and the color looked so nice too


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

A Rating Of Rose Style Variants In Homestuck

0-10, 0 being a good Rose, and 10 being an Amazing Rose, who I undoubtedly have saved to my phone. This is not a complete collection, as it is long enough.

The original- not great, but acceptable for the task at hand. I want to pretend I have some respect for the original, but when Rose was dying and they switched back to sprites, I said No out loud. The replacement looks better, and can be taken more seriously.  3/10

The replacement- good. Similar style, but more expressive. Look at this face. Sprite Rose made faces sometimes, but she was less colorful and less aesthetically pleasing. 8/10

Kanaya’s fantasy- very good. Not a fan of species swaps myself, but Kanaya was being very gay here, so it’s a nice Rose. 7/10

Rorb Lalorb- :) 10/10

One of the early attempts at varying from sprite style- very pretty, looks good. Probably took too long. 7/10

Grimdark Rose- looks fed up but is crying on the inside. Sad, bottles her pain. All Roses are good Roses, but this one needs a hug and a good cry. 6/10

Video Game Rose- good for walking around. Could not lead this Rose into a friend’s arms for a hug, so it could do with some improvement. 6/10

Act 7 Rose- Stands under trees. Leaves less to the imagination, and just not my favorite Rose. 2/10

A very detailed Rose- soft, innocent, a good change of style to portray the emotions that this closed off teen is feeling upon facing her death. A good Rose. 9/10

Injured Rose- Fighting, strong. Looks even more like a lesbian somehow. Is holding Kan’s hand out of frame. 8/10

Round- happy, smiling, nice shading. 6/10

Determined- small, fierce, simple. Gets the point across. 8/10

Talksprite- makes good expressions and looks very nice. Portrays her personality pretty well. 9/10

Embarrassed- has a good thicker look to her. Needs a hug. 10/10

Married, happy, SMILING, thank you homestuck and papers for my life. You get Kan, too. 20/10

official ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

good!! her fins are very nice and she is striking a nice little pose

much better in design! she looks more cat like which is very good and she has much more color! a good sprite all around 

strangely dog like and has odd fins on her legs. not too good but still enjoyable 

a good action pose and a very nice design! this one brings a smile to my face. Very Good

this one is perfect! her design is spot on perfect. she looks so ready to battle too!! 10/10 the perfect sprite 

somehow became cyan but thats okay! she is still ready for battle but a little more cautious this time. pretty good!

lots of Personality! she is doing a dance for us and it is very good!! this is a fun sprite and should be appreciated 

she has calmed down a lot. she looks much more regal like a real mermaid should. i like how it shows off her tail. a little boring but a good sprite none the less! 

i like how it shows the full length of her amazing tail! not much personality but it shows off how good looking vaporeon really is and i enjoy that

back to sitting but this one has a little more personality which is very good! mouth is open and she seems to have a happy expression!! im happy if she is happy

kind of lifeless which is sad. vaporeon should be happy and full of life!! not very good but still a good pokemon! 

🔥❤️ Happy Birthday, Portgas D. Ace ❤️🔥


03-12-16 ∴ I run.

I see too many posts saying how boys are so inferior to girls and yada yada yada. SO IM HERE TO TELL YOU BOYS THAT ILY.

Shout out to my boys

-boys of color

-tiny boys

-tall as fuck boys

-average height boys

-boys in theatre and any type of arts

-boys in sports

-boys with dyed hair

-boys with short hair, long hair, etc

-boys of all sexualities and gender whether trans, cis, etc

-boys who love “feminine” things

-skinny boys

-large boys





-PSS: Highjack my post and turn it into “screw boys, girls are better” I’ll fucking eat you alive without even putting on a nice seasoning.


Am i late for Valentine’s day? Ahaa..   So yeah, angsty and happy-lovey-dovey (?-  Flirtyrobot!!!  (because i couldn’t choose wich expression i like the most) 

I’m so proud of this one! It looks better than i expected. I’ve been practicing a lot these past few days, so i’m happy with this. Yes, i still have trouble coloring but hey… The lineart looks nice? And the Klance one looks cute too (still haven’t finished that one tho)~


anonymous asked:

Do you mind putting a reference to the skin tones you use? I'm terrible at them and your's are very nice.

sure ! but I should warn you that the skin tones that I use always change depending on the background/central color, as for every other color too

but here’s a gist of the general colors plus lighting and shade (and some of the boys that they belong to):

usually the color I do end up with tends to be a bit lighter so I add some multiply and overlay layers to get it to look not so ghostly, and this a really quick thingy of that:

I rarely use any highlights of the base skin color because I just let the subtle overlay layer do that for me ;P


151227 Gayo Daejun

Dis is for my homeslice @crystallaka!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ You like making desserts and sweets so I was like, why don’t I draw a strawberry cheese cake with EE and RS eating it (since you use them the most~ >w<)?

I find it funny that so many trc edits lack color or any vibrancy, all black and white and beige and pale, when in the books there are so many things that are obnoxiously colorful??

Gansey’s rainbow of polo shirts? The bright orange Camaro? Blue’s lime green dress that looks like a lampshade? Her assorted hair clips? The lively 300 Fox Way? Adam’s red Coca-Cola shirt? Kavinsky’s dream dragon/firework thing? Blue Aglionby uniforms? Cabeswater’s color-changing fish  and golden leaf fish? The green of the plants surrounded Parrish? Guys

I want you to notice the lie that got stuck in my throat, 

the one that said “Please don’t treat me so nicely” 

My Name is Love Song / neru / 1st anniversary