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Sometimes all you need is a bag.
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  • Ruby: *looks over at Weiss.* White is white because it reflects all light, right?
  • Yang: Of course.
  • Ruby: *Looks over at Neo clothing clothe in the mirror.* And mirror reflect all light too, right?
  • Blake: Obviously.
  • Ruby: So why don't they look the same.
  • Blake/Yang: Because they *the couple cuddling started to say before stopping as they began to wonder that too. At the same time the x-file theme song starts to play and everyone looks over at Neo answering her scroll while dress like Weiss.*

King got an update, now he has fuzzy fur on his arms, his mane and body are much fuzzier and his wings are much darker.

And here you can also see Shemm, she is quite an odd snail, that because she can actually change the shell she has, so she often spears with another shell on her head and can let go of the previous one.

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Heeey, can i request a smile from you because you are the best, cheers!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Awww and you’re a cutie anon! I’ll be happy to show you a gif of the time Optimus Prime gave me pat-pats on the back-

Please enjoy my sharing of such a cherished and treasured memory. )


Black Diamond’s gems:

Aura Quartzes

•Titanium Flame











•Blue Lace

Quartz Soldiers



•Jaspers (common, Ocean, Bruneau, Biggs)




•Topaz (Red, Blue, Yellow)

•Opals (Boulder, White, Lightning, Harlequin, Koroit, Black)



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Faction Game Night


  • Optimus would for the sake of fairness, would refuse to team with anyone
  • Optimus is amazing at reading the others and predicting their moves
  • Because of this, he would do particularly well in strategy games


  • Lacks a lot of the patience required for strategy games
  • Prefers the hard and fast approach
  • Prefers to make allies when he can


  • Just playing for fun
  • Enjoys everyone’s company
  • Every once in a while the Autobots’ will pick a game that Bulkhead is surprisingly good at and he’ll just floor everyone
  • Brings Cybertonian snacks


  • Secretly competitive
  • Has a detailed strategy planned that he has to follow to the letter
  • Ends up either getting too cocky or fails because his strategy is inflexible


  • Cares way too much about winning
  • But no hard feelings guys
  • Truly thinks every game no matter what that he is going to win this time


  • He’s competitive, but he plays it cool like he doesn’t really care
  • He does what he thinks is cool
  • Is highly skilled in shooter games

Ultra Magnus

  • Is always going on  about the rules
  • Calls out even the smallest of offenses
  • Never wins at anything because everyone is secretly banded together to make him lose


  • Takes it all too seriously
  • Especially any RPGs
  • Nobody wants to play Dnd anymore
  • She practices the video games in her spare time to get an edge over everyone else



  • Takes everything personally
  • Intimidates his opponents into losing
  • He never actually means any of his threats, he just likes watching everyone shake in fear


  • Guess who has a lifetime’s worth of experience in cunning and scheming
  • His plans work out surprisingly well in games
  • Until Megatron and Soundwave eventually team up against him- then he pretty much loses instantly


  • Analyses everyone’s moves
  • Has a list of everyone’s future possible moves sorted by probability in his processor
  • Absolutely dominates in strategy games
  • Only 50% of the time he sides with Megatron (It used to be 90%, but it was really unfair for everyone else)

Knock Out

  • Too busy talking to Breakdown to pay proper attention
  • Loves racing games because he always wins
  • He and Breakdown ALWAYS team up


  • Too busy talking to Knock Out to pay proper attention
  • Prefers games that have less to do with strategy and more to do with skill
  • He stops caring about the game halfway through the night and instead chooses to make the most random moves hoping to mess with Soundwave’s calculation
  • This worked once, since then Soundwave has adapted, but Breakdown preservers to find something Soundwave hasn’t prepared for


  • He likes strategy game
  • He believes in fair play and will actually punch anyone if he catches them cheating
  • He cares less about winning and more about making good plays, he’s more ‘in the moment’.


  • Starts out calm and cool and sophisticated and slowly dissolves into acting purely based on his emotions and impulses
  • Poor loser, best to keep games away from if he loses so they don’t get burnt
  • Some nights, he pretends that he’s going to burst into rage to make everyone nervous just to get a tactical advantage
  • At least he’s self-aware