and the bump

  • Jaehwan: i'm sorry i just sneezed and liked your post.
  • Minhyun: and commented “damn daddy” on all my selfies?
  • Jaehwan: i have the flu
Dialogue Prompts

1. “I am a terrible aunt/uncle and I know it.”

2. “Look, I promised myself I will wear a black dress at my wedding and let me tell you, that’s not a promise I’m willing to break.”

3. “What a great day to hate humanity!”

4. “Believe me when I say that I just want it to be over.”

5. “I’m tired of fighting for this.”

6. “My hear is broken and if you don’t stop talking, so will be your nose.”

7. “Just hug me, nothing more than a hug”

8. “You need to understand that sex is not 100% required in a relationship”

9. “I won’t die for you, I won’t live for you. I’ll live for myself, as I was born whole. I’ll just love you.”

10. “You weren’t born to find a special person, that’s just a choice.”

11. “How can lovers go to enemies that fast?”

12. “I walked in on them so many times, I sometimes have nightmares”

13. “Cry me a river, see if I care.”

14. “I love the sparkles I feel when I’m around them.”

15. “My emo phase started ten years ago and I’m not sure if it’s a phase anymore.”

16. “We’re lovely, aren’t we?”

17. “You can’t play a Panic! at the Disco song and expect me not to sing along.”

18. “Oh look, the back tabbing bitch of the year decided to honor us with their presence.”

19. “Shut up and let me do my thing.”

20. “I really expected this to last longer.”

21. “Happens to the best of us.”

22. “What the fuck did you just said about my friends?”

23. “Apologize? For what am I supposed to apologize when I’m only stating the truth.”

24. “I’m sassy, classy and very bitchy in my native language but English? Um… I’ll pass.”

25. “How pathetic of you.”

26. “This is not the time for you to get poetic, say your speech and let’s go.”

27. “Funerals are fun, especially because they give you food so you can’t really say no to that.”

28. “Go and write some lgbtq+ fiction, make your family proud.”

29. “Look at those clouds, look how pretty they are!”

30. “I broke the “how desperate can a human being get” record and I’m kinda proud.”


fangirl challenge [1/20 families]: The Saperstein Twins 

“She’s my sister! My twin sister from the same mister! Thank you so much for hiring Mona Lisa, it means so much to me.”