and the dads he pretends he doesnt have

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On 76's new I'm not your father line, I just had a thought that he really means it cause Jack was never a parental figure, he was a soldier, a boyscout, the golden boy. He wasn't every that role but you know who was? Gabriel

YES anon, yes

while I love the whole “dad 76” thing, I feel like Jack is more the begrudging father figure who doesnt think anyone should be looking up to him. he’s made mistakes, he’s just a soldier, he’s a natural leader but he feels uncomfortable that people look to him as a parental figure

and then you have Gabriel, the one who pretends he doesn’t give a shit but that’s only because he really cares the most. he’s the one who stitches Jesse’s hat back together after it rips during a a Blackwatch operation. he’s the one who carries Sombra back to base after she’s injured during a mission. he’s the one that was the best man at Gerard’s wedding, the one who talked Amelie down from her wedding jitters.

he cares the most, and that’s why Ana and Jack are tracking him down even as Reaper. they don’t want to eliminate him. they want to help him, because after everything he’s done for them throughout the years, it’s time that they need to be there for him


GENRE: Drabble

REQUEST: Dad!Jihoon plz?!

A/N: Sorry if it didn’t live up to your expectations :(

  • Quiet but stern
  • Pats on the head
  • does not usually show affection but when he does your kids will beam with pride because they must have done really good
  • the type to actually love all his kids equally
  • will play with your little girl’s hair mindlessly and tickle her softly with it until she falls laughing
  • “DAD you made me fall!”
  • “sorry sweetie” and kisses her on the forehead did I just go back on the ‘little affection’ thing
  • will make time for his children
  • brings them out to play jokgu or soccer whenever he can
  • 110% focus while coaching
  • super serious with cat-like precision
  • but once he sees your kids are exhausted will make them stop and rest even if they want to continue
  • extra waterbottles
  • “good job kids. you did very well today”
  • secretly shows his pride bc he’s not the typa dad who likes to embarass his kids
  • the subtle smiles and nods are good enough for your kids
  • also the type to secretly show affection when no one’s looking
  • if it’s a baby he’ll craddle him/her close while softly rocking them to sleep with a lullaby
  • You: “Aww that’s so cute”
  • *goes still* “what are you talking about I’m not cUTE”
  • read them bedtime stories once in a while
  • kisses them on the foreheads when everyone’s asleep
  • puts mini-sized instruments in the children’s room so “they can get a feel of it”
  • weekly guitar lessons but only if they feel up to it
  • comes alive when teaching them music
  • very very patient and gentle
  • music-time is bonding-time
  • your kid would probably stick through with it even if they’re no good so long as they get to spend a few precious hours with their busy dad
  • hair ruffling
  • might just send them to their room for even trying
  • “But dAD~!”
  • “stop. wash that sick look off your face right now. I am A TRUE BUSAN NAMJA”
  • teaches the boys busan dialect so they’ll sound manlier than s.coups kids
  • will pick your toddler up and bounce them on his lap while he’s making music on the computer
  • “what do you think of this track, huh little guy?”
  • puts the giant headphones over their head and laughs with his dimples when it falls off because its too big
  • “maybe someday sport”
  • rarely gets mad but when your kids really mess up he’ll look at them with that stony stare and they right about PISS their pants
  • used as a threat
  • “if you don’t sit still RIGHT NOW i’m calling your dad”
  • *kids behave*
  • BUT THEY LOVE HIM SO MUCH THO and won be afraid to show their affection to him even if he doesnt show it back
  • he’ll pretend to wipe off their slobbery kisses but actually secretly loves it
  • will, at times, but very rarely, SHOUT HIS PRIDE
  • when this happens your kid knows they must’ve have done really really good
  • your kids will unconsciously pick up on his penguin waddling habit and seal clapping
  • “jihoon their turning into mini you’s”
  • “but they are mini me’s???”
  • dedicates a song to each one your children
  • might even produce a whole album about the love he has for them that he cant express in words
  • makes them feel so safe and loved
  • tucks them into bed every night
  • before he turns off the light, he whispers, “you are so precious to me and im so thankful for every single one of you angels”

one time my dad accidentally texted me (it was meant to go to his friend) and he was saying i was being an annoying little bitch just like my mom and now i never really feel supported by him because i know he doesnt actually care about me, he hates being around me. he only fights for custody because he wants to keep something from my mom to piss her off. i just dont understand why people keep lying to me. he keeps pretending like he gives a shit. i cant wait until i turn 18 so i can move the fuck out of here and quit it with all this bullshit.

likely lads (or a childhood friends au)

by @actualcarlbarat and @cogito-ergo-dumb

  • carl is hideously unpopular at school and he hates the new kid, peter, at first because he knows pete has the potential to be popular because hes just so charming and interesting (all of that being just carls opinion, all the other kids think pete is a bit weird) but they get put together for a project and they have to work together
  • pete obviously thinks carl is #cool and #interesting till carl is mean to him (eventually its revealed carl was just nervous about talking to pete)
  • THEY BECOME BEST FRIENDS and from then on its them against the world
  • pete used to move around a lot (bc his dad is in the army) so this is his first permanent home in forever and hes just so!! excited!!! (he gets very #emo abt actually decorating his room for once and he needs carls advice) (carl gives horrible advice)
  • during the school year carl lives in the city with his dad and sister but he spends the summers with his mother in a hippie commune (the first time carl has to go away for the summer after meeting pete he really freaks out because he thinks carl is moving away forever!!!!!!! and he gets all Dramatic and Sad till carl explains the situation)
  • they always write each other lots of letters during the summer and pete even writes carl a poem but carl pretends not to like it because hes gotta be #cool but in fact he loves it forever (carls obsessed with being #cooler than pete bc hes one year older than pete)
  • because theyre both #terrible they have to stick up for each other at school like all the time (also pete spends a lot of time trying to help carl study)
  • peters parents think carl is a bad influence at first but then they at least try to warm up to him (it doesnt really work)
  • p&c spend most of their time at carls house because carls dad doesnt mind them practising guitar (and they like lucie as well even tho she’s always yelling at carl for stealing her stuff)
  • pete gets the genius idea to pierce his ears bc he wants to be cool like carl except he asks carl to do it and its almost a disaster (lucie finds them in time tho)
  • ONE TIME PETER SPENDS THE SUMMER AT THE HIPPIE COMMUNE WITH CARL except peter is #terrible there bc hippies and his parents are very worried (but they trust carls mum because she seems nice)
  • during that summer peter writes his parents lots of letters and they grow increasingly horrified with each letter even though petes having lots of fun
  • at some point they go to the beach with petes family and carl almost drowns and petes dad insists carl learns how to swim so carl has to go to swimming lessons with pete (carl is terrified but its alright because peter is there for him)
  • AT FIRST PETE IS SHORTER THAN CARL BUT THEN ONE DAY WHEN CARL COMES BACK FROM SUMMER BREAK AND HE SEES PETER IS SUDDENLY TALLER THAN HIM AND HES SO OFFENDED (he doesnt talk to peter for like three days and pete cant even figure out whats wrong) (carl is bitter about it forever)
  • one time when they’re teenagers and get drunk for the first time carl breaks down and goes on a rant abt it
  • and pete is like. desperately trying to comfort carl but at the same time he cant stop laughing but then hE KISSES CARL ON THE CHEEK RLLY GENTLY WHILE TRYING TO STOP CARLS EXTREMELY LONG RANT ABT HEIGHT (CARL JUST STOPS AND STARES AT PETE FOR LIKE 10 YEARS AND THEY BOTH DIE)
  • also later on pete decides carl has awful taste in music and dedicates the rest of his life to making him listen to good music (THEY SPEND SO MUCH TIME DREAMING ABT BEING IN A BAND)
  • and he has a special book of albion just for band plans (it’s full of potential band names and chords diagrams) (also when they meet they’re very very small so pete still has lots of crayon drawings of ‘me + carlos’ from those days) 
  • pete makes carl handmade bday cards and gives them to him at school and embarrasses him (pete also makes carl valentines day cards every year, which makes carl even more embarrassed) (he secretly love them)
  • when they need to pick a partner for PE pete always lunges for carlos and grabs him way too dramatically (carl is horrified) (one time during PE pete stumbles over something and falls on carlos and has a Dramatic monologue abt it and u can see carl dying)
  • one day pete breaks his arm playing football in the yard and carl wants to fight everyone bc it’s clearly borrells fault he tripped him he saw (carl tries fighting borrell on his own and gets a bit hurt during that and pete is so :((( )
  • when they start secondary school pete is terrified they’ll get put in different classes and he’s in the phone to carl for hours the night before trying to strategise
  • but they dont get put in different classes and petes so relieved he starts crying and everyones staring at them bc pete is crying and carl calls him a baby and they have a small fight but everythings ok again later that day (evidently this is not a great start to their new school life) (carl knows theyre doomed forever to be terribly unpopular but pete wont admit it)
  • blur vs oasis happens and its the biggest fight of their friendship (they work everything out later when pete convinces carl to give oasis a chance)