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High School!Sanvers AU

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They’re freshmen.

They’re freshmen and Alex isn’t sure why, but every time she sees Eliza Wilke, a small flash of… something… floods her veins.

It feels a little like she does when her new little sister shows her the powers she has.

Something like jealousy.

Something like feeling… less.

She’s not sure why – she’s made fast friends with Vicky Donahue, and Vicky’s great, Vicky’s funny and a great bio lab partner and likes to read, so why would Alex care that Eliza Wilke and that Maggie Sawyer girl are always laughing together, are always standing close to each other, are always cracking up about some horror movie special effects, are always together, together, together?

She’s not sure why she cares so much.

It’s not like Maggie Sawyer ignores her or anything.

To the contrary.

The first day Alex walked into school to greet the whispers that accompany getting a new sister overnight – a new sister who doesn’t even seem like she’s from this planet – Maggie comes up to her with a soft smile and an offer to help show New Danvers around.

“Siblings can be rough, Danvers, and you didn’t have that whole nine month thing to prepare. Just find me if you want some space to yourself, to adjust or whatever.”

But then Eliza is tugging Maggie along, tugging Maggie away, and Maggie is looking over her shoulder apologetically and mouthing “let me know” and “sorry” and Alex thinks that it’s maybe, definitely, jealousy.

Because she hears Maggie Sawyer give answers in class.

And they’re always sharp. So sharp they make Alex want to know what goes on in that Sawyer girl’s brain. All the time.

But she can’t, because Maggie Sawyer seems to belong to Eliza Wilke.

Until February 15th, that is.

Until February 15th, when Maggie comes to school with swollen, red eyes and disheveled clothes and a jaw set in fury, set in rage, set in total and utter agony. Set in a perpetual challenge.

The whispers are that she’s lucky her father only sent her to live with an aunt. That he didn’t send her to get fixed, because how disgusting is that? How can any girl ever trust her if she’s just going to try to… ew? How can she ever expect to have any friends? There was always something off about her, anyway.

Alex doesn’t just hear what. 

Alex hears why.

Something about a note in Eliza’s locker. Something about Eliza telling her parents, and her parents telling Maggie’s parents. Something about Maggie’s parents calling her the scum of the earth.

“Hey,” she shouts across the hall, and Eliza Wilke turns around with defiance in her vaguely red eyes.

“Why the hell would you do that?” Alex demands, slamming her open palm into the locker above Eliza’s head. 

She doesn’t care that the entire hallway goes instantly silent, and she doesn’t notice that Maggie is peaking out from the science department office with wide, disbelieving eyes.

“Do what, Danvers?”

“How could you do that to her? She’s never been anything but nice to you – “

“Yeah, because she wanted to have sex with me or something – “

“Well she doesn’t deserve to be punished for her terrible taste in women!”

An oooooh rises up from the forming crowd, now, and Alex is seeing red, and Alex doesn’t care.

Because she’s had enough of people making fun of her, of people making fun of her little sister. 

Kara’s not in her grade, not even in the same school building as her yet. She can’t always prevent things from happening to Kara. And she’s already beginning to hate herself for it.

But dammit, she won’t fail the girl with the soft eyes and the open heart, too.

“Careful, Danvers, people are gonna say you play for the other team, too!” Rick Malverne snickers from behind her, and Alex turns, and Alex punches him straight in the face.

“Yeah, so what if I did? I’d rather be gay than a jerk like all of you any day!”

Only then does she notice Maggie.

Maggie’s wide eyes and Maggie’s hand under her lips, her face not knowing whether to smile or cry.

Alex flushes and she storms down the hall, away from a groaning Rick, away from a sad-eyed Eliza.

Toward a wide-eyed Maggie. 

She tosses her arm around her shoulders and she tugs her away from the crowd, away from… everything. 

She knows a place on the fifth floor staircase where no one ever goes.

It’s a good place to come to rest.

To read.

Or to comfort.

“You didn’t have to do that, Danvers,” Maggie says, and her voice is small, defeated. Alex has never heard it like that – and she’s paid a lot of attention to Maggie’s voice, she’s realizing suddenly – and it breaks her heart.

“Well, someone had to,” she brushes it off, collapsing onto a stair and digging into her bag.

“Peanut butter and jam?” she says, and she holds out the entire thing to Maggie.

She’s in yesterday’s clothes. Alex doesn’t imagine her aunt bothered to pack her lunch.

Tears flood her eyes and she nods wordlessly and she lets Alex hold her close while she eats.

Alex doesn’t ask anything, and Maggie doesn’t tell anything.

She doesn’t have to.

“You’re coming home with me tonight,” is all Alex says into the silence of the abandoned stairwell, and she knows that for all Eliza rags on her, she will never turn her back on another child in need.

And Maggie? Maggie is smart, and she’s tough, and Alex, looking at her as though for the first time, thinks she’s the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen.

So beautiful.

Alex knows she can take care of herself. But she doesn’t want her to have to.

“Why?” is all Maggie asks, and Alex thinks of Maggie’s lips briefly, thinks of how it would have made her heart sing if Maggie had left a Valentine in her locker instead of Eliza’s.

But that’s all for later, because now? Now she thinks of Kara. Kara’s nightmares and Kara’s tears and Kara’s stories from back home.

She shrugs and she passes Maggie a tangerine from her bag, because Maggie is hungry and because she can’t stand all the healthy food Eliza packs for her, anyway. 

“We’re stronger together,” she offers with a small smile, and when Maggie returns it, she thinks maybe everything’s going to be alright, after all.

Laser Tag [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Request: None, this is part of my filler fics!

Summary: A very competitive reader plays against their boyfriend, Lin.

A/N: This idea came to me while I was in history taking an assessment. Sorry if the reader comes off as a really rude person. Reader is just very competitive.

Warning: None that I can remember.

Word Count: 922

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You get spiked at a party and call ur bf eric and he comes n is so angry he gets into a fight then spends the whole night looking after you


“Eric?” you slurred into the phone.

He picked up right away that something was wrong. “Y/n? Are you okay?”

“M not.. too sure.” you hiccuped into the receiver.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“Mmmmm I dunno. I was just having a ‘lil, a lil bitty drink n know I’m feeling.. Feeling really…uh..” It was getting increasingly difficult to remember words and what they meant.

“Where are you?” you hear his computer chair squeak from the other end of the line as he pushed away from the desk.

“I’m umm…” you looked around the crowded kitchen, looking for someone you knew. The friends you had arrived with were nowhere to be found. Leaning against the kitchen island with a red plastic cup was Brooks Brown. You waved him over and he eyed you warily. You handed the phone to him and turned abruptly to vomit into a nearby trash can.

“Uh, hello?” Brooks said into the phone, looking confused. It was too loud to hear Eric’s side of the conversation. “Yeah, uh she’s… I don’t know man she doesn’t look too good.” he gave Eric the address of the house and ended the call with, “Okay. Yeah, I’ll watch her til you get here.” He put the phone back in the cradle and put an arm around your shoulder, leading you to the dingy sofa. Time did not exist as it had before in the moments spent on the couch leaned against Brooks’s shoulder. It felt like hours- or maybe it was just seconds– there was no real way to tell. There was an analog clock hanging above the stereo but everything looked like a Dali painting through your eyes.

After an indeterminable amount of time you heard a loud BANG of the front door slamming against the wall. The volume of the sound was enough to silence the room, save the blasting stereo. The other kids looked around at each other. Some were scared, standing mostly still with wide eyes, some stood with eyebrows raised waiting for the scene to play out, and a group of tall, thick muscled athletes in the corner sniggered and murmured amongst themselves. Eric’s eyes scanned the room until he saw you. He was by your side in three bounding steps, brushing your hair away from your face and asking over and over if you were okay and apologizing for not being their sooner. Brooks looked at you with a concerned look on his face. “She only had one drink. I think maybe someone slipped something into it.” Eric’s eyes widened and face turned a deep red. He turned around to face the other party-goers. “Who did this?” he demanded. “Who fucking did this to her?” The boys in the corner chuckled. “You think this is fucking funny?” Eric asked, approaching the group. He was at least a head shorter than the smallest of the guys. Everyone was watching your boyfriend in what you thought could be his last moments. His temper often got the best of him, even after the anger management classes he had attended. You tried to call out his name but couldn’t manage to vocalize much more than a slurred “Ehhk”. Brooks held your arm tight when you tried to stand up. “I think you’re just scared, Harris.” “Scared?” Eric scoffed, “Of what? You?” The jock smirked and shook his head. “You’re scared someone else would fuck your girlfriend and then she’d know what it actually feels like to have a real man inside her instead of your pathetic excuse for a dick.” Eric’s face turned a darker, deeper red (which honestly didn’t seem possible) and he snarled. “Fucking pussy.” mumbled the jock as he turned back to his conversation. You wanted so badly to run over and drag Eric away. You knew what was about to happen. Eric looked at the giggling sea of teenagers with disgust. He tapped the jock on the shoulder. He turned around and before he even had a chance to speak, Eric clocked him right in the nose. The guy held a hand up to his face and wiped the trickling blood away. There was a chorus of “Ooooohs” coming from the crowd as they all gathered closer around the two. The other boy took a swing at Eric but he ducked down before impact and punched the jock in the stomach. The second time he wasn’t so lucky. The boys fist collided with Eric’s face with a loud smack and Eric groaned. This went on until eventually Eric landed a blow just between the center of the jock’s ribs, knocking the wind out of him. He took advantage of the situation and slipped through the crowd. Taking your hand in his, he hastily guided you outside and into his car, buckling your seat belt for you before pulling out of his spot on the street.

Next thing you know Eric is opening the car door and piggy-backing you down to his room. You sprawled out on his bed and he pulled off your shoes. You giggle and wiggle your socked feet in the air. Eric smiled weakly and put a hand on your feet, bringing them back down to rest on the mattress. He left the room and came back moments later with a plastic cup of water. You stared at him with half lidded eyes when he held it out to you. “Y/n, you need to drink some water. We’ve gotta flush whatever it is that’s in you out of your system.” You made a face at the word “flush”. Eric climbed onto the bed at sat beside you. “Come on, sit up.” he tried to pull you up with his free hand. He handed you the cup and you took a sip. “Good girl.” He said, moving the pillows around to prop you up. You held the cup with both hands, not trusting yourself to not spill its contents on the sheets. Eric moved around the room looking through drawers until he found a suitable t-shirt and a pair of socks for you to wear. He took the now empty cup from you and set it on his desk. “Arms up,” he ordered. You followed instructions and he pulled your tight mini dress over your head, examining it before folding. “Damn,” he mumbled to himself, “Why don’t you ever wear that for me?” He turned back and peeled your socks from your sweaty feet and replaced them with a pair of his own. You began to fall slowly over into the pillows. “No, no.” he tutted, straightening you up again. “I’ve gotta get you dressed.” He reached turned you slightly to the right and fiddled with the clasp of your bra before tossing it on top of your dress. “Eric,” you whispered, leaning into him. He looked down at you straight faced. “Don’t you wanna touch me?” something inside you was burning, making you crave his touch. “Not right now, baby.” he pushed you back into your spot gently. You glared at him. “You’re not sober. We aren’t going to do anything like that while you’re like this.” you pouted but didn’t argue. He pulled a white Rammstein t-shirt over your head brushed your hair back with his fingers before taking the scrunchie from your wrist and doing his best to tie your locks up. He turned the tv on low and put in a movie, turning the lights off before crawling back into bed with you. You rested your head on his chest and he rubbed your back softly as you dozed off, the sound of “You Never Can Tell” floating in and out of your conscious senses.

My question at soundcheck SLFL Amsterdam May 21
  • alright so i got the audio from a girl who secretly recorded it but she won't let me post it so imma type this all out for you
  • Michael: Hi!
  • Me: Hi! *hears myself through the speakers* wow. First of all, I wanna thank you so much for making me start playing bass, Calum. I love it so much.
  • Calum: *awws*
  • Ashton: Yeah!
  • Calum: That's awesome
  • Me: But my question is eh my crush asked me out a couple days ago..
  • 5sos: *cheers*
  • Crowd: *cheers*
  • Michael: Alright Calum don't get any ideas.
  • Me: So I was wondering if you have some DOs and DONTs for the first date.
  • Michael: What's your crush's name?
  • Me: *with dutch accent* Robert.
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Michael: We don't have that name in Australia. We Australians get names like Kevin or Greg.
  • Luke: Uhm, well...
  • Calum: What don't you do on a first date?
  • Luke: I don't know, I haven't really had a date.
  • Calum: I don't think there's like many rules for that.
  • Michael: I'm still really bad at the thing where I, you know when you're like 13,14 and you make fun of them a lot and you think that it's funny and then so like when I went on I date I just start being like, 'oh wow that's a lot of food' BUT IT'S MEANT TO BE FUNNY
  • Calum: uh oh
  • Michael: AND THEN IT'S REALLY AWFUL so I'm really accidentally mean to people, so don't do that.
  • Ashton: Don't go to the movies or the cinema.
  • Me: Oh but we're going to the movies.
  • 5sos: Oh noooo!
  • Luke: It's fine if you eat food first
  • Me: No I haven't.
  • Ashton: Do NOT go to the movies.
  • Calum: How old are you?
  • Me: 14
  • Calum: Yeah it's fine
  • Ashton: No, come on!
  • Luke: Just eat food and then go to the movies.
  • Ashton: See your mom's probably gonna drop you off, right? Mom, dad idk some significant whatever, they're gonna meet their parents there as well, cause you're both gonna get dropped off.
  • Me: I don't think so, we're going to cycle.
  • Ashton: *acts offended* Can you listen to me?
  • Michael: Do not go to the movies.
  • Ashton: You're not gonna get to know each other any better, cause you're gonna have to sit in silence, so I think if you go and sit somewhere and eat food and then go to the movie it's fine.
  • Luke: I don't know how well you know this dude, is he a nice person?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Michael: Don't go on dates.
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Michael: Just stay on the phone the whole time.
  • Ashton: Eat something first, doesn't have to be fancy.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Michael: Wait, what movie are you seeing?
  • Me: Idk yet.
  • Michael: You need to organize a movie first.
  • Me: Well he asked me out for tonight but I couldn't go soooo
  • 5sos: OOOOOH DAMN
  • Ashton: You're just putting it out there, huh?
  • Crowd: *laughs*
  • Calum: Nice
  • Michael: Did he cry?
  • Ashton: As you can tell we really aren't the best people to ask so.
  • Michael: Yeah, we're not very good at this advice thing.
  • Ashton: We kinda skipped on our chance to go on dates and have just been in the dressing room for 5 years so you know.
  • Crowd: *awws*
  • Michael: Thank you!
  • Me: Thank you!
  • Michael: You could play him a song on bass.
  • yep so that was it i'm still dying lol gtg bye
1D Pref; An Interviewer insults you


“So Harry! Everyone wants to know, are you single or still taken? We haven’t seen pictures of Y/N and you in ages!” The woman, name Sandra asked.

A giant grin made its way on his face, “I’m still with Y/N.” 

“Ahh..” She replied, “I was hoping you were single." 

Harry chuckled, “yeah, i get that a lot. Not to sound cocky or anything.” 

"Of course! You’re the total hottie!” She exclaimed, “How about we go grab some lunch after this?”

“Uhh, I uhh I have to get back to Y/N.” Harry replied.

“You can do so much better..” She muttered, “just saying." 

Suddenly, Harry slammed his headset down on the table, “If you’re going to be rude about my girlfriend, then consider me gone. She’s amazing, inside and out. Maybe that’s what you need to work on.” 

The lads all made sounds of ‘ooohh’ and then bursted out in laughter, following Harry.

You were watching the interview the whole time and you couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

That night, #HarrydefendsY/N was trending on twitter.


"Raise your hand if you’re single!” The interviewer exclaimed, grinning. 

Only Harry raised his hand.

“Aww Harry, you’ll find your girl soon." 

"I hope so.” He replied.

“So Niall, you’re not single?” The interviewer, Jane questioned.

“Nope, I’m happily in a wonderful relationship with Y/N Y/L/N.” He grinned.

“How long?" 

"It’s been a good couple of months.” He replied.

“As every Niall girl out there is saying, you could have chose anyone, why her? I mean.. you can do a lot better than that.” She muttered, locking eyes with the crowd.

“Excuse me?” Niall frowned, “I don’t care what anyone says, but Y/N is honestly amazing. She keeps me on my feet and always puts a smile on my face. If you really are a fan of me like you say you are, you should respect Y/N too." 

"Right.. How about we head out for some dinner after this?” She bit her lip, but didn’t look the least bit attractive.

“I’m sorry, but I have a beautiful and amazing woman waiting at home for me.” He said before getting up and walking off stage.

You were watching the interview and the whole time, the grin on your face never left. 


“Go!” You giggled, pushing him on stage.

“Fine, but we’re leaving immediately after this.” Louis mumbled, giving you a kiss before walking up the stage to be interviewed, along with the rest of his mates.

“Hello Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn!” The man greeted. 

“Hello.” They all replied, in the same tone.

“Well, let’s start off with the first question that everyone really wants to know.” He exclaimed, a bit too loudly.

“Who is single?" 

No one raised their hands.

"Oh? Harry you found someone?” He asked.

“Yeah.. so moving on-”

“Louis! You’re still with that whale?” He laughed. 

The smile on your face vanished and you looked down at yourself. Were you really that big?

“Excuse me? Is there something wrong with you?” Louis asked angrily, “you have no fucking right to call Y/N that!" 

"That was far out of line..” Harry shook his head, patting Louis’ back.

“You’re suppose to interview us with your goddamn stupid questions, not insult my girlfriend.” He said, before angrily walking off stage and into your arms. 

“I’m sorry, love. He’s stupid and you’re not a whale. You’re beautiful. My beautiful and amazing future Mr. Tomlinson." 

"I love you, Louis. Thank you for defending me." 

That day, Louis got the man fired and twitter was blasted with tweets of Louis on stage defending you.

‘you’re a lucky girl, Y/N. We approve :) Have a wonderful night, beautiful!' 


You were sitting in the crowd laughing to one of Liam’s cheesy jokes as he’s being interviewed, along with the rest of the lads.

"Alright, now moving on to the serious questions!” The woman said, “Who here is in a relationship?”

Everyone raised their hand.

“Well, looks like One Direction all has someone! Liam, you still with that amateur?”

Everyone around you stopped and kept quiet, looking at your reaction and Liam’s.

The lads all stared at her, “Excuse you, but that was quite rude.” Louis spoke.

“I was just speaking the truth.” She muttered.

“The only amateur here is you, don’t ever insult my girlfriend.” Liam replied, “I’m just speaking the truth." 

Suddenly, the crowd began to cheer. 

Liam looked at you to see if you were okay and you nodded, giving him a thumbs up to let him know you’re okay.

"I love you.” You mouthed.

“I love you too.” He replied.


“A round of applause for One Direction!” The man yelled, clapping with the crowd.

The five lads ran out and took their seats.

The typical music questions came on, and soon enough the interviewer shot them with relationship questions.

“Zayn, you still in a relationship?”

“Of course. Happily in love with Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled, the crowd in awe.

“Mate, what do you see in her?” The man questioned, “I don’t see anything.. I don’t think any of your mates would hit that.. Or anyone in fact." 

"What the hell?” Zayn frowned, “My mates wouldn’t ‘hit that’ because she’s MY girlfriend and-”

“and she’s like a little sister to us!” Niall exclaimed.

“Yeah, a lot of boys want her, but I’m lucky enough for her to choose me. She’s amazing and definitively has a heart. I love her more than anything.” He said, “Not everything is about sex, you fucking pedophile." 

The crowd and the lads went ‘oooooh’ and some of them yelling “BURNN!” 

You couldn’t help but laugh from the other side of the screen.

Grabbing your phone, you sent Zayn a text.

"Thanks for defending me, I love you. Tell him who’s boss!" 

"I love you too, love. I’ll always be here for you, now stay right where you are because I’m coming home now!”

The rest of the night, #Y/Ns#1BF was trending, all the tweets were saying how sweet Zayn was to defend you in front of millions of people.