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Things I Find Interesting: Capone Gang Bege’s Obvious Respect for Sanji

Out of all the characters Bege has interacted with so far, it seems like Bege treats Sanji with the most respect. Truthfully, I’m very interested as to… why?? So I’m just going to get my musings out of my hair. 


1. In the first image, Bege instantly recognizes Sanji, which implies that he has seen him before. Since Bege hasn’t seen Sanji back on Sabaody Archipelago and Sanji’s bounty poster doesn’t reflect what he actually looks like, there was no way for Bege to know that was Sanji unless if he saw him before.

2. Also, in the first image, Sanji gives Bege a nod of acknowledgement/recognition/…something, and Bege seems to take it in stride. This implies that Sanji also knows who Bege is. 

3. In the second image, Sanji gets to be seated at the table and unchained while everyone else is on the ground and bound. This is a serious sign of respect on Bege’s part. There’s no reason for Bege to leave Sanji free; if he’s just planning to snatch him up for the wedding, then he could’ve had Sanji tied up on the ground as well before dragging him to Big Mom. Instead, he allows Sanji to have a seat at the table without any restrictions. 

4. In the third and fourth images, Bege’s being very respectful and hospitable towards Sanji, even when Sanji is rude and ornery in return. Considering that Bege wanted to kill Jewelry Bonney just for eating loudly and gouged out his subordinate’s eye just for expressing worry, him being so polite towards Sanji is a massive sign of respect. 

5. On that note… Bege said that he and Sanji met a week ago??? What??????????

My Current Predictions:

The Vinsmoke Family is a powerful underground mafia organization, and Sanji is the third son. It would explain why Bege, pretty much a mafia boss himself, would display so much respect and courtesy towards Sanji. After all, why would Bege, a mafia boss, want to piss off another respected mafia boss by treating their son poorly? Also, I feel like it would fit Sanji’s character pretty well, since he has the classy criminal aura down to a T. Moreover, Sanji being an actual prince would seem really strange, since he has such an idealized view of princes and white knights, after all. This type of romanticization would make more sense if he wasn’t a prince, but rather a mafia brat. It’d even explain why Sanji never contacted his family; if his family’s a mafia organization, then they might’ve been really mean to Sanji back when he was a kid. Last but not least, it’d explain why Big Mom would want her daughter to marry Sanji; if he’s the son of a powerful underground mafia boss, then that would expand her crime empire monumentally.

Those are more or less my musings. Just had to get that off my chest since… wow. 


Luffy and gang are back once again. - One Piece Unlimited World: Red

When Sanji’s in his tactician mode, he usually appears cool and nonchalent like he doesn’t give a fuck. But here, rather than being his usual calm self, Sanji’s sweating and showing his growing impatience by yelling at Capone to get to the point. Although he tries to hide it you can see how tense and panicky he is here and why is that? Because his nakama are in danger of course. If Sanji was captured inside Capone’s castle alone, I doubt he would have shown any sign of anxiety because only his own safety would have been at stake. But in this case his nakama are in very real danger and their safety is entirely upon his shoulders. The tremendous burden of responsibility Sanji has assigned to himself is almost tangible here.    

When Capone’s men attempt to go after Nami Chopper and Brook, Sanji doesn’t even try to hide his panic anymore. It’s more accurate to say he can’t hide it, because as much as he strives to make absolutely sure that his nakama are perfectly safe, he’s terrified of the idea of failing to protect them from harm’s way, especially when he thinks they got involved in this mess all because of him.

Sanji’s even going to the extent of threatening Capone with the person behind his back, even when he has shown every sign of wanting to disconnect this person from who he is right now. In other words he cares so deeply about his nakama that he doesn’t mind taking advantage of the past he so desperately desired to unchain himself from… and if that’s not one of the biggest sacrifices one can make for the sake of loved ones then I don’t know what is.

This sequence of panels shows Sanji’s tactician mode at its best. I really love how he’s implicitly acknowledged as the leader by the Curlyhat Pirates when Luffy and Zoro are not around. Look how he gives directions to Brook and Nami like a badass captain. I especially like how Nami does what Sanji tells her to do without questioning him. Whenever Sanji acts like a lovesick fool Nami either manipulates him or brushes him away impatiently, but she knows he’s absolutely trustworthy in critical moments.

Also, “If you’re not willing to face the consequences of your actions, just shut up” - this line summarizes who Sanji is in a nutshell. Sanji’s usually a hot-headed person, but because of his strategic mindset in important moments he carefully plans out what to do so that the consequences of his actions do not spiral out of control. This is Sanji’s key facet that makes him an indispensable member of the Strawhat Pirates, because he’s the only one who can protect his nakama not just with incredible physical power but also with the capacity to see the bigger picture.

Plus, can we just take a moment to admire how imposing Sanji is when he looks down at Capone, who is actually one of the freaking Supernovas? If you take out the context and look at that panel it’s almost as if Sanji’s the one in command and Capone’s nothing more than a mere subordinate.

Sanji’s frustrated expression here is interesting - it shows how he reacts in those rare moments in which he actually loses control of the situation. For Sanji, everything has to go according to his pace, not anyone else’s. Sanji’s line here shows that even when cornered by the enemy, rather than panicking or becoming agitated, he analyzes everything that has happened so far to figure out who’s got the upper hand and decide what to do next.