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Be My Eyes - Part II

Part I

Weeks passed and Shiro answered a handful of calls over the app, but all the people he talked to and helped were strangers. Polite and pleasant men and women, sure. Still he couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment each time he accepted a call and it wasn’t Lance smiling at him from his screen.
Shiro knew it wasn’t realistic to hope he’d get connected to the handsome young man again and that he should stop his heart from skipping a beat each and every time he saw the notification pop up on his phone. Besides, he’d talked to Lance for all of five minutes maybe and this was getting pathetic, even by his standards.
But then again, could he really blame himself for a tiny crush on a pretty, bubbly boy with a nice smile? Was it that bad to hope he could talk to him again?

No. Shiro could forgive that little weakness of himself. It wasn’t like Lance, or anyone for that matter, would ever find out about it. Like there was actually a chance of them ever connecting again.
Or at least that’s what he thought until a sunny afternoon in early fall.

Shiro had just settled down for a late lunch between appointments when his phone rang. Seeing the app notification still made his heart stutter but he didn’t really expect anything special as he accepted the call with one hand, stuffing a forkful of salad into his mouth with the other.
The first thing he saw was a wide, toothy smile, tan skin, milky eyes ringed with blue.
“Hey, I’m Lance!”, came the familiar introduction and Shiro felt his stupid heartbeat pick up. God, he was beautiful. “Thanks for accepting the call, I’ll make it quick!”

“Oh, please. Take your time”, Shiro smirked and revelled in the confusion passing over Lance’s face before it lit up with recognition.
“Shiro, is that you?” That sounded way too excited for Shiro’s stupid, gay heart to handle and he sucked his lower lip into his mouth, tasting sour salad dressing. He had to look away from his phone for a moment, eyes landing on a nurse pushing a patient in a wheelchair down the wide path through the hospital park.
“You remember”, he said after his short pause, having to force himself to look back at the screen, back at Lance’s unfairly happy, pretty face.

“Of course I do! You have a really nice voice.” Now it was Lance’s turn to bite his lip, a coy little gesture that made him look flirty and playful and that Shiro could not handle. At all.
And what was that about his voice? Had Lance just given him a compliment? That was not part of the plan, not part of any of the embarrassing daydreams Shiro’d had about talking to this man again. But here they were, Lance complimenting him, making him blush and fumble and almost drop his lunch.

When Shiro finally managed to find his voice again it still sounded a bit strained.
“What, uhm … what can I help you with?”
“Right…”, Lance answered, somewhat off-balance himself after the long pause. He bounced back quickly though, that smile spreading across his face. “I’m at my office and I dropped something. It’s a little red ball, fits in one hand?”
“Alright.” Shiro cleared his throat just for good measure before continuing. “Show me around.”

Lance’s office looked nice, big windows and bold, colourful paintings, shelves filled with binders and boxes labelled in both letters and braille, a small table tucked into a corner and next to it a chest overflowing with toys. Dolls and little cars and stuffed animals.
Shiro enjoyed that little peek into Lance’s life but he soon spotted the ball he was supposed to help find.
“It’s near the door to your left. Yes, that one…”
Judging by the change of the camera angle Lance had crouched down and Shiro kept giving instructions until long, elegant fingers brushed the little ball and picked it up.

“Ah, there you are”, Lance mumbled as he straightened up again, walking over to the chest to put the ball inside and lower the lid. It barely closed.
“Thanks. Don’t want anyone to trip and fall on that…”
“No, we don’t.”
There was a short, awkward pause and Shiro knew it was time to hang up. He’d done his job, he should say goodbye and go back to lunch. But he didn’t want to.

“So, that’s a lot of toys”, he said instead, putting a smile into the words. “For your children?” A second of silence and then Lance laughed, a soft, carefree sound that made Shiro’s heart stutter yet again.
“For my … oh god, no.” Another laugh. The camera turned around and Shiro could see the dimples on Lance’s cheeks, the tiny wrinkles around his eyes. His phone had a great camera. “No, I don’t have children. I work with them though, I’m a speech therapist.”
A surprised sound escaped Shiro. He hadn’t really thought about what Lance’s job might be but that sure wasn’t anything he’d ever considered.
“That’s impressive!”, he said and realized a second later what that must have sounded like to Lance. “Sorry…”

Lance chuckled, cheeks dimpling.
“Ah, it’s fine. A lot of people didn’t think I could do it. But … I’m good with kids and I hear pretty well when they fudge up their syllables so…”
“I … I believe that! Sounds like a real interesting field.”
Lance hummed his agreement with a soft, proud smile playing around his lips.

“So what do you do?”, he asked after another pause and the simple question, probably just a polite gesture, lit a spark of excitement in Shiro’s chest. Maybe Lance didn’t want to end the call either?
“I’m an occupational therapist.”
“Ohhh!” Lance grinned wide and waved a hand in front of the camera. “Same industry! You also work with kids?”
With a long-suffering, internal sigh Shiro noted the flips his heart did at the sheer amount of cuteness the other man radiated.

“Mostly adults, I’m not that great with children…”
“Ah, that’s okay”, Lance shrugged, a crooked smirk on his lips. “Not everyone can be as amazing as I am.”
Before Shiro could answer there was a buzzing sound on Lance’s end of the connection and then a voice said: “Lance, your 3pm is here.”
“Oh shoot! Sorry Shiro, I gotta go. Thanks again for the help!”
Shiro couldn’t even answer, let alone carry out his underdone plan to ask Lance for his number or something similar because the next moment Lance had already hung up on him.

to be continued…

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super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.

shoutout to the raven cycle for being one of the few series where i actually like every single character. a bunch of nerds looking for a dead welsh king? sign me the fuck up. strangely polite hitman? where have u been all my life? a villainous weird couple obsessed with their own aesthetic? double yes. magical psychic ladies, how about 💯 👌👌


hey so uhhhh i’m super late but i made a bnha ‘’oc’’

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It is true that Captain Kidd has a small detail on his right thigh that is basically (or at least what looks like) a bandage:

Here is a bit of a simple trivia/analysis about this though:

In the game it is confirmed that Ryuji’s leg was broken (not just a minor injury) he literally broke his femur, which is the strongest bone of the human body. It is hard as hell to break, but it is not impossible.

Besides, if Kamoshida broke it he wouldn’t have just kicked it with force or else he would be the one to get a broken foot instead (you see that a lot in boxing fights). If he broke it it is more likely that he would’ve had to brutally throw Ryuji on the ground instead or used his knees/foot carefully as a “hammer” (having a strong build would help to do that too) and even that would be difficult to cause this injury.

But this helps a lot to give us more insight on Ryuji’s character since injuries like that are more likely to affect not only on his sports career but on his whole health. A thigh injury is the most painful and difficult bone fracture to recover from and can affect nerves and blood vessels.

It may take even half a year to recover, but some people (like Ryuji) may never increase their flexibility or bear weight even with rehab.

You can see when they are running to get out of Kamoshida’s palace that Ryuji looks at his right side with pain:

He puts his hand over his right leg slightly to control the pain:

But then he falls when he puts his weight on his right side again (if you see the scene again you can clearly see that he is on his right foot when he loses balance):

And falls holding the same exactly place that Captain Kidd has covered in a bandage (the position is not the best, but you can see that his left leg is actually under his right one and he is holding his right thigh, close to his knee):

Ryuji also walks and runs slightly with a limp (his right leg doesn’t move as smoothly) and even his habit of putting his right leg over his left one can also be an indication of his injury. 

He may also have a scar or a deformity on the leg (something like a bone “tenting” the skin slightly) since femur fractures are mostly likely to cause it, but we can’t see that in the game.

It is a mark of his character and it is actually really nice to see the effort to make small details like that in game and how much Ryuji still thinks that this is just part of who he is and embodies this side of him in his own persona. It’s like he is saying “this is me now and I’ll deal with it”.

Now let us have happy Ryuji being cute after all this angst thing with my boy:

You can run but you can’t hide I’m gonna make you mine

Based off of  SIAMÉS - “The Wolf” and pose is from Keith’s 1st appearance in VLD S1. 

Thought I’d draw a tribute to the moment I really fell love with his character haha. Since it is almost a year now since I fell into this hell haha. Thank you for all those who stayed with me until this point!

Also I’m trying out Instagram again;; I’ll try to post some different stuff there if I can! :) Ty all! <3


The Adventure Zone - Episode 68 (Part 1/ Part 2)

doodeling some TAZ while i relisten to all the episodes again

Me: writing my book

Character: reveals part of backstory even I didn’t know about, but makes the story better.

Me: oh, okay. So that happened.

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What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!