and the egg special

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what is eggrolls? why are you obsessed with eggrolls haha

I tag posts about seokjin that i like with ‘eggrolls’. I got the idea from the headlines on the EATZINE magazine that was in their PUMA ads:

the translation of the captions is:

(cr @daegucypher)

lololololol all the headlines are A+ but “although it’s important to look good but egg rolls” i’m in love. and besides, jin once said that he specialize in cooking egg rolls as he has been making it for more than 10 years.


This feisty tawny owl was brought in to us after being found ‘lop sided’ and taken into a local vets. It was given a thorough checkup by our veterinary team but was luckily unharmed; just covered in fly eggs!

The eggs were removed using a chemical spray and a special suction device and the owl was moved into one of our pens for some rest.

Please keep your fingers crossed for this pretty bird!

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You get homework,right? If so what kind of homework do you get?

“Mostly just reading assignments, so we’re not going into our next class completely blind. I usually do those during my lunch breaks - except Wednesdays, which is when we stop at Cool Egg Pizza or grab a Lunch Special in Yokaitown.”

“There’s also lab write-ups for SPAT and Applied Green Magic… and for Essential Manifestation, they expect us to keep practicing our technique. But since this is college, a lot of learning is self-guided, so it’s up to us to focus on areas we feel we have trouble with.”

“I’m not above swallowing my pride and asking for help, especially when a passing grade is on the line, but it can be a lot to handle sometimes… ”

I just. I can’t.

Danielle’s grace, humility, spirit and kindness. And still that playfulness and knowing smile.

-Freddie is a special little boy. He’s making sounds. Aaaaaaaaa. Our grandson is perfection.

-He has beautiful parents. So true!

And so much respect for Briana with her acknowledgement and olive branch and so much respect and love for Louis as a man, father, celebrity and heart throb.

My crush on her has accelerated to unknown territory. Danielle just gets it. Special egg.

Those game room snapchats from Louis’ sisters reminds me he’s so far away from home base. So glad his little family is coming together. My heart.