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may i request a reaction for bts where you (there s/o) bring them and the others food while they practice and sometime later while still eating they keep asking where you got the food as it is so good and you are shy but tell them you made it? so them reacting to finding out the food they have been eating was made by you?

Hi! Here it is, I mixed it up with putting some scenarios when you come to the dorm, hope that’s ok! Thanks for your request :3

BTS Reaction when you bring them food, but they have no idea that you made it

Seokjin: You looked on as all the boys devoured the food you had brought them. They had just taken a break from their dance practice, sweat running down their backs with their hair slicked to their foreheads. Your boyfriend Jin was only making that adorable “woooooh” sound that he made when he ate good food. He did most of the cooking in your house, but little did he know that you made the food they were eating. 

“Y/N this tastes so good! Where did you get it from?”, Namjoon asks you.

“Yeah, where did you get it?”, the maknae chimes in, his mouth full.

“Oh. I uh, I actually made it myself”, you said a slight blush on your cheeks.

At your statement Jin’s mouth fell open, and he just stared at you, completely in shock that you could make food, that was probably better than his own. 

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Yoongi: You brought the boys a snack while they were at the studio. They had been there for a couple hours, non-stop working, so you decided you would bring them something to snack on. Hugs were exchanged and a sweet kiss from Yoongi on your cheek and then they were digging in. 

“Woah babe, this taste so good. Where did you get it?”, Yoongi asks you.

“Oh ,well, I looked up a few recipes online and I made them”, you said sheepishly. 

“You made this?”, Jimin exclaimed. He was holding up the food staring at it in awe. 

“Uhh yeah I did…”

Yoongi just gave you one of his rare smiles as he continued to eat.

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 Hoseok: “Y/NNN” Hoseok yelled as you entered the boy’s dorm. It had been rather cold the past few days so you decided to bring over some homemade soup for them, because Jin had caught a cold. 

“I come bearing gifts”, you sing-songed as you came around the corner to the kitchen where the boys were waiting patiently. They all gave you giant smiles and strated to hand out the soup.

“Wow this is really good Y/N, where did you buy it?”, Taehyung asked.

“Oh it’s my mom’s recipe, so I made it. It always made me feel better when I was sick as a kid”. 

“Awww my Y/N is the best”, Hoseok said as he beamed at you, he looked like a proud mom. He also did his aegyo at you, which you tried to deflect with a flick on your finger. 

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Namjoon: Namjoon had called you asking a favor that you bring over some food, because Jin hadn’t gone shopping and they didn’t feel like going out to shop (lazy asses). So you made some sandwiches up and brought them over. “I’m here”, you yelled out as you came in the door.

“Yes food”, Jungkook yelled as he took the plate from you and Naruto ran towards the kitchen.

Namjoon gave you a kiss on the cheek and a small “thanks babe” as you two walked towards the kitchen.

“These are so good. Did you buy them from the store down the street?”, Jin asked you.

“Actually I made them”, you said, your cheeks heating up.

“Really? They’re so good. I didn’t know you cooked Y/N”

“Neither did I”, said Namjoon with a smile on his face.  

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Jimin: “Guys, Y/N has the food”, Jimin said as you came into the practice room. You wondered how the boys could stand the sweaty smell and eat at the same time, they really were something. 

“Thank you”, Jimin said pecking your lips lightly.

“Woah, this tastes like my mom’s cooking. Where did you get it?”, Yoongi said.

“I learned some recipes the other day and I thought I would see what you guys think”, you said. You were slightly embarrassed that they liked your food that much.

“You made this. You’re so cute”, Jimin said pinching your cheeks.

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Taehyung: “Yay, Y/N has  brought us sustenance”, Tae said as you walked through the door.

“Really Tae, sustenance”. You said as you handed over the food to the hungry maknae. 

“What?”, he chuckled at your expression, as he wrapped a hand around your waist and led you to the kitchen. 

“These are really good. I need to know where you bought them”, Jimin exclaimed, stuffing his mouth with another one. 

“Well you can pay me for them if you like them that much”.  

 “You made them?” Tae questioned looking at you like you were the best thing ever. He started to dance in the kitchen, because your food was that good. 

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Jungkook: “Thanks so much”, Jungkook said as he gave you a quick kiss and ran with the food through the dorm, telling everyone that the food was here.

You walked into the kitchen to see everyone stuffing their faces with your homemade food.

“Damn Y/N this is really good”, Namjoon said.

“Oh really? I actually made it…”

“Oh man Holy Sh-”


“I mean this is really good Y/N, thanks”, Jungkook said as he continued to eat.

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dex knows how to pole dance

Obvi. His BFF is a girl and when he goes home for extended breaks she makes him take an adult dance class with her. He knows how to pole dance, strip tease, and give a killer lap dance.

NDRV3 Headcanons

Ouma is a Girl Scout and his only friends before the killing game were the little girls in his troop.

Kiibo is fascinated by drag queens and has dabbled in drag makeup a few times while alone.

Kaede is rabid Hamilton trash and knows how to play every song on the piano.

Angie breaks out into a full on happy dance whenever she uses a coupon at Whole Foods to get her tofu and other vegan shit.

Saihara wishes he had a cat. He’s secretly jealous of everyone he knows who has a cat.

Maki used to genuinely think that only adults had genitals.

Shirogane loves oatmeal. Like…a lot.

Rantarou used wear clip on earrings from Claire’s before he got his ears actually pierced.

Kirumi was once dared to go into a BDSM store as a joke and ended up walking out with a bag full enough to do a damn haul video.

Is Moriarty dead? Hmm I don’t know really…the character with Staying Alive as his ringtone and dancing along Queen’s music [I WANT TO BREAK FREE FROM YOUR LIES]… The character that asks us if we just though he would disappear like that….hmmm is he dead? DON’T THINK SO.
Oh also
He has a Twitter account that he updates from time to time
Don’t worry humans. He is alive.

I didn't hate the series 4 finale

I know there were plotholes, okay ? I know some shit was just too wild, and that series 4 wasn’t the best series at all. And tbh I’m kinda mad we didn’t get to see a Johnlock kiss because people are afraid of heroes, men who aren’t afraid of danger, being gay (yep, still bitter about that one).

But I fucking loved The Final Problem, okay ? Because there were amazing things in the episode like Moriarty wearing sunglasses and dancing to I Want To Break Free (I died) or Mycroft being just the best even if he was so fucking dumb for letting Moriarty and Eurus meet but whatever. John’s haircut looked so fucking good on him and he’s still my fave because I love the sidekicks. And Sherlock was perfect in this episode. I couldn’t deal with it honestly.
The acting was amazing as always, the scenery breath taking and honestly I never wanted to kill someone as much as I did (still do) with Eurus.
And I forgot a lot of things that were great about the episode (Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Molly, that fucking gay dads scene at the end, and even Mary’s message because I love her even if I’m the only one)

But most of all, I’m very sad. Because I’m pretty sure Sherlock is over, and it’s always sad to see a great show end. I discovered it almost 3 years ago and series 4 was the only one I got to see live. Wasn’t my favorite, not at all, but at the same time I’m glad I got to see the storyline get to its last breath.

I’m going to miss Mary Morstan and Molly Hooper.
I’m going to miss Mrs Hudson and Greg Lestrade.
I’m going to fucking miss Jim Moriarty.
But most of all, I’m going to miss Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. So fucking much. And it breaks my heart.

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People don't give Tae the credit he deserves when it comes to him dancing. Like they only see the dance line as Jungkook, Hobi, and Jimin when V can DANCE HIS ASS OFF TOO, but people don't give him credit even though he deserves it cause he's really really good

yeah i don’t think they do either :// and honestly it’s always the dances where taehyung is in the middle that’re my favorite, like boy in luv and the dance break for fire!

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top 5 worst performance outfits for red velvet

fvdnsk why must u put me through the pain of having to witness these outfits again (im not gonna rank these bc theyre all tragic, so rly its just 5 of The Worst)

161002 inkigayo:

2016 melon music awards (really who the fuck thought this was okay)

150319 mcountdown (yeri deserved a better debut outfit)

151227 (the hair was cute but why they gotta do this to rv)

151230 (this was a sick dance break it deserved better outfits)

IF IM GONNA BE HONEST, anything from the end of 2015 and most of the russian roulette outfits were horrible

ask me my top 5 anything!