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I just realized something. All Iko ever wanted in life was to be human. Could Iko's story be parallel to Pinnichio's? It would fit with the fairy tale theme. Thoughts?

okay first of all? genius. the only immediate problem i see is the actual becoming a real person. also all of pinnochios friends amd stuff (jiminy cricket, the dad guy, the person who makes him a boy, etc.) but this would definitely be a lit fic!

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what do you think why Real!Ciel returned home? is he want to take the revenge on young master??... although I am excited with the revelations, it made me scared too for what comes next

Hmmm, if real Ciel /is/ the ultimate bizarre doll Undertaker was talking about in ch84, it means that he had a lot of ‘future episodes’, i.e. a very strong longing for future.

For example, these students from Weston were turned into BDs by Undertaker and they mumble stuff like

“Cricket game” and “Christmas break”, which means that they were thinking of those things in the moment when they died. So if what you thought of in the last moment of your life is what define your actions as a bizarre doll, I think there’s the chance that real Ciel thought of his bright future as the next “Earl Phantomhive”, i.e. the life he would have lived (had he been not killed by the cultists). Hence, he came back to the Phantomhive manor and claimed he is the real “Earl”.

↑↑ Okay, that’s the somewhat logical part of my answer and the following is just my wishful thinking lol ↓↓

Undertaker said more or less that “BDs don’t tell any lies” in this scene

so if we take real Ciel’s words in chapter 129

“You don’t have to worry anymore. I won’t ever leave your side.”

at face value, I think there’s a chance that he also came back for our Ciel’s sake. I really believe that the twins got along well and that real Ciel was protective of our Ciel (ch90), so maybe he thought of his little bother as well when he was killed.

Again, that’s just my wishful thinking, but at the moment there are so many mysteries and unanswered questions regarding real Ciel, bizarre dolls and Undertaker anyway, so I guess anyone is allowed to come up with a crack theory haha! (≧▽≦)

Broken 24

Warning Domestic Violence 

The next couple of days didn’t give you much time to think. Between Bucky’s physical therapy, and your follow up appointments you had been busy. Steve didn’t seem to take his eyes off you, and neither did Bucky for that matter and you had to remind yourself to breathe as you knew they were just worried. They didn’t let you go out of the house without them. To be honest though your car was still at Clint’s shop and your keys were somewhere at Brock’s. Steve had asked you multiple times if you wanted to go and get your stuff from Brock’s and you kept putting it off. You didn’t know if he was released from jail or not, you hadn’t asked and you didn’t want to find out. If you kept yourself distracted you could pretend it was all a bad dream and that none of it was real.

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Request: Could you possibly do a Jimin x reader where you try to scare him in but fail and when he tries to get back at you you have a panic attack and he then feels really bad and continues to apologize over and over and something you in kisses until you forgive him? I’m sorry if this is to much!

Warnings: panic attack

Genre: fluff, angst

With Halloween just around the corner, your mind could focus on one thing and one thing only: pranking Jimin. Granted you didn’t have much money to go all out, but there was just enough in your pocket to buy fake roaches and crickets to stuff into empty spice bottles from the kitchen. It was cheap and easy, and you were bound to get some kind of reaction out of your boyfriend. You ordered Chinese food a few minutes before he usually came home from practice, and after welcoming him home you scattered the fake bugs onto Jimin’s plate.

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I love your tags on the christmas jumper post about how Aaron gave Robert a family and a reason to wear dumb, goofy jumpers. Please talk more about how they are each other's family!!!

HAI NONNIE YOU CUTIE… What these messy, incoherent tags???

#aaron finally gave him #a family again #a reason to wear #stupid jumpers #and a smile #aaron looks after him #with as much love as sarah did #even though it was #robert who fetched their coats #at xmas #do you think he helped aaron into his? #do you think he’s ever tugged on aarons collar #pulled him to him for a kiss #all #cold noses #and wintery breath? #all sarah wanted was for robert (and all her kids) #to be loved #the way aaron loves him

Lol… Let’s start at the emotional trauma and work our way down. Firstly, from Robert’s perspective… No one really gave a damn about him like Sarah did (I mean Vic, yes, but Vic’s his baby and he has to look after her) until Aaron

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Aaron would rather DIE, alone and afraid, than see Robert Jacob come to any harm. Sarah Sugden would have kissed him for protecting her soon like this…

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And moan at me all you like, but this was shown from the minute Aaron catches feelings during the affair. He was constantly worrying about Robert. Yes, he may have been under the misguided impression that Robert, like him, couldn’t admit to being gay. But Aaron wanted to help him, wanted to be there for Robert. He said as much to Paddy “maybe he just needs someone to talk to - like I did”.  I mean he was also slowly realising that Robert could be a murderously crazy on occasion. But fuck he loves him. He never stopped. Robert’s finally got someone on his side again. Ride or die. Just like his mama was. Someone who sees his POV. Someone who will defend him to the baying crowds. THATS FAMILY…

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Take, for example, the light-hearted Bartsy exchange about how Adam wants to mash Robert Sugden’s head in on the regular. Aaron Dingle, will not, even in jest, stand for criticism of Robert. He understands the worst parts of Robert, even if he doesn’t necessarily love them. Just like Robert’s mum.

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For someone like Robert, who felt so alone in the world… So lost… To have someone take you by the hand, grip it and never let go… To lead you through the darkness? That kind of understanding means so fucking much. 

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So, now Aaron? The big stuff? Aaron spent his whole life being passed around like a burden. Someone to be pitied at best. And at worst, he was abused by the one person who was meant to protect him, to treasure him… But who resented Aaron’s very presence in his life. And worse? G*rdon told him it was his fault. That he, Aaron, was the terror, deserving of the pain. Aaron spent so much of his young adulthood, raging at the world. The world which left him behind, betrayed him. Even when he felt those first budding emotions of love and acceptance (from Jackson)… It was ripped away from him. To his mind Jackson didn’t love him enough to stick around. Not only that, but for someone who had been abused and tortured, he found himself in a near constant cycle of trouble. The police, the courts. People thought he was no good. He had to be better for Chas, had to open up to Paddy, had to an adult for Jackson (when he had barely stopped being a boy) - people always demanded things of him. 

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Robert never saw him like that. Never pitied him. Never felt he was a burden. Never asked anything of him. Robert pursued him, avidly, doggedly… He WANTED AARON. He always will. And from pursuit, Robert’s emotions quickly spiralled… Soon Aaron became the most precious thing in his life and Robert told him that. I mean, there were no consequences for Aaron when he destroyed Robert’s marriage. Robert was ready to “kill” Paddy and did (accidentally) kill Katie for revealing the truth. But Aaron, he didn’t even hold him accountable. Not for one second. Can you imagine going from feeling like an unwanted addition… to knowing that NO MATTER what happens, no matter what you do, or what tell someone about your past… they just go on loving you unconditionally? And not only that but that they will support you, without ever asking for anything back? If that’s not family lads?? I cry.

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And that’s just the fucking trauma inducing stuff. There’s so much more than that to them… How they make eachother smile on a daily basis. How they make eachother angrier than anyone else too? How they’ve grown accustomed to eachothers’ curious little habits and peculiar tics. How they know eachother so well, they can derive a whole conversation from just one look. How they’ve learnt to take the piss of themselves through eachother. How they made a family with Liv. How they were building a future. How they carved out a life for themselves in this village which means so much to both of them. How they’re discovering eachothers histories, and not just the terrifying stuff, but the CDs, the action men, the cricket pavillions. Lol. How they bring comfort to eachother at the start and the end of the day, whether it be a hug or a cup of coffee. How they try and make eachother laugh even through the pain. How they were so unexpected, but now there’s just no other option for either of them?

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I mean Robron basically…

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