and the doctor was trying to stop her with his eyes

Uncle Negan : Part Three

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negan imagine / negan x you / negan x reader

warnings: language, negan being negan

“H o l y shit.” the doctor cradled the screaming baby and handed it delicately to Negan. “Straight from the fucking oven. You are a fucking angel.”

You collapsed back into the bed, exhausted from the labor. 

“A beautiful girl. She definitely has her dad’s fucking looks with all of this crying.” He laughed as he bounced her in his arms, the crying slowly coming to a stop. You barely lifted your head off of your pillow, trying to catch a glimpse of the baby you hadn’t held yet. 

“Oh man, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just-” he cut himself off looking down at you, realizing you hadn’t seen her face yet. “-she has eyes just like her mothers.” He trudged over to the side of the bed, carefully placing the package in her arms. Once situated, her big eyes gazed up at you. She was gorgeous. You smiled as she reached out, grabbing for your hair. You laughed, relieved she was okay. You slowly looked up at Negan as his boots inched closer to the bed. 

“Where’s Rick?” He took off his jacket and threw it on the bed. 

“Scoot on over and I’ll tell you.” You slowly made room for him on what must’ve been a twin sized bed. In some weird way you were thankful he brought you here for the birth because he had taken all of the beds from Alexandria on there first run. He crawled up into the bed placing one arm around you and another on the baby’s head. “Rick decided to take a little nap while you were squeezing this little shit out,” he turned to look at you, “Now what we need to talk about is what we’re going to name this princess.” 

You returned the eye contact. “We?” 

He awkwardly turned his body to face you as much as he could. “Let me make something very fucking clear. I brought you here out of the kindness of my fucking heart to make sure you delivered this baby anywhere other than your fucking home. My resources, my doctor, my shit. As I understand it you delivered at least 2 months fucking early. So the way I see it, you owe me a little more than a fucking thank you.” Your tension filled the room as you r fear locked into his eyes until a pound on the door echoed through the room. 


“Dwight,” Negan sighed, pulling his arm closer to you “open up the damn door.” Rick’s pounding continued until Dwight swung open the door leaving him standing cold in the doorway. He looks between you and Negan, searching for words before laying eyes upon the baby. 

“Rick! Thank you for finally deciding to join us. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fucking fun. Look at this happy family. I mean we were before you walked in.” You saw Rick’s jaw clench as he proudly kept his cool. 

“I would like to see my child.” 

Negan laughed, leaning down whispering something into your ear before removing himself from the bed. “Well sure thing, Rick! I’m not a fucking baby snatcher if that’s the shit you’re fucking suggesting.” He kissed the baby’s head, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. “You may wanna hold her for a bit tho, because I held her first she may have already associated my smell with the ‘father’ title,” he patted him on the shoulder, “but I wouldn’t fucking sweat it.” He signaled for Dwight to follow and the two left the room, locking the door behind him. Rick stood frozen in the middle of the room; you could see his sweat from the bed. “What did he say to you.”

“Rick,” you whispered trying to break his gaze, “Rick, she has your nose.” He slowly looked up at you. 

“S–she?” You saw him look down, trying to hide the smile that started to crawl across his face. 

“Rick.” You called his name again, your voice becoming unsteady. He made his way over to the bed, a steady flow of tears following close behind. He laid down, resuming the spot Negan had warmed up for him. You laid the baby in his arms, creating a look of wonder across Rick’s face. He was speechless. 

“She is so…so beautiful,” He kissed her head, “She has your e-”

“My eyes. I know.” you said finishing his sentence. “You know he’ll never hurt Mary. You just have to ignore what he says.” 

“Mary,” He laughed, overcome with joy, “after your Mother? I thought you told me her name was-” 

“Sure, yeah-yes. My mother.” 

He put his arm around you, accepting you and Mary into his existence. “She’s going to make everything alright, I feel it. This is exactly what Alexandria needs.” 

You slowly looked at the door, disguising the fear in your eyes. 

“Eventually, she will be. Eventually.” 






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Life in Her Eyes - Star Trek

Wedding Dance was awesome!! Thank you for writing it. I love Eomer!! And enjoy reading those stories. I also like your Bones ones too!!! So I have a Bones request. Dancing with wife!reader in their quarters for no other reason that he had a bad day in Medbay and just wants to hold her.

Leonard McCoy slowly peeled off his surgical gloves and dropped them in the bin. He watched from behind the glass door of the prep room as a nurse led a man into the med room. The nurse stepped next to the bed and pulled down the sheet. Leonard turned away as the man collapsed with a sob next to the lifeless figure on the bed.

Bones stopped to enter a few things into the computer briefly before signing out of the med bay. He walked down the hallway, keeping his head down. Hoping no one would notice the color draining from his face or the gathering wetness of his eyes. As he rounded a corner he shook his head vigorously, trying to snap himself out it. As a seasoned doctor, he was no stranger to death. He had lost more than a few people on the operating table. But this was different. The woman who had been brought in had been on an away team who were exposed to a toxin that caused sudden and severe internal hemorrhaging. Hemorrhaging too severe for even the advanced medical equipment aboard the Enterprise to keep up with.

What bothered Leonard, was the woman looked exactly like his wife. Looked exactly like you. And as the nurse brought in the woman’s husband, Leonard saw himself walking into a sterile room and lifting a sheet to find you, eyes closed and skin cold. The thought made his lungs feel like lead.

Upon reaching your shared quarters, the door opened and he was greeted by soft piano-like music. You looked up from the book you were reading and smiled at him. Your smile faded almost immediately, replaced by concern. The minute the door closed, Leonard sighed and a few of the frustrated tears he had been holding back spilled slowly down his cheek as he squinted his eyes closed.

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everything is personal

summary: a short Jeller ficlet based on the synopsis for 2.17

She walked out of the elevator and looked around. The office was empty, as it should be at midnight. She pressed her fingers to her forehead, trying to relieve the throbbing headache she had. Every part of her was hurting; every muscle, every bone, and especially the gun shot wound in her upper arm. It had been a long day, and if she had not promised Roman she would go see him after the doctors cleared her, she’d already be home.

She spotted Kurt in his office and decided to make one last stop before she put an end to this horrible day. He looked up and saw her just before she got to his door, waving for her to come in. He was standing and walking around his desk by the time she’d walked, his eyes scanning over her, assessing the level of her injuries. His gaze fell on the bandage on her arm, and she could see the flare of anger on his face.

“How are you feeling?” he asked her, and she nodded, a tired, yet reassuring smile on her lips. 

“I’m fine,” she said, “it’s just a graze.”

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Dean Spam #2: The Medicine - Request

Requested by anon:  Being deans girlfriend and him having to wrestle with her trying to get her to take her medication

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 442

Warnings: Innuendos.

A/N: Agh, the horror of being sick!


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“It says here you have to take it three times a day.” Dean informed as he read from the white box in his hands.

“There’s no way I’m doing that.” (Y/N) threatened. Her stuffed nose and raspy voice begged otherwise.

“Until you stop talking like Chuckie Finster, you do as the doctor says.” Dean said.

“But it tastes awful!” She whined.

“I don’t care.” Dean took the bottle out of the box and started serving the gruesome white syrup in the tiny cup the box included. “Now drink up.”

“No.” She stated.

“(Y/N), just swallow it.” Dean rolled his eyes.

“I get the taste either way.” She complained.

“You swallow worse.” Dean spoke, half-jokingly half-serious.

“DEAN!” She squealed. Dean chuckled.

“Don’t make me force you.”

She made him force her.

Dean crawled over (Y/N) and wrestled with her. His hunting abilities were nothing compared to his drunken ones.  Not a single drop of medicine fell off the cup thanks to his ability to keep cups, glasses and any other liquid container in perfect balance no matter what because it would’ve been a sin to drop whiskey while being drunk.

“Why couldn’t he give me pills?” She argued as he dodged the cup.

“Because you need syrup, not pills.” Dean replied, looking for another way to reach her mouth while, at the same time, pushing her hands away.

“I don’t want it.” She insisted.

“Fine, don’t drink it.” Dean granted and (Y/N) stopped fighting. “But I won’t kiss Sicky Vicky.”

(Y/N) gave him her best puppy eyes. “Not even on the cheek?”

“Nope.” Dean popped the last syllable, “I need to be healthy and close contact with you could get me sick.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes and groaned. Dean used her open mouth as an advantage and poured the medicine in. (Y/N) almost choked but didn’t spit it.

“EW!” She whined, making weird faces as she swallowed, “You are an awful person.”

Dean shrugged his shoulders. “I won’t apologize.”

“I could’ve died!” She complained, “In fact, I think I’m dying at how bad it tastes.” She continued, falling to his lap and melting.

“You’re a real drama queen.” Dean laughed.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew how badly the medicine tastes.” (Y/N) mumbled as she continued her tantrum.

“I don’t think it’s that bad.” He said as he poured a bit over his finger and tried it. “Never mind.” He gulped, “I was wrong, this tastes like ass.”

“How do you know how ass… Never mind.” She groaned, but was happy to know Dean was aware of the hideous taste of it.

“Either way, you’re drinking it until you get better.”


*Requests are ALWAYS open.*


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This idea has been rattling around in my brain the last couple days and I needed to get it out. A future part of Mind Over Matter, a canon-divergent AU.

It happened so fast. Too fast for him to react. Too fast for him to stop it before it was too late.

She had been so confident.

“My barriers are solid.”

She had been so persistent.

“If you want to try this, we’re doing it.”

She always was.

He should have known better.

“Doctor Chakwas!” He couldn’t stop the panic from flooding his voice.

Troubled green eyes scanned him, took in the sight of Shepard cradled against his chest, limp and heavy in his arms.

“Set her down there.” Decades of experience kept the doctor calm, but Kaidan could see the question in her eyes.

He set her down slowly, reluctant to let her go, sure that if he did he would only hurt her more somehow. An emptiness settled in his chest, cold from the loss of contact, tight with fear.

“We were training,” an explanation tumbled from his lips, his voice shaky “she – I wanted to try…”

Chakwas’ omni-tool scanned over her.

Kaidan couldn’t tear his eyes from Shepard; a tranquil expression befell her porcelain features, as if she were simply sleeping. As if he hadn’t done this to her.

As if just moments ago she hadn’t been cloaked in swirling tendrils of violet, doubled over as the vortex of energy attacked her nervous system. As if the attack hadn’t immobilized her, forcing her upright and rigid, trapped and helpless as his biotics continued to leech her energy. As if she hadn’t collapsed to the floor in a heap, unconscious yet spasming in pain. As if he hadn’t had to gather her from the ground, scoop her up in his arms and carry her to the med bay.

“This was your doing?”

If he were able to look away from Shepard, he would have hung his head in shame.

“She was helping me learn to reave.”

No response. For what felt like ages, the silence stretched on.

Kaidan was frozen; he couldn’t move. He wouldn’t. Chakwas worked around him, injecting medi-gel, scanning Shepard, injecting more medi-gel, scanning again.

Finally, an answer.

“She is going to be fine, Lieutenant Alenko.”

Kaidan cringed at the formality, akin to his mother using his middle name.

“Although I suspect an apology will be in order. I’ll leave you to it.”

Med bay doors hissed shut behind the doctor.

Kaidan found a stool behind him, pulled it alongside the cot where Shepard lay. His hands enveloped one of hers.

She was cool to the touch, clammy. The usual rosy tint to her cheeks had vanished. Beads of sweat appeared like dew across her brow. Rogue strands of hair clung to her forehead.

His eyes fell shut and he dropped his head.

How could I be so careless?

A twitch of a fingertip in his hand alerted him. Kaidan’s eyes sprung open in time to watch Shepard’s eyelids flutter, then slowly, sopainstakingly slowly, they opened.

“Shepard?” Her name was a whisper on his lips. His hands squeezed hers.

Her head rolled to the side, a small, lazy smile pulled at the corners of her lips. “Hey, Kaidan.”

He felt her hand tighten around his own. Her grip was weak, but it was enough.

“Guess you figured out how to reave, huh?”

Her smile barely reached her eyes before her lids fell heavily over the pools of forest green.

It wasn’t until that moment that Kaidan realized he had been holding his breath.

“Addyson, I’m so sorry. I never – ”

Shepard’s other hand raised in the air. “Don’t.”

Her eyes opened again, clearer, brighter than before. The color was returning to her face.

Kaidan breathed a sigh of relief, removed his hand from atop hers and brought it to her face. Slowly, delicately, he brushed the sweat-slicked strands of hair from her forehead. He brushed his hand through long copper locks. He stroked her cheek with his thumb.

Shepard caught his hand in hers, brought it to her lips, placed a kiss to the back of his hand and held it tight against her chest.

He spoke quietly, “I never want to do that again. What I did to you…I won’t. I am sorry, Addyson.”

“Kaidan, I’m fine.” Her fingers wrapped tighter around his palm. “You just reaved.”

Determination gleamed in her eyes. The same almost feline ferocity he had come to know as commonplace had returned. And something else, something new. Admiration.

“Do you know how damn impressive that is?” Again she pressed her lips to the back of his hand, lingering. “You don’t have to use it on me again, but the day will come that you’ll want to use it on someone else.”

Kaidan shifted in his seat. Images of Shepard afflicted by the attack churned his stomach. Feeling the energy leave her body to feed his made his skin crawl. But she was right; an annoying habit of hers.

“I know.”

He wished he wouldn’t have to. He wished they didn’t have to prepare for a war like this. He wished he hadn’t asked her to help him, that he hadn’t hurt her.

Kaidan captured her hand and copied her actions, bringing her hand to his lips. His lips pressed against the back of her hand, his eyes closing briefly.

He wished he could keep her safe. He wished he could promise her a happy ending.

But he knew the odds of a happy ending for either of them were slim. He suspected she did too.

Met Their Match 1/2

This was a collaboration between me and @dimensionhoppingrose, and was inspired by this post by @tinyconfusion.

Ten x Rose AU

At the insistence of his sister, James Noble stops by Rose Tyler’s shop, but what he doesn’t know is that Rose runs a matchmaking business. While Rose tries to match him with a perfect partner, James starts to realize he’s falling for the woman who is trying to set him up on a date with other women.

Part 2AO3

“Her name is Rose Tyler, I think you’d like her.”

“…What exactly am I going to her for?”

Donna just smiled mysteriously, and James narrowed his eyes. “Are you trying to hook me up with a prostitute? Because that’s weird, Donna.”

“What? Oh, my God, no!” Donna rolled her eyes. “Look, just go, all right?”

“Why should I?”

“Because if you don’t, I’ll text you every single day telling you to go until I die or you block my number.”

She made a very compelling argument. She would do it, too.

Fine,” James huffed. “I’ll go.”

Donna grinned triumphantly.

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You Can’t Protect Me-Scott McCall

Teen Wolf Imagine:#8 Prompt:#64

Word Count:590 (Super Short I know and I’m sorry)

Warnings: Arguments

A/n: Another short one. This makes 3 in less than 24 hours which is really exciting for me and makes me super happy. It is currently 2am and my eyes hurt but I can’t stop writing. Time to start another round of imagines where I will be trying my hand at some smut so be prepared for the worst. I hope you like it and feel free to message me or send me asks because I love to hear from you all :)


Coming Soon


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“Hi, I’m looking for Doctor Harmon.” You say as a redheaded woman opens the door. Her eyes wander over your body and she licks her lips, making you feel uncomfortable.
“Come in.” You go into the house, follow her in the living room. “You can wait here.”
With a nod you sit down while she cleans the cupboard and you try not to stare at her short skirt.
“Maybe I should come back later.” You mumble, but she pushes you back on the couch.
“I have another idea.” She says as she spreads your legs and a part of you regret it that you wear a dress instead of jeans.
“White, so innocent.” She purrs, stroking with her fingertips over your pussy. “But I like no underwear more.”
With this words she pulls down your panties and you gasp in shock.
“Stop.” You say embarrased.
“Really?” She grabs your waist and pulls you closer before she teases your already wet pussy with her fingers.
“Yeah.” You say out of breath and she thrusts a finger into you, pumping it slowly in and out.
“Really?” She asks again and you shake your head, the arousal builds in your stomach. “Good.”
She adds two other fingers, thrusting them in and out in a steady rhythm while she starts to suck your clit in her mouth.
“Fuck.” You moan and you can hear her chuckle. She bites into your clit, sending you over the edge and you scream out your orgasm.
Her fingers working faster, thrusting harder into you. The knot in your stomach coils as she hits your g-spot over and over again.
“Come.” Her voice dominate and the knot in your stomach breaks, shooting a second wave of pleasure through your body.
“Wow.” You whisper as you watch her how she licks her fingers. “Do-do you want?” You stutter with a blush.
“Not necessary. Doctor Harmon should be here soon.” She bends down to you. “I hope you will come again.”

anonymous asked:

my cousin is autistic she bites herself every day and runs away if you come close to her. autism is fucking horrible so stop romanticizing it because it is not a pretty disorder

(Sarcasm) Uh-huh, so anon, clearly you, an allistic, know more about autism than me, an autistic person. Right, okay, so this

Groot’s eyes went more blank. He stopped blinking. Nothing he looked at made any sense to him. A groan rattled in his throat. He sat up halfway and thrashed himself downward against the ground as hard as he could, trying to shatter the numb agony off his nerves.

“Here we go. He’s going nuclear,” Rocket kept talking, “You’re okay, Groot. Your water won’t get taken away for this. Go ahead. We’ll handle it.”

Impulses raged through Groot’s brain. He jerked his arm up and punched himself square in the face. Quill seized his elbow before he landed the second blow, unintentionally leaving his fist loose to jab his own hip instead. Gamora captured his wrist. The sick wrist, no less. Groot struggled harder as the aching and numbness fought for dominance. He bore his teeth and lunged at the obstacle between him and the thing that hurt. Gamora leaned away, losing her grip on his arm. Drax immediately grabbed his right hand, saving it from getting mangled.

“I know this is not your fault,” he said, placing a hand on Groot’s chest to try and hold him down.

But Groot’s body wanted to rebel against its pain. Like a person drowning, he kicked his legs and nearly threw everyone off him at once. Rocket narrowly avoided getting punted across the flight deck.

A trillion feelings of apology flashed through Groot’s mind while he writhed between the people trying to protect him from himself.

“Here,” Quill pushed the chew tube towards Groot’s face, “Bite this, not yourself.”

Groot clamped the chew tube in his jaws as another strong pang hit. He keened and slammed his head backwards against the metal floor until he saw stars. The jarring impact reverberated through his nerve endings. Creating his own pain on purpose overrode the distress caused by sickness. Right then he was desperate to feel something, anything, that wasn’t uncontrolled agony. Making himself hurt increased his desperation and fear, so he doubled his efforts. A vicious cycle he couldn’t break once it established itself.

More pangs. More panic. More head slamming.

and this

The Doctor heaved himself through the TARDIS doors and staggered to the control console. He pulled the locking mechanism, which triggered the TARDIS to dematerialize. Then he pushed at the appropriate moment to rematerialize exactly five minutes after he left Clara.

Everything continued surging inward. An accelerating, inevitable collapse. He pressed his hands on the cool hexagonal console. His hearts pounded so loud he felt them in the back of his head. Blood thundered inside his ears like raging waterfalls. Knots clenched the pit of his stomach and he reached up to grab at his gray hair.

“No, no, no…”

His fingers curled against his scalp. He grimaced and mussed his hair up. The choked sob he let out was his last attempt to contain a nuclear explosion of emotion inside a box made of tissue paper.

“Doctor?” Clara muffled through the doors.

Her voice was a detonator, and she didn’t even know it. Everything he held back erupted into his nervous system. Shockwaves of terror and rage burst forth. Emotional pain became physical agony. Nothing made sense, something felt wrong and everything looked dangerous.

Fight or flight took over. The Doctor fled blindly up the nearest staircase with a strangled cry. His arm shot forward before he could stop himself. He grabbed one book off the bookshelf and flung it on the ground with all his might. Two books followed. Three more books. A sweep of his arm cleared entire shelf.

He yanked on the bookcase until the whole thing toppled with a deafening bang and scrambled over it to kick the magazine pile next to his easy chair. Magazines spilled across the floor he stomped upon. His boots almost slipped on a glossy cover when he tore down a second bookcase. Every falling book hit with satisfying thuds amidst fluttering paper.

Nothing else in reach, so he shouted wordlessly at the top of his lungs to expel the last of the rage and collapsed to sit within the ruin he created. Painful sadness rushed in like matter drawn to a newborn black hole. The ache in his throat encapsulated his whole being and he wanted nothing more than to rid himself of it.

“It’s never enough…it’s never enough,” he chanted at the wall, “Never, never enough…never enough, nev–” the tightness in his throat cut off his voice and his face contorted almost beyond recognition.

Once the tears began they seemed bottomless. He rocked back and forth, head bowed and hands upturned as if pleading. The ragged wheezing sound was his own sobs echoing off the wall in front of him. He wept so forcefully his whole body heaved. His tears fell onto his palms like warm, bitter rain.

…are the most beautiful and romantic peeks into what it’s like to be autistic. Yes, meltdowns are so romantic and sexy and fun. I’m probably not autistic enough for you because I can talk, type and my life is not meltdowns 24/7. I guess I’m being autistic wrong. (/sarcasm)

Okay, so you don’t want me to like myself because I’m autistic? Do you expect me to be ashamed of it? Do you want me to shrink myself to be less when I know I’m equal? Is that it?

Because let me tell you something, your cousin is very aware of how you feel and maybe she acts the way she does around you because she knows you see her as a problem instead of a person. You’re probably one of those caregivers who goes online onto forums to lament what a burden she is while describing her behavior incidents in humiliating detail.

Frankly, anon, your comment in my inbox comes off as dehumanizing and shameful. Every autistic person is a PERSON because they exist. They are never less valuable. They are never a list of problems. They are PEOPLE experiencing EMOTIONS.

There are good sides to autism as well as bad and I accept the bad with the good. I know what it’s like to be autistic. I know what meltdowns and self-injurious behavior feel like. You, an allistic, can’t say the same. You know what it looks like from the outside, I actually know what it feels like.

Get off your high horse and take your ableism somewhere else. I’m happy with who I am and if that bothers you then let me come be happy all over your face so you really have something to whine about.

P.S. All your faves are autistic.

Temporal Feedback

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble theme ‘echoes’. Some day I may actually write one of these that is exactly 100 words, but it is not today. I tried really hard, but the muse wouldn’t listen.

Ten x Rose, ~600 words

He held her tightly as he continued to fortify her mind from all of the could-have-beens. In his mind’s eye, he saw the raging timelines trying to settle themselves, and he made sure to keep them from twisting with the timelines in Rose’s mind.


Take me back! Take me back!

Screaming, crying, begging. White wall, torn bond, cold beach, “Rose Tyler…”




Rose cried out sharply, her mind aching and her eyes burning as she tried to sit up but found the way blocked by a tangle of blankets. She gasped for breath as the room spun, and she scrambled to find a way out of the mess of blankets.

“Rose, stop. Relax, just relax.”

She turned towards the source of the voice, and she saw brown hair and browner eyes looking at her worriedly. One hand was on her shoulder and his other was deftly untangling her from the sheets of their bed.

Their bed. She was home, in the TARDIS, with her Doctor, who was sending pulses of love and reassurance and calm through their bond.

She whimpered and threw her arms around his neck, clutching him tightly to her.

“Shhh, it’s all right,” he whispered, cradling her to his chest. He tucked her head beneath his chin, and she could feel the rapid pounding of his hearts beneath her cheek. She nuzzled closer as a shiver rippled down her spine. “You’re all right, love. Everything’s okay. I’ve got you.”

“You were gone,” she gasped, burrowing closer to him physically and mentally. “I lost you.”

The Doctor wrapped his mind around hers and swaddled her in comfort.

“I’m here,” he murmured. “It was just a dream.”

Rose let herself be soothed by his touch and through their bond as she relaxed further into his embrace.

“It felt so real,” she murmured, remembering the ache as their bond tore. The Doctor sent back a strong wave of comfort as she tried to free herself from the memory.

“I know,” he said, stroking his fingers through her hair. “I’m so sorry. It’s a bit of temporal feedback, I’m afraid.”

“Temporal feedback?”

“Echoes of timelines that could have been,” the Doctor explained, slowly guiding them into a prone position. He automatically wrapped his arm around her as she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder. “There were so many ways that the day could have ended. Time was in flux, with us right at the center. I should’ve realized this would happen. I’m so sorry.”

Rose sighed and wrapped herself around him more completely. He pressed his lips to her forehead and said, “They should go away within the next couple of days.”

Rose shuddered at the prospect of seeing any more of these aborted timelines.

The Doctor felt her unease and murmured, “I’ll buffer them. Don’t you worry. Just sleep, love.”

Rose felt his mind wrap itself around hers, and she gasped at the intensity. He was everywhere, filling every nook and cranny with his beautiful presence. There was nothing but the two of them, and Rose felt her muscles fully relax as the last of her worries were soothed away. She was suddenly so exhausted, and when he whispered to her once more to go to sleep, how could she refuse?

The Doctor watched her breathing get deeper and deeper until she was finally asleep. He held her tightly as he continued to fortify her mind from all of the could-have-beens. In his mind’s eye, he saw the raging timelines trying to settle themselves, and he made sure to keep them from twisting with the timelines in Rose’s mind. She didn’t need to see those.

He pressed his lips to Rose’s hair absently as he saw glimpses of what had almost been his future, and it looked bleak indeed. He couldn’t imagine losing Rose, and living without her. He burrowed deeper into her mind, comforting himself in her telepathic embrace, and he thanked any higher power there may be for letting him keep his beautiful life.

Mental Ward - Adam/Daniel

The town was going crazy. There were no two ways about it. On the way to the hospital to meet Doctor Daniel for their drink, Adam had to stop his car to not end up hitting some woman that was running like hell was on her heels, screaming up a storm. It was quite startling for Adam, making him flinch bodily when she seemed to think his car as a safe refuge, trying to get in. When his door had flown open he’d instinctively froze her, eyes wide and tugging it back closed, gunning it. More and more of the same had met him on the way to the hospital.

Inside…was worse. It was like a scene from Resident Evil or 28 Days Later. With slightly less blood. People were screaming, flailing, attacking each other with tooth and nail. Literally! He had to check his phone to remember what floor Daniel was on, sliding against the wall to try and not be seen. To not have curled fingers, like makeshift claws, come at him. His fingers itched by his sides, full of anxiety and worry, ready to launch his power at anyone that came at him with a pair of the wide, insane eyes he saw on almost everyone’s face.

Spinning onto the stairs, Adam took them two at a time. “Wow!” He grunted, throwing himself back and half falling into the brick wall between floors, diving away from the eerily quiet person standing just five stairs up. They spun on him, looking crazed, like something from a horror movie just pristine. Not bloody in the least. Yet…? Adam’s hands threw themselves out as the person launched bodily at him, becoming frozen mid-air. Their face was a terrifying mask of terrified desperation…it chilled Adam’s blood, making him run away from the sight and throw the door open, taking some temporary refuge in the wards.

His hands flew more freely as he searched for Daniel’s office, freezing the insanity when it turned toward him, pushing forward since going back was just as eerie and scary! “Daniel?” He called, seeing the station Daniel had mentioned and knowing he was close.


an everyl1ttleth1ng follower celebration fitzsimmons ficlet

This is an odd spot in which to find oneself. I made a thing to celebrate. As well as this other thing about my fics. I hope you guys like my little story. It makes me want to write more of it but I will try not to until I have flipping finished TMATM (which won’t be until Christmas 2017 at this rate but at least I can promise it will be updated before the week is out!). Thanks for being a super fun bunch, all!

“Erm…” Fitz closed his eyes. “Alright, got it. 800.”

Jemma smirked. “Easy. A Harshad number.”

“I’ll need a correct definition of that term before I can award any points,” he shot back, one eyebrow raised in challenge.

She shook her head condescendingly. “Alright, Doctor Fitz. Just stop me when you’ve heard enough.”

“Oh, I will, Simmons,” he countered. “Go on, then.”

Her hands neatly at ten and two, Jemma checked the rear-view mirror and launched into her lecture. “In recreational mathematics, a Harshad number or Niven number in a given number base, is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits when written in that base. Harshad numbers in base n are also known as n-Harshad or n-Niven numbers.” She turned to him with a smug smile. “Does that satisfy you, darling?”

“You can do better than that.” He turned his body in the passenger seat as far as the Mini would let him, leaning his head back against the window. It was nice to see the world from the left side of the car again.

Jemma pursed her lips a moment before continuing. “Harshad numbers were defined by D. R. Kaprekar, a mathematician from India. The word “Harshad” comes from the Sanskrit harṣa meaning joy and da meaning give, thus joy-giver which leads me to suspect that D.R. Kaprekar is a man after our own hearts. The term “Niven number” arose from a paper delivered by Ivan M. Niven at a conference on number theory in 1977 which does seem to play into concerns around white privilege in academia. Surely someone could have corrected the first person to name it for Niven.”

Fitz just waved his hand to indicate he wanted more.

Jemma huffed in frustration. “Are you keeping an eye out for our exit?”

“I am,” he replied infuriatingly. “That’s what’s keeping me awake while I wait for one more obvious but interesting fact about the number 800.”

Jemma rolled her eyes. “And of course, though any primary school child could tell you this, it is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers 193, 197, 199 and 211.”

“You forget, love, not every primary school child is like us,” Fitz pointed out.

“And I am back here thanking the universe that not every adult is like you two either,” Daisy grumbled from where she lay across the back, her legs disappearing under Jemma’s seat which, as usual, was pushed as far forward as it could go. “Jeez, nerds, most people play Eye Spy!”

Jemma shot a glance at Fitz then turned her eyes back to the road. 

Daisy pulled herself up to sitting, her long, straight raven-black hair falling over her heavily lined eyes. “So, tell me where you’re taking me again?”

Fitz gave her a small smile. “A little place Jemma and I bought for when we retire.”

Daisy scoffed. “Is that on the cards?”

He shrugged, looking fondly at the woman in the driver’s seat. “Not any time soon, but eventually I’ll talk her into it.”

“No one will know you’re there, Daisy,” said Jemma, ignoring him. “You can lay low for as long as you need.”

Daisy placed a hand on Jemma’s shoulder and one on Fitz’s knee. “This means a lot, guys. I know I’ve caused you a lot of pain…”

Fitz leant forward, shaking his head and placing his hand on top of his friend’s. “That was years ago, Daisy. You know we never stopped looking out for you.”

“I know.” She looked out the window to blink back her tears. “And I appreciate it, I do. I just wish you two were the only ones.”

Fitz looked back out the windscreen to read the big green sign above the motorway. “Perthshire next exit,” he murmured to Jemma.

She smiled and nodded. “It’s beautiful here, Daisy,” she said. “We promise, you’re going to love it.”

all maths info taken from this esteemed source

Becoming A Memory (Part 4)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Request for this scenario:

So Tae has to try to help get your memory back and winds up confessing his feelings somehow

Group: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

“-and you have no clue who David is?” the doctor asked. Taehyung sighed, the bags under his eyes seeming to grow larger with each question.

“No. I have no idea who he is but she seemed really afraid of him” he said. He ran his fingers through his hair and continued walking down to the parking lot with the doctor right beside him. Everything was silent between the two men; the doctor looking over your chart and Taehyung practically moving like a zombie. He hadn’t been to sleep since two nights ago when you freaked out in the room.

“It’s obviously someone from her past. Maybe she was in an abusive relationship?” the doctor suggested.

“I don’t know. Wouldn’t she tell me that?” Taehyung asked, stopping in his steps.

The doctor shrugged, following him to the car. Moving quickly, the two men got into the car and the driver took them to the front of the hospital where you were waiting with a nurse.

“And you really think that this will help?” Taehyung asked. The doctor continued scribbling down a few notes and sighed.

“It couldn’t hurt” he said, looking up.

Taehyung opened the door and stepped out of the car to go to you. He smiled, holding his hand out to you.

“Where are we going?” you asked, looking up at him. You were nervous. Ever since your mental breakdown last week, you were on constant watch. Throughout the day, you had to have at least one nurse in the room with you. Although Tae had already told you that they were just afraid that you’d hurt yourself, you couldn’t help but to feel uneasy being under surveillance. It made you feel like criminal or something.

“They want to take you to places that would help you remember. So, places that have a strong meaning for you” he said.

You sighed but took his hand anyway. His smile did make a few of your nerves slip away. You really liked him. Ever since you woke up in that hospital room, you were terrified. As a matter of fact, you didn’t stop crying until you saw him for the first time. Seeing his face and hearing his voice was amazingly soothing.

He laced his fingers through yours and led you to the car. He let you get in first, briefly breaking the hold between your hands. You hesitantly rested your head on his shoulder and he smiled before telling the driver where to go.

“The hospital is funding this?” you asked. Taehyung shook his head and laughed.

“No, the company is paying-”

“Your company? Why would they pay for my treatment?” you asked immediately.

“Well, part of it is because they don’t want you to turn around and sue us. The other part is that…they thought it would help me” he said hesitantly. You sat up, ready to ask about his comment just as the car stopped. Taehyung opened the car door and you followed him out.

Your eyes locked on a small bakery and you smiled. Taehyung smiled with you, happy that you remembered this place. You grabbed his hand, fingers lacing through his as you stared up at the street sign directly to your left.

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You’re not coming back?” A voice calls from behind him. For a fraction of a second he thinks it’s her. Her sister always sounded like her. He stops, sighing in defeat. He can’t stay.
He nods.
“When you see her, can you tell her…” He stops, the words catching in his throat. He’s always been a coward, always. He forces himself to try again. “Can you tell her that….” He chokes again on invisible meanings. Heart throbbing, he shakes his head, squeezes his eyes shut. And there she is, right in front of his closed eyes and she’s looking at him in that way that he never figured out the meaning of and that has to mean something doesn’t it? So like always he takes the cowards way out.
“Oh she knows.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #22

The Doctor walking alone at night and being followed by a tiny blue-eyed black kitten.
The Doctor trying to send her away.
The tiny kitten meowing and just not stopping following him.
The Doctor giving up and taking her in his arms. The kitten climbing on his shoulders to finally fall asleep inside his hood.
The kitten meowing at night and the Doctor accidentally saying “shut up, Missy!”
The Doctor being suddenly sad because he just realised that the kitten actually reminded him of Missy, and oh, her eyes are the same shade of blue ad hers.
The Doctor putting a purple collar around her neck.
The Doctor alone in the TARDIS, cuddling that tiny small beast and thinking about Missy.

Cotten Balls and Q-tips

Requested: Could you do an imagine where you’re a doctor/surgen and stiles gets hurt and you help him and just fluff? I made the reader a senior in the pack but shes studying nurseing at the hospital for college credit. She’s also in the pack Hope you like :)

I walked through the empty halls of the hospital trying to hold back a yawn. I offered to help Melissa on her late night shift since she has been stretched out latley and I only have one class at school now. I had finished all my credits to graduate and now I’m just getting college credit at school. The front desk was where I’m suppose to be but I just needed to get up and moves my legs. I kept walking, my eyes focused on my phone when a hand grabbed me and pulled me into a empty patients room. I whirled around and went to scream but stopped. Stiles stood in front of me with his hands ready to cover my mouth. “What the hell stiles?!” I said glaring. “Y/N I need your help I-I just got something um I can’t reach it I-I” Stiles fumbled out and while looking beyound nervous. “Stiles what is it what happened” I said as I lead him to the bed and sat down next to him. He refused to look up at me but I see he was still in shock of whatever happened. Knowing how bad stiles’s anxiety has been latley I didn’t bother pushing at the subject. I just got up and began collected some bandages and some sterile whips to clean whatever was wrong. When I turned around Stiles had already slipped off his hoodie and lifted his shirt enough for me to see the nasty, but perfectly round wound on his shoulder. “Jesus stiles” I said as I inspected the wound. I just looked up to see him already looking at me, tears fell freely down his face. “Stiles” I mummer as I sat on the bed next to him and wrapped my arms around him while I held a clean cloth to his wound.Stiles began furiously fumbling out words “I didn’t mean to do it-I it just happened-” “Stiles.” I turned his face to look at me,“What happened” His eyes drifted off as he stared at the wall and began speaking “It was him. It was Donavan. He came after me, h-his hands had something to them. I went into the liberary and he followed. I was climbing the racks and he had my leg, I just pulled the pin to knock him down or out but…” I gently rubbed his back to try and comfort him. Stiles took a deep breath before continuing “But when the stuff fell from the rack…it stabbed him.” He finally looked at me with this desperate look in his eyes “Y/N I watched him dye I killed him, I murdered him. How is scott going to even take this. I don’t knwo what to tell him. The bodies gone, I-” “STILES” I said sternly bringing him pout of his thoughts and to me “What you did wasn’t murder. What you did wasn’t unspeakable, you survived. And about scott, how do you think he would take the news of you being found mangled in the liberary. How do you think anybody in the pack would? You’re dad would lose it stiles, malia wouldn’t have anybody to help her with daily things, lydia wouldnt have anyone to play detective with. And me, what do you think I’d do without my favorite patient?” Stiles looked down at the floor, his shoulders had relaxed and he looked back up with a small smile “you’d drown yourself in cotten balls and q-tips” I laughed “It’s gonna be alright stiles, I promise” I smiled and pushed him to the middle of the bed where his back wouldve been resting on the pillows if he layed back “Now I need to take of this” I got on the bed beside him sittiing facing him and leanded over his shoulder and began cleaning it properly. Stiles leaned forward and rested his head on my shoulder and rested his hand on the other side of my thighs. I just smiled contently as he was now relaxed fully. I continued dressing his wound until I had finished and went to get up. I quickly found out I couldn’t move “stiles?” I slowly pushed him forward until his back hit the pillows, he had fallen asleep and looked exhausted. I just chuckled and got up to root through the cabinet for some aleve for when he woke up. I set the bottle down on his beside table and put an alarm for 6:30am. I wrote a little note and set in on his phone and left the room so he could sleep peacfully. -3rd person- Stiles woke up with a start at the sound of his phone blaring at him. He shut it off and groggly looked around the room. He mustv'e fell asleep he thought. A bottle of Aleve and a note caught his attention.

     There's enough cotten balls and q-tips for the 
     both of us around here ;) 
             Y/N XOXX
          (P.S. I'm always there for you at anytime)

Stiles smiled to himself before checking his phone and heading outside to his jeep.

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Cross-Checking: Chapter 13

Happy Saturday!! Oh hello sexy hockey Peeta. Thanks to @loving-mellark for the gorgeous banner, I get to look at you yet again. <3

A MASSIVE, huge thank you to @papofglencoe. Without her, I’m not sure this chapter would have happened or have been so good. She pushed me to be the best writer I could be, and I could not be more thankful. <3

And thanks to all of you for continuing to support and read and review C-C. I could not be more appreciative of your words. You truly blow me away every time. 

We are sticking with Katniss for this chapter as it’s an important one from viewpoint…

I slowly pick up my coffee and take a sip. Over the rim of the cup, my eyes make contact with Peeta’s. The worry he is feeling is apparent and matches my own. I rack my brain, trying to think of what Graham could possibly have to tell us, and come up empty. The last time his doctor had stopped by, I had been here and heard about how well he was doing, so at least I don’t think it’s health-related. Suddenly, my heart drops. Then I take a deep breath. Surely Graham would never tell Peeta about Willow without my consent. He may push me to tell him, but I don’t think he would just outwardly tell him over bacon and coffee. Right?

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Bamon Baby: Doctor Appointment

“Stop bouncing your leg. You’re driving me crazy.” Bonnie said looking up from the clipboard in her lap. She had spent the last fifteen minutes try to answer the array of questions on the doctor’s form. It was dizzying the amount of information they requested.

“I can’t help it, I’m nervous.” Damon replied with the roll of his eyes.

“What the hell do you have to be nervous about, you don’t have anything growing inside of you.” Bonnie said. She really needed him to get himself together and comfort her. She was a nervous wreck. She was so scared of this life change event. Scared of the idea of raising a baby, scared how her parents and friends would take it and scared of having to drop out of college.

Their life was about to drastically change.

“Yeah well, I’m still nervous. This was unexpected.” Damon said before looking at her, really looking at her. He could see that she was also nervous under her control facade she created.

He leaned into her throwing an arm around her shoulders to bring her closer.

“But we got this. We’re two badass individuals. We’ll kick parent…hoods ass.” he said kissing her forehead.

Bonnie snorted. “Yeah, you can barely say the word.”

“Shut up.” Damon rolled his eyes good naturally.