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Zap2it is going absolutely crazy with these episode listings. Four more episodes have titles, and the newest two are probably planned for Season 5.

The new episodes include:

Stuck Together
The Trial
Off Colors
Lars’ Head

While Zap2it is a reliable source, don’t take those air dates to heart. We have absolutely no idea when they’ll REALLY air, but it’s good to know that Season 5 is being worked on right now!

No this is not a new technique. I finished my math test really early and I know I should’ve studied for my exams but knowing me haha slacking off. I realllly miss coloring but obviously i dont carry my tablet with me so I use my phone instead. Idk playing with the brushes and I actually like how it turned out😂

Alright, I have been studying this tweet for a good half hour and I am certain the certain emojis and the pattern, other than the color have a greater meaning. So first off, they aren’t in the order they are on apple, he didn’t just pick the first couple purple emojis, and he jumps around too he wasn’t just like “oh I like this and maybe this one”. There is more too it than that I believe, notice how the first emoji is the devil and the last is a peace sign, complete opposites, and directly in the middle of them is the crystal ball that keeps reappearing everywhere. You also have an alien monster on the side with the devil and on the side with the peace sign there is a heart so still a very similar layout, almost contrasting good and evil? And also on the side with the peace sign there is a girl that is meant to be signing “no” I find that interesting because he went out of his way for that one specifically not the arms crossed or whatever, that one. Then there are the umbrellas, two open ones on the same spacing on either side, and then the one closed one on the seemingly more evil side. I still can’t quite figure out the meaning, I have a couple little theories but I really don’t know. What I wonder is what’s so special about the three he picked for he’s username though??? Also the letters he uses, what do they mean, I’ve thought about it for a while and I don’t know if it would be the name of the album or a song or lyrics but the only thing I could come up with that those letters could stand for and make sense is “you’re not gonna make news crash” (or maybe “make a new crash”) I wash thinking crash because of the imagery with the waves they have been putting out. But idk those are my current theories on this, it could be nothing though and I’m just paranoid, but I would be curious to hear anyone else’s theories on this, especially with what the letters stand for.

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What happens when one of you has to go away on business for a while? I.e, Crystal has to go catch pokemon, Silver goes on a mission, whatever it is Gold does when he needs to go do something.

im so a l o n e :’(

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I'm seeing a lot of arguments that Nissa's choice to be the hand that moves looks Black, but I can see a framing of that as moving from Green instinctive action, not questioning her position, to a more Blue broad view, recognising that there's more to the situation than is obvious. Add in Blue's self-perfection on its own terms and you get G: the overall harmony of the pattern matters and U: through understanding I shape myself and the world; together GU: I'm here to perfect the world's pattern.

I’m not the best color pie person, but isn’t part of green-blue deciding and guiding nature? If you look at someone like Momir Vig, “being the hand who guides” doesn’t seem off-color at all. If she’s not doing it for herself, but instead to do what she believes to be right, it isn’t black.

anime nerds get mad, like real damn angry, if someone draws anime girls with different features and skin colors and weights like, they get really damn pissed off, its hilarious, and then they say ppl who make fun of them are the ones who are easily offended

Ok, so I can kinda deal with demon forms being like, different and all, like with longer off-color horns and even the red markings and aura of power, because at least that’s the same concept, even if it’s up to eleven for no apparent reason… but like… why does their hair get really long for no reason. where is all that hair coming from and why. and where does it go when the power ebbs away

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Any way you could show off a couple screenshots/color references of Tora/Tora's in-comic outfit? Askingforafriend. :)

I wanted to answer this with an actual drawn and colored ref sheet for Tora but alas, I haven’t the time ;u; so uh, screenshots it is! I hope this’ll do?
You’ll probably notice I omit a lot of details (or flat out make shit up) from the in-game model so it might be a wee bit difficult to translate the colors to his comic version, but I hope it’s still helpful!

About Papi and Suga Mama from The Proud Family, I don’t even think it was anti-blackness or even colorism that turned Papi off from Suga Mama. It was straight-up ageism and possibly even the fact she was fat, because Papi was always shown talking to much younger and thinner black women while calling Suga Mama a variant of “old.” It doesn’t make it any better, but I think the issue was ageism used as a running gag moreso than a Latinx man being anti-black or colorism (assuming he and Felix were also light-skinned Afro Latinx like Sunset and LaCienega). And remember, when Suga Mama transformed into her younger self when she was about to get married, Papi had no problem hitting her up…

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!