and the contrast between them


Get To Know Me: Favorite Avatar: the Last Airbender Scenes [1/

The Symbol for Volcanic Doom

“Clouds are made of water and air, so between the two of us, we ought to be able to bend them into any shape we want.”

Kokichi Oma - The Ultimate Dictator

I just have to talk about him. I mean, he already became my favourite so quickly, but there are already hints at clues that could reveal something about him.

Firstly, if we take a look at his clothes, it is apparent that they are not really… up do date if you know what I mean. 

They are already a bit torn to some extent, buttons are missing, even the cape is mostly torn somehow. And that is indeed strange because the others have still suitable clothes on. Nothing torn, nothing that indicates poverty, harsh circumstances or neglect. He really tried to keep his suit together as much as he could, but it’s starting to, well, crumble. And this, in turn, is even more odd considering that he is supposed to be above them, socially at least. 

The contrast between white and black in regards to his appearance could also relate to taoism, the two complementary natures of the universe, yin and yang, are often symbolized in black and white, Ancient games of strategy, such as go and chess, use black and white to represent the two sides. White is also often asscoiated with royality, purity but also cleansing (in a religious context) and death. 

Then we have his hat. Guys, the Hitler references… were on point.

(They actually only removed the Hackenkreuz, the very symbol of Nazi Germany. And damn, I hope no officials are going to see my search history o.O) He really does wear a part of the Nazi attire. And considering what the wiki states: 

While the characters “総統” may also be used to translate as “President”, and still do in Japanese for President of Taiwan (中華民国総統) and in Chinese language, nowadays the kanji in Japanese is associated with “dictators”. Ironically, the Japanese kanji for Presidents (of USA, for example), “大統領”, means “junta leader” in Chinese language.

  • Another translation of his title could be “Ultimate Führer”, the German word “Führer” meaning ‘leader’ or 'guide’. However, it was most notoriously employed in history to refer to Adolf Hitler, dictator of the German Reich from 1933 to 1945.

I have no doubt that he assumes said role, not as a ruler, not as a president, but as a dictator

The next point, which is acutally tied to my previous point, is the following:

  • Oma:
  • slightly, a bit, small, narrow , good fortune, good luck, auspiciousness
  • Kokichi:
  • horse , 王 king; ruler; sovereign; monarch; tycoon; magnate; champion; master

His family name Oma, while difficult to make out, could mean as follow: either he has slightly auspacious (which could relate to the killing game) or small fortune

I think the small fortune part is far more interesting, though. Does he come from humble origins? This would be a great parallel to other dictators. Granted, not every dictator was strictly poor (Adolf Hitler), but not many of them were truly wealthy either (Fidel Castro). It, at least, would match his clothes, a hypothetically strong emphasis on his heritage.

Another possibility would be that his predecessors were poor in past times, but managed to climb up the social and career ladder with, well, questionable means. This happens ever so often and far more common than you think. The thing is, evenif that’s the case, he personally must have fallen real hard. Maybe it was his parents, maybe he was abandondoned or an outcast of his family, wich would explain his eccentric personality (like Cornelius Sulla, who was born into an already impoverished family. The term “dictator” got his first negative connotations through him.)

(It wouldn’t even surprise me if he was born with health deficits. Some famous dictators were physically not on the healthy side)

Either way, tyrants abuse an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly. Dictatorships are often characterised by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; economic underdevelopment; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of lawprocedures; these include one-party state, and cult of personality.

This is going to be a problem. We have to remember that they are in a killing game. The atmosphere is already tense. The introduction and rules about said game are probably already made. And around that time, he will try to establish his dominance, as that’s his Ultimate Talent. If that isn’t going to be problematic for him, I don’t know what will. And even if he asserts his power and maintains it, he is going to be quickly the next target. No one wants to be additionally in a dictatorship if shit is already going down. At they could techinically assume that if they disobey him, they might be the next target as well. 

But I have also to say something about his talent. It isn’t just a role, it comes with a certain set of skills. Someone mentioned that he looks like a lady’s man and to be honest I have little doubt about that. Dictators often happen to be convincing, calculating and… even charismatic, the three Cs (you can add crazy to it, Caligula crazy I mean. Oh gosh, someone stop me please. And please, don’t google him, for your own sanity’s sake). I have little doubt that these students might put up with him for quite some time, no matter if female or male, for he has the respective skills to manipulate them and shape them according to his will. That he has a colourful personality, or possibly at the same time a frightening one, might help matters. So no, I don’t think that he is going to get amused smiles when he is opposing someone. 

Another addition would be his scarf. It has a checkerboard pattern, the very symbol of warfare and/or strategy. I am really really looking foward to see how he operates, how he deceives and how he might catch Kaede lying. If we take into account of what we already know of him and what his position his, this game is certainly going to be fun.

Why SonTails is a Good Ship

In case anyone needs a pick-me-up, I decided to list some of the reasons why SonTails is a great ship. So, without further ado!

- There is so much canon fodder for this ship. Not that the relationship itself is canon, but the fact that they are really close and openly affectionate with each other in almost every canon. We can see how they interact as best friends. The way they’re always there for each other. How they playfully tease/rib each other. The amount of time they spend together. The way they balance out each others strengths and flaws. There’s just so much canon material of them interacting, it’s just very fulfilling.

- Sonic and Tails are aesthetically great together. Complementary colours (blue and orange), a cute height difference, and the contrast between slick sharp edges and smooth fluffy curves. That makes drawing them together a lot of fun, too.

- They work really well in AUs! That could be said for any Sonic characters, really, but the archetype of the cool hero and the chipper nerdy best friend just translates really well into pretty much any setting. You can make them human if you want to, or stick them in a Steampunk world, or cross them over with other fandoms. Their dynamic is so easy to translate over into any AU or aesthetic.

- It’s the ultimate fluffy feelgood ship. They are just. So. Damn. Cute. Together. Doesn’t mean you can’t play with some angst! But it’s not a dark or edgy or complicated ship. They’re best friends. They’re openly affectionate even in canon. They care deeply about each other and know each other inside out. It’s just a comforting and sweet ship to think about.

- They are extremely relatable characters. How many of us have a Tails to our Sonic or a Sonic to our Tails in real life? Or connect with the personality or strengths/flaws/ambitions of one of the two? Either we’re lucky enough to have a friendship/relationship like theirs, or it’s a high standard worth holding out for.

- SonTails fans themselves just tend to be really nice people. Maybe because they’re drawn to good characters who they relate to themselves, or maybe because they’re used to getting ship hate and so try to be tolerant of others, I don’t know. But pretty much every SonTails shipper I’ve met has been really cool and nice. And they produce a lot of great art and headcanons! I don’t see much fic, though, but as a writer maybe I’ll try to fix that myself :)

- They are literally called the Unbreakable Bond. 

Okay! So, there’s some fluff for today because, boy, could we use it!

I just realized that Yurio’s FS song is a fast-paced piano, coupled with violin later, and have a more serene part halfway. I don’t know why but I get the ‘impulsive, act first think later’ vibe from this lovely piece. Compare his to Yuuri’s. Another gorgeous music which also consists of a piano, coupled with violin later, and have a more serene part halfway–but his FS song is slow-paced and contemplative.

My point is, it reminds me much about the premise of Yuri on Ice: two skaters, both named Yuri. They have the same name, but their names are the only similar thing between them. The same name only highlights further how contrasting these two are, like how their song is vastly different despite using basically the same main instruments.

TL;DR I’m waiting for someone to compare both Yuri’s FS song haha.


Okay. This is not easy. Hardest 180 of my life.


The contrast between the beauty of the scene and the pain of it all just guts me.

First of all, I’m betting the Casablanca-esque visuals are no coincidence, and this whole sending-your-true-love-away-for-his-own-good thing has to be a nod to Rick and Ilsa. If anyone would appreciate the homage, it a truly ironic fashion, it would be Tony.

(I mean, the contrast between the first frame of them together on the tarmac, and the later one of Ziva watching Tony walk away? RIGHT IN THE FEELS.)

There’s so much going on– there’s a tension between them because they’re both trying to stick to the plan, but it’s obvious that part of them just wants to crash right back into each other. Tony’s a little more blatant about it (reminding her she can change her mind), but you can tell Ziva’s struggling too, because it was easy to say this was for the best when he was an ocean away and she hadn’t seen him in months, but it’s another when he’s standing in front of her pouring his heart out and everything comes rushing back at once.

Tony just floors me here, too, because again, in contrast to his earlier desperate last-ditch plea, he understands now that this is her choice, for better or for worse (HA!), and has fallen back into his default mode to defuse the situation. 

At the same time though, he’s not exactly letting her off the hook, in the sense that he admits this hurts. “Hardest 180 of my life” is, again, one of my favorite lines of the whole series (I keep repeating that in these two episodes), because it’s so him and so them. Because he may not say the word out loud like Ziva did, but that is definitely what he means. It pains him as much as it does her to walk away, but it’s what she says she wants, and even if they both know it’s a lie, he has to respect her wishes. Whatever has just happened here is profound and life-changing (in more ways than one HEYO), but for whatever reason, it’s not their time right now.

And the last shot of Ziva – Cote’s series-wrap – is just heartbreaking, again. Because she can’t help but grin at him as he waves her off from the plane, because he’s Tony, but as soon as he’s out of view, she breaks, because he’s Tony and now he’s gone and everything hurts. (I mean, if that isn’t Ziva, then I don’t know what is. Lighthearted one second, tragic the next.)

There’s so much to unpack about this episode and debate, but this scene? I love it. I mean, I hate it, because IT HURTS, but the scene itself is so tragically beautiful and so big and cinematic and on that level, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Does it suck that this is the last we see of Ziva (and Tony)? Absolutely. Did Ziva deserve better in her exit? Absolutely. But the scene itself? I do love it, a lot. I wish it weren’t the end, but I wish a lot of things that don’t happen because we can’t have nice things, so I suppose I have to deal with it.

Anyway. It’s beautiful and terrible and everything in between.

(Also: does Ben Gurion Airport not have a terminal? With gates? And ramps? Cause I sure as hell haven’t boarded a transatlantic flight from the outdoor staircase, but maybe that’s just part of the old-school film charm…)

Also, again: THEY’RE SO PRETTY.

(I hate everything.)

This is the end, folks. 

(Or is it?)

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I love how Kibum and Taemin join forces to destroy our souls

taemin and key are a… dangerous combination tbh. I wonder if it’s because, in a way, when juxtaposed, they come off as opposites of the same sphere. not entirely different from each other and just similar enough to form a contrast between them while still complementing each other well.

like I love how sharp kibum’s features and dancing style is, compared to taemin’s soft face and fluid movements. reasons why their part in spoiler is on a whole other level, just like that shoot for ceci

when it comes to stage personas, at least, taemin is smoke and mist; kibum is the burn of both fire and ice itself.

Bonne année ~ ! \o/

Strange crossover! Mormor and Otayuri, my OTP and my precious ship … I like so much the contrast between them … I mean … Literally … I have a ship psycopthic and beside just a ship pure and innocent! I said I would not draw anything … Well, that’s what I call a quick drawing, not a real one, but I finished it in time!

also i can’ttttt get over the continued contrast between them in terms of external layering. even last night under all his hoods and beanies, and this morning still buried under the covers and burrowed into the pillow like they’ll hide him away, while isak has left himself bare and open for touch bc all he’s trying to do rn is reach out

i love how we see their feelings translated in this image. the space between them that we have here - a contrast with the rest of the episode, when they’re always together, always side by side even in larger spaces. here you see the emotional distance. the plan didn’t worked out, they are not buying a property together anymore.

it’s really beautifully done to see this, and then have mrs. hughes walking slowly to mr. carson in the end - even the smallest distance so much to bear - you clearly see them crossing a line, a point of no return (we hope). 

i love cinematography so much. :)


(an idea by my friend Erika Petrini) <3

Sweeney Todd (2007) - Tim Burton

5 bullets on this film:

  • The plot is amazing, all the details are important and the ending makes you stare to the screen for a while, in silence, thinking about your life choices.
  • The actors are super good, obviously Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp did an amazing job as the psycho protagonists, but Alan Rickman is the best antagonist ever.
  • Tim Burton’s directing style is perfect, the way he made London sad, dark and mysterious makes you scream TIM BURTON I KNOW YOU DIRECTED THIS MOVIE. 
  • It’s a musical, and if you think musicals are boring you are a little shit. The songs are awesome, you can’t stop singing them for weeks.
  • The contrast between the colors of the character’s peaceful past and the tormentous present is beautiful. 
Okita vs Kamui

These 2 sadists fight once in chapter 505.
What does it mean?

Perhaps it means nothing at all.
But several characters are in contrast between two of them.

First, let us check their backgrounds.

Kamui’s background:

1. Mom was sick, he took care her mom with Kagura
2. Followed Yato’s tradition and attended to kill his dad but didn’t make it.  
3. Run away from home
4. Joined Harusame and became villain
5. Currently, he goes back to Rakuyo(Yano’s planet) with Takasugi and Abuto

Okita’s background:
1. Parents died early, he and his sister Mitsuba depended on no one but each other.
2. Met Kondo and Hijikata
3. Became Bakufu’s soldier and join Shinsengumi with Kondo, Hijikata.
4. His sister Mitsuba died
5. Currently, he leaves from Edo with Kondo and Hijikata.

Basically, both their families are not perfect and without happiness.
But apparently, there are adults who care about Okita staying with Okita.
And there isn’t any adults who can take care of Kamui after he run away from home.
He just creates his own road by himself, with Yato’s instinct.

One of them becomes villain
One of them becomes policeman

In chapter 505, their purposes to fight also can show their characters.

Kamui shows up in order to kill enemies.
Okita shows up in order to protect princess cause of Hijikata’s command.

Whatever in the past or in chapter 505, Kamui kills people based on his willing without specified target
In the chapter about Yoshihara, we can just find that he kills people without any hesitation and reasons, it seems that he feels happy to kill people.

On the contrary, whatever in the past or in chapter 505, most of time, Okita kills people for protecting someone.
Whatever the reason is for the command or for Kondo, Okita doesn’t kill people for himself or his desire.
In chapter Rokaku, he also mentioned that there are times where it’s better to be a little dirty than clear but with nothing to protect.

Therefore, maybe they are just double sided mirror.

One is the sadist who fights for protecting someone or something, 

one is the sadist who fights for killing

Till now, in the comic, there isn’t any evidence to show Okita knows that Kamui is Kagura’s big brother.

Kamui doesn’t know Okita is the one who likes to cheat his sister but also cares about his sister, either.

I just hope one day, they will know these points.
Perhaps, another different story will just begin when they know that….