and the dude :d


I was talking about hypothetical baby names with friends last night…

Them: Serena, but maybe spelled Serina.

Me: Charlotte. Could call her Charlie, Char, Lottie, Lola…

Them: Sirsy, like the band. Or Circe. [pause] Cirice, heheh.

Me: Dude, I’d do it. I’d name my kid Cirice.
Then I’d have to finally do a meet and greet and -
*mimes holding out baby a la The Lion King*

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Can I tag you in funny or just random raccoon post? (Btw your art is rad and you're great)

Hell yeh dude!! I might check it when I could :“D

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Aaaalrighty then! I'll get started on that after school tomorrow! (because I do that .3.) And most likely submit it tomorrow afternoon! :3 goodnight/day/afternoon!

Thank you so much, I saw it and I love it !!
But go to sleep earlier, dude :’D

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Mun: hell yea D.C.! I can just imagine Tim in his costume

OBVIOUSLY I had to draw it

Some headcanons for this AU (sorry they’re super nerdy and specific but comic books have literally been my special interest since I was FIVE and I can tell you pretty much anything about comic history from the 1940s to about 2012):

- Toby is a Star Sapphire. Before you get on me about the Star Sapphires being all female; actually no, they aren’t, there have been SIX male Sapphires. And honestly Toby is full of SO MUCH LOVE okay? He probably became a Star Sapphire after the death of his sister (much like Miri became one after the death of her husband), which was after they switched to rings instead of parasitic, mind controlling space rocks. Which, sadly means Toby’s dad was never murdered by him. Toby however has the freedom to live in space for the rest of his life. I will be drawing Star Sapphire!Toby later. 

- The light that creates Tim’s aura and constructs pulse like Arisia’s, however, they aren’t in tune to his heartbeat, they’re in tune to the beat of whatever song is in his head at the time.

- His constructs also make sound. They’re a little more abstract than most because of his schizophrenia but they’re so incredibly loud. What sound they make depends on his emotions at the time.

- Brian? Jay? Black lanterns. Straight up. They try to fight back against the ring but ultimately Tim has to kill them so they don’t RIP OUT AND EAT HIS HEART. I like to think they get brought back in the Brightest Day. That’s a nice thought I think.

- Jeff is a Red Lantern and I will go down with this.

- Jane was a non-Corps affiliated assassin who was converted by the Star Sapphires (much like Fatality)

- It’s an open secret that Tim and Toby are together. Like I can’t see the Guardians being huge fans of the relationship but as long as it doesn’t affect Tim’s loyalty to the Corps they won’t do anything about it.

- Toby getting hurt by a Sinestro Corps member is what made Tim become a red lantern for a short time 

- That Sinestro Corps member was Alex

- Tim almost killed him (again)

- Tim became a Green Lantern right after the end of Marble Hornets, and with good reason. He’d faced his greatest fear and literally tried to punch it.

- Yes Slender Man Still Exists and he takes the place of Nekron

- BEN is a ghost and is therefore unaffiliated with any Corps BUT he does have to fight his own dead body off during the Blackest Night which is fucking weird. So does Sally.

- Clockwork is part of the Indigo Tribe. I like to think she’s actually very compassionate.

- I’m sorry but that stupid ass arc with the Emotional Reservoir or whatever the fuck does not exist in this AU fuck that. You cannot deplete EMOTIONS what the fuck Geoff Johns we fuckin bonded dude how could you do this to me

- Tim DID get possessed by Parallax though and it fucking traumatized him. I’m not saying any specifics because I might do a comic later but FUCK.

@oh-nobro2point0 IDK if this au would be of any interest, but tagging you anyway if you want any input.

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dude i luv ur 90s victuuri!! one thing though... why'd you have to spell yuuri with one u lmao it's giving me anxiety

omg hahaha forgive me, i use the crunchy roll subs and they spelt it that way for the scene im sorrrry

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So, HABIT is sort of like, one of the baddest dudes in town, and answers to no one, but I just can't help but think, what would happen if the dude who dosn't answer to Slenderman or the Rake, inHABITED the dude who is bulletproof to both of those monsters? That'd be, to quote the youngins these days, "broke as hell"

I compared Stan getting inHABITed to Thanos collecting all the infinity stones for this very reason. 

End of times. 

Glad Stan was smart enough to stay away from that!

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

My dude if you had read my blog at all you’d realize I am 1.) A BISEXUAL woman and 2.) Have had a two year relationship with a *admittedly rather mediocre* man. So like, no.

And as another point the ‘Gold Star Lesbian’ concept is toxic and TERFy as hell like honestly stop making lesbians feel bad that they either 1.) Realized their sexualities later on or 2.) Fell victim to compulsory heterosexuality which is a very real thing.

The concept is stupid as hell my guy.

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I remember seeing some sort of a headcannon a while ago about Mitsuki just kind of becoming a part of the Uzumaki family... I guess we can consider this cannon now? :D

yes my dude there were headcanons/fics/art of it and now???? it really happened? i can’t believe