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Chain of Command: Part 7.

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Part 6: HERE.

Claire sat facing the long mirror, her tight curls spread around her shoulders. Mama Crook and Ellen had been up early preening her to within an inch of her life, scrubbing every inch of dirt from her skin before washing and drying her hair. Flowers sat through the cloud of brown that cascaded around her shoulders. Ellen had lovingly picked the blooms from her spring garden in an effort to make Claire as spectacular as possible.

If she hoped to hide her ever expanding midriff though, she was going to be disappointed.

Her dress, although very well hiked in, still showed the soft swell of her belly and Claire was a little paranoid that the guests were going to guess why the wedding had been pushed so quickly - exposing her to the whole of Lallybroch.

“Dinna fash, lass,” Ellen cooed from the corner as she prepared Claire something warm to drink. “Whatever they think, they can all keep quiet for yer special day. Jamie wouldna marry you if he didna wish it and all of the tenants ken this well. Yer condition won’t affect that.”

Claire blushed, the pink hue spreading over her half hidden face as she turned away from her mother-in-law-to-be. “How do you know for sure?”

“I’m the laird’s lady, Claire. I’ve grown wi’ these folk. If we’ve agreed to it, then they’ll ken it’s no’ for show, aye?”

Claire nodded, the petals of the soft summer arrangement wilting a little as she tried to still herself without ruining the display.

“He loves ye something fierce, Claire,” Ellen added, her tone softening as she watched Claire’s blush increase. “He’d fight for ye if he thought that’s what he’d have to do to convince ye of it. So dinna doubt him. Anything else, weel…” she sighed and shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “…that can go hang, ken?”

“Yes,” Claire mumbled, her heart picking up pace as she imagined what kind of morning Jamie was having with his da. His uncle Murtagh had ridden in for the special occasion, leaving his post with clan MacKenzie - one of the bordering clans - to see his godson on this special morning. She knew he’d been waiting patiently for Murtagh to arrive and so wanted to take her time getting ready to allow him a moment with the man. But now, with Ellen’s words coursing through her, she wanted to be close to him more than ever.

“Are ye ready, Claire?” Ellen said, sensing Claire’s growing agitation. “I think we can start to make our way down now.” Looking out of the window, Ellen could see the large gathering of people, Jamie, Murtagh and Brian at the helm of them. She could only see the top of her son’s head but from that view alone she could see a similar eagerness to him. Too long he’d been kept from Claire’s side and now, bound as they were to one another, he obviously didn’t wish to wait a moment longer to be close to her…officially.

“Yes, yes…I am.” Steeling her nerves, butterflies gathering in her tummy as she felt the bairn push gently against her womb, Claire pushed herself from the dressing table and straightened out her skirts. “Is he there?”

“Aye, he is at that. Just ye wait until ye see the lad,” Mrs Crook said proudly from the doorway as she slid her way inside. “Brian sent me up for ye both, he says they’re ready for ye.”

Without a father to agree a dowry, Mama Crook had stepped in as a ‘liaison’ between Brian, Ellen, Jamie and Claire, though she knew she needn’t worry for Claire’s safety. It had, however, made Claire feel slightly less nervous about her impending nuptials, knowing that she had someone looking after her best interests. Mrs Crook had ensured that Claire knew all the facts and had helped her to understand that - although a usual requirement of a bride before her wedding - in this case certain formal arrangements would not be necessary.

Taking Claire by the arm, Mama Crook led her behind Ellen as they made their way downstairs. Having elected to marry in the courtyard of Lallybroch had meant that Claire could stay in the big house and had not been expected to travel the few miles to the small kirkyard that lay beyond the hill to the west. It had been something she and Jamie had both wanted and Brian and Ellen had gone to extra lengths to ensure that it happened correctly.

“It’s alright, Claire,” Mama Crook soothed, her free hand coming across to stroke Claire’s arm gently as they made their way closer to the front door. “Yer shaking like a leaf, lass. Just take some deep breaths. Dinna work yersel’ up.”

Claire could feel it, the extra energy in her that was suddenly building the closer she got to Jamie and she tried to quash the urge to bolt out of the door and rush straight into his arms. She felt jubilant. Buoyant in the knowledge that within an hour or so she could settle into the life she’d dreamed about since she’d fallen for Jamie all of those years ago.

“Claire,” Ellen lay her hand against Claire’s back as Mrs Crook held her solidly in the doorway. “Claire,” she repeated, seeing the vacant expression solidify on Claire’s face as she finally caught a glimpse of Jamie through the crowds of onlookers. “One step at a time, my girl,” she whispered, bringing her mouth as close to Claire’s ear as she could without spooking her. “He willna go anywhere.”

Breathing in once through her nose and out through her mouth, Claire nodded, her eyes steadfastly fixed to Jamie as he crooked his neck trying to catch a glimpse of her. He smiled and her heart raced, the usually steady beat running a little out of time as blue eyes met whisky.

He could see her.

His tongue peeked out from behind his lips as he blinked slowly.

She could see him, too.

The greens of his dress kilt swished in the breeze as their eyes locked on one another and time seemed to stand still.

“Please,” Claire begged, her tone airy and light as she tugged on Mama Crook’s arm once more, “can we? Please?”

Understanding the rush, Ellen nodded to Mrs Crook and the three ladies began their journey across the courtyard much to Claire’s immediate relief.

Conversation - inane chatter that had ebbed and flowed through the congregation as they awaited the service - abruptly ceased as soon as they heard the crunch of footsteps headed towards them. Everyone turned, taking Claire in as Mrs Crook and Ellen Fraser escorted her through them and down a narrowly left aisle that led towards Jamie, Brian and Murtagh.

If she’d still had any lingering doubts that the residents of Broch Tuarach were going to be scandalised and incensed by her *situation* they would have evaporated in a second upon seeing their faces as they watched her slow ascent along the walkway that separated the guests. They were all awestruck and none of them seemed to be paying attention to her slight bump.

“Claire,” Jamie whispered, his eyes wide and unblinking as Claire was brought to stand at his side. Mama Crook took her hand and laid it over his before leaning over to kiss her brow softly. She said nothing as she patted Jamie on the shoulder and shimmied to the side away from the lovestruck pair.

“J-Jamie,” Claire stuttered, her palms sweating as Jamie clenching his fingers around hers. The prickle of heat brought Claire to her senses as she took one unconscious step forwards, bending her arms so that they rested neatly between herself and Jamie.

The priest coughed, the clearing of his throat making Claire jump a little as she looked briefly to the side and then straight back to Jamie once more.

“Are ye ready?” He asked, his deep, booming voice echoing through the bustling courtyard even though the priest hadn’t spoken very loudly.

Claire nodded.

“Aye,” Jamie said, bowing his head a little to Claire as he smiled a small, comforting smile. “Ne’er any doubt, sir.”

– — –

The ceremony seemed to pass in a blur from then on out and Jamie, sweat dripping from his brow in the unusual midday Scottish heat, couldn’t help but be happy about it. The sooner they both said their vows, the sooner he could abscond with his blushing bride.

Closing the door on the rowdy party below, Jamie peeled off his dress jacket and hung it over the small chair that sat by the vanity in the corner - the same vanity where Claire had been getting dressed only hours before.

Perched on the bed, Claire had her back to Jamie as she tugged at the laces of her bodice.

“I just had a thought,” she mused, her tone quiet and reverent, “since you discovered I was pregnant, you haven’t really seen me. Have you?”

“Nay,” Jamie answered, his fingers stopping as he ceased unbuttoning his shirt for just a moment. “I wished for it, Claire,” he whispered, an intense longing in his voice, “but I didna know whether it was the right thing to ask or no’. But now..” He paused for just a moment, his knees going weak at the prospect of seeing her nude and round with his child, “now yer my wife and I think it proper to be able to see ye as ye are, aye?”

Claire dipped her head, the flowers falling around her as they drooped, flopped and slipped from her curls. Silently she slipped her shift from her shoulders, discarding her bodice in the process and sat, patiently waiting for Jamie to make his move.

“Yes. I think it proper. Do you want to come and look?”

Needing no further invitation, Jamie quickly shook off his boots off and took four long strides along the side of the bed until he could see Claire’s profile from where she sat.

She was glorious. Still not too large, but enough that she looked radiantly pregnant. “Dhia, Claire,” he murmured, his voice catching on the words as he stumbled the last few steps towards her, fell to his knees and wrapped one large hand around her middle. “My wife; my Claire, ye are a miracle.”

Allowing the tears to drip down her face, Claire hiccuped as she reached forward, her fingers tangling in Jamie’s tied back hair as she pulled it free of its binding. “Do you really think so? Even though I hid it for so long?”

“That’s in the past,” Jamie interjected, not willing to dwell on things long since forgotten. “What matters now, Claire Fraser,” he said, love and understanding filling his words as his palm ran soothing circles over her abdomen, “is that we look towards our future…together.”

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i worked at a pop up halloween shop for some extra cash... awful idea. some dude walked around the shop for three hours (im not exaggerating we timed it) bought a fog machine as his kids whined about not getting outfits then told us that we shouldn't be selling clown masks bc they're illegal. sorry fam we're not in canada or corporate so next in line!

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It's interesting your definition of capitalism focuses only on distribution and markets but not a bit on, you know, capital and the many ways labour is blocked from organizing the way capital can be.

Yeah, another major difference between my thinking and the thinking typical of anticapitalists is that I think this line of reasoning is totally unproductive. I don’t think ‘capital’ in the modern U.S. can be understood as an interest group, and I don’t think barriers to labor organizing are the main reasons for poor working conditions.

In industries where there is more demand for workers than there are workers and where hiring workers makes the company earn significantly more money, workers reliably get perks such as an excellent work environment, flexible hours, good wages, interesting and varied work, compassionate and capable managers, and good benefits. In those industries, employers compete to persuade workers that the job will offer workers personal and professional growth opportunities, important work that makes the world a better place, interesting challenges, and lots of other perks. That is what market systems produce when the workers have leverage. And this is good and it would be a huge step forward if it were true everywhere.

So what is the best way to get workers leverage? I think ‘unions’ are the answer in some contexts, but the industries I’m thinking of above aren’t union industries. And there are some union industries where things still kind of suck. Why? 

Well, the amount of leverage even the most effective union in the universe has is bounded by how much more money the company makes from having additional workers. If the company makes $20 extra as a result of having an extra worker for one hour, then no matter how fantastic the union, they’re not going to be able to extract more than $20/hour in total benefits and wages, because companies won’t make hiring decisions that lose them money. 

So what if we figure out a way for that worker to produce $40 of stuff in an hour? Now maybe an effective union can arrange for the worker to get $39.99 of that value, and maybe with no union at all but a competitive industry one company offers the worker $25 of that value and one offers $35 and the workers flock to the second one and the first one goes out of business (or competes by having great working conditions and opportunities for advancement or something). In an uncompetitive industry with no union, the company can keep offering $20/hour in total wages and benefits and pocketing the rest, but this is a pretty rare case in real life and gets excessive focus in labor politics. Do workers reliably get all, or even most, of the extra value they produce? No. But do workers reliably end up in a way better bargaining position with better wages and working conditions if someone figures out a way to produce twice as much value from hiring them? Yes.

I don’t want to say ‘unions have nothing to do with this’, because that’d be false; unions are often really important for arranging for the worker to capture the extra money the company gets by virtue of hiring them. I’m just saying that, fundamentally, the union’s bargaining position is capped by the amount of value that having an employee work in that role creates for the company.

That means that one of the most valuable things you can do for labor is find ways to increase productivity. Not because laborers are meaningless drones whose moral value is entirely in our labor productivity, but because in jobs where workers create $100 of extra revenue for their company with an hour’s work, workers have so much more bargaining power.

And, uh, capital is a thing that does that. Like, capital is the set of resources a worker uses at their job; the machines that do stuff so you don’t have to do them by hand, the software that does the tricky accounting for you, the automatic grader so you don’t have to do grading by hand. Not all capital increases the marginal product of labor but some of it definitely does, and talking about ‘this increases the marginal product of labor but not many of the benefits accrue to the worker’ and ‘this increases barriers to entry in the industry but doesn’t really change the marginal product of labor’ and ‘this increases the marginal product of labor of our white-collar workers but not our blue-collar workers’ as the same problem of “capital” is super unhelpful.

I want to be clear here: I don’t care about corporate profits at all in their own right. Corporations aren’t people, and only people (and other beings that have internal experiences like pain and happiness) matter. But I care a lot about creating conditions under which workers have opportunities to produce a lot of value with their labor, because when that happens it empirically reliably results in better conditions for workers. I have yet to find anything else a fraction as reliable about improving conditions for workers, and the other things that work (like unions) work best in conjunction with workers having more opportunities to produce more value.

So that’s one thing that improves worker bargaining power, dramatically so, and is really important for that. Another thing is that obviously workers who are not in danger of starving have a better bargaining position, and this is one of the many reason I support giving everybody enough money to live off.

I think those are the frontiers where progress will actually, concretely, improve working conditions. I think analysis of capital which is entirely focused on getting workers a bigger share of the marginal product of their labor without consideration for increasing the marginal product of their labor and without getting everybody, even if the marginal product of their labor is a big fat zero, an adequate living will end up not producing better conditions for workers. 

lol my coworkers tryna make me feel bad for turning down a walk-in like.. i know i shouldn’t be picky this early in my career but i’ve left work late every single day for the past 2 weeks and i’m fucking tired. idc if someone is salty they can’t get their hair done w/o an appointment, like you come 2 hours before closing and ask for a major coloring job, like.. i’m not salty if i lost “money”, i’m not staying an extra 3-4 hours after work over something last min. i’m fucking tired.

ps: these customers need to stop box dying their hair pitch black and expect me to get them to stark white in like under 2 hours. acting like i’m being a bitch by telling them the truth, do you want hair on your head!??

working on a new bath spell

sooo just in case you were wondering i love bath spells

i will make little potions and put them in my baths every now and then to get their properties

i’m working on a new relaxation and revival spell for those extra long week at work/school.

it involves bath products from lush thanks to @lunaesteria ‘a lush correspondence post ( i think it was hers, if i’m wrong tho please give yourself credit)

anywho i’m excited to share with you guyssssss

Sarah can write whatever the fuck she wants, guys. She can change her mind, mess around with release dates, and push the release of a book back by however much she wants because they. Are. Her. Books.
And y'all don’t get a goddamn say in it because they. Aren’t. Yours. And she works so hard on them. We get an EXTRA book, the feysand one isn’t part of the novellas. You should be happy and grateful and appreciate that she’s gone through a family crisis and hasn’t taken a longer break, you claim to love her and all her books yet when she announces a new one that isn’t what you wanted y'all have a tantrum.
Yeah, you wanted nessian or elriel or whatever, but it isn’t your choice so be however angry but you sound like a goddamn idiot complaining bc you want something and you want it now. Get over it. It isn’t even your choice and you have like, no say whatsoever in the matter so you may as well suck it up. :)))

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Did you go to art school/ Are you in art school I just started today and I'm very scared

Hello!! I actually just started studying for an arts degree in uni myself last year actually! 

I think it’s okay and super normal to be afraid at first. There’s always lots going on in the beginning of school (like making new friends) and I think it just means that you really care about doing well and that’s a really good thing! 

A couple of things that worked really well for me in school: 

-Putting in extra effort in my work (e.g. extra research, doing sketches on train rides outside of class sessions)

-Recording my progress (e.g. taking photos of your work, doing reflections occasionally about what you can improve on)

-Set goals and a vision (and prioritize)

-Turning up for classes (and also knowing when you should skip them so that you get maximum rest and not miss something incredibly important)

-If you know you procrastinate (and will), factor procrastination into project hours. Procrastinate the heck out of that 1-2 hours so that you’re super happy and channel it into your assignments. A good mood is always important! (I procrastinate alot :’) )

-THE MOST IMPORTANT: Allowing yourself to get enough rest!

(I usually only pull all-nighters in the last week of my semester or right before a long break. It’s something that is actually quite hard to do when you are swept up in assignments, but sometimes a productive, well-rested 2 hours is much more effective than a sleepy 5 hours. 

In one particular sem, I pulled a crazy amount of all-nighters and didn’t sleep for days at a time because I constantly felt that my works were imperfect and the pressure to keep working at it. I felt like I wanted to crawl into my bed and live there forever after that (;u;) )

I feel that:

Art is not about a sprint! It’s about who lives longer to be able to experience and share more happiness! :)

These are some of the things that worked for me so far and might not work for you or relate very well, but I sure hope they’ll help you feel abit better at least!

School is a good time to get to know friends who love art too! I hope you find someone who can connect well with you if you’re in an unfamiliar environment! It’s always better to suffer together www 

GOOD LUCK FOR SCHOOL! Let’s both do our best!!!

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Hello~ I recently ordered from your store and it said your shipping was 2-3 months to Canada. Surprisingly, it took a bit less than a month; though the tracking number kinda just ends in Vancouver so I wasn't ready for it to arrive haha. Either way I love your art! Also, your business card is amazing! \(^u^)/

oh my gosh thats a relieve thank you for letting me know!!! I swear it used to only take 3 weeks but then it suddenly started to take longer than that and became unpredictable! some took 2 months some took up to 3, I never know when things are just late or lost in the mail and it was really stressful but im glad its starting to return to normal!! Yay Canada Post, you can do it!! 

(and yeah haha… USPS and Canada Post doesnt update the tracking information once the package leaves Asia because the shipping cost is too low for them to put in the extra work…)

And thank you for your kind words!!! 😊

I’ve been mainstream
baristas memorizing my coffee
just before I’m in the door

he smiles and the sun breaks through
six feet high and I

he likes to give me an extra shot of vanilla

I find my work grind
pushing pens and paperwork
serving customers and hitting numbers

I think it’s time for a smoke break

my guys, they surround me
talking about 2.0’s
as if I’ll ever love some boy

but she sits in my mind
all day
all night

she puts me at ease

kind of like the sea
—  small songs for small thoughts (j.b.l.)
Don't you just hate it how, when you are having a Bad Day TM, everything keeps snowballing?

First, I had some extra load at work, which really wore me out (I am not a great fan of translating business-themed texts that are all about ‘following our core principles’ and 'generating added value’ but, if condensed, contain zero new or useful information). Then, I had to suffer through a family gathering (my family is not even that big, but still, once put together, everyone absolutely has to talk about politics, often expressing opinions that make me physically sick).

I tried to distract myself with drawing, but I had to do that while battling gut-wrenching anxiety that a difference of opinion on a fictional character will one day force me to choose between my friends (not the most pleasant situation to be put into). And finally, when I thought I could allow some escapism in form of Elder Scrolls: Online, it turned out that they are having unscheduled server maintenance. And that… that just made me snap, and I started crying.

Of course, this had to be the moment when I was seen. And now I have come off as spoiled brat who cannot deal even with a minor inconvenience of an online game not being available. Which has resulted in being yelled at. In being reminded how worthless and useless I am. How I am wasting my life on things that do not matter. How I should have had X children by now. And how the completion of this mission will only be getting harder with age, because look at how ugly I am, no eligible man is going to fuck that; they might have looked past it when I was 18, but now I am in my mid-twenties, which is as good as being thirty, and no-one will want me after I am thirty.

And this, of course, has resulted in even more crying. And in me hating myself for crying. For crying being the only thing I am really good at. Crying even without a valid reason. Other people have it worse, and they still make it through without a single tear in their eye.

So I guess I will just cry myself to sleep then. And then wake up tomorrow, and keep working during the day and trying to play video games in the evening, while somewhere out there, better daughters are winning over men and are giving their parents grandchildren. Because I am not even smart enough or brave enough to just up and remove myself from this planet, which will surely greatly benefit from the absence of a useless brat who cries when a game does not run.

i’m gonna be alright (all those comments/messages helped and ilu all) <333 i’m just having a bad day and both my parents got on me about how i’m not working in my career field right now when there’s a reporter position open at a local paper in the neighboring county and like…. i don’t think i’m above working for a local paper, i just don’t want to be a reporter for a daily publication that’s in a county i don’t live in because it’s so much extra work for a job i’m not really interested in anyway, and they see that as me being picky/on a high horse and it’s like…. i’m just looking out for my own mental wellbeing here bc clearly y’all don’t care and someone has to, lmao.

i’ll be fine, tho. i might stream the princess diaries after dinner, so look around for that if you’re interested, and thank you again. <3


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉


Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King: