol he just wanted to make a good impression

▪ but eventually he won’t care and does it all the time to annoy you

▪ speaking of 

▪ ugly faces compititions 24/7

▪ the others being so annoyed with you two all the time bc how can yall be so cute yet so annoying 

▪ random dates at random parts of the day

▪ neck massages when you’re both tired 

▪ he’s actually hella romantic sometimes and it surprises you 

▪ he’ll talk about his deepest thoughts with you bc he knows you never judge him

▪ he’ll tell you about all his insecurities and from then on you’d make sure to love him even harder to show him that he’s perfect to you

▪ him doing the same and making you forget about any flaws 

▪ buys an apron for himself that says “kiss the cook" 

▪ refuses to let you walk into the kitchen if you don’t give him at least 10 kisses when he’s wearing it 

▪ since he’s always mentioned wanting to be a father, he’ll absolutely melt if he sees you with kids or talking about kids

▪ doesn’t care who’s watching when he leans in to kiss you

▪ he’s just hella more affectionate ever since you came into his life

▪ inviting the guys over to watch movies or to hang out and forgetting all about them bc you two would be so engrossed in each other to care about them 

▪ basically being best friends and knowing you can’t live without each other 

▪ and they’d be ok with it, they’d just steal all your snacks and leave smh 

▪ so stressed and anxious when he’s away from you and always calls just to hear your voice 

▪ binge watching TV shows together and crying about them for like a month 

▪ tummy rubs when you’re not feeling well 

▪ it’s just an excuse for him to buy yall more snacks and stay on the couch and cuddle until you fall asleep 

▪ you buying him a watch bc he’s always late to everything 

▪ and he’ll treasure it forever bc he loves it when you’re being thoughtful 

▪ and bc they’re so close to Vixx, you’ll probably meet them and they’ll know exactly why Changsub is in love with you

▪ you two are basically made for each other and everyone can see it 

▪ so pls treasure this insane boy forever 💖

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Prom last night was amazing! But it got me thinking.... I'd be willing to bet money that if it meant a lot to you, jihoon would dress up really nice for you and take you to dinner and sit through pictures and go to the dance for a little while until he couldn't stand it anymore, but afterwards he'd probs take you to a hotel room or smth and make it real cute and stuff and put candles n shit everywhere and he'd sit and rub your feet and sing little songs to you and eventually -teddy

Prom pt. 2: Eventually he’d help you take off your outfit and pull you onto his lap and undo your hair until you’re staring at him and he just kinda raises his eyebrow like “what do you want” and you kiss him on his forehead and he makes that face he does when a group member hugs him, but you put your hands on the sides of his face and pull him in until your foreheads touch and he gives you a lil smile before he starts kissing you and his hands are on ya waist and Ya hands are in his hair -teddy

Prom 3: His hands are on ya waist and Ya hands are in his hair and it’s such a good time and everything is great until your butt itches or something so you wiggle a little bit to relieve it but you’re grinding on his dick in the process and he growls and pulls your hips into his while he’s grinding up and it kinda takes you aback so you open your eyes and pull out of the kiss and your foreheads land together again and he smirks at you bc he’s a little shit and he knows -teddy

Prom 4: He knows he’s turning you on so he grabs your ass really tight and carries you across the room to the bed and lays you on your back but then he crawls on top and starts grinding again bc he’s a little fucker. Eventually ur just gonna pull on his shirt and just take it off so you both finish stripping and he tries to climb on top again but ur like “no way pal it’s my turn” and u push him onto his back nd fuckin attack him (with love n shit) and Eventually he starts grinding again -teddy

Prom 5: He’s grinding again so you smack him a lil bit on the tiddy an he stops but at that point you’re both done with grinding so you grab one of the condoms jihoon very conveniently placed on the night stand and put it on and right before you go town he’s like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and ur like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) until you slam down on him and he actually fuckin yells bc you kinda scared him tbh but like he’s not complaining so he grabs your hips and let’s you ride and grind for a bit until he sees you -teddy


I’m really glad that you had a good time at prom !! 

and wow. Woozi would be an interesting.. prom date, wouldn’t he?

(if there was supposed to be more of this, I don’t have it ooops)

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(just imagine him being all dressed up like this and sitting there at the table not really giving a shit while all your friends talk, just waiting to get out of there for after prom ;;;))


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Hi, How would the Demon Kings and Saburota Todo will take care of their baby child when their s/o is out doing something like shopping or taking a bath idk

Amaimon: When you go to take bath Amaimon watches your baby from the table. He rests his chin on the table as he watches them. His expression is rather emotionless, but also intense, as he doesn’t want anything bad to happen. Your baby just stares him with those huge, expressive eyes, babbling a little.

When his child stares crying, the Earth King jumps to his feet, and starts making faces. He sighs when the baby smiles and reaches forward to tug on his ears.

Mephisto: He would read stories to your child while you are away. Not just any stories, either, he demonic stories to his child. He believes your child should know at least some of their heritage.

Lucifer: When you go for a bath, Lucifer easily falls asleep with your child holding onto one of his fingers.

Saburota Toudou: Honestly, as much as he would want to be in a bath with you, he’s happy to have some time with your baby. He falls asleep on the couch with the baby in his arms.

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Hi Mod! Just wanted to say that it looks to me from the pics on the streets in NYC and the pic of N and D in Paris at the art exhibit, that N lights up when he sees D. He gets a big smile and glow on his face. I'm really happy he found someone that makes him this happy. It's written all over his face.

There are many people that agree with you. I have never seen him look happier.

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what rising placement would make a teenage boy super dad-like and nerdy?? like he's always saying the lamest stuff and making the stereotypical white people face😩and he doesn't even laugh like a normal person tbh he just all around acts like a white dad from the suburbs and he's always talking politics too🙄🙄he's a Leo btw

HAHAHA!! THAT IS ACTUALLY A VERY LEO THING TO DO!! Leo’s talk politics a lot! 🤔 Well… Leo and Sagittarius placements could take an interest in that! I would assume any:

Aries/Gemini/Libra/Sagittarius/Capricorn placements!!

I feel like that’s kind of their sense of humor! But I mainly think “Gemini” because they and Aries have a childish sense of humor!!