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“Bloody Mary” Abuser Curse (Lady Gaga Inspired)

A curse to use against those who abused you in the past to get justice and return your pain to them. Inspired by Lady Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary”.

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You Will Need:

  • A jar with a Lid
  • Garnet (to keep near you during the spell)
  • Red Ink
  • Chili Powder
  • Onion
  • Paper
  • Black Marker/Pen
  • 3 black candles
  • 2 red candles
  • Burn safe bowl
  • Taglock 
  • (Optional) Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” playing in the background


Light your candles and have them burning as you cast the curse. Turn on the song if you choose to listen to it during.

On your paper write down all of your frustrations, past pain or even just scribble and shred it to put your anger and energy into it. Do what feels right for you. Once done put it all into a bowl and light it on fire to burn it to ash. Do this with caution and keep water or salt near you in case it flares.

In your jar add the taglock and cover it in the herbs and ashes. Pour in the red ink making sure to cover everything with it. Seal the jar shut and bury it or store it somewhere dark that you won’t see it.

Afterwards rest and cleanse yourself. If needed or desired do a self-love spell and/or a spell to help you get over the past. Be sure to also seek professional help and aid about the pain, they can help. 

In the hospital...
  • <p> <b>Scorpius:</b> *wakes up slowly*<p/><b>Albus:</b> Look at that, he's waking up.<p/><b>Albus:</b> Hey there, sleepyhead.<p/><b>Scorpius, eyes wide:</b> Wha- wait, who are you? Did the doctor send you?<p/><b>Scorpius, grins slyly:</b> And you– you are some nice eye candy. Perfect wake up call.<p/><b>Scorpius, flirtatiously:</b> Are you a model? You have to be.<p/><b>Albus, stifling giggles and flustered:</b> N-No, sorry to disappoint. I'm Albus, and I'm your husband. *shows ring finger*<p/><b>Scorpius, gaping:</b> HUSBAND? *blows out a gust of air* I'm married to an angel. Wow<p/></p>

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Here’s a fluffy suggestion: Sherlock and Molly as students in a cooking school (inspired by the japanese manga Kitchen Princess)

Thanks for the prompt, darling! I’m still working on your other one.

I haven’t read Kitchen Princess, but I do watch far too many cooking shows of the angry chef variety. So this is less shoujo fluff and a lot more swearing and a few Gordon Ramsay-esque insults (but not nearly enough; I’m a little sad about that).

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Answering a Question With a Theory

I saw the CinemaSins’ recent video about Beauty and the Beast (2017), as one does, because no matter how many mistakes they find, they can always make it sound hilarious.  But one comment in particular stood out to me: the one about the castle.  

The quote is as follows: 
“The castle begins crumbling like the boss level of some super Mario game for no other reason besides adding suspense.”

So basically: what was the reason for the castle falling apart? Shouldn’t it completely collapse once the last petal falls?

And to be completely honest, that one threw me for a sec.  Why did the castle stop falling apart once the last petal fell?  But then I got a thought that kinda answered that question for me.  It ain’t official, but I think it makes the most sense: the castle is too settled in reality to bear the weight of magic. 

There are a ton of objects in the castle that aren’t sentient and move anyway, like the cups and plates in Be Our Guest and the saucers that Chip moves during the fight scene.  I have a theory here about how there may be telekinetic energy at work during the curse.  For the castle, it almost seems like the exact opposite of how the objects inside are affected.

For instance, the staff can make plates and glasses and carts move around easy-peasy; nothing much happens, but as every petal falls, the more the staff become their own objects, and the more the castle starts to fall apart.  Or is it “the more the castle begins to bend with the strength of the curse”?

If the curse took its full effect when Agathe cast it that one night, then there would be no story.  The residents would just be objects, and the Beast would remain a Beast no matter how many times he fell in love.  The curse was a curse that took reached its full effect over time, and grew stronger with every passing day, especially when a petal fell.  The castle’s crumbling is just its reaction to the increased strength of evil magic (because come on, what kind of magic like this is good? Even if it is just to teach a lesson…).  It can’t support itself.  I bet Agathe knew this and sort of shrugged about it, maybe made it so no one inside would get killed. Emphasis on inside.  Gaston wasn’t inside.

(And I like to think that Adam’s mother brought her own kind of magic into the castle, to keep things light and bright and happy. But it’s just a headcanon; not important)

Once the last petal falls, the magic that Agathe left behind will depart from the castle.  There will be no more “cursed” castle, only an old castle with nothing in it but antiques and a ferocious beast.  After that, the castle will be left to the elements, and will eventually fall apart and become a ruin thanks to weeds, wind, and rain.  

Notice that the shaking and falling apart got worse when the rose only had a couple of petals left.  The magic was becoming stronger.

To accent this point, there is a small part after the servants’ fading scene (very, very brief) where the lanterns in the courtyard go out, signaling that the entire castle had fallen prey to the curse and was officially “dead”.  No more fighting, no need to fight; it was all over.

And after this, the castle didn’t fall apart anymore.  In fact, the only living thing in that castle was Belle herself.  Everything–including the Beast–looked a lot more faded than usual.  To me, everything blended together except for Belle’s white dress.

So, long story short: the castle is unable to bear the weight of so much magic inside of it.  That’s why it crumbles.