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I wanted to make simplified redesign of the eldarya cast (like I did just a bit in 2015) except this time I won’t stop at 3 characters but do EVERYONE. Wish me luck cause i’m a lazy person.

I feel like this skin color suit him way better and also I’m tired of the “rule” that say vampires have to be pale so you almost never see a non-white vampires. He still wear his long ass scarf but I wanted to draw him without it this time! Also, LEG WARMERS. And he paint his nails black.

What bother me with Eza original design is that he’s supposed to have long hair but you just can’t tell from the front, it look like he have the same haircut as Nevra. So I changed that to give him a mom ponytail. Also gave him gloves cause I feel like he’s the type that does not like direct skin contact with others. And he even got some freckles.

I hate when characters wear partial armor at random places like do you wish to protect yourself OR NOT? So I put it all away. What you gonna do about this? I’m really really not happy with his skin tone, or just, the whole color work on this drawing, but mostly his skin. Maybe I should have made him darker. Still wear make up on his eyes (zoom to see)

The old ones [x][x][x]

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Favorite ships from Sacred Stones? I have a giant freaking lists of romantic and platonic ships from that game since I love the cast so much and just want them all to be happy despite all the hell they get out through.

Some of mine:
Amelia/Neimi (These adorable bby gays deserve all the love)
Tana/Marisa (Or Marisa/Anyone really)
Eirika/L’Arachel (Obvious? Yes. Great anyway? You bet!)
Ephraim/Forde (Bromance to Romance!)
Seth/Cormag (TBH, this is honestly probably my biggest one, even if it’s a total rarepair. I LOVE these two together.)
Lute/Vanessa (I have been both sides of this ship)
Joshua/Artur (I want a movie about these two. Their dynamic is wonderful)
Ishmaire/Selena (Selena turned good, and saved Ishmaire’s life, and they lived happily ever after and they had adorable gay babies. LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU)
Gheb/The Pointy End of Tana’s Spear
- Mod GF

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a question about emoji spells... people always put "like to charge, reblog to cast" and i was just curious, if someone likes it but doesn't reblog (cast) it, does that charge it for everyone else who casts it? does that make a spell with more notes (or more likes at least) more powerful because it's been charged so many times?

that has been my interpretation as well, but since emoji spells are still a new thing, i wonder, does anyone else have other opinions as to how that would work?

I am so excited for Black Lightning to come on, seeing how it’s supposed to be one of DC’s first live action superhero shows with all black characters (hopefully, from what I’ve heard) but at the same time, I don’t want it to be produced by Greg Berlanti/ the CW.

The CW sucks in its treatment of comic canon, its treatment of minority/PoC characters, and certain plotlines on some of their shows - not to mention the writers behind those plotlines - are just terrible - and if there’s anyone that doesn’t deserve this kind of poor representation, its the cast of Black Lightning.

I want this show to be successful and just to this amazing, talented and beautiful cast - but the CW sucks :(

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So correct me if I'm wrong but you're saying that there are enough Asian actors so they should just cast one of them for the Shinigami like I think it would make much more sense if Light YAGAMI would be played by an Asian because he actually IS one but I don't know tho maybe I'm missing the point too 🤔

Yes he should be. Everyone should be. Idk why this is a difficult concept for Hollywood to grasp.

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Aww shucks! It's nothing really Cosmic. >\\\<. It's just I loved how the whole cast is there and like Joey isn't a villain but rather a guy you can just relax with. Boris isn't dead so that was a bonus for me. And the Bendy is Hella cool. Not to mention all your O.Cs are just amazing! Not to mention how they aren't really evil at all just misunderstood.


So I got Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth from the library (about a month ago) and it’s REALLY GOOD! I’ve never played a Digimon game this good before.

This game really reminds me of a mix between Persona 4, .hack, Pokemon, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. And then the beginning had major Summer Wars vibes. So I’m really enjoying it a lot!! Especially because I was not expecting it to be this good. All of the Digimon games I have tried in the past were not so great, so my expectations were pretty low, haha.

But I got the whole main cast on my team and have been constantly digivolving them. So I just turned my Patamon into Gatomon. But Patamon is one of my favorites. I don’t think I’ll have the heard to turn Wizardmon into anyone though because he’s my actual favorite.