and the color suits her so much

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TMI Tuesday: Best Served Cold: Gold you nervous at all about you date with Belle? She doesn't seem like the kind of girl to let her guard down to easy, she's seems smarter than that...

The gold tie was too on the nose, but the red was too harsh. Made the whole thing look too juvenile. Honestly, matching a black suit to the correct tie shouldn’t have been so hard. Perhaps he should have asked what color she was wearing and dressed to match.

But no, that wasn’t right either. He needed to pick something she liked. If he asked then he was jut like every other guy trying far too hard to please their women. No, he had to simply know her. To gel with her like no one else had. That’s why they were going to Tony’s. Because she adored Italian and actually taking her to Rome seemed to be too much for a first date.

In the end, he decided on a champagne tie and pocket handkerchief. A color soft enough to look tender but sharp enough with the black suit to still suit him. It was 7:50 when he looked at the time. With one last look over his outfit he grabbed his cane and started out the door.

As he cranked up the car and drove down the road a smile tugged at his lips. Tonight would go well. And then he’d only have two more dates to go…

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so, among other things, the way scully was dressed: oversized, layers, conservative colors etc, esp in the beginning, was serving a purpose? besides just being clothes

I think 1013 was genuinely trying to portray a young woman just starting out in her career. She’s petite, she’s attractive, and she really wants to be taaken seriously. As frumpy as a lot of those outfits seem, they were very much of their time. My mom, who was quite stylish, had lots of those suits with the big, boxy jackets. Denim shirts, suede vests, and the rectangular trench coats. And we all had velvet trimmed plaid in the 90′s. It was a Thing.

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Top 5 Wendy hairstyles (like braids, ponytails, bun etc, not just hair color and hair cut)


2. THESE! THESE RIGHT HERE!!! she suits ponytails so much literally anytime her hair is in a straight ponytail i ascend to heaven 3 times

3. i don’t care what anyone says i actually loved this hair it was so cute (like the mv)

4. wendy in pigtails is such a cute concept she needs to do it more

5. happiness era hair.. i think she pulled off the dip dye hair the best n i miss it sometimes

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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We know Suicide Squad will be humorous and fun but still dark and Justice league seems to be light and fun, but what do you think/hope Woman Woman will be like? I wish it's dark in its story but colorful in its aesthetics, and in the recent pictures WW's suit looks so much more colorful than it did in BvS, and it looks great.

They’ve said that it’s going to be a dark film. I think that’s necessary. I really don’t think there should be much humor considering the setting. World War I was really one of the darkest periods in human history, and this is a movie where we’re supposed to find out why Diana turned her back on mankind. That’s not a lighthearted topic, and I expect it to be rather dark.

We’ll get a better idea of what it will be like once we get the trailer next week.

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BRONZE: a wishlist of plots.

heaven help me: the lady in the woods, he thinks, could be much better suited to something other than dreary rags and heartsickness—it happens to the best of them and he wants to help her find something to ground her a bit. raphael would want her to be his protege, so to speak, learning the art of healing, for he always needs an extra hand or two during operations, and who better to come to other than gentle-handed susanna.

love bites, but so do i: oh susanna, how did love fuck you over so bad? raphael wonders the same, with daniel and his newly found raven wings, he thinks that she could need a pick me up, something that he could possibly do, possibly in the realm of alcohol to make you forget, to make you realize that he’s lost something as well, to lift those boulders that weigh you down.

i’ll never let you sweep me off my feet: there is an allure to the darkness now, for love can make any sane person do the craziest things, but he thinks the woman in the woods would be resistant to whispers in the dark with some help. as much as he doesn’t want to, he wants to step on her hope and make her eyes shifty, to protect herself as much as the others. he is her friend, and he would want to see her safe for all time.

;world building: population

The population of Auren’s home planet or dominantly dark skinned individuals. Their color can range anywhere from dark tan to a very dark brown. So any light skinned people found on the planet are a bit out of place. However, Auren lives along a popular coast line with recieves much traffic and many visitors, so aliens and different skin tones don’t come off as odd or different in her town.

Their wardrobes often consist of bright, pastel colors and very elaborate wears such as gowns and suits.