and the draws are so unf

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez & Viktor Nikiforov.

Apparently … they share the same voice actor … unbelievable. Well Grimm will be forever my favorite, that laugh, unf <3 Too bad the bleach anime wasn’t continued. Meanwhile this picture looks so damn bizarre and yeh, both wear the same outfit, except that Grimmjow wears his newer one. Either way, so far hasn’t caught Yuri!!! on ice really my interest, then again I just watched the first 5 minutes of it B’) 

Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include


Hell yes you can, honey! First of all, thank you for reading my story - to whom it may concern, it’s called Family Above All // The Mikaelsons, on Wattpad, with the username same as here, @not-a-total-cunt.

So, dating Nik would definitely include:

• Okay let’s be real, his temper being worse than one of a tired, unfed 5 year old at 11 pm, so yeah, yikes
• Him not understanding your 21st century abbreviations, memes, and other stuff, becuase, he is a very, very old man
Hey Nik, ever met Marilyn Monroe?
• How about Kurt Cobain?
• Hey Nik did you know Leonardo DaVinci?
• Yes, love, we were practically best friends.
• Making him read to you because HOT DAMN THAT ACCENT
I am not watching Twilight, sweetheart.
• Shut up Nik you’re just jealous you don’t sparkle
• Being best friends with Rebekah
• Him drawing you
• Like a lot
• Him, along with the rest of his family, always protecting you
• You kinda have a love-hate relationship with that because let’s be honest
No, Nik, it’s just a cough, I do not need your blood to heal me
• Caroline low-key hating you
• Caroline high-key hating you
• Hayley hating you too
• Everyone low-key hating you because you have all DAT hybrid ass to yourself
• Even the people who hate him and wish he burned in hell
• Eventually becoming just as psychotic as he is
• Having to put up with Stefan and Klaus giving each other eye sex
• All day
• Every day
• You love it when he talks about him because “rippah

Well I guess that was it, hahah, seriously, if you have any fandom-wise requests, I’d love to do it! Hope you liked!

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How do you draw such straight lines?

1.) Sketch? HECK YEAH. Lineart over it? HECKY DECKY YEAH!

Okay, first of all, you gotta make sure you’ve got your lineart layer OVER YOUR SKETCH LAYER.

Trust me, it’ll save you years of pain and anguish. 

Also, I use a custom tool to do my linearts for my comics/pictures.

2.) Slow and steady? F*CK THAT. BE QUICK. MEEP MEEP!

To get clean lines, I use very quick strokes. Slowing down can make the lines jittery and not look very attractive to the eyes.

I also like to put another layer over my lineart layer so, if I mess up, I won’t have trouble erasing key parts.

3.) More quick strokes? WHO WOULDA THUNK??

Remember how, like, two seconds ago I told you I put another layer over my lineart layer so I could erase key parts?

Well, guess what. That’s what’s about to go on.

I draw a quick line overlapping the previous one, so there isn’t any uneven thickness at the end of my line.

4.) ‘Artists don’t erase’. WHO TOLD YOU THAT?!

You know what you do next? 

You see that rude lil’ line protruding? The one that acts like it owns the place? IT DOESN’T EVEN PAY RENT. 



(Then after that, I merge the layer with my original lineart layer.)

Then wash. Rinse. Repeat.


You’re all done. Now that you learned this from me, you’re on your way to fame, fortune, and probably finding a pet dinosaur.

Despite herself, Sapphire smiled. Nostalgia hit her like a wave, reminding her of recesses spent shimmying up monkey bars and playing Alligator on the curves of a wavy slide. She jogged towards the equipment, scouring for what she most wanted to touch, shaking her head at the fact that Ruby had led her through layers of suspicious, unnerving city to, of all things, an elementary school playground. Her fingers reached cold metal and muscles moved to memory, and before she had completely thought the action through, Sapphire was hanging upside down by her knees.

When she opened her eyes, grinning with the blood rush to her brain, she met hot breath and a piercing brown stare. Startled, she swatted at the bars and secured her grip with her hands. Ruby snorted what could have been a laugh and glanced down at the dirt. They were hanging by their arms, legs tucked and ankles folded.

“So nobody knows,” they murmured, and Sapphire’s anxiety returned with relish. She shook her head frantically, confirming, “Nobody.”

“Then if I kissed you,” Ruby continued, and heat joined the colour in Sapphire’s face, “No one would know.”

- Rapacity Chapter 6  by @rhinocio


Fanfics I did would stay awake till 4AM to read a new updated chapter

Tonight was doodle night for me (too lazy and too hot for proper drawing), so I sketched my currently absolutely fave fic.
They all deserve full art, and I probably should do some in the future, but for the moment a quick doodle will still help me to express my love and gratitude to these wonderful writers <3

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Pots, I adore adore your drawings so much! Everytime i see a new post from you, it just brightens up my day! Quick question, doesnt red ever feel shy around 61? Like not even once?? I mean c'monnnn 61 is unf.. and what about vice versa?? Love you!!

noooo goodness no ahahaha 

red’s deep subconscious is a six year old, trapped in a 24 yr old hitman’s body. even after all that he’s seen he’s an innocent little dove who is immune to 61′s deep sexy voice, fleeting touches and dashing good looks lol   

all he feels for 61 is admiration (whenever 61 isn’t a lying tool that is) bcos he is his mentor. to red, 61 is the strongest man he knows. 61 is the closest to human contact he has ever had ever since he was six years old so of course red’s six yr old self was already attached. he felt secure around him. he trusted him. too quickly.


61 gets shy around red when red sees him with his guard down. when his masks are off. it’s like he doesn’t want that part of himself to be shown to someone as amazing as red, is what he thinks.. he’s and inferior child who has been buried deep in lies and he despises the truth about himself. his past. and if he himself can’t accept it why would red accept it too?

simply put they are both lost children thrown into a world where they never belonged in, but were forcibly molded into machines that are of use in the underworld.

these kids have a lot of baggage 

I’ve been playing these games since I was like… Ugh, 9-10? I played the fuck out of The Longest Journey and I’m so glad they kept adding onto it… Never drew fanart for them though, I really want to draw April or Saga. Like all of the characters. Crow especially, Crow is my bby.

The newest book was really good too, and Zoe’s new hair… unf.

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Last night I had this CecEarLos dream where Cecil was a prince who was the prize behind this to-the-death jousting tournament. Carlos and Earl were knights trying to win his affection by beating each other but Cecil likes them both so much they just have a polyamorous relationship. The end.

Unf, Carlos and Earl as rugged gladiators? = w=

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You like floweRS?? Do you know of any places I can find references? I'm having a hard time drawing them :( ahh yur art is just so so great unf

i doooo :3 flowers r great to draw i love em omg….. idk what exactly you’re looking for in terms of references, cos i usually just make up the flowers i draw huhuhu;;;; but here is a nice database for lots of plants and flowers!


Seriously though, Homestuck is controlling my life. MAEK IT STAHP! (actually don’t I love it)


anyhoo~ took me about 10 hours in Photoshop Elements 11 on my Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I would be greatly honored if this got reblogged  c:

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE REBLOGS! I didn’t think this would get so many notes ;A;