and the characters are so lovable :3


I noticed an old beast sketch of mine making the rounds on Tumblr. So I thought I would post a more current one.

 The Beast is one of my favorite Characters, and Character Designs, of all time! Glen Keane made him fierce, sympathetic, scary, and lovable all in one. 

This piece was done in my 5x5 sketchbook with Watercolors and Copic Markers.

Long live the Beast <3

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What are your top 5 ships? (Could be from anything not just anime) Also I'm sorry for you losing followers because you need to take time off for yourself. I just want you to know that me and I'm sure others fully understand and support you. 💕 Thank you for keeping us updated instead of just going mia. I hope you have a wonderful day 💕

Hi, thank you so much for this sweet message! You’re so kind :) I’m not too bothered by people unfollowing me because I fully considered that happening when I thought about this hiatus. But I am so grateful for your support and to know that there are people like you who support me through these decisions, people like you are the true MVPs. So, thank you for this <3

Without further ado, my top 5 ships! Thanks for sending this in! ^_^

1) TsukkiKage (incredible twin smirks and character development hehe)

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The rest are in no particular order, by TsukkiKage is my TOP FAVE.

2) KageHina (I love ships in which the two characters grow together)

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As you can guess, I also like TsukkiKageHina hehe (Kags, Hinata, and Tsukki all deserve so much love)

3) Victuuri (another example of mutual growth)

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4) TsukkiYama (two individuals with the ability to bring one another to their senses? YES)

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5) KuroTsuki (Nerds being nerds appreciating each other’s good qualities and having witty conversations as well as nonsensical banter? YES)

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And also BokuAkaKuroTsuki ^_^

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As you can see, I ship Tsukki with EVERYONE (he is such a relatable and lovable character in my opinion)

Thanks, and have a lovely day! 💕💕💕

Ask me my Top 5 anything!


So I’ve recently started binging sense8 (watched the 2 seasons in 3 days or something) and I really fucking love Bug. He’s so honest and cares about his friends, and his happy, unbelieving face when Nomi and Neets invited him at their Christmas party just made my heart hurt tbh. So here’s to bug, friend, hacker, lovable idiot and imo one of the best characters.

here’s some confessions with Snape and James in the same mention. we’ve dipped our toes making some less-than-contreversial ones but it didn’t turn out so well. ~Taiga

1) Snape fans constantly twist canon to interpret the Marauders and Lily in the worst way possible, a reading JKR did not intend for any of them, since they were all written as lovable heroes. Then they complain about people twisting Snape’s character just to hate him. So what is the truth? That it’s only okay to do this for characters who aren’t Snape? To me it seems very hypocritical.

2) If James hadn’t saved Snape’s life as a teenager, then Snape wouldn’t have been around to hear the prophecy and blab it to Voldemort, and James and Lily might still be alive. By being a good person, James ensured his own death. I think about this a lot.

3) i love james potter (and the whole marauders) and i personally hate snape. Anyone who thinks he was a great person can fight me.

4) I don’t get Marauders fans who romanticize and hero worship the marauders, but also villainize Snape for being a bully-ignoring everything good and heroic that he did. You do see how hypocritical that is right? And you can’t use “but Snape was a bully as an adult” as an excuse because Sirius never grew out of being a bully and Peter turned out to be the biggest traitor in the series, so it’s not like they grew up to be the most amazing people either.

Anticipating Thick As Thieves, day 2: favorite character :)


Book: Six Of Crows
Series: Six Of Crows / GrishaVerse
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Pages: 462
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Favorite Quote: “When everyone knows you’re are monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”
Recommend to: People who like morally grey characters and fast paced epic heists. EVERYONE!


Criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker has been offered wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But to claim it, he’ll have to pull off a seemingly impossible heist:

Break into the notorious Ice Court
(a military stronghold that has never been breached)

Retrieve a hostage
(who could unleash magical havoc on the world)

Survive long enough to collect his reward
(and spend it)

Kaz needs a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done - and he knows exactly who: six of the deadliest outcasts the city has to offer. Together, they just might be unstoppable - if they don’t kill each other first.

My Opinion:

2) All of these characters are so damn lovable!
3) The backstory of these characters are so well done!
4) I was on the edge of my seat the entire time
5) So many amazing connections to The Grisha Trilogy!

Full Review On Goodreads

Not surprising… :D

The decision on ‘who’ was … I won’t say easy but… yesitwas. I JUST LOVE HIM. Can’t help myself.

‘Why’ is a bit harder to answer. Because frankly Iwaizumi is not the character I’d typically go for. Visually he’s as far as it gets from what I’m usually drawn to.

My usual fav has fair skin (nope)
tall lean type (well he’s the shorty of the third years so .. no xD)
light hair (uh.. no)
LONG light hair (double no)

Well long haired men are nonexistent in Haikyuu so that category fell away anyways. No Asahi doesn’t count as ‘man’ sorry. *pets him*

I think what drew me in initially was actually how well balanced his character is (before I got to appreciate his looks). He’s strict and serious when it comes to things he loves (Vball, Oikawa), but he’s also not only ‘grumpy’ but supporting when needed. He knows when to be kind, he works hard, he does get disappointed and doubts himself when things down’t work out which is, thank god, normal. (I always find it weird when a character is this passionate about something but never seems to get really crushed when stuff doesn’t work out…).
He’s also a lovable dork… (the thing where he shows Tooru the fish species named Oikawa? priceless dorky proud face <3 so cute)

And since I’m a sucker for voices… I LOVE HIS VOICE. I totally approve of the seiyuu they chose. It gives me chills.

Cars Fandom Questions

Yaaay, here are my answers! 

For the Cars films, what is your… 

Favorite male character: I love and appreciate so many of them, but I am really fond of Fillmore. Like him, I’m usually chill and I love the classics lel, music and car-wise. I even have this little plush of him that I’ve owned since the start of my Cars obsession, which was way back in November of 2011.

Favorite female character: Sally undoubtedly. She’s so level-headed, kind, and confident, traits I highly admire. Flo falls in second place. I love how upbeat she is :3 

(Fritter is slowly crawling up the list tho…)

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What is Captive Prince?

Captive Prince is a beautifully written romance/war story.  Two countries are on the edge of war.  The prince/soon-to-be-king is betrayed and sold as a slave to the neighboring country, where he’s given to the rival prince as a servant.  There’s absolute tension at first, but then they slowly develop feelings for each other <3 I make it sound absolutely bleak but it’s perfection.  The main guy (Damen) is lovable and the other prince (Laurent) is the snarkiest, sassiest, most brilliant character.  PLUS amazing war strategies and tactics that’ll make you sit back like “Wtf just happened, how can you be four steps ahead and two steps aside of someone??”

Absolutely worth the read.  10/10 recommend.  (As a fair warning, there are mentions of rape and child abuse, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please be cautious of that.)

So right now, a lot of whiny white dudebros are whining like a buncha babies about the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery only having one white male character in it. (And a *gasp* gay one at that! Oh noes!) But serious… Have these guys ever watched Star Trek before? I mean:

Deep Space Nine: The show all Trekkies worship had ONE white guy in the form of Chief O'Brien. (And he was just a carryover from the Next Generation.) You can’t count Bashir, because the actor who played him is Sudanese. 1 white dude out of a main cast of 10. (And I stuck with the main cast, because if I went into supporting cast, it’d end up being like 2 out of 30.)

Voyager: Only had two white dudes. Tom Paris, who was a frickin’ traitor and a member of the Maquis and was a convict during the show’s premiere. And the Doctor… Who isn’t even human. So once again, one white dude. 1 out of 10… Again.

Next Generation: Had three white dudes, but was a product of the 80s as well. And those white guys were Picard, who’s character AND actor is a major frickin’ supporter of equality and progressiveness. Wesley, who everyone hated… Even Wil Wheaton. And Riker who was meant to be this Kirk-like swaggering hero-type but was instead this big lovable dork you wanted to hug. Chief O'Brien who mainly came into prominence on DS9, so we’re not counting him twice. 3 out of 11. And I’m not sure if the whiners even wanna count Wesley.

Enterprise: Had three but was also cancelled prematurely and to be honest, kinda sucked. (I’m sorry, it did!) It had Archer who was awesome, but it had Tripp who was not, and that other guy who’s name I can never remember because I keep mistaking the cast of Enterprise for the cast of Galaxy Quest. 3 out of… Oh whatever, who cares.

And the original show… Who had four, but was a forced product of the 60s. Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Spock… The latter of which was only half human as well. But it should be pointed out that if Roddenberry had his way, it probably would have been diverse as all hell back then. These assholes have been crying about this shit ever since then-Commander Sisko was put in charge of Terok Nor. They whined all the way through Voyager because of Janeway and to a lesser degree, Tuvok. (Who was actually pretty damn awesome!)

I turn 42 next month. I remember people bitching about Janeway in issues of Starlog in the 90s, and fanzines moaning about Doctor Pulaski was “kinda a bitch, because she didn’t respect the Captain.” These bullshit complaints are nothing new. It’s just that this is the first time we have a new Star Trek show with modern social media in place. 

There’s a bunch of stuff to complain about with Discovery. The premium streaming-only crap. The questionable alien and ship designs. The fact it’s YET ANOTHER FRICKIN’ PREQUEL SERIES. (Christ, aren’t we all sick of prequels by now?) But the complaints of diversity? That’s just the default stances of the small minded and those who’s never paid attention to the damn franchise before.

i’ve been rewatching voltron from the beginning to get myself even more hyped for season 3 and it just… makes me so happy?? and it’s so good and lovable!!! and INTERESTING!!! i love the world they’ve built and all the ways it could go!!! AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! the backgrounds, animation and colors are always amazing. of course the characters are too… i’m so glad it’s such a diverse cast. what the fuck… i’m falling in love with it even more!! i love all these characters to the moon and back. they are all so well rounded and i can’t wait to see them develop together and form stronger bonds with each other. i can’t wait for what’s to come in the story. the characters bring me comfort but even the show as a whole does, too. i’m so thankful for this show and all the people i’ve met because of it. it has truly changed my life.

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#15dayspreadthelovechallenge {day 3: stomach stitches} Hi Fya! I'm just popping into one of my favourite blogs to show my appreciation for your amazing, lovable and utterly hilarious characters! Ryuu, Ameya and the gang are so sweet and entertaining, and I love following their adventures. I also have to say that your sims and pictures are the cutest, and your poses are the best! You're such a lovely person as well, and I'm glad to have found your blog ❤️ Byeee *bounces out of askbox*

AH. thank you so much, Lila! 🤗 At first I really didn’t know what does it mean with stomach stitches. lmao. but then Shu told me about the main post for this chain messages. I’m so happy to know that you still love them and a news for you that they will have a new adventures soon. hihihi. ❤ THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU very very much! ❤❤ I’m going to give you Day 2 and Day 6! *twirls you around*

I’m bad at this and my English is not good 😅 , but just know that I love you, you are amazing, one of the nicest and sweetest people I found in here! ☺😘And also one of people who keeps reminding me why am I still here. Thank you, Lila! Nooo! Come back! haha. *squishy hugs youuu*  🤗

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Hi. I wanted to thank you for making the Big Jo comic. In all the other comics, the characters are so... perfect. Slim. Strong. Fit. Even the awkward girls and boys miraculously turn to sexbombs when their friends make them wear some different outfit... but Jo... you actually show that there are people who aren't perfect, and even though they aren't perfect, they can be lovable and adorable like Jo is. So... thank you for that. Oh, and also, the stuff you make with your hands? It's beautiful.

Hahaha aww thank you sweetheart!! I’m so glad it makes sense to you too :3

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Hello! ♥ Answer this ask with 5 things that make you happy and then send this question to 10 people in your notes. :D

1- The fact that i’m graduating in 30 daysssss!!!! (im so excited!!!)
2- Rub my cat’s belly for no reason…
3- Take a day off to drink with my friends and complain about life, crushes, job, etc.
4- Just watch a good tv series with lovable characters!
5- Finally eat that one thing that you were craving for days!

It’s funny how there is so much defense of Ushijima going around. Apparently people are upset that fandom villainizes him but they always dance around the real facts. I know fandom likes to baby characters and sweep all unflattering traits under the rug but the truth is Ushijima is by no means this mature and gentle giant as his defenders are saying.

It seems he only gets defended because of how a lot of fandom misinterprets him as an obsessive Oikawa stalker whose biggest goal is to get him into Shiratorizawa. Which of course is not true at all. Despite fandom defining Ushijima almost completely by UshiOi fanarts, he has his own team and life outside of Oikawa. I never thought anybody would think he was a bad guy because of harmless fandom memes. People frequently defend him saying he respects Oikawa, but it seems pointless because I don’t think that was ever in doubt. It really wasn’t until Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match where Ushijima showed his true nature and I’d wager his immature attitude is why people really dislike him.

He is definitely, canon-ly, more of a antagonistic figure than any of the opponents before because he is strong and thinks his new opponents are unworthy, especially Hinata. Ushijima is right. Hinata is unpolished and sometimes talks to big for himself but he’s a good kid and he has faced several opponents more skilled than him. Meanwhile Ushijima is the only one legitimately infuriated by this 1st year daring to step onto the same court as him. He wants to absolutely crush him, he wants to destroy him, humble him, etc. His thoughts are, “I am better than you”. His views are really no different than the little bitter old man who coaches him, Washijo. I noticed people will freely give that old coach dude some shit because he wants to see a kid get humbled yet people just ignore that about Ushijima, despite him being exactly the same type of bitter.

So why do people get surprised when Ushijima is portrayed as a bad guy? Unlike Nekoma, Fukurodani, or Datekou… Shiratorizawa is NOT supposed to be a friendly rival team. They are more similar to Seijou in being legitimate antagonists to the main team. So it’s only natural fandom sees them that way. Can we stop pretending he’s only hated because of the memes at this point? Maybe a small fraction of fandom hate him because some fanarts/fanfics portray Ushijima as a stalker getting in the way of IwaOi. Nobody really blames him for Tsukishimas fingers, sports injuries happen it was not intentional. But saying you want to “destroy” someone who is just trying their best is textbook bad guy dialogue. But guess what? It’s OKAY to like characters that are not innocent cinnamon rolls. There is also nothing wrong with sometimes portraying a character as the bad guy when he, IN CANON, was the antagonist of an arc.

You can watch how this drawing was made by clicking HERE (speedpaint)

When my eyes first came across the cover art of 999 in a list of recommended NDS games, it instantly got my attention: a game that combined visual novel parts with escape-the-room puzzles, that had such an interesting story and a gorgeous art style – it was something I was bound to like.

When I found myself weeping at an upside-down sudoku at three in the morning just a few weeks after, I knew that picking up 999 was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

The days after that, 999 was all I could think about. The moment when we found a dead body in the shower room, when Junpei got stabbed in the back, when Seven told the story about the first Nonary Game, when Snake (who since then became my favourite videogame character ever) went berserk and withstood Ace’s gunshots, when we found the Q door and everything just made sense… It just kept resonating within my brain.

I recommended the game to so many friends, and every single one of them ended up liking it as much as I did. Whenever we talked while they were playing the game, they were always so surprised by all the plot twists and yet they were so amazed about it. And even after years have passed since that, we still get so excited talking about Zero Escape when we meet.

Whenever I replay it or talk about the best moments from the games with fellow fans, I feel as excited as I did when I played them for the first time. And no matter the amount of times you go through the different scenes, you always catch something you hadn’t noticed before, you begin tying loose threads, you start theorizing on so many things… They’re the kind of games that you can play as many times as you like – you’ll never get tired of them. Not only because of that, but because they have some of the most well-thought writing and plot, as well as the most lovable characters I have ever come across.

The day in which Zero Escape 3 was confirmed to be under development was just incredible. Many of us thought the day would never come, but 4infinity gave us hope for a third and final game. I wish I had been in that room when it happened, but unfortunately I was on the other side of the ocean, staring at thousands of other fans’ tweets, flashing repeatedly in front of me. In that moment, I felt so fulfilled. I felt so happy that my favourite videogames were going to get the final game they deserved. That the fans’ love and support pushed the game this far.

Zero Escape changed me so much as a person and as an artist. It made me realize that videogames are so much more than just “kid’s games”, that they can also tell life-changing stories and make you feel things you’d never expect to feel by playing on two tiny little screens. That one day, I will be able to write stories as good as that one, I’ll be able to breathe life into my own characters, create scenarios that will someday inspire somebody as much as Zero Escape inspired me.

Thank you, to every single person who was part of ZE – to Uchikoshi for creating such a masterpiece thanks to his brilliant writing, to the artists, Kinu Nishimura and Rui Tomono, who brought the characters to life, to Shinji Hosoe for the tracks that made us tear up, to everyone at Aksys that worked on the translation and localization, and to every single person that put their work on the games that will forever be my favourite -


Art and message by @daftlynx

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

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Hi! Sorry could you tell me what is 'voltron' (if thats how it's called)? The thing you made a collab for with starrycove and peachbunny? Awesome collab btw, love it! I'm seeing this all over my dash these days and Im curious, please and thanks!

Oh!! Hello!! Voltron’s full name is Voltron: Legendary Defender!

And it’s actually a reboot of an old 80s cartoon! 

Its created by Netflix and Dreamworks, which is already like woah, but it was also made by the crew that made Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, which is like even more woah

The voice acting is super good, the characters are all so lovable and the animation is so nice and crisp!!! The story is really cheesy, but it’s lovable!

Season 1 is available on Netflix and its 13 episodes long (though the first one is and hour long bc its actually 3 eps in 1 LOL)

Please give it a try!! Space robots might not be ur thing, (me too tbh) but I stay for the characters (and the fandom LOL) ;3c

So I went to 3 bookstores with bigger Chinese selection today but the stores apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that Quan Zhi Gao Shou is a thing. 😭(I wanted to read that special novel so badly)

But I did find Legend of the Sun Knight which was my craze a few years ago, and to my pleasant surprise, it’s completely translated in English at Prince Revolution.

It’s nothing like qzgs but it has a lot of lovable character and the brotherhood of the knights is the highlight of the story. This is a comedic fantasy story and if you are waiting for qzgs to be translated, why not read this novel as you wait 😊

I was tagged by @tobjo​, thanks for the tag!! :D  ♥


- all your answers should have only ONE character, unless stated otherwise. (i understand that it’ll be hard since all the Haikyuu characters are all so lovable but pls, pick only ONE otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this game!)
- if you want to elaborate your answer as to why you picked something, go ahead! there is an implied why in all the questions.
- tag at least 10 other people. (share the Haikyuu love ♥‿♥)
- if you get tagged, pls copy the rules as well.
- and enjoy! (★^O^★) the whole point of this tag game is to have fun~

  1. What position would you like to play in Volleyball?
    Hm, I’d love to try spiker! It looks really cool????
  2. Pick any FOUR Haikyuu characters to form your friend squad with.
    Bokuto Koutarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Nishinoya Yuu, Sawamura Daichi
  3. Your roommate in college?
    Shimizu Kiyoko (because who wouldn’t want to roomate with her?!)
  4. Haikyuu Crush?

    WHY ONE…..Kageyama Tobio
  5. Which character resembles you, in terms of personality, the most?
    Yachi Hitoka, but sometimes Kuroo bc I love to tease people :3
  6. Which character inspires you the most?
    Hinata Shouyou! My boy loves to improve in something he loves :’)
  7. Favorite character development?
    Hmm, Tsukishima Kei! 
  8. Prettiest Character?
    Oikawa Tooru!! (but im also torn with Akaashi Keiji )
  9. Hottest?
    Kuroo Tetsurou!!
  10. Ultimate OTP?
    HOW TO CHOOSE?! Kagehina I suppose.
  11. Ultimate BROTP?
    Bokuroo :’)
  12. Favorite Stage Play Actor?
    I’m not sure >_< I never got the chance to see the stage play!! :(
  13. Adopt as your child?
    Yamaguchi Tadashi
  14. Favorite team chant?
    Aoba Josai’s! I especially love it when Oikawa serves LOL
  15. Favorite team banner?
    Definitely Karasuno’s.
  16. Did Haikyuu inspire you to do something you would not have done before?
    Tbh, it got me to start editing on tumblr :).
  17. Mom?
    Definitely Sugawara Koushi.
  18. Dad?
    Sawamura Daichi!!! ultimate dad
  19. Elder sister?
    Tanaka Saekoooooo, she’s so cool :)
  20. Older brother?
    Tsukishima Akiteru
  21. Younger sister?
    Yachi Hitoka :3
  22. Younger brother?
    Goshiki Tsutomu
  23. What is your favorite anime? (this question was thrown in for us all to share another fantastic anime with the Haikyuu fandom~)
    I’ll just throw in Akatsuki no Yona! c: (since im all hyped from the latest chapters)

Tagging @yaoyorozus @aizawashoutta @oiivkawa @shgieo @sarukui @toorvus @jolynecujo @ranpohedogawa @erenyeager you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!! or if you’ve already done it :)