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Noel Fisher spotted in Fort Hood, Texas

GETS CARDED AND ASKED FOR ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But she didn’t say what alcohol he was buying! Or memorise the entire contents of his shopping bags, or take a photo because fuck those other customers! What customers????

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Christmas at the Layton household:

-Alfendi disproving the existence of Santa Claus, much to Flora’s dismay. She’s trying to keep the magic alive for Kat.

-Watching terrible Christmas specials on T.V. Polar Express is a common favourite. 

-The kids remind their father to stop working for once. 

-Visits from various friends and family members. There’s Grandpa and Grandma with her knitted Christmas jumpers. Luke gets everyone teddy bears. Uncle Desmond flies in on the Bostonius, giving Alfendi a mace, Flora a sword and Katrielle a slingshot. Emmy gives the family a brimming photo album. The list goes on. 

-Rosa comes over to help Flora with the Christmas dinner.      

-A family game of Cluedo.     

This is based on that awesome thread that I can’t find now but basically about how no one at HBO knows how to do their jobs:

Daniel Sackheim nervously bounced back and forth on his feet. “It’s fine, it’s fine, he’s a professional, a great guy.  Just tell him,” he muttered, trying to reassure himself.

 Kit Harington was returning to set from grabbing a water bottle.  Now’s your chance, go.

“Hey, Kit, great job in there,” Daniel said, clapping Kit on the back.

“Thanks, I think it’s going really well,” Kit said, smiling.

“It’s just that…look, I get it, there are SO MANY characters in this story, it’s hard to keep track sometimes, right?  But the thing is, Sophie is playing Sansa right now, who is your sister,” Daniel said as kindly as he could.

A look flashed across Kit’s face.  He didn’t just look sad, he looked like a puppy who’d been left out in the rain, watching the rest of his family eating Christmas dinner.

“I…I thought I was playing it as though she’s my sister,” he said, his puppy eyes filling with tears.  Daniel was flooded with guilt.

“No!  That’s not what I meant, you TOTALLY are, you’re doing great!  Good job buddy!” Daniel said.

“Thanks mate,” Kit said, once again happy, as he bounced off to set.  Daniel watched the actor and sighed.  Well, there goes my Emmy.


The makeup artist named Sarah looked up from her clipboard at Sophie.

“Well, we’re all set, except it says I’ve got to make sure you’ve got a manicure today,” she said, somewhat baffled.

“A manicure?” Sophie said, sipping her iced coffee.  “Are my hands in the shot?”  Based on a quick read of the script, she hadn’t gotten the impression her hands would be featured.  

Sarah began to work on Sophie’s cuticles.  “It just says you grab Jon’s hand, and stroke your thumb over his knuckles.”

“That’s oddly specific,” she said, as Sarah rubbed her hands with lotion. Sophie decided to sit back and relax–she certainly wasn’t one to ask questions when it came to a free manicure!

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Heyyy!! So this isn't really a question but I just wanted to say that I love your art so much!!!! Your comics inspire me to draw my own (though I haven't tried yet) and your art in general gives me so much joy ^~^ Love you and your art!!

Ohh gosh! Thank you so much. Hearing stuff like this inspires me to draw in exchange, to be honest.

And you are thinking of drawing comics? I could give you a few tips. I mean, I am in no means a professional but I’ve drawn a bunch of comics and learned stuff about them over the years. This is just stuff that I often think about while sketching out a page.

-Never crop limbs from the joints, like elbow or wrist, or the head from the neck. I think that this is more on the photography side but it applies to this too. 
-Vary the zoom ins and zoom outs. For example, having a comic with just everyone on every panel cropped from the middle gets boring very easily. Zoom out to show the full body and the environment for a change. Did something dramatic/important happen? Zoom in drastically to show a reaction or the important thing.
-The flow of the panels is a tricky thing, but it’s a thing. Think about where the reader’s eye moves when they see the page. Do you want them to see the speech bubble first or the character? Many things can lead the viewers eye. Like body gestures and speech bubbles. This is tricky and difficult to point out without example pictures.
-Introduce the environment on the first panels with big zoom outs. Not entirely necessary but the purpose of it is to give the viewer an idea of where the scene is taking place. 

Uh, I hope this helps on some front? I cut my explanations down a bit because I do not want to make this long and I’m not great at explaining. Thank you again!

Casualties- Chapter 1 (1/?)

A new story is here! Hello to all! I’ve been plotting, writing, re-plotting, editing, and re-writing for the past few weeks, but I finally think that I have a groove going on. This is my first time dabbling into Modern AUs, so I hope that it turns out okay. Some things will be quite different in this story (i.e., I’ve changed up Emma’s background a little bit and whatnot), but I will try my best to make sure that I explain everything clearly so that it will be easy to follow along. I really hope that you all enjoy!

RATED M for LANGUAGE and ANGST and other stuff.


“And the Emmy for best actress in a drama series goes to…” Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to summon her fake smile that she would have to portray when she lost. “Emma Swan in ‘Casualties’!”

A roar of applause echoed around the arena, causing Emma’s heart to fall into her stomach and her eyes to snap wide open. She turned to her side and saw her brother standing up, clapping and cheering her on. “Stand up, Em. You won!”

She turned to the director of the television show that she starred in and waited for confirmation that this was not a dream. Director and Writer, August Booth stood up and cheered loudly. “Go on!”

Emma heard the MC speaking over the applause and she smiled brightly as she finally stood up, covering her gaping mouth with her hand. “This is Emma Swan’s first Emmy nomination, and first Emmy win.”

She quickly pulled her brother, David, into her arms for a quick embrace before walking slowly and carefully to the steps of the stage. She looked up and saw famous actress, Aurora, standing on the stage waiting to present Emma with her award.

After successfully climbing the stairs, she walked over to Aurora and gave her a tight hug.

“I’m so happy for you, Emma. Congratulations!” Aurora said into her ear.

“Thank you.” Emma smiled through her joyful tears as she was handed her Emmy.

After taking another deep breath, she stood in front of the microphone— waiting to give her acceptance speech.

“I want to make this quick because I feel like I might be sick.” She laughed as she tightened her grip on the golden trophy. “Seriously, this is insane. Okay… um first of all, I want to thank my brother. He’s stuck by my side through everything that I have been through, and words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate you. To his wife, Mary Margaret, I love you. Thank you for being the sister that I never had.”

Emma felt her lips quivering and she chuckled and tried to blink away her tears as she continued. “I have to thank my publicist and good friend, Regina. I would be so lost without you. I also want to thank the amazing cast and crew, and my second family— August, Graham, Lance, Mulan, Tink, and Killian. I want to thank the Academy for giving me this opportunity; and lastly, I want to thank all of the incredible fans for not only watching the show, but for loving the show as much as I do. 'Casualties’ means so much to me, you honestly have no idea, and I am so grateful for all of those who have fallen in love with Laiken Halle and her story. Thank you.”

Emma stepped away from the microphone and flashed the audience with one more smile before turning away and walking away, the sound of applause and cheers filling her ears as she disappeared behind the curtains.

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I will never not love Ramin Karimloo.

And allow me to tell you why. I’m a new fan and due to sheer accessibility and popularity, the 2004 movie was the first adaption of The Phantom of the Opera that I was ever exposed to. Having nothing to compare it to, I was absolutely star-struck and entranced. I wanted more. Lo and behold, the 25th Anniversary RAH version was also rather easy to come across and so that was the very next adaption that I viewed. Let me just say, the contrast between Gerard Butler’s Phantom and Ramin Karimloo’s Phantom was so utterly startling that I was very nearly uncomfortable. I didn’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I received. Watching that version was a huge eye-opener for me because that, sadly, was the very first musical production I have ever seen. Ever. I’m ashamed to admit I’d never quite given musical theatre a chance nor ever truly cared to. The 25th Anniversary PotO changed my distorted opinions on matters of which I was completely ignorant. Ramin’s Phantom brought harsh light to the flaws of the 2004 adaption’s Phantom..the same goes to say with Sierra Boggess’ Christine versus Emmy Rossum’s Christine. Such a ginormous difference. Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that no matter how undermined Ramin becomes due to his popularity, he will never not hold a special place in my heart. Because he showed me how lovely musical theatre could be. He made me love The Phantom of the Opera so much more than I did at that point; his Phantom inspired me to read the novel and consume so much more PotO content. I realize that Ramin and Sierra were not perfect, I realize that they, like all preformers, have flaws. I know there are many just as good as them and I think everyone should broaden their variety of actors and actresses that they view. That being said, I believe Ramin Karimloo has done a momentous good in bringing and attracting new people to the Phandom because he is so talented and leaves people feeling things they didn’t expect to feel after watching him preform. So yes. I love Ramin Karimloo. That is all.

when emmy works out:

when emmy goes out on an expedition to find ruins in a rainforest:

when emmy pilots a plane:

when men hit on emmy during investigations:

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After survivor not amestris, did Jeff Probst ever get that Emma he was hoping for?

You mean the Emmy? Well, anon friend, I’d imagine it went something like this. Hope you enjoy whatever bizarre nonsense this is:


Alfons Heiderich unceremoniously bursts through the doors of Roy Mustang’s office in Central Command. Ed clutches his chest with a start, whirling around on his heels. Beside him is Alphonse in his human form at last, staring at the open doorway in horror. He still hasn’t forgotten what the kid did to him on the day of the Survivor reunion show.

Roy glances up from a pile of paperwork he wasn’t actually doing, but instead doodling a sheep on its margin. “What the hell is Jeff Probst’s assistant doing in my office?”

Across the room, a pencil snaps. Everyone momentarily directs their attention to Riza who had broken it in rage.

Alfons Heiderich. The one who doctored those photos of her using alchemy, thus, destroying her credibility and reputation in the game.

You,” she whispers with an evil gleam in her eye.

Heiderich gulps and steps out of her view. “Anyway…” He wheels in a giant TV on a rolling cart. “Check out what I brought from the other world!”

“How did you even get here!?” Ed demands, finally finding words for this completely impossible situation. “We sealed the portals in the 03 canon!”

Heiderich tilts his head to the side. “Plot convenience, obviously.”

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Imagine being Rami's date to the Emmys

I wrote this on my phone while absolutely drenched in a bus stop. I was miserable and wanted to be anywhere else in that moment so here you go. I’m tempted to write a smutty second half if people like it 😏


‘How do I look?’
You watched Rami nervously adjust his bow tie in the mirror.

'Amazing.’ You tried to reassure him, watching his fingers fumble with the tie.

He let out a frustrated sigh and dropped his hands to his sides. You walked around him, fixing his bow tie and tugging gently at the material to get his attention.

'You’re going to be fine.’ You soothed. 'You know everyone loves you.’

Rami gave you a half smile, running his hand through the short hair on the side of his head as a nervous habit.

'You look beautiful by the way.’ He murmured taking one if your hands.

'Don’t worry about me. You should be thinking about your win.’ You smiled, brushing his shoulders down.

'Y/N…’ Rami whined pulling away from you. 'Don’t start that.’

'But you are.’ You insisted trying to step around him and look at him again.

'No I’m not.’

'Yes you are.’

'You’re being ridiculous.’

'I’ll bet on it.’

He raised an eyebrow at you, lips pouted slightly. 'Bet what?’

You walked around him slowly, admiring the fit of his jacket. You’d already started drinking and were feeling mischievous.

'How about…’ You licked your lips, making him wait.

'If you win I’ll let you do anything you want to me. And I’m deadly confident that you will.’

You saw his cheeks flush slightly. This would be your first public appearance and you hadn’t quite reached that stage in your relationship yet.

'Anything?’ He murmured, his voice much lower than before.

'Anything.’ You confirmed, planting a kiss on his cheek. 'I promise.’

The clock chimed downstairs loudly drawing the two of your apart.

'Time to go.’ You took his hand and squeezed it, heading downstairs as he trailed behind you.

In the car Rami was nervously tapping his knee.

'Babe, relax.’ You placed a hand over his where his thumb had been tapping.

'I feel like I don’t deserve to be here.’ He grumbled.

'Ram, don’t be silly.’ You squeezed his leg. 'You are amazing and it’s not just me saying that. Believe me.’

His gaze shifted down to your hand on his thigh.

'Did you really mean anything?’

You giggled. 'Behave yourself we’re here now.’

The red carpet was a blur. Rami was perfect at always, smiling and waving. He kept a hand firmly planted on your waist the entire time which made you feel warm and safe. Some of the interviewers even asked you questions, admittedly mostly about him, but you received tons of compliments on your floor length dress.

You finally had chance to breathe when you were both finally seated.

'You okay?’ Rami looked much more relaxed now, you wondered if the entrance had been the most been the most nerve wracking part for him.

'Yeah I’m good. That was pretty crazy though.’ You replied.

'You did perfect.’ He lifted your hand and kissed your palm as you felt your chest grow warm.

The awards were starting now and the room was practically vibrating with energy.

The two of you sat patiently and your hands got sore from clapping as you went through category after category.

You revelled in the fact the Emmy’s were so much more diverse than this year, it was almost unprecedented. You could see Rami grinning from ear to ear out of the corner of your eye as you both watched. As his category approached you could feel the butterflies in your stomach growing.

You put your hand over his and squeezed tightly as the nominations for lead actor in a drama series were read out. You knew the cameras were probably on you but you couldn’t care less in the moment.

'And the Emmy goes to..’

You held your breath, he was stock still beside you.

'Rami Malek’

The room erupted in noise and it took you a few seconds to register which name they’d called out.

Rami had his hand over his mouth, eyes wide in shock. You rubbed his back and leaned it to kiss his cheek. You wanted to kiss every part of him right there and then but he had to go up and collect his award.

You watched him stumble onto stage, taking the award and clutching it tightly.

'Please tell me you’re seeing this too.’

You felt tears prick your eyes and your heart swell at the comment. You couldn’t have been prouder of him right now.

After his speech he returned looking hot and breathless after being under the bright lights.

'You did it.’ You whispered, nudging him playfully.

Rami turned and kissed your lips, hand brushing your cheek. It was unlike him to be so affectionate in public and it surprised you.

'Thank you.’ He sounded completely out of it, eyes still roaming over the award in his hands.

'I think it’s time to start drinking.’ You giggled at his glazed over expression.

'But I want to take you home.’ He pouted.

'Later, darling.’