and the earth survived without them

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headcanons re: jake and amy's cooking habits? how on earth do those two survive?????


  • We know from canon (3x12) that Amy likes to follow recipes because they’re just like following instructions!! 
  • Charles gives them one of the best, most basic recipe books as one of his many housewarming presents. (He tells them no kitchen is complete without a copy of this bad boy, but tbh he just cares about Jake’s overall health and would rather not eventually receive a phone call about an impromptu ER visit for accidental poisoning.)
  • The first chance she gets, Amy takes a crack at making mac and cheese. (It seems simple enough, and also she’s 100% sure Jake would eat anything that belongs on a kid’s menu.) 
  • While she does love following instructions, she still struggles super hard at differentiating salt from baking soda from other white powder-y substances. 
  • The mac and cheese turns out TERRIBLE because she uses confectioner’s sugar instead of flour. (The consistency is all wrong, and - “No, Jake, you’re not supposed to like it. This wasn’t meant to be dessert for dinner. Stop eating that! Let’s just order pizza.”
  • Jake has a lightbulb moment halfway through his bowl of sweet mac and cheese, and he runs off to grab Amy’s precious label maker. 
  • Amy’s confused, but she helps him figure out how to use it, and he proceeds to label all the condiments and basic ingredients in their fridge/pantry. He adds extra “NOT TO BE SUBSTITUTED WITH …” labels to each thing just to make the point super clear. (He also makes an “Amy’s Boyfriend” label for himself and sticks it on his forehead. Amy tries to scold him for being wasteful, but she can’t fight the grin spreading on her face.)
  • Her success rate in the kitchen actually does improve with the new label system, and her next batch of mac and cheese is pretty darn decent.
  • Of course, Jake has to go and dust his bowl with a generous helping of powdered sugar just for laughs. 

I love the Off Colors and I want each of them to be safe and sound and know a life where they don’t have to fear for their life every second of the day. 

I mean, a Polyamorous fusion! Made out of no less than six individual gems! Who each love each other, keeping Fluorite stable despite her odd appearance, proving that a fusion does not have to look “normal” to be healthy. The reason for Fluorite’s slow speech is because, she, as well, is a conversation! 

A fusion of a Pearl and a Ruby … I always wanted to know what they might look like, but thought I’d never see one because I can’t see Ruby fusing without Sapphire. Rhodonite is scared and angry but still she keeps going.

A Sapphire/Padparadscha with what could be likened to a mental disability, as her predictions are always late. She’s always lagging behind the others but still so positive. She smiles and always tries her best. 

And the Rutile Twins … joined at the hip, literally. They only survived because the other rutiles were scared of them. They’re one gem technically but they are two distinct personalities, with their own thoughts, and yet so close. Gems don’t have a family … but the Rutiles are called twins for a reason. 

I want them to come to Earth, to learn true freedom and peace. I want Fluorite and Rhodonite to meet Garnet, a fusion who fought for the right to exist as herself, without fear. 

I want the Rutile Twins and Padparadscha to meet Amethyst, a gem who came out “wrong” like they did, and who learned that being different doesn’t mean that she’s worth any less. That you do not have to serve a purpose to be valued, and beautiful, and deserving of freedom and peace. 

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But what if aliens did evolve without natural selection like we did and end up being peace loving. Dose that mean the first species that lived survived. If so what would they think of the millions of extinct animal and plants we have or had on this planet? And how we had a hand in a lot of them....

Honestly, I have trouble comprehending how something could evolve without natural selection–like, did everything survive? On a stable planet without much weather variation, maybe reproduction was rarer than on earth but based on some environmental factor…so an entire species that reproduces asexually, I guess? I don’t have the science education or imagination to figure out where either of us was going with this.

Fili x Reader: Adjusting to Middle Earth

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(Author’s Note:  So sorry about how long this took!!!  I really appreciate you for hanging in there and being so patient!!   And this was absolutely the most adorable request, so I had a lot of fun writing it!  I really, really hope you enjoy it! 

Request: Along the normal lines of you ended up in the company. But a story where he (Fili) kinda takes the reader under his wing-shows her how to ride his pony, how to defend herself.. he reads to her since she can’t obviously read anything there… and a fluffy ending–like she cuddles with him under his blanket?

Also, gif is not mine!  Credit to original owner!)

   “You might want to tighten your grip on the reigns,” Fili instructed.  You could just hear the amusement in his tone.  Even after all this time you spent traveling with the Company, he still couldn’t get over the fact that you didn’t know how to ride a pony.  “The pony will go anywhere he pleases unless you guide him.” 

   “Right,” you nodded, trying to hide your smile.  “Got it.” 

   The last few months you’ve been in middle earth have been challenging in many different ways.  You came from a world of technology; cars, electricity, the internet.  And now you were forced to adjust to life on the road with no phone, television, or anything of the sort.  The first few weeks, the Company had decided to let you share a pony with someone since you did not know how to ride.  It just so happened that you and Fili ended up bonding over the course of the journey.  You felt more comfortable asking him questions about middle earth.  Of course you knew the basic plot of the Hobbit, but what they don’t tell you is the small details of everyday life in middle earth.  So, he insisted on using all of the spare time between destinations to teach you how to ride the pony.  

   So here you were, sitting near the front of the saddle while Fili perched right behind you, hands gently moving yours farther down the reigns.  The close contact brought a blush to your cheeks.  This whole thing certainly wasn’t helping your crush on the handsome, blonde prince.  You tried to just bury your feelings and hope that you could make it through this journey without embarrassing yourself in front of the Company.  But it was getting harder with each passing week you spent with them.  Fili had become your guide, teaching you everything you needed to know about surviving here.  You were glad to have a good friend, but it was nearly impossible to avoid your feelings at this point.

   “You’re doing great, _______,” he told you.  “Really, it’s not bad at all.”

   “Well, it helps to have a nice teacher,” you replied, shooting him a smile over your shoulder.  “I’m sorry your stuck with me.  The only girl in middle earth who can’t ride a pony.”

   He grinned back.  “It doesn’t make you any less worthy to be a part of the Company.  It just means that you come from a place where things are different.  Besides, I don’t see it as being stuck with you..  It was my decision to help you in the first place.”

   “But…why?  If I may ask.”

   He leaned in a little more, making you freeze.  “Because I could not leave a beautiful damsel in distress to fend for herself.”

   Your mouth fell open, and you were glad that he was behind you so he couldn’t see your expression. He called you beautiful?  You straightened up a bit and regained your composure just in time to shoot him another look over your shoulder.

   “A damsel in distress that saved your life,” you reminded him.

   “Ah, yes, how could I forget?  You rescued me from that river the Company had to cross.  You’re not such a damsel when it comes to rescuing others, I suppose.”

   “You suppose?” you laughed.  “I guess that’s a start.”

   The two of you ended your conversation when Thorin barked orders from up ahead to stop and set up camp.  Fili hopped off the pony and reached to help you dismount.  You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lowered you to the ground.

   “T-thanks,” you told him.

   “No problem.”

   At this point, you were a little grateful to have some space.  You knew the routine of setting up camp by now.  You helped gather firewood, set up your bedroll, and gave Bombur the proper ingredients for dinner.  However, that didn’t stop you from sneaking occasional glances at a certain prince.

   “Good evening, ________,” Kili said from somewhere behind you, making you jump and drop a bunch of supplies from your arms.  “Sorry,” he laughed, looking between you and Fili who was tending to the ponies.  “Am I…interrupting something?”

   “No, of course not,” you said, blushing.  “I was just…admiring the ponies.  They’re such beautiful creatures.”

   “They are, aren’t they?  With their long, golden mane and braided mustache-”

  “Kili,” you warned.  

   “Please,” he chuckled.  “I’ve seen how the two of you look at each other.  Why don’t you say something?”

   “Because it’s awkward.  I don’t think Fili feels the same way.  He’s just helping me with learning what I can about middle earth so that I can survive.”

   “I know my brother, and believe me, he does like you.”

   “Even if that’s the case,” you paused, glancing at the leader of the Company.  “There’s no way Thorin’s going to be okay with it.”

   Kili dismissed your concern with the wave of his hand.  “Never mind him.  Uncle needs to, as you put it, ‘lighten up.’”

   You chuckled.  “I’m still not convinced that telling Fili how I feel is a good idea.  Nice try, but we all more important things to worry about.  Like reclaiming Erebor, for instance?”

   “That is months away,” he pointed out.  “Besides, I don’t know what could be more important than love.”

   “What was that, Kee?” Fili’s voice joined the conversation, making the two of you look at him in surprise.

   “Oh, hello, brother,” Kili clapped a hand on his back.  “______ and I were just discussing the importance of love.”

   “I see,” Fili gave you a questioning look, to which you just shrugged.  “Well, you’ll have to let me borrow her for a minute.  She and I need to go over some fighting techniques.”

   “Right, training,” you nodded.  “I’ll see you later, Kili.”

   “Indeed,” he replied slowly.  “See you later.”

   Once you and Fili were out of earshot, the blonde prince gave you a look.  “Okay, what was that about?” he asked.

   “I don’t know,” you shrugged again.  “Kili is just acting a little strange.”

   Fili raised his arms in a defensive stance, nodding for you to do the same.  “I wonder about him sometimes.  He’s spending more and more time with you.”

   The two of you practiced throwing punches.  

   “Yeah, we’ve become good friends,” you admitted, smiling.  It was true.  The dark-haired brother of your crush had been spending more time getting to know you.  Even figured out you were crushing on Fili.

   “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he had…feelings for you.”

  You had to refrain from laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of his statement.  Yes, you and Kili had become closer.  But it was certainly not romantic!  Kili teased you, and you gave him a hard time; just like a brother and sister would.

   “I can assure you that’s not the case,” you told Fili.  He rested a hand on your elbow to correct your stance.  “In fact,” you ventured.  “He’s trying to convince me to tell someone else about my feelings for them.”

   At that, Fili paused, his hand not leaving your arm.  “Oh?”

   “Yep,” you nodded, mentally face-palming.  Perhaps it was a bad idea to say something.

   “And this person you have feelings for…  he’s a member of the Company?”


   “What’s he like?” Fili’s eyes scanned the camp, pausing on each of Company member suspiciously.  He really didn’t know.

   “Well…He’s always there to help me,” you replied.  Fili’s eyes met yours, and his lips turned up in a smile.  You could see a glint in his blue eyes a he leaned in a little closer.  But before he could say anything more-

   “Fili!” Thorin called.  “We need more firewood!”

   Fili gave you one last longing look.  “Sorry.”

   “It’s okay,” you giggled.  “I’ll talk to you later.”


   You hugged your knees close to your chest, leaning towards the fire in an attempt to absorb its warmth.  Even with your cloak, it was freezing.  The others seemed be doing just fine.  How fortunate for them.  Most of the Company had fallen asleep, save for Kili and Bofur, who took the first watch of the night.  

  You couldn’t stop thinking about your earlier conversation with Fili.  you had basically said that you had feelings for him.  And he had smiled.  Surely, that was a good sign?  He returned your feelings.  But of course Thorin had to interrupt the moment by making his nephew get firewood when there were plenty of others available for the task.

   A shiver ran down your spine as another cold wind blew through the camp.  You squeezed your eyes shut and scooted a little closer to the fire.  You hadn’t even noticed the footsteps that approached.

   “Here,” Fili’s voice was barely audible as he gently took a seat on your left side, draping a blanket over both of you.  You were too cold to get embarrassed or blush at the gesture.  Instead, you cuddled up against his side gratefully.

   “Thank you,” you mumbled tiredly, resting your head against his shoulder.  “Why is it that I’m the only one bothered by the cold?”

   “My people can withstand extreme temperatures a lot better than most,” he replied quietly, arm around your shoulder.  “Better?”


   “Good.”  He paused.  “So, to continue our earlier conversation…”

   “Um, right.”  You suddenly became aware of the close contact, blushing.  “In case you weren’t sure…it’s you.”

   He chuckled.  “I had my suspicions when you dropped that hint earlier, but thank you for confirming it.  And just to let you know, I feel the same way.”

   “Oh…good to know.”  You paused.  “What now?  I mean, we should probably wait to tell Thorin, or anyone, really.  I don’t really want the unnecessary attention…”

   “I agree,” he nodded.  “For now, we don’t tell anyone.  Although, I have a feeling Kili will just know.”

   You chuckled, snuggling closer to him.  “I’m starting to think he knows us better than we know ourselves.”

   “Probably,” he agreed.  “He could always tell what I was feeling and why before even I knew it.”

   “I’m kind of glad.  Or else I wouldn’t have had the chance to tell you how I felt.”

   “Me too.”

  The conversation gave way to a comfortable silence as you both watched the fire.  At some point, you felt your eyes fluttering closed as sleep began to overtake you.  It was an eventful day, that’s for sure.  The last thing you remember was hearing the peaceful crackle and snap of the fire while enjoying the warmth.

Estonia’s conscript army isn’t supposed to be a deterrent. It’s meant to prepare regular citizens for a potential war with Russia, where they’d be work with NATO forces and fight as insurgents against vastly superior firepower. They’re looking at how Vietnam went for the Viet Cong and thinking, “OK, how do we prep for that ahead of time?”

“Whatever unit or position you will be assigned to in the future, the first three months are the same infantry training for everyone. Most important stuff is discipline and knowing how to survive – how to find your way from point A to B without a map and/or a compass, how to keep out of sight, putting on full camouflage of twigs and earth the first thing when going on any sort of a mission. [That] was a big surprise to the members of U.S. Army stationed here, because they don’t need to concentrate on that. For them, it’s a Special Forces thing. All that sort of stuff. First aid is also very important during that time.”

Estonia hosts “war games” every single weekend. These are an occasional requirement for the 25,400 volunteers of the Estonian Defense League, which is basically a militarized Rotary Club. Attending one means going through 24 hours of competition to “find the medical herbs,” “assemble the machine-gun,” and “lie in wait for the convoy of enemy soldiers.” It’s like larruping Metal Gear Solid, only with the horrifying specter of imminent war looming over your every action.

5 Dark Realities When Putin Wants To Invade Your Country

The one thing that baffles me about the whole Humans are from Space Australia thing is that like

Okay I can believe when it’s presented as an “aliens aren’t used to so much biodiversity on a single planet” thing. Thanks to our rainforests and our oceans, we’ve got a shit ton of crazy creatures to deal with and even more that haven’t been discovered.

But when it’s presented as “aliens don’t know how to deal with rain and temperatures that freeze water” it says to me that people are ignoring everything we as a species have learned about the formation of life, what weather is like on other planets, and the ability of life to just fucking survive.

Like, earth ain’t hot shit. It snows metal on venus, our outer planets have storms that have lasted centuries, and the closest earth-like planets we’ve found have all had harsher temperature extremes and weather patterns than anything found on earth.

You expect me to believe that a space faring race of aliens would be able to survive travelling light years to get to our planet, only to be done in by the concept of ice?

Were not even the hardiest or most populous species on our own planet, that honor goes to the tardigrade which can literally survive anything.

Even lizards, small lizards, small cold blooded creatures that need a steady and constant temperature to survive, get by in the cold.

But we know that in general, life likes heat and water. Life likes undersea volcanoes, life likes hot springs, life doesn’t fucking get outta the kitchen. But it also doesn’t stop at the Arctic. Some of our oldest lifeforms live in Antarctica.

So maybe earth is at the bottom of the aliens habitable temperature range, maybe we get sent to explore frozen wastelands more often and maybe we can’t visit the aliens without a spacesuit because springtime on Scnargathus B17 averages at 230°F and the oceans are all boiling hot.

Maybe the aliens are impressed by our ability to science our way around temperatures that would kill us and maybe even them (YOU’VE gotten HOW close to a VOLCANO) and maybe we help them out with a heat suit so they can visit places other than our hottest deserts. Maybe the aliens need help surviving our weather patterns and maybe we’re a little hardier than some of the other aliens in the federation. Maybe the aliens are impressed by how easy dealing with other species is to us, maybe they’re scared because “how did so many THINGS get here”

But in terms of weather, earth isn’t even the most extreme planet in our solar system, let alone the galaxy.

Cultural Appropriation


So you’re saying that humans who are coming into, for all intents and purposes, a fresh slate earth, having access to the same level of technology as the Native Americans (thanks to Ted Faro and Hades) have ABSOLUTELY no reason to behave in much the same way even without knowing anything about them.


Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity? You thought this person looked like someone else, but it turned out not to be them? How is this any different.

YOU are ascribing to the culture in a video game that YOU think it resembles something else when in their reality, they are simply doing the logical steps to survive with no prior knowledge of ANYTHING.

Nothing Has Changed Me Quite Like You

I wanted a reunion between these two so I had to write my own.

Read on Ao3

“Bellamy it’s been 2,203 days since Praimfaya. 6 years and 11 days since I heard your voice. It’s been four days since the others have arrived. They were hostile and I’ve been avoiding them since they landed.” The radio crackled with static and then a moment of silence. “It’s not fair Bellamy. It’s not fair” Clarke’s voice shakes “I might have to stop these transmissions soon. I don’t know how long I can hold onto something that has shown no promise of ever coming true.”

He couldn’t believe it. She was alive.

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LoneStorm’s Official Fairy Tail Fanfic Rec List

Alrighty, requested by an anon, my so far fave Fairy Tail multichapter fics!  You’ll probably pick up on how much I love AUs… 

There are some I’m following and haven’t decided on the favorite label yet.  Need to see a LOT of writing before I decide to add, so please don’t feel insulted if you don’t see yours on this list yet.  Or I may not have found it yet haha.  But please send me ones you think should be on the list and I will read and add, even if they’re your own!

Find all my faves (Including awesome oneshots)  on my favorites list on, but here are my personal recs including ones on tumblr, in alphabetical order.  Ones not marked with the (complete) are still ongoing.  (All have Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, and the rest is pretty random):

AAA by BlackLynx17

EEE!  In one sentence, the shy otaku freshmen, Wendy, starts an anime club to make friends and shenanigans ensue.  It’s hilarious and though slightly cheesy and confusing at times, it’s a fun read and rather heartwarming.  Natsu’s adorable.  

Age of Gladiators by Nicole4211

WOW.  Historically accurate and picturesque descriptions and interesting plot ftw.  Saw some really good art on this by approvesport.  Natsu as prince but dad gets killed when going off for arranged marriage in Rome and has to become a gladiator and AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS but beware of the smut children do try to keep a clean mind and skip that…  :)

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds by Soprana-Snap

THOSE DESCRIPTIONS THO yeah I know nothing about the game but you don’t really need to to understand.  It’s so FANTASTIC ALREADY EEK So Natsu’s an awesome Assassin (except he doesn’t kill anyone, and that’s why we love him) in the Fairy Tail Assassin’s guild, and when he’s ‘practicing’ he just so happens to fall off a roof.  Don’t worry – he grabs onto a window, but it happens to be the window of a rich heiress longing for freedom… woohoo!!!

Bound by Lock and Key by Ayumu Foxtail-chan

OOO!  This new chapter came out the other day and I FREAKED.  I don’t even know why Natsu is the secret, powerful boy hidden in her father’s dungeon BUT I WANNA SO BAD!  Hard to explain but AWESOME READ IT!!!

Controlled Chaos by Absolutely Unsure (Complete)

This is a buncha beautiful Nalu oneshots in a collection.  Makes your shipper heart sooooar…  These were just fantastic and I couldn’t stop reading it.  But beware – don’t get too excited about the multichapter one in the middle because the fic hasn’t updated in a loooong time.

Dark Waters by Miss Mungoe

WOW FAB!!!  Seen a lot of art for this too, much by the fabulous rboz.  So shark-people/mermaid AU GAJEVY CUTEST EVER mermaid gets a forbidden crush on a shark dude and CHAOS AND EVIL ENSUE AHAHA oh and check out Mungoe’s other stuff too she’s fantastic all around.

Dragon’s Guide to Claim Your Mate by BlackLynx17 (Complete)

I know what you’re thinking.  "Storm, no, not the mating season cliche!“  Chill, dudes.  I know the idea of Natsu’s dragon instincts making Lucy his 'mate’ or whatever is overused and considered way too… no.  But this story is one of the most hilarious and adorable you’ll ever read and I have read it several times.  Ignore the slight OOC and unrealisticness and enjoy the story and Naluness.  Basically Natsu figures he’s in love so he looks at the 'Dragon’s Guide’ that Igneel left him for advice.  Please don’t go without reading ehehehe

Living With Him by amehanaa

OKAY OKAY SO THIS FIC OKAY THIS FIC I FREAK OUT MY FANGIRL SHIP FEELS AL;SDKFJA;SK okay so this one is basically Lucy and Natsu accidentally get assigned the same apartment as high schoolers and decide all they can do is keep it that way, for cost and necessity reasons.  And then stUFF HAPPENS!!!

Love at First Site by amehanaa (Complete)

One of my fave Nalu fics of all all all time.  Honestly my feels couldn’t survive a single chapter of this beautiful frickin’ fluff and cuteness and UGH well basically Lucy gets a laptop, and the first art site she goes on, she sees there’s this guy who likes to draw, and she likes to watch him do it on the site.  Eventually, he invites her to his friends’ and his private chatroom and CUTENESS HAPPENS.

My Sk8er Boi by Tatertotrocks (Complete)

Awww, but the tough guy cute girl thing…  short AU fic but so cute, what with all the skateboarder boy falls for ballerina girl that’s restricted by her father and… just read it.  <3  Cuteness you will find nowhere else.

On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams by snogfairy

WOW SNOGFAIRY SENPAI This is the first fic I read by her and I am still amazed.  This entire concept and they’re so in character and now we’ve got some action and Nalu Nalu Nalu and it’s really hard to explain so just trust that it’s one of my favorite things ever and go read it because WOW LIFE THIS FIC

Opposites Attract by Bugseey

Ah, a lil OOC but it takes a lot to get on this list so that’s fine with me, personally.  Band member that has a mysterious past falls for a young business woman and funny stuff and later action and drama happen and YAY!

Passion is Technically Passion by EvilByNecessity (Complete)

Also a bit OOC but HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE AND WORTH THE READ!  High school AU in which Lucy and Natsu are arch enemies… but do they really hate each other as much as they say they do?  I laughed so much please read.

Possession by HawkofNavarre (Complete)

I CRIED IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STORY.  (And then went back and read it like five times)  A very very accurate version about how canon Natsu and Lucy fall in love and ugh just so good.  Really quality.

Shaved Ice by EvilByNecessity

LAUGHED JUST AS MUCH AS HER NALU ONE OMG.  Gruvia prequel to Passion is Technically Passion. Juvia, skilled at swimming though awful on ice, joins the hockey team in order to get closer to the hot captain that she’s in love with.  Much shipping and SO SO FUNNY.

Tails&Talons by snogfairy

alskdja;lkjfa;lkjs honestly probably everyone is reading this because SNOG SENPAI IS THE OFFICIAL FAIRY TAIL WRITER OF THE FANDOM AND AMAZINGNESS WOOT.  CUTEST AU – Natsu is a tattoo artist that gets hired by his cousin, whose shop is next to that of a pretty florist and BEAUTIUFL NALU HAPPENS. *SPOILER* (omg Natsu and Lucy made out like FINALLY ABOUT FREAKING TIME SENPAI… not that I’m one to talk…)

Tales of Fairies by RicardanScholar Clark-Weasley

I cannot explain my love for this fic.  It’s a massive oneshot collection, over 200 chapters, all quality and full of feels, humor, shipping, angst, and ANY FT THING YOU COULD THINK OF!! It updates about every single day.  So, so much love for this.  Every member of the Fairy Tail fandom should be following this.  Much Nalu.

The Amulet of Pyralis by rivendell101

Not very long yet but SUPER INTERESTING AND LIKE YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS YOUR HEART WILL BE BURNING WITH “OMG RIVENDELL TELL ME HOW THE THING HAPPENS ALREADY!!”   It’s a Djinn AU (I don’t really know what that is.)  But basically Lucy is one of the last of the Djinn Clan, who had been wiped out.  Kept in a prison, Lucy never dreamed she’d regain enough magic to break free… (A lot more than that – awesome stuff about the amulet that I cannot yet explain well so JUST READ IT)

The Dragon’s Ward by au revoir pets (Complete)

This is one of the most quality and heartwarming Nalu fics I have read.  Mentioned it in TKOF, too.  Ooooh, the feels.  Everyone on earth should read.  The princess, put to sleep to be protected from the evil Hades, is guarded by a boy with the powers of a dragon…

Troublemaker by LaynaPanda

OOC but so worth it omg.  Natsu is the guy that always torments her, but she ends up falling for him, and his jealousy is proving that he may be hiding something as well… High school AU and super addicting.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne

Very, very interesting AU – boarding high school yet with magic and magical Nalu that warms the shipper heart.  Lucy’s the scary girl in school that has to put up a mask to keep herself safe, and while Natsu would have nothing to do with her by choice, he bears a terrible curse in which he just cannot stay away…  It’s really going somewhere!  I wasn’t going to put it on the list because the author had abandoned it, but just the other day, she updated and said she’d decided to continue!  ‘Tis fated to be put on the list, I suppose…  (Some commonly repeating typos, but worth the read nevertheless)

We Are Young by koa-chan

WOW THE WRITING IT’S SO SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL A;SLKJFASL;DFJ I CRIED.  A LOT.  YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN I CRY.  ALMOST NEVER.  This author is just so skilled in putting all emotions into the piece, making amazingly long chapters that come out every month,  and keeping the characters beautifully… in character ehe.  This is a high school AU but it is the ultimate high school AU – don’t live without reading this.  Your life would be unfulfilled.  

What’s a Witch by mslead

MSLEAD IS MY FRIEND AND SENPAI. SHE ALWAYS SAID SHE WAS A BAD WRITER WHICH  IS BULLSHIT BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING.  Okay awesomeness Nalu AU in which Natsu is a demon king that accidentally gets himself bonded by accidental magic to this human girl on earth.  So far it follows the story of them trying to survive with one another until they can get Natsu back to where he came from… if he still wants to leave by then…  THE WRITING IS QUALITY OKAY READ IT

Your Virtual Reality by Dark Shining Light

OOO This one has a really interesting plot!  Reminds me a bit of SAO.  Though they are best friends, Natsu seems to be pushing Lucy away, mostly through playing his new video game.  So Lucy gives it a try… and ends up stuck in the game!  Still wondering how she’s gonna get out and the SUSPENSE A;LSDJFASDFJ



—Air Plants in Witchcraft—

Air plants have been growing in popularity recently, trending as a natural home decor item along with terrariums. But they can also be more than a decoration for witches!

Air plants can be used to represent the earth element on you altar, or the air element since they survive without soil and therefore can live in rocks, trees, or high up places.

The manner in which you display your air plant can act as a living magickal charm, recharging anything you attach it to or house it with. For example, air plants rooted in seashells can attract emotional growth, strength, and renewal. Or they can be attached to a piece of citrine crystal and promote growth in career connections and goal attainment. Put them in a terrarium with healing herbs and stones like rosemary and fluorite and feel it constantly recharge them to keep your wellbeing healthy and your vitality strong. Set it in a bowl with rose quartz or rose petals, and it can attract new love or renewal in a relationship needing a boost!

The plants have a lively spirit to them, which in itself brings harmony and balance to your sacred space. Their spirit can aid with meditation if you keep them with you in your meditation space. You can even hold them in your cupped palms as you meditate and feel the energy of their growth, balance, and vitality.

They are perfect for closet witches or dorm witches because they are inconspicuous and take up less space than other house plants.
They are great for urban witches who want to feel more connected to nature

—Misconceptions About Air Plants—

•That they get their water from the air
This is actually false. Air plants get the name “air plant” because they can survive without soil and can live in higher up locations because of this.

•They can be misted instead of watered
Air plants actually need to be soaked in water. Depending on the humidity where you live, this may need to be once every two weeks or twice a week. Its best to water it once a week and take note to how well it is doing to make adjustments. Since it is getting warmer here I’ve been watering the plants we sell twice a week. I’ve noticed the smaller air plants are in need of more frequent watering because they dry out faster. If you live in a dry area you may want to mist your plant between waterings. After soaking it for 20 minutes to an hour during watering, it should be left to dry in exposed air. It should be able to dry in 4 hours or less or it will begin to rot. If you shake them out and turn them upside down it can aid the drying process. Make sure to remove it from any mount before watering (seashell, crystal, etc.) and wait until it is fully dry before remounting.

—At QuintessaBlessings—

If you are interested in air plants, our shop sells the ones pictured above with seashells, terrariums and crystals, or inside of a large aura crystal.

Air Plants with Seashell $10

With Terrarium, Fluorite Tower, and Quartz Cluster $32

With Blue Angel Aura Quartz $30

Purchase @quintessablessings
Well wishes!

You Are The Wilderness: Part 1

Originally posted by groundersgifs

Summary: You’re a Farm Station resident with a strong aversion to grounders. When you cross paths with Roan, will the Ice Nation Prince reinforce or change the negative perception that you’ve placed upon him? (Part 2)(Part 3)

You remembered the space station violently shaking and vigorously rattling as it made its descent to Earth. You heard the metal components breaking apart and saw the terrified expressions of the other Farm Station residents as you clutched onto your safety belt for dear life. You desperately hoped that the spacecraft would hold together long enough to complete your journey to the ground. You clenched your eyes shut, preparing for the hard impact of landing, and when you opened them again, you were thankful to find yourself alive.

You and the other citizens from your home station survived the tough and terrifying journey to Earth. There were breaths of relief and cries of elation reverberating off of what was left of the damaged metal walls.

When the front doors peeled opened, mouths gaped and gasps of awe escaped lips, seeing that the space station had landed in the snow. Real snow, you saw real snow for the very first time, majestically coating the hills like a glittering white blanket. It was freezing but it was beautiful, magical even.

The kids were celebrating. They ran out into the fresh icy powder and played, tossing snowballs and stretching out their tiny limbs to create precious snow angels. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth, seeing their innocence and their happiness. It was a joyous occasion, a wonderful time to be alive and experience the ground.

Then they came…

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Guide: Post-Apocalyptic Clichés to Avoid

Anonymous asked: Hiya! I’m currently planning a post-apocalyptic novel, and I was wondering what to avoid, cliches-wise? Thanks so much. :)

Quick edit for the many people who are confused about tropes and clichés:

Yes, many of these would be considered tropes of post-apocalyptic fiction, but what also makes them clichés is that they are often implemented in ways that make them unoriginal. The key to using tropes and avoiding clichés is to make sure you put a fresh spin on the element. Don’t just have a scorched earth wasteland as your setting for the sake of having it. Do something unique with it. in The Road by Cormac McCarthy, for example, the exact cause of the war that caused the scorched earth wasteland is shrouded in mystery, which made the landscape itself more mysterious. That was a fresh spin on “World War III happened, and there were nukes, and everything got blown up…”

So, by no means am I suggesting that your story cannot contain any of the following elements. This is simply a list of elements that have become clichés because many authors have used them and not put a fresh spin on them. When I say “skip it” I mean: don’t use it in its most basic form. Do something different with it.

1. Scorched Earth Wasteland - nuclear war was a common fear during the Cold War, so “scorched earth” wastelands were common in post-apocalyptic novels. The trouble is, now you see them in novels where there has been war, but not nuclear war. Even if there were nuclear bombs, it wouldn’t level an entire country. Whatever the landscape in your story, just make sure it’s a sensible result to whatever led to your apocalypse.

2. Cozy Catastrophe - cozy catastrophes occur when your characters have not only survived the apocalypse, but are leading a comfortable existence without any of the hardship that would come along with the end of civilization as we know it. Day-to-day survival should be your characters’ main concern, and everything they do should contribute to their daily survival in some way. They shouldn’t be overly concerned about trivial things that have no meaning anymore. For example, looting a store is one thing, but your characters shouldn’t be trying on cute clothing or obsessed with finding a pair of their favorite shoes. There can be stolen moments of joy, but the group isn’t going to get-up one morning and go ice skating or throw a surprise birthday party for one of the group.

3. Lions, and Zombies, and Mutants, Oh My! - clearly the post-apocalyptic landscape won’t be filled solely with friendly people and adorable animals, but maybe avoid escaped zoo animals, packs of feral dogs, and people who’ve turned into either mutants or zombies unless you can put a really fresh spin on them.

4. The Great Valley - a lot of post-apocalyptic novels feature a fabled Eden of sorts, which is a pocket of paradise in an otherwise bleak landscape, and typically the characters are trying to get to it.

5. Anything in Mad Max - if you saw it in a Mad Max movie, just skip it. Leather, hobbled together weapons or vehicles, tribes of ungoverned children, war lords, lone hero, Thunderdome.

6. Ice Cream, Guns, and Supplies Outta Nowhere - this could be called Cozy Catastrophe, Part II. Try to avoid giving your characters access to things they wouldn’t have. Ice cream, for example, would be pretty difficult to make without milk, sugar, and electricity, or ice at the very least. Avoid making all your characters experts at using weapons unless they’ve had extensive training, and make sure all supplies are obtained from a reasonable source at a reasonable price.

7. Paramilitary, Militias, and Pointlessly Evil Bad Guy - these are pretty common in post-apocalyptic stories, so avoid them if you can. Especially the evil leader who is horrifically cruel to everyone for absolutely no reason. If you need to have this group (or that guy), at least make them believe they’re doing the right thing.

8. Shallow Romance - some people think romance doesn’t belong in post-apocalyptic stories, but I call shenanigans on that notion, because few things bond two people together like dire or challenging circumstances. Just make sure that your romance is believable and well developed if you include one. Really think hard about how a romantic relationship would be different in a post-apocalyptic setting.

9. The Search for Lost Loved Ones - this is a pretty common post-apocalyptic quest, and not an unbelievable one. Just an overdone one. If you absolutely have to do it, try to make sure you do something really different than what’s been done before.

10. Characters to Avoid - The Chosen One: the main character who is destined to save the world, The Unwilling Rebel Leader: the main character who inadvertently incites and then has to lead a rebellion against some oppressive force, The Convenient Survivalist - the uncle or family friend who just happens to be a prepper and has all the knowledge and supplies necessary to survive, and willingly offers them to your protagonist’s group, The Not-So-Good-Guy: the good guy who is cleverly hiding the fact that he’s a bad guy; Stock Characters: the smart guy/professor type, the jock, the nerd, the ditz, the old crone, the gentle giant, the sage old man, etc. Also, avoid emotionless, faceless, cardboard characters. Just because the world as they know it has ended doesn’t mean your characters shouldn’t be three-dimensional, well-rounded people.

I hope thathelps
Lapis Lazuli

Okay, so let’s talk about Lapis Lazuli. For all the time she’s spent on screen, I feel like there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about her. While Peridot would incidentally mention all sorts of details of Homeworld or her own past, Lapis deliberately stays silent (especially about Blue Diamond, for some reason). She looks out from behind a mirror, and people looking at her see only their own reflection.

We do know a few things about Lapis purely from her actions. For one, she cares about Steven, and wants to protect him. She knew he was a gem (asked him to return to Homeworld with her in Mirror Gem) but lied about that to Jasper (in The Return). She sent Steven a warning message, too. And she listened to him and wanted to stay near him after Same Old World. And she was prepared to break Peridot’s tablet in Video Chat. I’m reasonably confident that these actions reflect how she really feels about Steven, even if she won’t say as much.

And, of course, we have her actions in episodes like Jail Break and Alone at Sea. But I’ve talked about Malachite elsewhere, at length, so I won’t touch on that here.

But when it comes to the things she says, rather than the things she does, I start to doubt how honest she’s being. This is Steven’s “Beach Summer Fun Buddy,” after all. When her mask is up, what she’s saying may not be true, or she may leave out enough key points that it might as well be a lie.

That mask has cracked before, though, usually when she gets angry. It cracked in Room for Ruby, too.

When Lapis got frustrated with Navy, that was real frustration, albeit mostly directed at herself. She evidently has been trying to learn how to live on Earth, either because she’s resigned to her situation here, or because she thinks things will change for Steven at some point.

She’s having a tough time, because Earth has not been kind to Lapis. Of course, it’s also true that Lapis has not been kind to Earth (nor has she been kind on Earth, for that matter). But this is where she was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years. And it’s where she got caught up in a war, somehow.

Her loyalties are still not clear. She was never a Crystal Gem, but she wasn’t here to fight for Homeworld either. She had a job to do—some kind of terraforming, judging by YD’s song in That Will Be All.

Possibly she was here to make the Beta Kindergarten, although that would put her arrival some hundreds of years after the war started, rather than before it broke out. For context, I posted a while back that she could have been a kindergarten teacher. But then someone suggested that she could have made the Beta Kindergarten, so I went and found their mentioned post about Slot Canyons, and how they’re formed by flash floods. Food for thought.

Anyway, for now, she’s got a bit of a cease-fire going with the CGs, but she is still not on their side. She has spent a lot of time with Peridot, after their rocky start, but most of that time she spent just going along with whatever ideas and activities Peridot happened to come up with, or lying in her hammock. This was at least in part because she was afraid of what she’d do if she took control of things again, but it was never clear how much was honest willingness to learn about Earth, and how much was feigned enthusiasm for Steven’s sake.

But now we know that she actually has been trying to adjust to Earth, because she’s frustrated by how little progress she’s made (especially in comparison to Navy, who really is faking it). When she says she’s still struggling to accept the Earth, that’s consistent with her “joke” about the table in Gem Harvest, and it means that she has, up to now, been trying to hide those feelings from Steven and Peridot. But it also means that she was not entirely faking it. It’s a reassuring middle ground.

The hardest thing about Lapis is that we know so much about what happened to her on Earth, but so little about where she came from, or about where she’s going, plot-wise. At some point, we have to resolve her issues with the Crystal Gems (the show is good about letting tensions build, but there’s always a payoff), and with Earth in general. But I can’t even guess how that will happen, or what the consequences will be.

Lapis Lazuli has survived (and inflicted) deep traumas. She’s working through some of them, or at least has started trying. But without knowing who she was before Earth, we can’t know who she’ll be after it. Would she return to Homeworld, if given the chance? She’s the only gem on the show who has never talked about any of the Diamonds, not even Blue (who is, presumably, her Diamond). That can’t be a coincidence, but it only points to more secrets.

Overall, I’m glad to learn that the Lapis we see isn’t entirely feigned. And that she’s genuinely trying to become a better person, even though she has a long, long journey ahead of her on that front.

But I’m looking forward to finding out more about her, and putting all her actions in a larger context. Peridot had plans she wanted to present to Yellow Diamond, a way to use Earth’s resources without harming its organic life. I imagine Lapis could be the one to put that into practice. But will she want to?

Ever since The Trial cast at least doubt as to Rose Quartz’s role in PD’s shattering, people are saying this might be a catalyst into Jasper turning on Homeworld and becoming a Crystal Gem because maybe one of the other Diamonds ~secretly killed PD~ for a power grab or something. Moving aside that I think that theory is bunk (I’ve said before my theory is that both Rose Quartz and WD are responsible and that PD’s death was probably accidental), I still think people are missing a couple of key things, because her motivations are not JUST tied to what happened to Pink Diamond:

1. Steven accidentally set Jasper off when he said he was “just trying to help.” She goes off on “Rose”: “Help…? Help?! I’ve been fighting from the second I broke free of the Earth’s crust, because of what YOU did to my colony! Because of what YOU did to my planet!” 

Because of dialogue/scenes in Earthlings/Same Old World/Back to the Moon, it’s being heavily hinted that Jasper first emerged from the ground while under attack from the Crystal Gems. Jasper is specifically angry at Rose Quartz for what she did to “her colony.” If Jasper’s first memories are of her Kindergarten being raided, of course she’s going to have issues with the Crystal Gems beyond Rose shattering PD. So even if somehow Rose wasn’t the one responsible for PD being killed, that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a significant probability that the Crystal Gems raided the Beta Kindergarten with the purpose of wiping out the soldiers - an action way more morally suspect than shattering PD. Why should Jasper forgive the Crystal Gems for that?

And there’s also the whole thing that Jasper, as an Earth Quartz, could lay claim to Earth being her home just as much as Rose and Amethyst can, and from her perspective, the Crystal Gems took her planet away from her (and all the other loyalist Earth Quartzes).

2. It implies that only by learning that Homeworld ~secretly killed PD~ can Jasper learn that Homeworld wronged her. Homeworld has wronged her plenty of times, in ways she obviously keeps trying to make peace with: they made her during a war for the sole purpose of being a soldier, forcing her into a life of violence; they separated and isolated her from the surviving Earth Quartzes, and taught her to hate them; they taught her to loathe her home planet so much that she hates herself for having come from it. All of these things are grounds for Jasper learning that what Homeworld did was wrong, without there being some giant conspiracy about how YD secretly hated PD or something. 

Overwatch AU: Mercy (Claws that Snatch chapter 8 preview)

Claws That Snatch: Werewolf!Lena / Vampire!Amelie (With a bunch of other overwatch characters as monsters) (I should really just call this the Monster AU)


Featuring “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

Would you please have Mercy


On my heart?

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But like, don’t you think that when Clarke told Bellamy to listen to his head instead of his heart, that he shut down his emotions so bad, and is now going without his heart, for 6+ years. bc he thinks Clarke is dead and he needs to be head and he turned it all off, and leads with his head only, bc he wants to make her proud, he doesn’t want to disappoint her. She did not die for him to lose focus by listening to his heart. He forgets about his emotional well-being and keeps his eye on the goal, which is getting back to earth. And he doesn’t let himself go, bc they need to survive. HE NEEDS THEM ALL TO SURVIVE BC CLARKE WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY; SHE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THEM, AND SO HE DOES TOO! Because don’t you for a second think that he forgot about Clarke, no she is there, with every decision he makes, in the back of his head; what would Clarke do??? And she never let her heart make her choices, so how for the love of god do you think that Bellamy would blemish her memory like that????

so no I don’t think that Bellamy will let himself fall for anyone, Raven or Echo, maybe a heartless fuck, like in s1, but he does not have time for anything other than survival.

And boy, do I want to be there when he comes back to earth and Clarke tells him he can open up his heart again, and she’ll be the first person he lets back in, because he can finally breathe again, now that they’re TOGETHER.

anonymous asked:

I was reading the supposed leaked spoilers, and i think it makes sense for Clake to die, i obviously don't want her to, but if they're going for the exact same conclusion again where she pulls a lever and closes the ark and a lot of people have to die or be sacrificed i think it's crucial for the storytelling that she sacrifices herself with them, because otherwise this show is the same again and again, idk how the show could survive without her though, it's gone downhill as it is

Okay, well, I wasn’t going to really write the theories I have about s4, but I'm bored this Sunday afternoon, so here is what I think COULD happen (if you read previous theory blurbs I have written…it basically is a continuation of that.) Of course, take all what I’m saying with a grain of salt and this is what I see “could happen” with some of the things i have seen and if I was writing the story and trying to salvage it. 

Also, I think the script leaks are hella misleading if you look at them closely. It says, “As she steadies herself on the desk, consciousness fading, we get our first look at her face: IT’S COVERED IN LESIONS, a mask of puss and death. We’ve seen this horrific look before: IN ABBY’s VISION. She stands there for another moment, fighting, fighting, before collapsing in a heap. Unconscious. Or worse. No sign of life. Dying on a dying planet.”  It just says that Clarke has collapsed to the ground and is dying.  However, there are six acts in television and it is possible that she is able to survive by being saved by someone that finds her in the lab. Because, like you said, I don’t see them even THINKing about getting a season 5 without Clarke. Jason has said before that this is basically Clarke’s story and unless Eliza asked to leave the show, killing her off would REALLY make zero sense. However, I had the same thought about them not killing Lexa off and they did so….yeah. But yeah I agree that Clarke’s story should end with her sacrificing herself to save her people. 

I think it might end with there being Mountain Men, Grounders, and people living in space again at the end of the season. I believe we will have people living in the bunker that is on Becca’s Island (i think it is a bunker), Nightbloods will be able to survive the increased radiation levels and will be ‘the grounders’, and then the 6-7 people we see in the leaked script will be the ones living in space and possibly they will find out that they aren’t the only ones in space. 

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It’s hard to wake up when nothing makes sense. Trying to avoid a fight made one. The magician, thinking brokenness made her whole, did something. Pushed me. There was darkness, the sound of breaking glass. It wasn’t glass, but it sounded like that.  Everything hurts. But everything always does. It sounds funnier in my head. I sit up. Alleyway. Dumpsters. The skittering of feet. A beetle the size of a small rat with spiral markings on its carapace. The sky is sepia above me, clouds looking like static discharges.

This is the city. This isn’t the city. I stand up. Nothing feels broken. I don’t think I’m bleeding. The beetle watches me, not hiding. I move away, step into the street proper. No cars. I see that first. Not a car around me. Everything looks empty. Shops showing off only broken windows. No street lights. Nothing hums but silence.

Shops are landmarks, more than streets are. People remember places better than they do names. At least I do. Nothing remains of that. I walk, half by instinct. Ed’s apartment. Not home, but a place I can pretend is home. I don’t know how long I walk. There are dragonflies the size of crows. Everything watched with faceted eyed. Not hungry. Not fauceted. Just watching. I rub my jaw, trace stubble. Fauce is a word, too. I have no idea why I’m thinking about that. Thoughts as destruction. Weapons. Ammunition. All I fire is blanks.

I laugh. The sound is croaked, but a laugh.

It’s enough. A door opens. A shudder of wood on wood, a hand smelling almost as bad as the person behind it. “You? Real?”

Wrinkles baked into the skin, desperation baked deeper. No idea who they are, how old. Crooked, but I think this place makes crooked people.

“I think so.”

“Eh. Eh.” The figure stumble-shambles. Holds bug spray in one hand like a relic. “Won’t survive long, without weapons. They grew. All of them. We failed and they grew.”

“I’m not from around here.”

“No one is. In this land, no one is from it. Everyone died. The magic went away. Poof! and everyone died. Pop!”

“What do you mean?”

“Magic. The magic in the sky, under the earth, inside us too.” A hand vanishes into a morass of filthy clothing, emerges with a small flashlight. “Magic is gone, yes, you see?”


“Sky-fire, yes. All of it gone. All the magic, all we did with it. Thinking it wasn’t magic, and it went away. It kept them small, the insects. Kept them limited. Protected us.”

“Where is everyone else?”

“Not knowing. You are clean. Anyone who comes here is – clean. Not from here. The insects know me, leave me alone. I had an ant farm once. Cared for it. I am protected.”

“I need to get back home.”

“Everyone wants to leave. No one wants to stay. True anyone, no matter your sky, eh?”

“Yes. But I want to leave the place I know, remain within it.”

“Oh! Clever!”

I can hear insects about us. “I don’t feel clever.”

“Makes you very clever, not getting trapped in it. Go to a place you know. Remain. Sleep is a door and a prison both. They don’t let me sleep. The insects want to remember us. I am their memory.”

I turn, see no insects. Walk. Time passes in units I cannot measure. But I find the building. Ed’s unit. Sleep.

Wake. It hurts less, this time. Hands. I flinch, but it is Ed. Him, his scent, his worry in the air. “Brodie?”

“Sorry. Bad – dreams.” I sit up. The lamp beside the hide-a-bed is on. My phone turns on when I pull it from my pocket. I turn it back off, fingers shaking a little. Another world, a possibility? I have no idea where I was sent, what was intended. Ed looks at me, trying not to be worried.

“I keep thinking about the weird as if it was strange.” I offer that out loud. “But maybe a lot of it is stuff we have normalized. Things we no longer consider weird.”

“You mean us?”

I return Ed’s grin. “No. I don’t know what I mean. Probably for the best.”

I get out of the tangle of sheets. For a second, I think I see a small beetle on the floor watching me, but it’s gone under a stereo speaker a moment later. I tell myself lots of beetles have spiral markings on their carapaces in this land, as well as – where I was. It doesn’t help.