and the costumes oh my so beautiful

I feel like at some point there was like, a radio talk show about sports and they’re discussing the Stammi Vicino duet and who wore the costume better and people are calling in to vote about it, and it’s pretty close but Victor is winning by a little bit.

And then they get another call and the talk show hosts don’t even have a chance to get a word in before the caller is like, ‘Yuuri, the answer is Yuuri. Yuuri looked the best in that costume, honestly do you people who voted for me even have EYES, Yuuri looked so amazing and that shade of blue is just beautiful on him and did you see how great his ass looks in that outfit? No? I invite every last one of you to watch the gala performance again and pay special attention to Yuuri’s ass because it is truly a thing of beauty-’

And then the line suddenly cuts off and in the background there’s a sound of scuffling and someone saying ‘give me the phone victor oh my god’ and then the background voice comes on, ‘I am so sorry about him, he’s drunk,’ and hangs up.

My boyfriend reacts to Yuri On Ice - Part 2

Hello to everyone! My guy is very proud he kind of became famous on tumblr (that’s what he said, lol), so he’s willing to keep watching the show and openly react to it for you - full truth: he loves it and can’t stop watching.

PS: Do not fuel him too much, he started to be to too conceited.

Episode 4:


“Okay, no seriously, two minutes into the episode AND HE’S ALREADY NAKED.”

“This is pornography!!!! Cover your eyes!!”

“Mila is hot though”

“The eyeliner game is strong with this Lilia gal”


“Nice hair Yurio”

“He even sleeps naked what the hell”

“Anyway talking seriously, if someone wakes me in the middle of the night and finds me naked it’s not gonna end so innocently”


- he basically died from laughter when Yuri touched Victor’s hair -


“Minako clearly is on crack”

Episode 5:


“This yellow/red head dude needs to chill. And see a dentist”

“Victor Nikiforov is awakward 99% of the time he’s awake”

“Minami is staring at Yuri’s ass. It’s so clear.”


“But do you find him attractive? What if I buy a suit? Would I be attractive?” (<3)

“Yuri surely finds him attractive”

“Is that a stuffed dog with Kleenex inside? Where did he even find it”


“Oh wow Yuri’s costume is sparkling”


“This is getting me emotional, jesus fucking christ”

“Oh wait it’s Victor’s internal monologue?”


“Victor hugs him anyway so cute”

“… Oh nevermind”

“Yurio needs therapy”

Episode 6:


“I have a serious question. How many scarves and coats does Victor own”

“How can Minako afford so many plane tickets??? What the hell WHY ARE THEY ALL RICH”

“I love Yakov seriously”




“And here he is naked again!!”


“He’s clearly flirting holy fuck”

“Victor talking with girls, he coulnd’t care less am I right”

“… Phichit lost all his virility with this costume”



“Yuri’s monologue is so passionate”

“Even Phichit is slightly worried”

- he laughed through the entirety of Georgi’s programme -

“DUDE CHILL” - laughter keeps going -

- he laughed louder when it came to Chris’ turn -

- he needed to pause it when Chris’ ass was on full screen -

“Phichit’s got a crush on Yuri that is for sure”

“Yuri’s mom is so pure and nice”

Stay tuned for part 3 tonight or tomorrow 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

- this anime is the only thing he’s talking about - 


- wow the COSTUMES
- so much hard work with the details so amazing
- tiny Anna and Elsa are literally 1000x more talented than I’ll ever be at anything
- props to that actor because walking on four legs for 2.5 hrs looks not fun
- Anna and Elsa are incredible singers
- first time in forever is BEAUTIFUL
- I may have cried
- I cried for a lot of the whole thing lmao
- Love is an Open Door with Anna and Hans is adorably awkward
- THE SFX WHen Elsa freaked out at the ball are incredible
- Kristoff is a beautiful man oh my
- and he can sing like an angel
- also paddie (who I always thought was pappy in the movie idk?) is RIPPED AF
- the trolls are now kinda avatar looking guys
- !Lesbian couple dancing!
- What do you know about love song by Anna and kristoff is AMAZING and so so cute
- 12/10
- I can’t even describe how incredible it was holy moly
- Hygge was hilarious and sweet
- the Yoo-hoo big summer blowout guy is great
- also Olaf is seriously amazing
- he sounds exactly like josh gad and plays him with so much heart
- the scene where Anna is trying to find Elsa in the blizzard on the fjord is incredible
- the cast members form this icy wind and stop her from reaching Elsa sooner
- Elsa unfreezing is so wonderful
- Anna and Elsa singing love is an open door together at the end 💓
- everything was incredible, absolutely would recommend
- the new songs ahhhhhhhhh

MUNY newsies

(just a collection and babble of happy thoughts abt newsies at the MUNY!!!!)
-I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forwards to another white dude as jack kelly (like cast actors of color! blease!) but jay armstrong johnson killed it and was very very very sweet and humble and lovely at the stage door.
-also he’s a dancer so we got dancer jack along with the other newsies which was AWESOME
-I think they changed up the harmonies for jack & crutchie in the Santa Fe (Prologue) a bit and it was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-diverse n wholesome cast. some truly good boys !!!!!!!
-davey!!!!!! was so squeaky and anxious and good and perfect! spencer davis milford was awesome. (and then he had a really different voice and was really bro-y at the stage door which was hilarious)
-les. just. les!!!!!!!!! a very good dude!
-(also I haven’t said this yet but Daniel Quadrino? best Crutchie I’ve ever seen)
-MEDDA!!!!! I COULD MAKE A WHOLE POST ON MEDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my GOD she was the star of the show I wept she was so gorgeous and she had these AMAZING costumes and she got more stage time in this production and she was seriously the most incredible thing in the show. like during her number she shed her dress and was in this SUPER COOL GREEN SEQUINED CORSET-Y THING AND DANG !!!!!! I DIED OH MY GOSH SHE WAS KILLIN THE GAME !!!!! JEEZ OH MAN I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE..
-(also her actress was BOMB and she was so cool and sweet and came back to my friend at the stage door to exchange instagrams cuz she liked my friend’s art it was SO SWEET)
-more Bowery Beauties! who had their own little jingle!
-tessa grady? phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal and rocked those kath outfits? yeah
-also ya know they couldn’t really do the RIDICULOUS CHOREO from the Broadway show so they did a lot of simpler dance numbers and worked with what they had but GOD WERE THEY AMAZING!!!
-at “even though we ain’t got hats or badges” one of the ensemble newsies looked at his hat like ???? ok Kelly
-in Watch What Happens kath was in a rolly chair and she rolled away when she did that happy squeak it was cute !!!
-the Most Beautiful racetrack higgins i have ever seen
-seize the day!!!!!!!! that is all. it was so pure.
-darker now but right before Santa Fe jack was sobbing and pacing around his penthouse choking out “crutchie” and GOD
-jay armstrong johnson hit this surprise high note during Santa Fe and it like slapped me in the face it was AMAZING !!!!!!
-KING OF NEW YORK!!!! THE ENERGY!!!! god it was phenomenal and kath’s tap skills and… AHH. katherine was more incorporated in this one and tapped along with them and it was PHENOMENALLLL. probably my favorite dance number.
-again. daniel quadrino = best crutchie ever. his voice… his acting… god
-at one point an ensemble newsie reached up to adjust his cap but there was no cap there. me too bud.
-spot…. was such an amazing spot.
-Something To Believe In was so… raw and real? god I was captivated. these poor kids..
-tessa grady is just such a phenomenal actor..
-during Once And For All right before the key change all of the other newsies came out from under the set in the shadows with their caps over their eyes and their heads down in this eerie orange light and OHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!
-ALSO!!!! mixed in with the newsies at this point were actual KIDS as newsies singing their hearts out to this key change. they had actual people as old as the newsies in the ensemble for this part to make it more gut-wrenchingly beautiful. god.
-all the kidsies also had names (for example: Flounder)
-it ended so powerfully and well. gosh. gosh gosh gosh. it was phenomenal. I could feel it in my heart.

EXO reaction coming home to find you in lingerie waiting for them

Xiumin- “oh, what have I done to deserve an angel like you?”

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Luhan- “Come lay by me and show me your little costume baobei, kitten”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris- “Come here and let daddy have a closer look”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Suho- “My baby looks so good in that. Too bad it’s going to be tear into pieces in a few seconds”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Lay- “Baby, be prepare for tonight. You have no idea what you got yourself into”

Originally posted by lullabyun

Baekhyun- “why don’t you undress me too baby?”

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Chen- “Who is this beauty, waiting obediently for daddy?”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chanyeol- “Come here and sit on my lap baby girl. Let me take a closer look at my precious girl”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

D.O- “What’s the occasion baby? Why do you have your beautiful costume out? Not that I don’t like it”

Originally posted by sehuntiful

Tao- “Didn’t know it was my birthday baobei. Looking delicious for me to resist”

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai- “Follow daddy to the bedroom baby girl”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Sehun- “thank god i bought the big mirror. I want to see your beautiful self white I fill you with my love, baby girl”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, darling! How are you? I love your artwork. I was wondering if you could draw Jim dressed as Belle and Seb as the Beast in the dancing scene from Beauty and the Beast. I feel like Jim would love it because it's a musical, and he would always say 'I'm the beauty and you are the beast' to Seb lol. Thanks! X

I haven’t watched (nor do I plan to watch) the new movie so I hope you like the animated costumes!  Also, I got this other request after the doodle was finished so I’m not going to do it but I have to share:

Anonymous said to hippano: 
Hi! Not sure if you are still doing requests but I have one! How about Beauty and the Beast where Jim is Gaston and Seb is one of the silly girls. Maybe along with Irene and Molly? “Look there, he goes, isn’t he dreamy? The spider - Jim M - oh he’s so cute! Be still my heart, I’m hardly breathing! He’s such a smart, sly, dark and handsome Brute!” ~My cousin came up with that 😂 

On Set Romance (Tom Holland X Reader) Part 1

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader 


Warnings: language 

 Word Count: 911 

Tag List: @parkersenses @tom-cinnamon-holland@thelifeofanengineeringstudent @grant-valdes-holland @parkerroos @toms-spidey @sunrisehunny @peterletmebeanavengerparker @spideyboys @jor-da-na @lil-spidey @captainswriting @quacksoff @spideyr00s @spideyyss @tomhollandisthicc @underoosie @marvelsdaughter @babyparker @spideyyparker @rooyeun @focused-on-holland @peterfightmeparker @raindancer2004________________________________________________________________

I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep until I had practically fallen off of the airport bench. A strong hand had stopped me from rolling off of the bench onto the floor. “Careful, darling. Don’t want you hurting yourself.” a male british voice said. I looked up and saw a bright megawatt smile and beautiful brown eyes, both strangely familiar. I quickly sat up and tried to fix my mussed up hair and straighten my clothes. I examine the man, trying to remember where i know him from. that’s when it hits me. Its Tom Fucking Holland. Spiderman. AKA the man I have had multiple sex dreams about. The one I run a Tumblr blog about. The one I write smut about. THAT Tom Holland. Hell I was in a groupchat about the man. My eyes go very wide as I realize all of this. My cheeks feel warm and my heartbeat picks up. “You’re- I am- You’re Tom-” I stutter, trying to start a sentence.  “Yes I am. By the way love you have a little something right here.” Tom says, pointing at his own chin trying to indicate where he was talking about. I wiped my mouth and felt moisture. I HAD BEEN DROOLING OH GOD. My cheeks flush even further. “You’re quite beautiful when you sleep. Even with the sleep talking.” He says with a chuckle, scooting closer to me. “T-thank you.” I stutter. “ So where are you headed?” He asks, gesturing at the gates in front of us. “Atlanta. I’m moving there for a job. I’m working on a movie set. I do costuming. They’re briefing me on what movie it actually is when I get there. What about yourself?” I ask him, looking into his gorgeous coffee brown eyes.  “I’m going to Atlanta as well. Flight 217?” He asks, his face lighting up with excitement. “Yes!” I say, showing him my boarding pass. “Here let me see your boarding pass.” He says and I hand him the pass. He goes up to the gate attendant and talks to him a bit. The attendant nods his head and hands Tom a new pass. Tom walks back over to me and hands me the new pass. “You’ve been upgraded to first class, free of charge. You’re in the seat right next to mine.” He says flashing that blinding smile at me. “REALLY?” I say, a grin appearing on my face. “Yes really, darling.” Tom says. I get up and hug him. “Thank you!” I squeal. I’ve never flown first class so I was really excited. “Flight 217 to Atlanta now boarding at Gate 9.” A woman calls over the intercom. “That’s us.” Tom says, grabbing both his carry on and mine. “You really don’t have to do that Tom, you’ve already done so much.” I say, trying to take my bag from him. “Nonsense! A beautiful woman should never have to carry her own bag.” He says with a wink. I let out a small giggle at his obvious flirtation. We head towards the gate. A beautiful flight attendant whose name tag read Kaiti checked our boarding passes and allowed us onto the plane. The flight was quick and Tom and I talked the entire ride to Atlanta. We discussed interests, traded stories from sets, and argued about who would win in a fight between the Avengers. He thought Iron Man would but I knew for sure it would be Captain America.  When we got off the plane Tom offered to drop me off at my new apartment in his rental car. I argued a bit but he eventually just pick up my bag and walked off with it, leaving me to follow after him quickly. His rental car, a nondescript black mini suv, was waiting for him when we got there and by the time I caught up to him he had already loaded our bags in the back. “Get in, love.” He said gesturing to the passenger side. I got in and buckled my seatbelt, Tom joining me soon after that. He started the car and switched the in console screen to the GPS. “What’s your address, darling?” He says, his fingers hovering over the screen. I told him the address of my new apartment and he typed it in. He followed the directions to my apartment and he sang to the radio as he drove. Umbrella by Rihanna came on and he glanced at me to see if I had a reaction. “You bet your ass I saw it, Twinkle Toes.” I said with a giggle. He flushed a bit and smiled. Not long after that we got to my building. He insisted on helping me carry my case up stairs. I knocked on the door of the apartment. The director was supposed to be meeting me here to turn over the keys to my apartment and to finally tell me what this huge secret project was.  The door opened and there stood Jon. “(Y/N) hi!” Jon said , opening to door wide to let me in.  I come in and Tom follows after me. The apartment was already furnished and the completely paid for by the movie company. “Tom surprised to see you here. I’m happy to see that you get along with our new director of costuming.” Jon says, bro hugging Tom. “Wait. She’s working on our movie?” He says excitedly. “Yep. Welcome to the crew of Spiderman: Homecoming (Y/N).”

Cats the Musical
  • Jellicles: *sing about themselves and praise the everlasting cat*
  • Man Over There: what the fuck is a jellicle cat
  • Jellicles: lol we have three names
  • Victoria: yo yo im going to do some balance watch me *everyone leaves except misto* fuck
  • -
  • Misto: lol get the fuck up noob we have to invite them
  • Munku: ok so yeah we have to dance and sing and shit ok,, then we choose someone to die
  • -
  • Munku: I suggest jenny cuz she is old and wrinkly i guess lmao
  • Jenny: *tap dances with roaches*
  • -
  • Tugger: *jumps out and flaunts his mane* im so fresh u can succ my nuts (swag)
  • Misto: shut the fuck up
  • Etcetera: DADDY
  • -
  • Grizabella: wow lol good party
  • Demeter: no
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Bustopher Jones: hey lol
  • Jenny: thats my daddy over there
  • Etcetera: ew
  • -
  • Mungojerrie: yo we acrobats
  • Rumpleteazer: u cant do anything abt it
  • Jellicles: shut the fuck UP
  • -
  • Misto: Old Deuteronomy???
  • Tanto and Cori: Its old doot lol
  • Jellicles: oh ok we'll just wait here
  • Munku: ok can u hurry up u bag of shitfur
  • Deuteronomy: calm the fuck down im older than Queen Victoria you assholes
  • -
  • Munku: Jerrie can u get the barking right for one FUCKING SECOND
  • Jerrie: im trying my best
  • Jellicles: *barking never ceases*
  • Munku: ok lol so this robot cat FUCK OFF WITH THE BAGPIPE TUGGER
  • Tugger: *bangs out the tunes*
  • Rumpus: lol
  • -
  • Deuteronomy: oh shit
  • Munku: what now dammit
  • Victoria: lol
  • Jemima: lol
  • Alonzo: ok so we're black and white
  • Jellicles: *finally explaining what a jellicle cat is*
  • Man Over There: FUCKING FINALLY
  • -
  • Jellicles: *dances*
  • Victoria: check out my sweet moves
  • Plato: oh shit ye
  • -
  • Victoria: oh lol hi
  • Plato: wow queen, ur so beautiful
  • Skimbleshanks: god i wish that were me
  • -
  • Tanto and Cori: WHAT THE FUCK
  • Misto: yo who out there
  • Skimble: no one has time for this fuck off
  • Alonzo: *hisses grizabella away* fuck off
  • Jellicles: *butt shaking*
  • -
  • Grizabella: hi
  • Jellicles: no
  • Grizabella: ok
  • -
  • Demeter: fuck hes not there
  • Bomba: he drank all the milk dammit
  • Macavity: hi
  • Deme and Bomba: fuck
  • Macavity: *jumps out of Deuteronomy costume* rawr lol
  • Jellicles:
  • Macavity: what,, why arent u all screaming??? and begging the Everlasting for mercy???
  • Munkus: ,,u literally do this every fucking year
  • Macavity:
  • -
  • Tugger: yo misto its time to rescue doot
  • Misto: god fucking dammit *throws glitter*
  • Deuteronomy: *comes out* kill me,, let me die
Beauty and the CGI Beast Pros and Cons

So someone also wanted pros and cons so I decided to write those too


  • This movie is very pretty
  • The costumes and the designs for the castle was wonderful
  • Luke Evans is a fantastic Gaston
  • Josh Gad is a decent Le Fou
  • Kevin Kline is good
  • Everyone playing the servants did a fantastic job and I want a movie about them
  • This movie made me a ship a wardrobe with her Harpsichord husband. Oh my god, Maestro Cadenza and Madame de Garderobe were adorable. I want a film about them please!
  • Honestly, I think the servants were the best part of this movie
  • They explained a few things like who Chip’s dad is and why everyone forgot about the castle.
  • Gaston’s song and scene was great
  • Background diversity is nice


  • Emma Watson
  • For some reason, the villagers are really mean in this
  • They make a big deal about this Belle being an inventor but she invents one thing and that’s it.
  • This is this random subplot concerning Belle’s mother and it felt really forced
  • Mrs. Potts looks creepy
  • Beast, you’re not scary enough.
  • Emma Watson’s singing
  • Okay, I know this is a Disney movie but the romance in this feels extremely forced and our two leads have zero chemistry.
  • Two added songs and they’re both kinda not that great.
  • Le Fou, speak up goddamnit
  • The big ‘gay’ moment happens so quickly you’ll miss it
  • And that interracial kiss they talk about happens at the tail end of the movie
  • The yellow dress Emma design looks even worse on the big screen
  • Oh and they ruined the ballroom scene too
  • Just Emma Watson in general

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted on my Wattpad account!

“Listen, I have a quick question for you, do you want to help me with an experiment?” you ask Dick.

“A what? ” he asks confused.

“E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T!” you spell it out for him and he gives you the ‘really’ look.

“I’ve heard that, I meant what kind Y/n? ”

“Uh, so we kinda, sorta get Jay a bit jealous…” You mumbled out quickly turning around.

“Jay jealous? What did you do?! ” he asks now clearly curious.

“Funny you should ask…A guy wanted my number but of course I politely declined saying that I have a boyfriend,and well Jason saw it and he kinda punched the guy but didn’t want to admit that he was jealous.” you pour it all out.

“A.. Ha.. Where exactly do I come in? ” Dick raises an eyebrow at you.

“I want you to pretend that you’re going to kiss me.” you smile at him and his jaw drops.

“And end up in a gutter somewhere?! No thank you! ” he scuffs.

“Dick pleaseee! I’ll do anything you want for a week!” you plead and he shakes his head.

“Not a chance, I’m not ending up with a bullet between my eyes because your boyfriend won’t admit he’s jealous! ”


“Remember the plan.” you wink at Dick.

“I hate you so much right now Y/n. ” he hisses at you.

“Batman costume for you Dick and brand new weapons from Roy and Bruce!” you reminded him and he sighed noding.

“Oh hey Dick! How are you? ” you say a bit louder hoping to get Jasons attention who was upstairs.

“Great, I just missed those…uh..beautiful eyes of yours?” Dick played along a bit unsure hoping that Jason didn’t have a gun with him.
“You’re such a charmer. ” you flirt ready to put your arm on his shoulder when it was snatched half way trough.

“This is my cue!” Dick announces and runs off.

“Coward.. ” you scuff.

“What in the name of Batman are you doing Y/n?” Jason asks you, anger evident on his face as he holds your wrist.

“Noothiiiing.. "you trail off.

"Bullshit.. Spill.” he demands and gives you a look.

“Okay fine! I wanted to make you jealous! You say you’re not but clearly you are! ” you say and pull back your wrist from his grip.

“Every guy says he’s not jealous when he really is!” Jason starts to laugh at you and you pout stomping your feet.

“Stop laughing or I’ll go that other guy who wanted my number! ” you protest and Jason stops laughing a serious look now on his face.
He pulls you closer kissing you on the lips.

“It wouldn’t work anyway… Unless you have a Lazarus pit near by..” he trails off and walks away.

“Jay! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t! ” your eyes winden in understanding of what he just said.

“I love you Y/n!” he yells back at you avoiding the subject completely.

“Oh not again.. ” you mumble under breath.

Hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading! ❤
~MadRedQueen000 💋

Baozi & Hana (ゝ。∂)

Well, I’m quite a bishonen hunter, so these guys can’t slip out of my sight! And here’s what made me love their cosplays :
1. They are male! xD

2. They did BL cosplays (。♥‿♥。)
cute uke!Hana and cool seme!Baozi

3. Both of them can be beautiful and handsome at the same time, see…

4. Detailed costumes, awesome armors, setting and other props

5. Their flawless, high-skill make-up

6. The daily un-cosplay(?) Baozi & Hana are real lookers

Yup, that’s Baozi and Hana for you!
and oh, did I forget to mention how fvcking hot Hana is? L(・o・)」

Look at that tempting lips~ ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ
enough to make fangirls dying out of nosebleed!

Wonder Woman

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Okay so @bookofreid wrote this post about how Spencer Reid would definitely support the female empowerment in Wonder Woman and I literally just saw it so I decided to write a fic about it. (P.S. I love @bookofreid, she’s a queen) 

Trigger Warnings: none


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As a present to all of you- in honor of Sebastian’s 34th birthday on the 13th of August 2016 - I wrote this fluffy piece. Enjoy, my loves, and don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday.

*Reader’s POV*

After a long day at Chantilly - one of New York’s Finest Restaurant, you arrived at the door of your apartment, exhausted and smelling like food. You worked as a waitress to support yourself, much to your boyfriend Sebastian’s dismay. It wasn’t that he thought your job was mediocre- he had the utmost respect for hospitality workers- it was because he was more than capable of supporting you. The two of you have had many heated arguments about the matter but it was an argument you’d always win; you were good at bringing the water works and Sebastian hated to see you cry. You felt bad for emotionally manipulating him but you knew you’d feel worst if you depended on his payroll to survive.

Normally people used their jobs to distract themselves from the absence of their loved ones but thanks to Sebastian’s constant disapproval of your job, you found yourself thinking of him every time you were at work. It didn’t hurt so much when he was in New York but it was definitely hurting now as he was in Ireland filming his latest project ‘We’ve Always Lived In The Castle’. The worst part of his absence was that it was smacked in August; the month of his birthday and yours.

You heaved a sigh and stuffed your dirty apron under your armpit so you could free your right hand to use the key to unlock your door. You hated the apartment when he wasn’t around; it was just too empty and lonely. You missed the way he’d cook you breakfast; eggs were his specialty. The way his cologne would linger after he’d left the apartment. The way he’d belt out songs in the shower even though you were banging on the door, begging him to hurry up so you could get ready for work; you personally thought it was a tactic so he could get you fired. You didn’t have just one particular thing you missed about Sebastian because you missed everything about him.

Your eyes narrowed when you realized your front door was actually unlocked. You slowly and quietly took out the key and hesitated entering in case you were being robbed. You thought about calling 911, or even Chris and Jenny who agreed to check in on you while Sebastian was out of the country, but decided it was too late to bother anyone with what could have been your own carelessness. You knew the security in the building was tight as it was one of the features Sebastian bragged about after convincing you to move from your old place in Brooklyn to his new place in the Upper West Side.

You entered the house, “I’m home,” awkwardly announcing your entrance as though it would scare away the possible robber. You scanned the apartment and closed the door after assessing that your anxiety had taken you hostage and there was nothing to worry about.

You felt a presence behind you as you worked to lock your front door. You shook the bad thoughts out of your head and mumbled to yourself, “stop overthinking things. Nothing bad happens-” you were cut off when you felt- what seemed like the tip of a gun- press into your lower back. “Don’t shoot me!”

“Hail Hydra,” a familiar male voice whispered in an almost seductive tone.

“Oh my-” You spun around and saw Sebastian in his Winter Soldier costume- minus the mask- trying hard not to laugh at your expression which was lost between fear, shock and excitement. “BUCKY!” You screamed and pounced on him, wrapping both arms and legs around him.

“It’s good to see you too, Y/N,” he chuckled softly, hugging you tightly. “God, I’ve missed you and your beautiful face.” He said as you leaned back in his arms, cupping his face in your hands so you could kiss him. “You taste like chocolate,” he hummed once you broke the kiss and pressed your forehead against his.

“Fondue,” you told him then gestured for him to lower you onto your feet. “What the hell are you doing here?” You laughed once you wrapped your head around the situation. “And what the hell were you thinking scaring me like that?”

“I wasn’t really thinking,” he admitted with a light laugh. “I got home like- three hours ago. At first I wanted to surprise you the old fashion way, in bed with nothing but a bouquet of roses.” He winked and you laughed. “But as the second hour came and went, I remembered how some nights you wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom so I came out and hid behind the couch with the roses. Then I drank two beers and the third hour arrived and The Winter Soldier called out to me and told me that this would be a much better idea.”

“You scared the shit out of me!” You slapped his arm.

“I was afraid you were going to whip out your self-defense skills and whoop my ass,” he admitted. “But now that I’ve seen your fight or flight skills, I’m afraid you’d freeze again and beg the intruder not to shoot.” He half joked, half said in a serious tone then grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into him. “I should really take you with me when I get out of the country so you don’t get yourself killed.”

“You should,” you smiled then met his lips for the kiss he was offering. “You didn’t answer my other question,” you mumbled against the kiss and he chuckled softly, breaking it so you could talk. “What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t want to spend my birthday without you,” he smiled. “Plus- I couldn’t miss yours so…I asked if they were willing to put filming on hold for a little while.” Your face asked for their reaction. “They weren’t particularly happy with my decision but you’re more important.”

“Seb!” You frowned. “What if you lost your job?!” He shrugged nonchalantly. “You really need to prioritize. We could have always celebrated later or I could’ve flown out there to meet you. I don’t like it when you’re so irr-”

He shut you up with a deep and passionate kiss.

“But I’m really glad you’re here,” you admitted with a satisfied hum.

“Me too,” he smiled and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Oh, and by the way.” His gaze darted onto my watch and I followed, realizing it was 12:05AM which meant that it was now the 13th of August and his 34th birthday. “I don’t want material things for my birthday this year.”

“Oh I see,” you bit back your smile because you knew perfectly what he was hinting at. “What do you want then?” You asked in a sultry voice then but your lower lip; a move that always turned him on.

He chuckled softly, lowering his gaze and displaying his pretty lashes. “I would like my present to begin in the bedroom,” he whispered into your ear. “Where we end up, I don’t care as long as you’re the person I wake up next to.”

“Done and done,” you grinned then crashed your lips into his.


Just watched Beauty and the Beast, really liked how they did the adoption. U can see more scenes like in the original and the costumes are so beautiful. The starring is fabulous, I’m in love with the new Lefou. He turned out really good and wow is it obvious that he had an crush on Gaston. I just love how obviously gay he is and Gaston just doesn’t care. And oh my gosh Lefou has bite marks from Gaston, I’m screaming. And I love Disney even more now cause they gave him Stanley at the end. They’re a real cute couple (*¯︶¯*)

lightdusk  asked:

Out of curiosity, which are your favourite Zelda designs?




Let’s start with this one:

Her Twilight Princess design is like. One of my ultimate faves. She’s so regal and beautiful and she’s got a sword and she’s basically ready to fuck Zant UP for trying to mess with her kingdom. Everything about this design screams royalty and badass. Plus, she’s just…so stunning. I like that they darkened her hair and gave her a more mature look because it fits with the game pretty well.

I’ve actually made this costume for cosplay (her standard outfit in Skyward Sword). Soooo, that should explain how much I adore the design. This was a nice, fresh take on Zelda. First of all, she’s got this super cute look. They gave her a fringe, lightened her hair to a golden blonde, and gave her a more village girl look. It’s cute as all hell. At the same time, she still stands out compared to the others, as Zelda should. 

Her goddess costume is super simplistic, but still somehow regal and distinguishable. It’s just a beautiful design all around, and one of my favourites.

Okay, I know it’s just a spin-off, but this design? Honestly amazing. I love that they gave her a kind of battle attire oufit with actual armor. She’s still a princess, but now she is ready to kick your ass. And the HAIR. Zelda has gorgeous hair, the stuff from fairytales, honestly. I love the little shoutout to TP’s design there with the braids, as well as OoT Zelda’s pinkish/purple hue to her dress. UGH. She’s just a total babe.

Something something OoT is the most overrated LoZ game, blah blah blah. Listen, idgaf. OoT was the first videogame I played and beat on my own and I played it like, a bajillion times over. Yes, it’s stupidly nostalgic for me, but for its time, it was a GREAT game. OoT Zelda is where I first fell in love with this princess to begin with, so how can I not include her? This girl was basically the reason Link did everything he did to help her and save Hyrule. Like him, I could understand why. I’d probably have done the same. She’s just…beautiful? She’s got that ‘love at first sight’ vibe, and honestly, it makes perfect sense. 

Spoiler alert! Tetra is Princess Zelda, lol. I love Tetra. Like SS Zelda, she’s a complete breath of fresh air and a unique spin on a very classic character, had she had a different upbringing. Pirate, spunky, badass, and a complete tsundere, Tetra’s pretty amazing. She’s ballsy and tough, but also a complete sweetheart just trying to do the right thing. The design is simplistic but cool enough that it gives her a tomboy appeal. 

Last but not least, her Breath of the Wild design. Did I mention that I screeched like a little girl when they showed her in the trailers? I love her adventurer/explorer look! Again, still regal like you’d expect, but she’s also ready to go take on the wild. Her goddess dress in this game was also a stunner. 10/10, definitely got my approval. Also, her HAIR. God, I love Zelda’s hair. Somehow, they always manage to find a way to make it so pretty and silky, and man, you just want to touch it. 

There are way more Zelda designs, ofc, but these are the ones that come to mind as faves. I don’t really think there’s been a Zelda concept I didn’t like, tbh. But hey. I’m pretty biased; she’s one of my fave characters in gaming history, so.


Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: E-2 Harrison Wells x Reader, a lil bit of Cisco Ramon x Reader too

Words: 1581

A/N: Imagine and excerpt from @a-hero-complex

Halloween was your favorite time of the year. You loved dressing up and seeing everyone in costume. You loved the large amounts of candy and everything pumpkin related. So, when you skipped into STAR Labs, you were in your very own Flash costume.

“My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive!” You exclaimed as you entered the Cortex. Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Jessie, and Harry turned around.

“No friggin way!” Barry exclaimed.

“Really?” Harry asked looking unimpressed and annoyed.

Barry circled around you looking impressed, “This is awesome! You’re dressed like me!”

“Yeah, only for the day though. I have another costume for the party tonight.”

Cisco stood up and circled you as well. He patted Barry on the shoulder, “I’m sorry to tell you this man, but she pulls the look off better than you.”

Barry chuckled, “No, actually, I think I’m gonna have to agree with you.” Suddenly all of your phones went off alerting you about a Meta-Human spotting, “I got this,” Barry sped into his Flash suit and looked at me, “Or do you want to take care of it Y/N?”

“Ha ha. Right, I’d be toast.” You waved him off, “Go do your thing, Flash.”

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Imagine attending a costume party with Chris.

“Why the fuck is your company having a costume party in November?” Chris called from the ensuite while you got ready in the bedroom. “They didn’t do anything for Halloween and they’re doing something right after Thanksgiving? It makes no sense,” he complained. “What is it even for? Do we really have to go?”

“You already know it’s for Marnie’s farewell, Chris.”

“Yeah, which begs the question- do we have to go?” He repeated the latter and you heaved a sigh. “You don’t even like-” He cut himself off when he exited and caught sight of you; his beautiful Belle. “Oh wow,” he breathed. “I think you just out Belle-ed Emma Watson.”

You smiled and twirled in your yellow gown. “You don’t look so bad yourself, Beast.” You grabbed him by his white bow tie and pulled him towards you. “And stop complaining,” you told him after giving him a quick peck on the lips. “You love costume parties, especially Disney themed ones. You finally get to be that Disney Prince you’ve always dreamed of being.”

“Actually,” he corrected, “I finally get to date the Disney Princess I’ve always dreamed of dating.” He grinned and hooked an arm around your waist. “You are a sight for sore eyes, Y/N.” He complimented then pressed his lips to your neck. “I kinda don’t want to go anywhere now that I’ve seen you in that costume.”

“You kinda didn’t want to go anywhere before you saw me in this costume.” You chuckled softly and ran your hands through his unnaturally blond hair; it was still blond from filming which was why you decided on Beauty and The Beast for your couple’s costume. “Oh stop.” You laughed when he groaned loudly. “You’re going to have fun, you always have fun.”

“No, I don’t. I never have fun at your company parties,” he grumbled and you chuckled at his childlike attitude. “Do you know what I spend my time doing at your company parties? So called having fun?” He used his fingers to make bunny ears and you chuckled again. “I get looped into taking selfies with your co-workers because they still can’t believe you’re dating Captain America despite the fact that we’ve been together for three years now.”

“And what do you do after taking a few selfies with my co-workers?” You raised a brow and he sighed with the corners of his lips slowly tugging into a smile. “You spend the night with me having one hell of a time because we-” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled, “always have fun together.”

“You really have me whipped, don’t you?” He poked your side and you shrugged nonchalantly, biting back your smile. “The tables are going to turn when we get home from that awful party.” He whispered into your ear then playfully nipped at your earlobe. “Don’t you worry.”

“You’re a Disney Prince, Christopher.” You pushed him away and slapped his arm playfully, laughing and drawing laughter from him. “Act like it.” You scolded, biting back your smile when he pouted. “Then maybe after…” You leaned in and whispered into his ear, “we see what Belle and The Beast gets up to behind closed doors.”

“Oh, look who’s not acting like a Disney Princess now.” He teased then laughed when you rolled your eyes. “Okay, sounds like I’ve got something to look forward to.” He winked and you chuckled. “Shall we, Belle?” He held out his arm for you and you gracefully took it.

“We shall, Beast.”
• • • • • • • •
You had left Chris about half an hour ago to have some girl time with your best friend and co-worker, Laurel. The two of you loved bitching about other co-workers at office parties, it was like a tradition by now. Chris didn’t like it when you left him alone at your office parties but he also didn’t like joining in the girl talk. Every time you asked, he’d decline with the explanation. “Nothing you two talk about makes any sense to me because I don’t work with them.” He would then retreat to the bar, grumbling. “I gotta be drunk if I’m going to be nice to co-workers when they approach me for yet another selfie.” You’d roll your eyes but smile anyway because despite his constant bitching and moaning, he would never skip out on you.

“He is struggling,” your best friend laughed as the two of you watched Chris from across the room. He was taking yet another selfie with one of your colleagues. You were pretty sure it was the twelfth one in half an hour. “You should probably get back to him,” Laurel suggested and you nodded, chuckling. “You don’t want to have to show up solo next time.”

“God, no.” You chuckled then felt a love sick smile take control of your lips. “But he loves me too much to make me come alone,” you told her and she chuckled, nodding in agreement. “He really is perfect, isn’t he? He’s like a real life Disney Prince,” you said and giggled to yourself.

“Do you ever get sick of rubbing it in my face?” She joked and you laughed. “Go,” she beckoned her head in his direction then gave you a quick hug. “I’ll see you on Monday, Belle. Have fun with The Beast,” she winked and smacked your butt as you walked away.

“Oh thank God,” you heard Chris mutter under his breath when you rejoined his side. “Sorry,” he winced at Raina, who was walking over with her cellphone. “Y/N and I said no photos when we’re together, she doesn’t like it when we circulate on the web.”

“But you’re a famous actor and she’s a famous model, the two of you are always circulating the web.” Raina’s eyes narrowed at Chris’ ridiculous excuse. “Just yesterday-”

“I don’t like it when we circulate on the web, Raina.” You affirmed Chris’ lie and she sighed, walking away and undoubtedly cussing the two of you out. “You need to think of better excuses, babe.” You told him and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“It’s not really an excuse, I don’t like it when we circulate the web.” He told you what you already knew. “I don’t mind selfies of me and fans but- I don’t like it when we’re unknowingly photographed by people when we’re in public. I don’t even like it when we’re knowingly photographed together, especially when it’s like- not official, you know? I kinda just wanna be with you without having eyes on us, which is difficult considering- you’re you and I’m me.”

“That’s why we have the privacy of our shared home,” you reminded him and he smiled. “You ready to get out of here?”

“I was hoping we’d get one dance in before we do.” He said and took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor. “There is no way we’re not dancing to Beauty and The Beast when we’re dressed as Beauty and The Beast.” He glanced over at the DJ and nodded; you chuckled but silently agreed to his point. “There we go,” he smiled when the music started and pulled you into a waltzing position. “Now my fun begins.” His smile widened as the two of you glided across the dance floor; everyone watched in awe as the real life Belle and Beast waltz.

“You know by doing this we’re attracting attention, right? People are going to take pictures of us and we’re going to be trending everywhere by midnight.” You said and he nodded in acknowledgement. “And you’re okay with that?”

“I’ll worry about it tomorrow,” he shrugged. “Right now, all I can see is you and how beautiful you are.” He kissed your cheek and you smiled. “How did I get so lucky with you, Y/N? You could’ve had any guy you wanted and you picked me.”

“You say that like you’re some ordinary guy when you’re actually a Disney Prince.”

“Right, I’m a Disney Prince.” He glanced down at his costume and dramatically gasped. “And I keep wondering how I got a Disney Princess,” he said and you laughed. “I love you, Y/N.” He smiled the same love sick smile you had earlier. “I cannot wait till we get our happily ever after.”



Donya Valeriana and her baby son Don Juan + Don Juan with the Adarna from the 17th century Filipino epic Ibong Adarna. That’s not how I imagine the Adarna bird to be but…eh it’s just my cousin’s homework, I won’t put much effort in a high school homework that isn’t mine.