and the dumb caption

  • Namjoon: You know, somebody once told me
  • Jungkook: That the world was gonna roll me?
  • Namjoon: Uh, no not really
  • Jungkook: Well, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
  • BTS: Jungkook, NO!

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

I Keep Telling Myself This Is The Last Poem

how many times have i said this so far?

that you stole my words? - you pulled them out like old bondage chains and left the taste of metal. just enough to make me

want to say something, but it’s always the same. you stole the words

from me. i swear to god, i’d say something different if i could.

but this is good. this is a kind of mending i’m alive for. the less i write, the less i hope. losing hope is the most freeing thing i could do.  

but it hurts. a dying ember always does. but missing is good. dying is good. it hurts but it is good. 

i mean - it’s not like i can blame you. i practically shoved the keys in your hands. 

i begged you to own my words, simply because you were too beautiful 

i couldn’t keep quiet about it. i’m damned and it’s my own undoing and now i’m letting go of more 

after being completely drained out. but it is good. it’s moving on. 

i’ve never thanked god for a lost hope before. i’ve never thanked god for grief like this.