and the evolution of the jacket


“Costumes are also used to show Mr. Darcy’s evolution as he comes to love Elizabeth Bennet and let go of his snobbery. His costume had a series of stages. The first time we see him he’s at Meryton, where he has a very stiffly tailored jacket on, and he’s quite contained and rigid. He stays in that rigid form for the first part of the film.
By the time we get to the proposal that goes wrong in the rain, we move to a similar cut, but a much softer fabric. And then later he’s got a completely different cut of coat, not interlined, and he wears it undone.
The nth degree is him walking through the mist in the morning, completely undressed by 18th-century standards. It’s absolutely unlikely, but then Lizzie’s in her nightie, so what can you say?

(Jacqueline Durran, Costume designer)

Instagram Photo from Chris Jericho

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“let’s check in with betty and jughead. they’ve had such a lovely evolution in season one.”

“whoo!” –RAS 

“there might be a pink leather jacket in the future.”



my x-men OT3! kitty, kurt & piotr. 

one of them can walk through walls! one of them teleports past the walls! the other just busts a hole straight through them!

i ship kitty with piotr, but the most important relationship to me is always gonna be kitty & kurt. my favourite thing is in evo when it’s getting toward the end of the series, and kitty & kurt are in some pyramid talking about colossus. kurt’s all ‘i do not like him’ and kitty’s all ‘he’s a sweetheart really, trust’

and then colossus busts through the wall and kurt’s all ‘I TOLD YOU’ but piotr’s like ‘i grew concerned’ like. this giant dude was probably stressing out like ‘oh dear those two may be in danger inside this pyramid what should i do to make sure they’re okay welp here i go better just knock a me-shaped hole in the wall’

they’re just. real good. one gentle giant, one tiny geek girl just too into dragons, and one wannabe pirate elf. they have this one danger room playfight scene in ‘wolverine and the x-men’, it’s fun.


*Updates to the Eureka seveN Collection*

Some people asked me about this awhile ago, so here you are! I’ve been buying and making E7 items to add to this collection since about 2008, and its something fairly near and dear to me at this point.

I’m a bit lazy to take pictures of items individually but I’ll list them below in case people want to know their product names and look them up for yourself!

- Item list under the cut -

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jacket swap ! ! !

i love x-men so much. like, my literal fave superhero team. there’s a lot of rosters though. and like, individually, nightcrawler and jubilee have always been my favourites. but i’ve never taken in that much x-men media where they’re actually friends. (i’m kind of a cartoons only gal.)

in the soon-to-be released movie, they’re gonna both be teenagers (they were in x-men: evolution but, never interacted) and also hopefully…they will be very-brightly-coloured-leather-jacket-wearing-besties.

so i drew them swapping cool jackets. heck yeah!

whale-wolf  asked:

In your opinion, when do you think Emma's style changed? I've noticed she has some really questionable fashion choices in season 3, but on the whole, they stayed true to her style. Season 6 is definitely the worst. That floral embroidered coat is godawful on JMO.

I think it was with the awful date dress Jmo chose.

In season 3 there were some OOC wardrobe choices, but it was mentioned by the writers and Jmo that they intended to reflect the mashed up lives inside Emma’s head after Regina gave her new memories, so she was part Emma Swan and part Emma Mills- so to speak. But it still was somewhat more Emma Swan, just slightly more formal. Look at Emma and Regina.

The problem is that Emma Jones is way too different. Going from the lack of makeup that stole Emma’s glow away, to the awful flowery tops Emma Swan had never worn— Wait. I make a pause here: Emma did once wear a flowery dress, when she was with Neal, but she had a jean jacket on and she still looked herself, so that must mean something. Young Emma still is consistent.

Then Emma started her atrocious vintage nun-like look after getting in a relationship with Hook, which had its culmination in that godforsaken wedding dress of fairy nonsense! Visually it was the opposite to an evolution in time. She went from modern woman to classical princess and stepford wife, which is the contrary to the premise of the show at the start, which claimed to be about badass women who broke the mold; a modern princess. And yet here we are:

Every piece of garment holds a meaning and the final ensemble carries a message. I’m just saying; you don’t hire an electrician and then decide to leave his work to the plumber because they insist they know better, just because they’ve been turning lights on and off for the last thirteen years. The end result will never be consistent, if it works at all. Emma’s wardrobe should have been touched by costume department and only. They know what they do.

When does Emma look her best (in every sense)? 

At the start or in the end?

This is not hate, this is critique. Their choices have had the opposite effect in reflecting the “growth” of Emma Swan. What they showed was the opposite.

The World Isn’t Ending Today

I saw a post going around that I can’t find now about how great the old, pissbaby Nihilist Castiel was. So I wrote a drabble about it.

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel
Setting: College professor AU
Rating: T

“Thank you for doing this, Dr. Winchester,” Naomi says crisply, guiding him at a clip down the cavernous hallways of the university towards the history department’s wing. “Dr. Novak has been begging to go on Sabbatical for two years, but we haven’t found anyone suitable to fill the block. I realize you both teach very different specialties, but it’ll fill the same requirements for the students.”

“It’s no problem,” Dean assures her, finding it surprisingly hard to keep up with her long stride. “This’ll give me something to do while I’m researching here. Lucky strike for both of us.”

“Indeed.” She stops in front of one of the imposing dark oak doors. “This will be your room. Class is over in a few minutes, so feel free to step in and watch. Dr. Novak is very excited to meet you. And he’s also one of the most popular professors here, so take notes.” She winks and Dean chuckles.

“Thanks. I will.”

Naomi leaves, and without further ado, Dean opens the heavy door silently and slips into the lecture hall. There are about fifty students since it’s an intro class, each sitting in the first few rows of the raised bench seating. The seminar room at capacity is 150. It’s impressive. Dr. Castiel Novak is standing at the lectern, commanding the room with his deep, gravelly voice and wearing what looks like the same navy blue suit as he’s wearing in the staff photo on the university’s website. From five years ago.

Dean lounges back against the wall by the door, taking his fill of Dr. Novak since he doesn’t seem to have noticed him. Damn, he’s hot, Dean thinks. Tall, broad-shouldered, styled brown hair, hooded blue eyes, perfect amount of beard shadow, and a bedroom voice. Too bad he was going on Sabbatical and wouldn’t be around for Dean to flirt with on campus. He allows his mind to wander over the timbre of Castiel’s voice alone, but gradually - very, very gradually - the actual words start to sink in.

“So, I think we’ve found in the round table discussion today that humanity is doomed to repeat its mistakes ad naseum until… well, until we’re all long dead and buried, thankfully,” he says with deep resignation.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like some people have a secret that unlocks their truly most powerful look. Like for some people it's a certain haircut but with phil it's denim/maybe leather jackets

phil in a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up is his mega evolution

The Evolution of Jily; Part 3

((OOC: I’m back with reasonably good wifi and my laptop so here’s part 3))

3rd year

The year where the Marauders find out that making Snape look like a fool is too much fun

James Potter didn’t have the best ideas- like that time he decided to borrow Sirius’ jacket only to return it with 5 new holes in them and the zipper broken off. Sirius didn’t talk to him for a week after that. Another terrible idea was on Peter’s birthday James decided to try to get Peter a girlfriend and noticed a Hufflepuff staring at him and so he slipped some Veritaserum so she would confess her feelings- turns out she was staring at Remus not Peter and broke his heart. 

This was another one of his awful ideas- bullying his crush’s best friend so she would have to pay attention to him.

All of a sudden the greasy haired boy’s teeth start to grow and he tries to cover it with his hair

Sirius finding the whole situation entertaining decides to join in as well

And within seconds Severus has burst out into laughter and finds himself unable to stop

Lily stomps off to find Mcgonagall to reverse the spell. Well James did get Lily’s attention but that had also come hand in hand with detention. James started to regret his decision later in the year when Lily Evans (the love of his life) had ignored him completely and it was then when James realised he had to find another tactic.

((OOC: and done!! part 4 coming out in literally about halfish of an hour ;) ))

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 ½

Part 6 2/2

James: @siriusly-sly

Sirius: @patronusly-charming

Lily: @nah-she-did-not

Severus: @dobbyisafreeblog

— rude migratory

Character: Warren Worthington III/Archangel

Setting: X-Men CU, canon-ish

Tagging: @madelyne-pryor @padmeamidalia

Notes: Kind of a character study, so feel free to critic. Also Ororo guest stars.

ao3 link

On his fifth birthday Warren receives one of those kiddie electric cars, a German Shepard puppy he names Roscoe, and a three thousand dollars worth of stocks. His favorite flavor of cake is marble. The servants preorder one with coated in vanilla frosting and pink and blue candles that melt onto the white top. He whines and throws a tantrum that the color pink is for girls. The servants have thick accents of Dutch or Russian origin—he can’t remember which, and honestly doesn’t care to. They’re chastised, ordered to remove the two pink candles and sing “happy birthday!” with forced, stale smiles. Vaguely, he recalls one of them had a son in the military.

Warren Worthington the Third is azure-eyed and has pudgy, squishable cheeks. He has dimples from his mother and a baby blue iron-pressed shirt buttoned up to his chin, knee-length kid shorts, and polished dress shoes he’ll learn to not play outside while wearing. He learns to not impulsively run outside to play that following year.

On the morning of his seventh birthday, Warren is given a game console, a skateboard, and two thousand dollars. His stocks rise a quarter more. This time he gets a party involving his four closest friends and asks to try one go Mommy’s long sticks she smokes. Instead, he’s scolded. This year the cake is chocolate. There are no pink candles.

He attends private prepatory school and receives a thirty dollar weekly allowance from doing nothing, the money spent in the candy shop around the corner from school. He’s the envy of all his friends because he has the money and the charm and the confidence already inflated twice his stature.

On the morning of his eleventh birthday, Warren is taken to the doctor. There has been a rash spread across his back, one of the maids report to his parents. His doctor writes it off as dry skin, and proscribes a white cream that smells like grease because his mother is impatient and Warren has a ceremony that night and she would be damned if he wrinkled his clothes from scratching, flecks of dry skin breaking off and snow flaking his clothes. The doctor is skeptical but everyone is content.

His parents are traditionalists; he’s had this ceremony set since birth.

At age twelve, boys begin going through puberty, his father explains. Their voices deepen, there’s armpit hair and growth spurts and muscles and musk among other things. And Warren knows what it is already—he’s seen the teen movies and pictures inside the books in the study and is very knowledgable that puberty causes girls and boys to develop crushes and is why everyone wants a pool party and why girls start liking shopping so much—

His father laughs.

On the morning of his twelfth birthday, Warren receives a double layered marble cake and an appointment for surgery for suspicious lumps protruding from his back.

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