and the cover is kevin

neil and kevin discuss exy in bed all the fucking time especially when they can’t sleep and it annoys the hell out of andrew so he’ll whack them both in the face with his pillow and tell them to shut. up. 

all it does is turn their attention on him instead though which.. he’s okay with that. neil leans in close with his lips hovering right in front of andrew’s in a silent question that andrew answers by closing the gap and kissing him. kevin meanwhile is hugging neil from behind and has his lips pressed gently to the back of his neck. not too long after they drift off to sleep and andrew has some peace and quiet finally 


“It’s a thrill to meet you, sir.”  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens run into the Undertaker after Raw, and Kevin’s sell of that chokeslam is a thing of joy and beauty. {x}


Mitchell casually goes off I mean