and the egg special

depression tips™
  • shower. not a bath, a shower. use water as hot or cold as u like. u dont even need to wash. just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. sit on the floor if you gotta.
  • moisturize everything. use whatever lotion u like. unscented? dollar store lotion? fancy ass 48 hour lotion that makes u smell like a field of wildflowers? use whatever you want, and use it all over. 
  • put on clean, comfortable clothes. 
  • put on ur favorite underwear. cute black lacy panties? those ridiculous boxers u bought last christmas with candy cane hearts on the butt? put em on.
  • drink cold water. use ice. if u want, add some mint or lemon for an extra boost.
  • clean something. doesn’t have to be anything big. organize one drawer of ur desk. wash five dirty dishes. do a load of laundry. scrub the bathroom sink. 
  • blast music. listen to something upbeat and dancey and loud, something that’s got lots of energy. sing to it, dance to it, even if you suck at both.
  • make food. don’t just grab a granola bar to munch. take the time and make food. even if it’s ramen. add something special to it, like a hard boiled egg or some veggies. prepare food, it tastes way better, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something. 
  • make something. write a short story or a poem, draw a picture, color a picture, fold origami, crochet or knit, sculpt something out of clay, anything artistic. even if you don’t think you’re good at it.
  • go outside. take a walk. sit in the grass. look at the clouds. smell flowers. put your hands in the dirt and feel the soil against your skin.
  • call someone. call a loved one, a friend, a family member, call a chat service if you have no one else to call. talk to a stranger on the street. have a conversation and listen to someone’s voice. if you can’t, text or email or whatever, just have some social interaction with another person. even if you don’t say much, listen to them.
  • cuddle your pets if you have them/can cuddle them. take pictures of them. talk to them. tell them how u feel, about your favorite movie, a new game coming out.


Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

❛ What are your Easter plans? ❜
❛ You’re never too old to hunt some eggs! ❜
❛ I’m going to Church, mind joining me? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter my friend! ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s supposed to snow on Easter! ❜
❛ We’re coloring some eggs for Easter, want to help? ❜
❛ I’m baking some goods for Easter, mind helping me? ❜
❛ Are you supposed to boil the eggs before coloring them? ❜
❛ Hey! I got a dollar in one of my plastic eggs! ❜
❛ I never really went egg hunting, ever in my whole life. ❜
❛ So, you walk around and find eggs? That’s it? ❜
❛ Are you going to go shopping with me later? ❜
❛ How does this outfit look? I’m going to wear it for Easter. ❜
❛ Who gets drunk on Easter? ❜
Oh, Easter! Another holiday to use as an excuse to drink! ❜
❛ I drink on all holidays, especially Easter. ❜
❛ I’ve got a surprise egg for you! ❜
❛ Help me fill these eggs with candy. ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s already Easter. ❜
❛ I never really cared much for Easter, or any holiday. ❜
❛ You didn’t come to the Easter festival today? ❜
❛ Isn’t this like for kids more than anyone? ❜
❛ A holiday to play with eggs! Sounds delightful! ❜
❛ I’m taking my child to see the Easter bunny, want to tag along? ❜
❛ I always loved getting my picture taking with the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ This egg is my egg, I’m keeping it. ❜
❛ Please don’t say you’re wearing that? ❜
❛ I made you a Easter basket. ❜
❛ I got you a Easter basket anyway. ❜
❛ Easter candy is my favorite! ❜
❛ Don’t wait up for the Easter Bunny for that one. ❜
❛ Christmas and Easter are probably the two holiest days in the Christian calendar. ❜
❛ I enjoyed watching the Easter Parade. ❜
❛ The shops are closed on Easter. ❜
❛ Are you going to that Easter thing this weekend? ❜
❛ I’m decorating for Easter, want to help out? ❜
❛ Hey, check out this cool Easter banter I’m going to hang later. ❜
❛ I have a chocolate egg just for you. ❜
❛ I love Easter and all the pastel coloring! ❜
❛ Pastel colors are Easter’s aesthetic. ❜
❛ I just love all these pastel colors! ❜
❛ Tell me, what is Easter again? ❜
❛ Ahh, Easter! Another holiday with great candy! ❜
❛ I’m so not ready for Easter yet. ❜
❛ So, doing anything fun for Easter coming up? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! ❜
❛ I always loved Easter as a child! ❜
❛ Easter is like my favorite holiday! ❜
❛ I got you a Easter card, hope you like it. ❜
❛ What should I get my boy/girlfriend for Easter? ❜
❛ I really wanted to get you something for Easter. ❜
❛ We should totally sign up to be in this Easter parade. ❜
❛ They’re handing out free candy because it’s Easter this weekend. ❜
❛ They do have Easter baskets on sale, want to get check them out? ❜
❛ There is nothing in this basket but candy? ❜
❛ I’ve got some extra Easter supplies you can use to make a basket. ❜
❛ Easter is like a arts and crafts holiday. ❜
❛ I’ve never been so excited for Easter before! ❜
❛ Why are you so excited for Easter? ❜
❛ I think this Easter will be better than my last. ❜
❛ It just feels like another day to me. ❜
❛ I can’t believe you don’t want to have some fun! ❜
❛ Did you get the basket I mailed you? ❜
❛ I mailed you gift. ❜
❛ Happy Easter! ❜
❛ I don’t really want to participate in this event. ❜
❛ Aw, you’re such a downer! Cheer up! ❜
❛ I really need your help with sitting this up. ❜
❛ I will never be able to pull this Easter party off. ❜
❛ Hey, it’s a double holiday! My birthday is this Easter! ❜
❛ So, is Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I can’t believe you’ve never went egg hunting before. ❜
❛ You have not lived until you’ve hunted for eggs like they were gold. ❜
❛ It’s a Easter costume contest, just do it with me! ❜
❛ Who wears a costume on Easter? Other than the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Plot twist, I’m the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ What’s a good book to read to kids on Easter? ❜
❛ This is the best way to go about doing it I guess. ❜
❛ I really didn’t Easter was this weekend. ❜
❛ I thought Easter had already passed. ❜
❛ Is there going to be food at this event? ❜
❛ Aw, what a cute picture of you and the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ I’ve got so many baskets to make this year. ❜
❛ I’m going to church with my family, I told you already. ❜
❛ I love this Easter day sale. I’ve been here all day. ❜
❛ All the stores are having a sale for Easter and I’m not missing it. ❜
❛ I just bought so much Easter crap. ❜
❛ I collect Easter eggs, if you were wondering why I have so many. ❜
❛ Okay, we got everything we need, now let’s get to work. ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter thing in the gym, want to go with me? ❜
❛ I never understood Easter. ❜
❛ Does the Easter bunny have a name? ❜
❛ Let’s just go shopping, that’s always helpful. ❜
❛ I really must admit, I didn’t think you could pull this off. ❜
❛ Is that a Easter bunny I see? ❜
❛ Let’s go to the petting zoo for Easter! ❜
❛ I love Easter festivals, they’re so much fun! ❜
❛ Well, for what it’s worth you make the best Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Wow, you work as the Easter bunny at the mall? ❜
❛ I’m dressing up as the Easter bunny this year for all the kids. ❜
❛ I’m just here to take pictures for my scrapbook. ❜
❛ Let’s start a Easter scrapbook! ❜
❛ So, we’re heading out early tomorrow, set your alarm. ❜
❛ Man, coloring eggs is pretty messy. ❜
❛ You should have put newspaper down before. ❜
❛ I got you a pet rabbit for Easter. ❜
❛ What’s a good Easter gift for someone? ❜
❛ Is Easter this weekend? ❜
❛ Ever notice how Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I’m ordering pizza for Easter, I don’t care! ❜
❛ Okay, so cute these papers into shapes of eggs or rabbits. ❜
❛ I’m send you a special someone for Easter. ❜
❛ Did you ever get that Easter basket I made for you? ❜
❛ I love making Easter baskets! It’s so much fun! ❜
❛ We’re setting up a Easter theme. ❜
❛ This is a beautiful Easter play idea. We should do it. ❜
❛ Are you auditioning for the Easter play? ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter day play, you want to come? ❜
❛ It’s perfect weather for a Easter Sunday! ❜
❛ Okay, help me hide these eggs for the kiddos. ❜
❛ We have to hide all these eggs. ❜
❛ Fill the rest of those plastic eggs. ❜
❛ The eggs you found you keep. ❜
❛ There is going to be a egg hunting contest later. ❜
❛ Don’t forget to watch for the Easter bunny on TV later. ❜
❛ I’m not that into Easter this year. ❜
❛ How are you not ready for Easter? ❜
❛ Is Easter always chaotic like this? ❜
❛ I’m going to take Easter pictures with my family. ❜
❛ Easter cards are an actual thing? ❜
❛ Wait, so you had no idea it was Easter? There are posters everywhere. ❜
❛ I auditioned to be in the Easter play at school so I could skip going to church with my parents. ❜

hey let's talk about Bitty in church

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Pretty much the only talk I see about Bitty and his probably-Christian-upbringing is in reference to homophobia and trauma.

It’s really easy to forget, especially for folks who weren’t raised heavily Christian, that if you’re raised Christian from a young age, you had a LOT of different experiences in the church before the whole homophobia thing reared its ugly head.

Let’s talk about Bitty in Sunday School. What stories stuck with him? Does he still have old dusty copies of Alice in Bibleland? Does he still get Veggie Tales songs stuck in his head? How many of his awkward teenage moments happened in Youth Group Camp? Did he ever try to learn guitar to help with Youth Group worship? Does he have nostalgic memories of Easter Egg Hunts? Was his church the type to have a special service for the kids/teens on Sundays or did his folks tell him in the normal sermon to “practice being bored”? What did his Sunday Best look like? When did his folks start letting him choose his own shirt and tie? Was he baptized as a baby or later? What was that like for him?

Let’s talk about Bitty’s Christian upbringing in a way that isn’t all about the homophobia. Thanks.

A Queer Kid of a Pastor (so don’t come at me telling me I don’t know what it’s like being gay and raised in church)

How to make cute moulded eggs

These eggs up the cute in any lunch box!

All you need for these adorable noms are large eggs and egg molds (can be found on eBay, Amazon or speciality bento sites)

First, start with LARGE eggs (small eggs won’t fill the mold, and you’ll end up with half-shapes). Add about 1 tablespoon of salt for each 3 eggs boiled.

This extra salt does not flavor the eggs at all - as the water boils, the salty liquid penetrates the shell through osmosis and provides sort of a cushion of liquid between the egg and the shell. This makes it much easier to peel.

Boil the eggs for about 15-18 minutes. This helps loosen the egg from its shell. The time may vary on your stovetop, so experiment until you find the right combination : )

When the eggs are done boiling, tap them gently on a flat surface to split the shell - be careful not to puncture the egg! If needed, briefly run the egg under cool water, but don’t let the egg become cold. In order to mold properly the egg must still be HOT!

Gently and carefully squeeze the hot egg a little to fit it into the mold better. Don’t go too fast or the egg will crack. The egg is still very pliable when its hot.

After it’s tucked into its mold just right, you can close the lid. If the mold you’re using doesn’t lock closed very well, try using rubber bands to keep it tight.

When the molds are all filled, put them into an ice bath. I put this bowl into the fridge for about a half hour or so.

When you’re ready to take one out, run it under hot water for a second. It helps loosen it from the mold. Open the mold and wiggle the egg a little until it comes out easily.

Ta-Da! A super cute shaped eggs!

Series 5 Episode Leaks!

Hi I don’t even watch this show so my don’t ask for specifics :))))))

5.5 Scream Team - Lars gets scared by a robonoid and screams so loud he creates a portal back home.

5.6 Operation V.O.R.E. - Steven and the Barnies try to make the Off Colors feel at home.

5.7 True Colors - Thanks to Peridot’s paint cans, the Off Colors can finally be who they were meant to be.

5.8 Paddy Cake - Padparadscha and Rhodonite visit the local bakery.

5.9 Bye Bye Beach City - The Crystal Gems work hard to restore Beach City after Padparadsha’s nuclear mishap.

5.10 Onion Peel - Steven finally sees the true Onion.

5.11 Metamorphosis - Lion inexplicably shapeshifts into Pink Pearl, thus going against everything we thought we knew about him.

5.12 Never Trust a Ruby - Navy returns to Earth, revealing that her betrayal was really just a big joke.

5.13 Back in Bismuth - Bismuth helps the Gems create a new superweapon to destroy Homeworld with.

5.14 J.K. - After Bismuth is bubbled once again, Steven meets his great uncle twice removed (John Kennedy).

5.15 Diamond, I’m Home! - When Blue Diamond discovers the Crystal Gems’ plans to invade Homeworld, she steals Steven for a new Gem reality TV show.

5.16 Race to Save Rose - Padparadsha, having finally reformed after the bakery incident, flies to Homeworld to save Steven.

5.17/5.18 (½ hour special) Eggs and Demayo - Steven and Uncle Andy spend a wonderful evening together.

5.19 Jasper Whom? - Steven remembers that there are other Gems in the bubble room.

5.20 Room for Sapphire - After Garnet unfuses for a seemingly meaningless reason, Steven follows Sapphire into the temple.

5.21 Cow? - Blue Pearl discovers life on Earth.

5.22 Fluoride - Fluorite goes to the dentist.

5.23 Separated at Birth - Rutile discovers that she’s not really twins.

5.24 White Wash - An elusive Diamond visits It’s A Wash.

5.25 Sugar, Please! - Steven and Ronaldo talk donuts.

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‘I Love You’ Avocado Toast

Yields 4 toasts

The things you’ll need

  • 4 slices of bread
  • Avocados
  • Lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Arugula
  • Eggs
  • Toaster
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Spoon
  • Fork
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Nonstick skillet
  • Butter for skillet
  • Metal spatula
  • Heart-shaped silicone mold

Let’s get started!

  1. Toast a slice of bread and then scoop avocado into a bowl. Squeeze lemon juice into the avocado and then add salt and pepper to taste. Coarsely mash with a fork.
  2. Spread avocado onto toast and then place some arugula on top.
  3. Heat skillet on medium low and grease the pan with a little butter. Grease mold with butter and place in pan. Crack an egg into the cookie cutter and cook with the lid on for 2 to 3 minutes, until the whites set. Carefully remove mold and egg from pan.
  4. Place egg on top of the toast and repeat for as many pieces as you would like.
  5. TaDa! This delicious avocado toast is EGGsactly what bae needs to make Valentines Day extra special!
Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Physical Touch

If you weren’t a particularly religious person before, Matt Murdock’s introduction into your life sure had you reconsidering. Not necessarily because Matt himself was a God-fearing Catholic, but more so because you personally needed to find God and shake his hand for doing damn fine job on creating your boyfriend.

After all, not everyone could land themselves a miracle in the form of an intelligent, loyal, handsome sweetheart with backside to kill for.

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Headcanons about the Inquisition Members: cooking during a mission

Cassandra: she can’t properly cook a whole meal, but she can roast meat without charring it, and she’s not bad in cutting the vegetables. She has no patient in dosing the ingredients, but she rarely goes wrong. Divine Justinia tought her how to bake. She’s not the greatest baker, but she’s happy when she does it, because the scent of bread remind her her old friend. She also likes making simple sandwiches, mostly with ham and cheese. She counts it as “cooking”. 

Dorian: he has never had to cook before the Inquisition, and he is not very interested in it. But, when they’re outside Skyhold and it’s his turn to feed the companions, he can improvise tasty soups, thanks a little book he has found in the Hinterlands. He doesn’t want to poison them, after all. He likes improvising, however, adding herbs and fresh vegetables, if possible. He toasts the bread too, keeping it warm thanks his magic. Of course, he makes sure to chose the proper wine for every soup.

The Iron Bull: he can cook well, especially meat, but he has a preference for fish. He knows a lot of  types and how to cook them in the best way. He has a thing for spicy food, but knowing that not all his companions share this, he just let the spices’ container where everybody can serve themselves. When he cooks, he’s so quiet and focused that the others are surprised, seeing him tasting carefully little bites of the dish, humming a wordless song.

Solas: he cooks only if no one else offers to do it. He doesn’t seem enjoying it particularly, but he’s always ready to share advices and tales about how he learnt this or that recipe. He puts the food in the plates mixing colors in a very pleasant way, artistic also in this, and even if he just nods politely, seems very pleased when someone asks for a second portion. Even if he doesn’t like tea, he knows how to make different types of it, which can help the others to sleep or soothe the pain after a battle.

Varric: he does know tons of recipes. But cooking is not only about reading instructions. He is amused by his own inhability to cook something decent beside sandwiches and broth. He can’t roast properly the meat, it’s too hard outside and almost raw inside, let alone the fish. He cooks very basic meals, chopping vegetables and giving his friends dried meat, a thing he always makes sure is fully stocked in their camps.

Blackwall: he’s the king of the stew. He loves cooking for the others, chatting with them while the meat is smoking and the special sauce is boiling. He has a thing for sauces and knows quite a lot of recipes. He can cook something tasty even if he has just a handful of ingredients, and he cooks enough to have a second round for everybody. His food is always strong and the portions almost too big.

Cole: he asks to learn how to cook, but it’s difficult for his friends because the young spirit always talks too much with the meal, not paying a great attention to his teachers. He likes helping the others, however, bringing them what they need even before they can realize it. Often, he personalizes what they cook, adding something sweet here, something spicy there, as he knows it makes them happy. If they have a rough mission, he appears with a basket of little pastries. Nobody knows where he picks them, but they’re happy he does.

Sera: she bakes cookies, of course, and they’re not so bad when she focuses enough to avoid to swap sugar with salt. When she has to cook, she grumbles and huffs, throwing ingredients in a pot, the flames too high. Sometimes she burns the meal, other times she just makes toasted bread and butter, with a little honey on it. She prefers hunting the dinner than cooking it.

Vivienne: for her, the necessity of cooking is a novelty, and although she’s not particularly happy about this, she applies strongly to be able to do it at her best. She learns how to make some vegetables soups and how to cook properly meat and fish. She’s not the greatest cook, but the food is always good, even if a bit too light. She uses her magic to keep the hot beverages pleasently warm, when they’re in cold places, whipping personally some cream in them.


Scout Harding: she doesn’t like cooking, not at all, but she never complains. Her mother taught her how to bake and made a decent meal with simple ingredients, and Harding’s roasted ram is pretty famous. Eating mostly dried food, she makes sure to have fresh fruit and vegetables for her and her team at least twice a week  . She always has a couple of raisins biscuits in her satchel. They taste like home.

Cullen: the only time he goes with them on a mission, they tease him about cooking. He surprises them all, making an excellent omelette, with cheese and fresh herbs, and using the leftovers of a previous meal to cook a savory stew. He blushes, explaining Templars taught him, when he was a recruit, and he still remembers some tricks from his mother.

Knight - Captain Rylen: even if he’s an official, Rylen does his part, but his food is basically half - burnt bread or boiled eggs. He once cooks a special soup from Starkhaven, adding enough garlic to scare a demon with his breath. When the Inquisitor senDs proper cooks, it’s a happy day in the Western Approach.

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.


You received three eggs from the daycare’s Flygon! Be sure to keep them warm so they can hatch into something great and healthy!

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Also thank you to @askrosetto for giving me her egg <3

Top 11 Romanian Easter Traditions

Romanians’s easter holiday follows the Orthodox calendar, which is usually different from the date when other Christian churches celebrate. Although in western coutnries, Easter seems to have lost much of its importance, Easter is viewed as important as Christmas in Romania. Families gather together, eat special foods and they go to church.  There are also many other important traditions that are held. In this article, I have comprised 11 Romanian Easter Traditions.

1.Attending the church mass in the middle of the night. At around 11 o’clock at night people go to church where they attend the Easter mass.   The traffic will stop around churches and people will put their baskets at the side of the road, waiting for the priest to come and bless their food.

2. At the church they will share light, which means they will light candles from the church.  The light symbolises the rise of Christ. This candle will be brought at home.

3. Lamb. Romanians do not usually eat lamb, however on Easter everyone has lamb dishes prepared specially for this religious celebration. The lamb will also be taken to church to be blessed.

4. Taking a basket with food and drink to church.  On Easter night, people will take their baskets with food- lamb, cakes, wine and candles to church. These will be blessed by the priest.

5. When arriving home the person who brings the Holy Light will have to make a cross using the candle smoke on the beam. This will protect the house from bad energy.

6. “Pasca” is a special bread that is eaten only on Easter. It is made from the highest wheat quality and it has a cross in the middle.

7. In Transylvania boys and young men visit unmarried girls and sprinkle them with perfume. This habbit was borrowed from Hungarians and Austrians. The sprinkling of perfume used to be done in noble families at the end of XIX century. The tradition says that women are perfumed so they will smell like flowers all year long and they will bear beautiful children.

In some areas, boys say little poems and then they ask for permission to sprinkle girls with perfume. In the countryside girls and women used to be properly showered with buckets of water.

8. Egg dyeing. All Romanians colour their eggs using either natural dyes ( made from onion peels) or using store bought dyes. Some are more creative and decorate them using  herb leaves.

9. Egg tapping. Guests will strike red dyed eggs against one with the head of the household and they will say “Christ has risen!”. The person who manages to win and keep their egg uncracked will have the longest life.

10. In Sibiu on Easter night trees are decorated with red eggs.

11.In Banat area children wash their face with a special water in which a red egg has been kept overnight.

tgt characters summarizied

alina: the actual sun. like, THE actual sun. an actual literal sunshine. beautiful, pure, the epitome of power, just wanted to save everyone and make everyone happy, ready to kick ass at any given time, the bi-fi signal is strong
darkles sparkles, more commonly known as the darkling bc i guess darkles sparkles just doesn’t have the same ring to it: made some Bad Choices™ but had good intentions (originally). wanted to keep his people safe and create a better world for the grisha so they never felt the way he had, so they never had to run and hide from ppl who didn’t understand their powers. had more power up his sleeve than a whole army, turned into an actual lovesick fifth grader for alina at least twice
genya: A WOMAN™!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went through so much and suffered so much and she came out so strong and beautiful and proved to everyone she wasn’t just some doll™ but a pretty thing and a soldier all the same. deserves the world + more. very pan and romantic
zoya: A TRUE AND RIGHTFUL QUEEN who could kick my ass and i;’d thank her?? secretly lesbian. literally tells alina to throw the future king overboard and break his heart so she can take the ring and the $$$ and the kingdom and everything. simultaneously would die protecting said king bc she’s actually very loyal and just. she’s everyone’s dream woman
nikolai: A TRUE AND RIGHTFUL KING, the perfect man, actual literal prince perfect, so beautiful and kind and funny and witty and amazing™, deserves happiness and love and the entire universe. honestly what A Good™
tamar: A LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO’S ALSO ASIAN!!!!!! WHO”S ALSO ALIVE!!!!!!! TO THIS VERY DAY!!!!!!!!!! AND IN A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!! armed to the teeth, has a heartrender (read: heartbreaker)’s smile, would make my panties drop, would let her stop my heart
tolya: an actual literal sunshine who’s very religious (but does not shove his beliefs down other ppl’s throats and knows how to stay in his lane) and basically worships alina. protect him at all costs
david: AN INTROVERTED NERD who’s a cutiepie and in love with genya safin (who can blame him??) altho it takes him awhile to place his feelings and then process them. very into mechanical stuff. loves everything metal. everyone would be fighting with kitchen utensils if it weren’t for him, bless his heart
nadia: THE OTHER LESBIAN I WAS TALKING ABOUT but she’s also super sweet and nice and quiet but she can also stand her ground so make no mistake she can kick your ass while her nails are drying. doesn’t have a last name which makes me very angry and upset bc good wlw rep is so rare and like,, one of the two (2) wlw representatives in tgt doesn’t even have a last name. cool cool cool cool cool coo-
adrik: nadia’s brother who’s feisty af and always dtw and by dtw i mean down to fight get your mind out of the gutter (he’s also disabled bc he lost his arm in one of the battles). will kick your ass 10000000000%
mal-: -aria, -function, -nutrition, -ware, a rotten egg that will cause you special diarrhea so i suggest you stay away unless you’re into misogynistic cheating assholes who can’t accept their gfs for who they are (vastly superior and more powerful than they’d ever be)