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DUCK AND COVER...again! NDRV3 kids box 2/3 on SALE!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce another complete set of the duck and cover NDRV3 kids on sale now! Here is a small reminder of some important bits of information:

All prices are in USD and shipping will be FREE. Here is an image with shows the availability of the students/secret rares (its really not hard to tell what they are):

NOTE: Some of these rubber straps are expensive. I know. I am not making them expensive to rip you off. I want to be as upfront with you all as possible. Each individual box costs 500 yen. Its really not that much. However, you don’t know who is IN the box until you’ve purchased it. I’ve taken out the randomness of it and priced certain characters up due to how popular they are.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these straps, please shoot me a message. I’ll try and update this list to let people know which straps have been purchased.

Thanks everyone.

Saihara: SOLD
Shinguji: RESERVED 
Ouma:  SOLD  
Kiibo: SOLD
Harukawa: RESERVED  
Shirogane: SOLD  
Gonta: SOLD  
Toujo: SOLD 
Yumeno: SOLD  
Chabashira: SOLD  
Monokumarz: AVAILABLE

Inktober day 21: Today, on “things that started out as expression practice and turned into a fully-coloured drawing”: Have some ducks

today in runequest we had to save a bunch of the duck folk. we were supposed to meet them at some old ruins but there were no signs of ducks. we figured that something had gone wrong along their journey so we planned to just set a camp and look for them in morning.

we had to roll special listen and our archer rolled 01 so not only he heard a stick break, he heard that the stick broke because a duck stepped on it. then suddenly a loud and intimidating voice from the darkness gave us some sort of “im spirit of this and this hero, how dare you disturb these lands blah blah” sort of speech. my character just responded “you are a duck”.

there was a silence and the voice repeated the speech but with significantly less confidence. my character cut his speech halfway throught with a “yeah yeah, you are still a duck. come here and have a cookie.”

again there was a complete silence and then we just heard a single silent and very distressed “quack..” from the darkness.

in the end we got the duck to come chat with us and turns out that he just had not realized that we are here to help him and the other ducks and tried to intimidate us. he had cleverly camped away from the meeting spot just in case some lunars find out about their escape plan and show up to cull them

me: hey but what if scrooge hid the stuff about della and esPECIALLY the letter from donald to avoid him living with the unbearing truth that his sister is a traitor

my brain: you better stop right there

me: AND what would donald do if he discovered the room and the letter??? he would be destroyed. he would realize he hated wrongfully his uncle this whole time

my brain:

yo please stop

sweet mornings

summary: breakfast in the barnes household || fluff || dad!bucky x reader

warnings: tooth-rotting cuteness, flirting, suggestive flirting 

note: here’s a cute little something. i’ll post something longer either later tonight or tomorrow

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