and the colour one too


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Name: Camila

Nickname: People usually call me cami or camz

Gender: female 

Star sign: taurus

Height: 5'6" 

Sexual orientation: a gay

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Favourite colour: purple i guess?

Favourite colour to paint the walls: I never had like, a room of my own but i would probably paint it like a really light or pastel color

Favourite colour of lipstick: red!! i own a pretty nice black one too but dont use it as often bc i look too pale

Favourite animal: dogs and penguins

Time right now: 21:08

Cat or dog person: dog

Favourite fictional character: lexa, ellie williams,juli kidman, rain ocampo, and root groves

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

Favourite singer/band: lady gaga and lana del rey conceived me while florence welch helped deliver me

Dream trip: i’d love to travel across my country before (hopefully!) leaving for the us

Dream job: i’d like to travel the world making music but if not then i’d like to work at a dog shelter

When was this blog created: idk, 2014?

When did your blog reach its peak: did it ever

What made you decide to make a tumblr: the orphan black fandom ngl

Why did you pick your url: because i would DIE for juli kidman

Last movie you watched: kong: skull island and it was nice i guess??

Last song you listened to: disposable teens by marilyn manson

Last book you read: i’m reading a feast for crows rn

Last thing you ate: an ice cream

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: at the tegan and sara concert that is happening right now

What time would you travel to: the 80s probably

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: ellie williams

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― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new. 


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult


[insert witty title here]

Also, thank you so much for all the likes and reblogs, and for the kind words in the tags! And yes, I do read them! Thank you everyone! :)


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 

k00l k4t


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep 

rinse the blood off my space toga

“Can I see? Wait, there’s no shafts? it just.. grows in two colours?”
“Er. Not exactly.”
“The other humans’ plumage isn’t near this bright. Are you a born leader?”
“HAH. no.”
“It signifies caste, then? Or a mating display?!”
“Not even close. I went out and paid an artisan to apply a harsh chemical to rip out my natural colouration, then apply this artificial one.”
“That sounds.. unpleasant.”
“Yeah it burned like a <<dog?>>, my scalp was tender for days after.”
“If it doesn’t create any advantages, what’s the point?”
“Ah, it just looks <<rutting>> <<cold>>. What other reason do we need?”
“..humans are weird. .. .. .. do you think it would work on feathers?”

I over coloured that one [Lucy Sketch by Hiro Mashima ] 
I’m not super happy with how it turned out and i missed a few things but that’s life haha!  I hope everyone had a good weekend! C:  


So is anyone gonna color these linearts or do I really have to do it myself

Percy Weasley