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Bc im genuinely curious and since he's basically the purest of the Paladins, in headcanons, how do you think Hunk would dirty talk?

hmm, probably focusing on the body of his partner, he seems slow and loving maybe?

- “Fuck, you’re so beautiful when you do that.”
- “Get over here, let me give you what you deserve.”
- “That’s it, sweetheart, you’re doing so good for me.”
- “You look gorgeous covered in sweat.”
- “Be a little louder for me, good girl/boy.”

The uprising by “power” of Laxus and the Thunder Tribe!! The decision of the fight involving the Guild’s strongest… Battle of Fairy Tail!! // chapter 535 


@colinmorgasms’ The Change trilogy is, simply put, the Season 6 we deserve. She’s been quietly working on this for years, and having read most of it, I can guarantee that it is M I N D B L O W I N G. I am not kidding. My wrap-around covers cannot even begin to do this gorgeous epic justice. (If you have any doubt at all about the caliber of her writing, I dare you to check out any of her other fics here.) 

But listen, Mallory has a few more chapters left to write before she can post. I think we can all agree it is a pretty mean feat to write three Big Bangs’ worth of fic in one go with very little cheerleading, so if you could, please give her a friendly nudge now for me? It would be much appreciated! Then maybe we’d be able to post something before the end of the month as previously planned, eh? ; )

In the meantime, have some teasers. ♥️

Ok, so I learnt Gorgeous on guitar!💗

I’m considering doing it at the next open mic night if I can pluck up the courage. What do you think? ✨

(I only learnt it like 5 mins before recording this so it’s a little ropey and I have to keep looking at the chords 😂 sorry)


GORGEOUS acoustic cover. I’m Courtney; this is What I do. 💜💜💜🙃

There isn’t a new chapter this month (get well soon Shiina-sensei!!❤️), but the August issue of Betsuma did include the cover of the next volume…


Sorry for the poor photo quality, but when I found this in my copy of Betsuma I just had to share!! Volume 29 will be released on Tuesday, July 25th!


Pairing; Kim Taehyung x Reader

Words; 3.4k

Genre; Smut with a plot (hints of other things if you look real closely)

Summary;  ❝Lust; A passionate or overmastering desire or craving❞

Aka; Taehyung is a jerk, Jimin drags you to his Halloween party and Taehyung looks too fucking good dressed as a vampire

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