and the brothers are twins i did not know this

ok so Leia was heading to Obi-wan before the Battle of Scarif, and before she ever knew she or anyone would have the plans. It wasn’t just a last resort, “vader’s bout to get us we gotta go somewhere” decision. the fact that she was going to Obi-wan is probably the reason she was with the rebels and not on Alderaan.

so think in the context that a) Bail was knowingly sending his daughter, who has the genes of one of the most powerful force users ever, to go get a Jedi, b) Bail knew that he was sending the biological child of Anakin to Anakin’s former master and friend, c) Obi-wan definitely would knows who Leia is, d) Bail knows that Obi-wan is keeping an eye on Luke.

I’m not saying Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother, but Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother. Because he and Mon Mothma decided things had gotten to this point.

confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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“Brother, Did You Know…?”

Brother, did you know…?
The day that we need to wake up?
When the sun is rising from above
It was nice to drink warm milk from the cup

When we were bored, we’re playing hide and seek
When it’s my turn to find you, I couldn’t find you
Even though I know you don’t want me to
I tried everything just to look for you

Brother, do you remember…?
The day that it was summer?
We used to eat ice cream together
And share some smile and laughter

We’d like to ride a bicycle at the park
Even the sun starts to set as it gets dark
And there’s a dog that starts to bark!
We started running away and left the park

Brother, did you know…?
The times that she’s mad at you?
I was on your side, trying to protect you
When she tried to do something to hurt you

I know it’s not the best way
Just to make you feel okay..
But it’s not okay–
”I guess I should stay away…?”

Brother, do you remember…?
The day that I left without telling you?
I know that’s not the best thing to do…
“As long as we’re together”….”You’re a LIAR.”

Even though I trusted HIM for that
I know no one will hurt you ever again, but…
I noticed something that bothers me…
Is the one who’s hurting your feelings…is me?

Brother, did you know…?
Those things kept bothering me
I tired to smile for you just you won’t see it through me
Should I create some distance and just leave it be?

I’m sorry, I have to leave for a while, you see…
I don’t want to hurt your feelings because of me
“I think…I made it even worse” said the future me
I wonder if you are angry at me?

Brother, do you remember…?
The day that I never came back?
I made you feel lonely, I’m sorry because of that
Do I still have a chance to make you feel better?

Is it not enough for me to forget?
To forget all that things that we’ve met?
All those lovely memories  that we made together
That will turn into ashes and be forgotten forever

It’s really hard for me to leave you
I tried to pretend that I didn’t have you
That I never met you, that I never had a brother like you
Those things kept creeping in my mind, it’s true

I want to see you again
But I don’t want that to happen
I don’t want to see you cry  because of ME
I don’t want you to see me suffering

Because I want to forget all of the things that I did wrong
I want to see you smile  again that I want to see for so long
All I want is to have a great start again with you
Because we’re brothers and you know that, too

That I love you as my twin brother
I would like to go back from the start
And repeat  all of the great parts
All of the memories that we spent together

As long as you still know and remember
That you’ll always be my brother
So…Brother, did you know…?
My love for you will always grow…?

The Nanny

A/N: I know, a new series. But I just needed a new idea. Anyways this is the first part to what I’m hoping to be a 6 part series. Let me know what you guys think

Word count: 2,000 something words

Warnings: Mentions of a house fire, minor death not graphic

“Looking for a full time Nanny. Must be able to work late and be able to take care of both a kid and a dog. I am willing to provide a room for you to sleep in. In interested please Email me your resume at

Thank you,
J. Barnes”

As you read what seemed like the millionth job ad, you copied the listed email address into the empty email box.

Dear Mr. Barnes,
Below I have attached my resume. I hope I am a good fit for what you are looking for. My hours are flexible and I love dogs almost as much as I love kids.


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whatrparks  asked:

Heyyy! Love your blog, I've read possibly every fic under the "accidental relationship" and "pining" tags and was wondering if you could update one of them? much love to you people

I did the pining update yesterday and here’s the accidental relationship one. - Anastasia

Originally posted by edigarledezma

Diamond Side Down by hazelandglasz

(1/1 I 659 I Not Rated I Allydia)

Prompt 24- Accidental marriage

put a ring on it. by doctorkaitlyn

(1/1 I 1,120 I General I Sterek)

Stiles wakes up with a mouthful of dirt.

Werewolves + Alcohol = Married? by audrey1nd, RsCreighton

(1/1 I 1,260 I Teen I Stiles/Isaac)

What do you do when you wake up in bed next to your least favorite wolf and find that you got married the night before at your best friend’s bachelor party?

On the Other Shore by Strangeredlantern, Vague_Shadows

(1/? I 1,765 I General I Isaac/Stiles)

Stiles and Isaac have started building a life together with Eloise, but they still have a lot to work through.  

That’s What I Get For Waking Up In Vegas by dontletyourheartdistractyou

(1/1 I 2,821 I Mature I Erica/Malia/Allison/Lydia)

“This is so much like the Katy Perry song,” she groaned, throwing a hand over her forehead.

“Really?” Derek asked. “I was thinking of the Ashton Kutcher movie.”

(In which Erica Reyes accidentally marries four people while vacationing in 9Vegas.)

Turn a Little Faster by skoosiepants

(1/1 I 3,207 I Teen I Sterek)

He shifts back and forth on his feet and tries to psych himself up. He can do this. He’s a badass werewolf, he can totally tell Stiles that they accidentally got werewolf married because—because Stiles was thinking about him, and happened to give him a token of his, uh, affection under the silvery light of the last full moon. Platonic affection, Derek thinks sourly, so he doesn’t get why his wolf feels all warm and fuzzy and bonded all of a sudden.

Honestly, it’s like—why aren’t people accidentally getting werewolf married all the time, if it happens this easily?

Bacon Is The Answer To All Life’s Problems by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 3,322 I Teen I Sterek)

After the election results come in, Stiles uses his long weekend to go visit Derek in Nevada because running away from all of life’s problems sounds like the best of all possible choices. Shenanigans ensue.

Sealed with a Kiss by Inell

(1/1 I 3,628 I Explicit I Stackson)

The fairies seem to like to Stiles, and, unfortunately, the only other person they’ll even let around him is Jackson Whittemore, who he totally doesn’t have feelings for at all. Nope. Not at all.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis

(1/1 I 7,155 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Valentines Thing and Other Fiascoes by Pandaabeer

(6/7 I 8,705 I Mature I Sterek)

Derek has recently succeeded in a lot of things. He has a job, he has a place with electricity and heck he even has netflix. What he has never succeeded at and probably never will is relationships. He’s a sad sack when it comes to love. This Valentines is nothing new.


The sequel to Valentines Strike no one wanted.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

(5/5 I 9,383 I General I Steter)

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Best Men by zcinmalik

(1/1 I 11,422 I Mature I Boyd/Scott)

Boyd, in a moment of startling clarity, finally feels the unnatural weight of the gold band adorning his ring finger.

To Form a More Perfect Union by WritersAreLiars

(3/? I 11,503 I Mature I Deucalion/Stiles)

Stiles never expected that helping an injured dog would result in him living out the plot of one of his novels. Now he’s accidentally married himself to the alpha of the esteemed Blackwood pack and hoping that Deucalion isn’t too good to be real.

The Hangover by van_helsa124

(13/13 I 15,826 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles and the pack visit Vegas to blow off some steam, only to wake up with no memory of the night before. After interrogating Peter for information they quickly realise that: Boyd is missing, a rival pack has declared a blood feud, hunters are on their trail …and, oh yeah, Derek and Stiles are married.

Steel Blue: A Fractured Fairy Tale by FiccinDylan

(15/15 I 29,251 I Explicit I Sterek)

The real reason Stiles and Derek stopped sleeping with each other was because Stiles was the first to break the feelings dam. For Derek, love and sex were placed in two separate compartments, but for Stiles, love was 9chocolate and sex was peanut butter, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were always his favorite candy.

He knew he’d fall head over heels in love with the wolf and he did. And he didn’t know if he could handle Derek not feeling the same way. So instead he agreed with Derek to remove chocolate, and add in the jelly of sarcasm and ribbing banter and jerking off alone.

It sucked.

But Stiles respected Derek and valued his friendship over everything else., he’d do anything for the wolf.

Oh, and he also just found out that he might have a twin brother that’s a porn star for Neckz&Throatz, but oddly… that’s the sidebar in this tale.

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs

(3/3 I 30,673 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Stiles wakes up in his hotel bed in Las Vegas, sticky eyes blinking open to the sight of a stranger sleeping beside him.

A stranger who is male.

And naked.

Stiles promptly falls out of bed.”

Or, the one where Stiles and Derek get drunk in Las Vegas, accidentally get married, go on a road trip, and find love along the way.

UST (An Unfortunate Series of Tropes) by ureshiiichigo

(20/20 I 54,259 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles and Derek sitting in a tree, M-A-R-R-I-E-D.

Wait, what?

Or: Stiles thought he and Derek were finally getting to be bros, and then Deaton had to go and ruin everything with his stupid spell.

We Prefer Good Love to Gold by i_am_girlfriday

(9/9 I 63,371 I Explicit I Sterek)

This week on Millionaire Matchmaker: Supernatural Edition - Derek Hale, a thirty-year-old millionaire venture capitalist and beta werewolf, finally gives into his sisters’ pressures to start dating again and reluctantly agrees to use the services of a supernatural matchmaker. Stiles Stilinski, at age twenty-five, just sold his start-up to Google for undisclosed millions, and ends up on a reality dating show when his true alpha best friend tries to help him get over his broken heart.


The last thing anyone expects is for the two eligible bachelors to fall in love with each other behind the scenes.

The Purloined Letter by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace)

(34/34 I 83,123 I Explicit I Sterek)

Kate Argent learns that Peter Hale has a letter, the contents of which, if known, would ruin her, and decides the best place to find it would be the hunting party arranged for the Whittemore-Martin engagement celebrations, but there are some issues with her plan, Peter has brought his nephew, the house is full of omega meaning everyone is watching everyone else, Lydia is not as happy with the engagement as her mother casting her eyes on someone else, her niece, who she’s meant to be chaperoning has eyes for a penniless Scottish Lord, and she’s not even sure that Peter brought the letter with him.

Twins - Stiles Stilinski AU Imagine

Requested by calypsoathene - Can I have a Stiles Stilinski one where the reader has a twin sister & the pack usually mistake her for her sister and the other way round but Stiles always knows who is who & one day the reader asks him how he knows & he answers something fluffy? :)

Word Count: 1,891

Warnings: None

Author’s note: I couldn’t help myself with the little twist at the end. I hope you like it :)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by stvlinski

“Hey, I have to go to the guidance office,” Sabrina said as she hopped out of the driver’s seat and closed the door.

“What? Why?” Her twin sister, Y/N asked after she got out of the passenger seat. “Is everything okay?" 

"Yeah,” Sabrina answered as she locked the car and handed the keys over to Y/N, as it would be her turn to drive back home after school. “She wants to go over one of my college applications. I made a mistake on one of them and she’s going to help me fix it,” Sabrina explained.

“Oh, okay. I’ll see you in class then,” Y/N waved goodbye as she walked towards the courtyard to meet up with her friends. 

“See ya!” Sabrina called out before making her way towards the front office.

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okay so I was going through some old stuff and I found this book from a series called “Amy Hodgepodge” that I bought around 2009 or 2010

and I vaguely remembered something special about it so I opened it up and

(it’s a bit hard to read, so here’s the part that I mainly want to focus on: “I laughed, knowing she was only kidding. Lola has a great sense of humor. She’s the one who came up with my nickname: Amy Hodgepodge. My real name is Amy Hodges. But when Lola found out that I’m African American, White, Japanese, and Korean, she said my name should be Amy Hodgepodge. Lola and her twin brother, Cole, are mixed-race, too. So are some of my other friends. But Lola says nobody is as mixed as me!”)

This girl is African American, white, Japanese, AND Korean.

I remembered how weird being both Vietnamese and white was for me when I was little. I didn’t know any other part Asian, part white kids (and I specify Asian because I did know one or two kids that were part black, but I didn’t talk with them that much), and I had never read about anyone like me in any of the books I had ever read… until these.

Curious to learn more about the series, I decided to Google it. This is the home page of

“Some kids were mean and teased me about looking different, which really made me sad.”

These kids books just briefly tackled racism without actually saying the word “racism” or “racist”.

Interested, I began to go through the website and went to the characters page:

The text is pretty small, so if for some reason if you can’t zoom in or anything like that, here’s what I want to emphasize:

  • Lola and Cole (twins) are part African American, part Irish-American.
  • Maya is pretty much white, but she’s Italian-American and Irish-American.
  • Pia’s mother is white and her father is Chinese-American.
  • Jesse is half Puerto Rican and half African American.
  • Rusty is Hispanic, Native American, and white.

The authors of these books didn’t put a single white child in the group (with the exception of Maya).

But apparently, racial diversity is too hard for people who are 100% white.

Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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Unlike Him: Part 3

You finally find out the results of the test. Upon finding out so does your brother, Archie. And he is not please when he finds out who the father is.

Part 1

Part 2

Warning: Teen Pregnancy

I’m sorry this is so much shorter than the other parts, and that it took me so long to post it. I will be posting a part 4


“Yes,” I said looking up at Veronica.

She took a deep breathing, looking into my eyes, before speaking, “I think you should get Jughead”.

I knew it, I just knew it was going to be positive. Growing up I always imagined one day marrying Jugheadd and having kids, but that day was not today.

Both Betty and Veronica were looking at me as I sat there in shock. I could not formulate words, or even cry. I was just trying to accept it. But once Veronica, came and sat down on the other side of me, leaning into hug met, just as Betty was, the tears began to fall. How could I ever tell him, or even my dad and brother for that matter?

Suddenly we were interrupted, as the locker room door swung open. It was my brother standing there with a worried look on his face.

“Where have you been?” He asked. “ I have been looking for you ever since lunch. None of you have been in your classes. What is going on?”

I could not even look him in the eyes. What would he think of me?

No one spoke, so he talked again, “Seriously, if something is wrong you can tell me, you know that right?”

Leaning down to my ear, Betty spoke softly, “(Y/N) I think you should tell him. He will find out sooner or later”.

“Find out what?” Archie questioned. “Would someone please tell me what is going on!”

Veronica looked down before looking back up at Archie. She seemed to know the I had no intentions of doing anything and she figured he would find out anyway.  So she stood up, walking over to the counter and grabbed one of the tests. Walking over to Archie, she set it in his hand.

He stood there, silently, just staring down at it. I could see his mouth moving. Like he was trying to figure out what to say, but every time he almost said something, it just was not right.

Finally I had enough, I stood up and walked over to him, “It’s mine Arch. I’m pregnant”.

I could see a range of emotions going through his face; anger, sadness, concern. It was killing me, waiting for him to say something, anything. Tears began rolling down my face once again. Once my brother looked up and saw this he pulled me into a hug. Patting my head and I cried into his chest he whispered that it would all be ok. After a few minutes we finally broke away. I knew he was going to ask the question soon enough.

“So, would you mind telling me what idiot is the dad? ” Archie asked.

I stood there quietly, not  commenting. How could I tell him that it was his best friend. This could ruin their friendship.  

“Come on (Y/N). He will find out sooner or later,” Betty said, getting up off the bench.

“(Y/N), who is it?” Archie asked, starting to look a little mad and suspicious that I was hiding it from him.

“I-it’s Jughead,” I quietly told him.

“Did you just say it was Jughead?” Archie yelled. “My best friend? How could you guys do this! I told him you were off limits, he knew this!”

“You told him what?” I yelled back. “I am a big girl. You had no business telling him that he couldn’t be with me.”

“I am you brother! Your twin. I know whats best for you when it comes to guys,” he responded. “So are you two secretly going out? Does he even know?”

I looked up, not wanting to tell him that Jughead did not even want to be with me.

“No, we’re not together. As soon as we hooked up, he told me it was a mistake,” I mumbled to my brother.

“He what?!” Archie exploded. “I am going to make him regret ever saying that.”

With that he turned around and stormed out of the locker room.


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My Masterlist

He mixes his twin children up (BTS)

F/T/N: First twin’s name

S/T/N: second twin’s name

Rap Monster: -the twins loved to screw with him they would dress exactly the same and do the same things. He would get them confused the first time and sit there for minutes before he got it right- “on the right is S/T/N and the left is F/T/N”

Originally posted by comeherejimin

Jin: -he would be cooing and small children who simply could only smile and he would call one of them the wrong name and you would correct him- “come on really. I thought I was bonding with them properly”

Originally posted by jjilljj

Suga: -he would get yelled at as soon as he said the wrong name. His twins didn’t like being mixed up by anyone and made it clear to them- “I know who they are but I just said the wrong name and it’s the end of the world for me”

Originally posted by jeonbase

J-Hope: -he would find it hard some times when you guys would go out because you two would dress them the same and then he would loose track of who was who- “babe is that one F/T/N or did I get it wrong again”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Jimin: -his daughter would hit him for mixing her up with her brother. He would pull her close and apologize completely embarrassed that he did that- “I know who you are sweetie. I didn’t mean it, I want you to know that. You’re much too pretty to be your brother”

Originally posted by itschiminie

V: -he would look at them closely when you told him he mixed up their hats that had a name on it. Since they were still so small he knew he could learn soon who was who- “really oh I guess you’re right. I was just so excited to put their hats on them”

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Jungkook: -he would be disappointed with himself when one of the twins did something wrong and he knew who did it and then when he heard the cry of the one he was lecturing he realized he was yelling at the wrong one- “I am such a horrible dad. My little S/T/N shouldn’t be crying right now”

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

Saving (Jughead Jones x Reader) Prompt Request

Request: 4 & 15 with jughead?

4: “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!” 

15: “I don’t need saving, not now, not ever.”

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Archie, your twin brother, your best friend in the whole world, had hurt you. Siblings banter and fight, but not like the one you had.

She’s playing you Arch.  You can’t actually believe she loves you!” You tried to reconcile with your brother.

You two don’t know anything about her,” he pointed to both you and Jughead who was also there trying to convince Archie to stay away from Ms.Grundy, “about me.”

You’re right.  I don’t know you.” Jughead’s voice was stiff. “I used to know a guy named Archie Andrews, he was my best friend, and a great guy.”

Archie went up to punch Jughead when you stepped in front of him.  His anger got the best of him as Archie pushed your back hard into the tree.

“(Y/n). I-.” Archie was at a loss for words.

You don’t get to touch her! Not now.” Jughead choked his words out, “Not after what you did, not after how you have been treating her.”

You stood up, angry, and back sore.  “I don’t need saving.  Not now, not ever.”

You moved forward quickly on your feet towards Archie.  

“You are supposed to be his best friend,” you pointed at Jughead as you spoke to your twin. “Through thick and thin, you’re supposed to be there for him.”

“"I-” His words come out strangled

“You’re supposed to be my brother!” You cried out pleading Archie to realize that he had made a mistake. “Why can’t you see that I need you to be okay.  Why can’t you see that I miss you.  Why can’t you see that I love you.”

allura, sitting on the kitchen counter eating a plate of crepes drowned in syrup: and then he had the nerve to grab me by the wrist as i walked away

keith, sitting on the floor: what the fuck did you punch him

allura: keith, alteans are a diplomatic people


allura: yeah i punched him, he totally had it coming

keith: ha :) nice

allura: you know, had i said that to any of the other paladins, save pidge, they would have certainly scolded me for almost blowing my cover but you get it !! i’ve never had a brother before, but you’re like my pseudo twin in some ways

keith: well, i’ve never had a sister that let me eat sugary foods for breakfast, or let me cook marshmallows over an open flame indoors

allura, reaching out with her fork: so what do you say, brother

keith, tapping the end of his marshmallow kebab (no longer on fire) against her fork: pseudo siblings for life

hiraeth pt.1

Warning: Spoilers

Jumin/MC (you)

pt. 2

genre: angst + other stuff lol

Also, thank you @sinfulinsecret for helping me sort out my thoughts and shaping this fic (otherwise it would’ve been a bigger mess than it already is).

A/N: This work is set in a world in which everything at Mint Eye actually happened (V’s dead, Saeran’s back, Saeyoung quit the agency, Rika’s in Alaska). But Seven and MC (reader insert) stayed best friends, they were always friends. This happens a year and a half after the main story.

          Saeran was lying down on the couch, eyes glued to the screen of his Nimtendo DS. Deft fingers moved from one button to another, the sounds from the device being the only ones filling the room. You were sitting on the opposite couch to his, just watching the other twin play, waiting for Saeyoung to come with a bowl of Honey Buddha Chips.
          You were currently at Saeyoung’s place to plan some stuff out for the upcoming RFA party.

           “What are you thinking? You lost or something?” you were indeed lost in though until the redhead’s voice snapped you out of your reverie.

           “Took you long enough,” you teased.

          Seven simply scoffed and dumped the bowl between your crossed legs before letting himself fall on the couch right next to you. 

          “You should feel honored by my fabulous presce- OUCH!” he exclaimed in an indignant tone of voice when you pinched his cheek.

          “You’re really really smart but like… you can be so dumb sometimes,” you wiggled your eyebrows at him and stuck your tongue out. 

          He let out a soft chuckle and threw some chips at you, making you gasp loudly. You eyed him, then Saeran with a happy gleam in your eyes and suddenly you were reminded of the events that happened a year and a half ago, your throat suddenly feeling tight.

          As if on cue the man next to you poked your cheek gently as a concerned frown adorned his face. He was such a great friend.

          “What’s wrong, (y/n)?” he said. 

          You bit your bottom lip, unable to lie to his face, “I just thought of what happened back then… I just… I’m happy that you were reunited with your brother but even though I didn’t know him as long as you did… V just deserved so much better.”

          Your voice was quiet enough for Saeran not overhear your conversation. Seven’s eyes immediately found your own and you could feel the guilt overflowing his body. 

          “But, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but Rika’s,” you added, “She refused help, she abused V, she corrupted Saeran. It’s just… It sucks I guess.”

          You grabbed Seven’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze before looking over at Saeran who still had his eyes glued to his game. You were truly glad that the twins were able to reunite. They both deserved it.

          Seven nodded once before sighing and standing up, beckoning you to follow him. You brushed the crumbs from the chips off your lap and followed your friend into his room. You noticed that there was his car-shaped bed, a couple of bookshelves, a nightstand, a TV, and some stars glued to the ceiling. His room was simple and quite messy.
          ‘He truly is like a child,’ you thought.

          Saeyoung grabbed something that looked like a photo album from his bookshelf. It was weird. You never took him as the person to have photo albums.
          He walked towards his bed and sat down, placing the album on his lap.

          “Well? Come in,” he dusted off the album then proceeded to open it.  

          You closed the door behind you as you made your way into his room and towards his bed, “So, what’s that?

          You let yourself fall next to him, just like he did a few minutes ago on the couch. Your eyes slowly moved towards the item on his lap, a picture of the original RFA adorning the first page. There was Yoosung with his brown, short hair; then Jumin, his expression as stoic as ever, your eyes lingered on his face for a bit longer. Zen was right next to him, a sweet smile adorning his undeniably gorgeous face and Saeyoung was standing next to Yoosung with an uncharacteristic serious expression, and right in the middle were… V and Rika, smiling right at the camera.

          “Why are you showing me this?” you said in a small voice.

          “I wanted to show you what the RFA was like, what V was like. You guys are truly special for me and I needed something to prove that this all wasn’t a dream; therefore I made this photo album. Now, I know you profusely dislike Rika but I think it’s a good idea to talk about this. For me, for you, and eventually for everyone in the RFA,” he mumbled the last part.

          Jumin and Seven didn’t want the others to know about the things that went down at Mint Eye and you disagreed instantly but promised to keep it a secret for the time being. 

           You two then started talking about the past parties and some the funny things that happened in the messenger. It wasn’t as lively as it was now but it didn’t mean they weren’t funny.

           Then Seven turned the page, revealing a picture of V, Rika, and Jumin sitting on a couch with Elizabeth the 3rd resting on your fiancé’s lap. You smiled as you saw Jumin in casual clothing, his hair slightly messy, a small smile adorning his face while his hand idly rested on Elizabeth’s back. All in all, he looked adorable. 

           “Oh! I remember that day!” Saeyoung pointed at Jumin’s face, grinning slightly.

          “What happened that day?” you tilted your head slightly in curiosity as you noticed Saeyoung’s eyes started shining.

          “That’s the day Jumin got Elly!” he grinned widely and looked over at you.

          “Oh, my! Really!? He looks really happy…” you trailed off, your mind suddenly filled with thoughts of the man you loved with your entire being.  

          ‘He must be at work right now,’ you thought.

          “So what exactly happened!? How did he react!? Please tell me everything, Saeyoung!” you were so eager to hear about his adorable reaction.

          “Well, I wasn’t there there but they sent this photo to the messenger. But I know what happened. It was Rika who gave her to him. They were at V’s apartment and he was really happy, even though he kept saying it wasn’t a big deal,” he rolled his eyes.

          “Wait. So, Rika gave Elizabeth the 3rd to him?” you weren’t exactly jealous but it made you feel uneasy. Still you were glad that Elizabeth was there to keep company to Jumin before you did.

5 p.m., Outside of Zen’s apartment

           You waited for your friend to come out eagerly. He’d promised that he would take you for a ride on his motorcycle, despite Jumin’s constant reprimanding whenever you brought the subject up. Afterwards you two would just hang out at a bar and talk. And you did exactly that. 

           Time flew by as fast as it did with Seven. You had a great time riding your friend’s motorcycle. It was one of the biggest rushes you’ve ever felt in your life, besides those experienced behind closed doors at your lover’s apartment.

           You lost track of time completely when you were drinking and chatting. Zen always had been a great person to talk to. He was the one person you could always go to for advice and, to be honest, he was pretty fun.

11 p.m., Jumin’s penthouse

           Saying that today had been a stressful day would be an understatement. One of the big deals he was working on had been dropped without previous notice, causing chaos to erupt in the office. That specific deal would’ve been of great use for the company.

           He stepped into your shared apartment and was immediately greeted by Elizabeth the 3rd’s meowing followed by an affectionate rub against his ankles. The man felt suffocated and fatigued, he had a headache and wanted nothing more than to come home to you and unwind.

           That’s when he noticed you weren’t home.

           ‘That’s strange,’ he thought, checking his phone to see if he had any missed calls or messages from you after he noticed you only left a note that spelled “It’s my day off so I’ll be back later! Love you!”

           Just when he thought his day couldn’t get any worse.

1 a.m., Jumin’s apartment

           Crap. It was really late and you just realized you had over 5 missed calls from Jumin.

           As quietly as you possibly could you unlocked this apartment door and stepped inside. You closed the door and placed the keys in your coat’s right pocket.  

           The moment you stepped into the living room he was there. Arms crossed with posture that screamed rage. His face was the most emotionless he’s ever directed at you in a while.  

           ‘Crap,’ was the only thing you could think.

           You only stood there, like a deer caught in the headlights, staring at him. You felt awful. It was late; you totally forgot to call him or text him because you had such a great time. That was no excuse, though. You took a deep breath; ready to wholeheartedly apologize when he held a hand up.

           “Don’t even bother. Where were you?” his voice was like ice and it struck at your heart. He never spoke this way to you.

           But you still couldn’t even bring yourself to argue, not when you had some fault here, “I was with Seven organizing something for the party and then I hung out with Zen.”

           Anger mixed with annoyance flashed across his face, but just as soon as it appeared, it was gone. You sighed and started walking up to your fiancé only for him to turn around and walk away, heading into his study.

           “I have some work to do, go to bed,” those were the last words he said before he shut the door behind him.

Three days later, Jumin’s apartment

           No “good mornings” or  “goodnights” had been exchanged, no kisses or embraces, no loving words had left his lips ever since he shut the door of his study that night. Whatever attempt at a conversation you had was only filled by his ice-cold tone of voice accompanied by his stoic face and your hesitant voice. Every time you tried to touch him he successfully managed to evade you. 

           You’d heard from Jaehee what had happened with the other company and the deal that was dropped. You were sure that work would be extremely heavy for the next week at the very least and that you being home so late that night only made added up to his frustrations.  But still, you had apologized for not texting him about your whereabouts that day. He’d dismissed you.

           He had just gotten home and you were set on fixing things. You were standing in the hallway that connected the entrance with the living room, a shy smile adorning your face. You tried your best to hide your anxieties but it was proving more difficult when his cold gaze met your own.

           “Hello, love!” you walked over to him and tried to help him with his coat only to have him step back and do it himself.

           “Hello,” he said nonchalantly before walking past you and towards the living room, immediately picking Elizabeth he 3rd who had been resting on the couch. His eyes softened as he stroked her soft fur and you only felt your hurt growing.

           You shook your head in an attempt to clear your thoughts and made your way towards the couch, letting yourself fall right next to him, startling Elizabeth in the process, which made you feel a pang of guilt.

           “I made dinner tonight! I thought you would be hungry and I wanted to have some quality time with my soon-to-be husband!” you said in the brightest tone you could physically muster but the only thing you received was an angry scowl from him.

           “Can’t you be more careful? You scared Elizabeth the 3rd,” he looked back down at the feline, “Plus, I already ate at the office.” 

           That. Was. It.

           You were tired of this attitude of his. It was too painful. You missed a man that was right in front of you. You knew how difficult he could be at times but this was just ridiculous. What you had done was wrong but you apologized and he still acted this way? No. You wouldn’t have it anymore. You would never apologize for actually being with your friends and having fun.

You stood from your spot on the couch, crossed your arms, and your “happy girlfriend” façade broke, only revealing raw hurt. 

           “Okay, what is your problem? I’ve been trying my best here, Jumin. I know you’re trying to push me away. But guess what? It’s not happening. I want to make this right and you don’t seem to give a shit. I went out with my friends. So what!? I already said I was sorry! I already apologized for not texting you because unlike you I can see past other people’s mistakes and forgive.”

           His hair covered those dark eyes of his and you could see his entire body tensing, “Stop being ridiculous, (y/n).”

           At that he stood up and tried to walk past you but you grabbed his suit’s sleeve and he stopped in his tracks. 

           Slowly, he turned to face you and you were met with a look that screamed annoyance. You felt a knot in your throat as you fought hard to hold back a sob that was so desperately fighting to slip out.

           “What?” he raised an eyebrow and you just couldn’t take it anymore. 

           “Stop that! Stop this! It’s not my fault that you’re frustrated about work! Because instead of actually talking about it to me you decide to use a petty excuse to let out your frustrations on me. I know what happened! A deal was dropped and it screwed everything up! How is that my fault, Jumin? I just want to hear you out and support you and love you and you’re making it impossible!” those words jabbed at his heart and his pride.

           “Stop trying to act like you know me. You’ve only been here for a year and a half. Elizabeth has been here longer. What makes you believe you’re entitled to decide what I’m feeling?” he snatched his sleeve back and his right hand absentmindedly fiddled with it, “While you were out and about messing around with Zen I was trying hard to provide for you. And guess who was here for me? Elizabeth the 3rd. You are…” he trailed off when he noticed that hot tears started falling down your cheeks. You were biting your lip hard, blood starting to trickle down.

          He was still fuming, his feelings were a mess at the moment and the only thing he could fully register was your back slowly heading into the spare bedroom, shutting the door close behind you along with your emotions.



“…Jessie,” Hanzo’s voice was steady and patient but clearly concerned, “What are those?”

“Babies, duh,” The wolf answered unhelpfully, eyes full of affection for the two mewling kits.

Hanzo sighed out heavily, patience running thin. “I can see that. Why are they here in our den?” He’d come inside at Jessie’s insistent prodding to find their warm bedding thrown to the side and hastily put down where the twins now resided.

Jessie put his ears down, guilt on his face. “Well, you know the other day? How you were complainin’ there weren’t no little ones ‘round?”

“No,” he lied, slowly realizing what exactly Jessie was getting at.

“Well, you did and you’ve seemed so down lately, you know with your brother stuff an'all so… I talked to a few folks and uh… well… long story short these are a mix between a snow leopard an a wolf.” He bared his teeth in a small grimace.

Hanzo decided he didn’t want to know how that came about. Instead he fixated his eyes on the more slow leopardish one that had bumped into his paw. He pushed it gently back against the other one. “We can’t keep them, Jessie. We have work to do. You should take them back before,” he paused as he was bumped again.

“Sakura likes ya!” Jessie wagged his tail and bent down to lick her head lightly.

Hanzo folded his ears back, “What did you name her?”

“Sakura, like those trees ya like so much.” He puffed up his fur, pleased with himself. It was so damned endearing.

Hanzo was resolutely not blushing. He sighed again, this time with a touch of defeat. He wasn’t ever going to be able to turn them away. “And the boy?” He asked allowing them both to curl against his warm fur.

Jessie’s eyes sparkled a touch with mischief. “Dunno yet. You pick that one.”

The snow leopard studied the twins, which clearly took after the leopard side. Hm… “How about Damon?”

The wolf sank down beside him and licked between his ears. “Perfect, love. Jus perfect.”


Kathrine x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

“You have to tell them to stop!” Jeremy snapped.

“But she’d be stuck in there to.” Bonnie pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“I’ll be fine just hang on.” You sighed and tossed your mask down as you hurried up to the room where your brothers were fighting. “Stop!”

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Damon growled and you rolled your eyes.

“Just trust me you don’t want to do anything until your little witch figures something out.” You sighed and pulled Damon off Katherine. “just trust me brother, she’s playing a trick.” You glared at Katherine as she sat down.

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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Matching. The Perfect Match


Rated: T

Prompt: Matching


The Perfect Match

Five years Post-Year-Gap

The twins learn about the perfect couple from Lily as they wait on their little brother to be born.

Levy was calmly sitting at the dining room table, sipping some tea. The twenty-three-year-old blunette was currently a mother of two beautiful twins, Shutora and Yajeh.

“Mama, you okay?” Shutora asked her mother, her fingers clutching at the woman’s flowy sea green dress.

“Yes, darling.” Levy smiled and moved to brush her daughter’s cornflower hair from her face. “The baby is just being difficult.”

Levy was at thirty-three weeks in her pregnancy, closing in on her thirty-fourth week. Because of the surprise of having twins her last pregnancy, they actually went through the whole doctor routine this time. Gajeel and Levy were having a boy this time. Just one boy. Surprisingly, it was more difficult than her first, despite it being her second pregnancy, and only one child.

“Daddy! Tell the baby to stop being mean to Mama!” Shutora called as she pouted, looking at her mother’s swollen belly.

Levy held back a sigh as she felt her husband coming up behind her. She didn’t even need to look back to know it was him.

“The kid still at it, Lev?” Gajeel moved up behind his wife, crouching down to be more at their daughter’s height. “Leave the baby to me, Shrimp, go bug Lil’ and Yajeh.”

Shutora puffed up her cheeks, ready to argue until she saw both of her parents gave her a stern look.

When the little girl ran off to go to her brother and godfather, Gajeel moved to stroke Levy’s abdomen.

“What’s goin’ on, Shorty?” He asked gently, his fingers gently moving over the swell of her belly.

“Just… a bit of pain. My lower back hurts, and I’m just cramping up. I thought tea would help.” She said lightly. It was how she calmed down during her first pergnancy.

She had experienced false labor pains multiple times during her pregnancy with Shutora and Yajeh and didn’t want to rush off at every little thing. She must have given Gajeel so many gray hairs from all the panic during their first pregnancy.

“Come on. We’re going to the hospital.” He grunted, moving to slip his arm under her thighs and behind her back. Pausing to let her wrap her arms around his neck.

“Gaj… it’s probably just–.”

“No. You were fidgeting more than usual last night too. Yer the smart one, Lev. I want you and the kid safe.” He dropped a kiss to her forehead to quiet her down.

A soft sigh escaped her as her lips tilted into a weak smile, leaning into him.

“Shutora, Yajeh, grab your ma’s bag from our room!” He called to the twins, both of them nearly five years old.

“Got it!” Yajeh’s footsteps raced past his sister to go grab the small duffle of supplies. “I got Mama’s clothes bag!”

“Can I pick out a book for Mama!” Shutora peeked her head around the corner, looking at her parents.

“Be quick ‘bout it. I wanna get yer ma to the doctor. Maybe have Wendy or Lucy come n’ see her.”

“Okay! I’ll grab Aunt Lu’s book for Mama!” Shutora smiled brightly and ran up to grab Lucy’s novel “Fairy Heart” for Levy.

Lily walked into the room, seeing the pregnant woman cradled in his partner’s arms he smirked slightly. Gajeel had grown so much since they first met.

The exceed transformed into his battle form, “I’ll help the kids out.” He commented to the coup couple.

He watched as Gajeel nodded. Usually the Iron Dragon Slayer was much more attentive to his children, but he was worried about his petite wife. Levy was small and despite her strength, childbirth was no easy task. If she was feeling pain as much as she was, she had to see a doctor.

“Uncle Lily… will Mama be okay?” Yajeh asked the exceed quietly as he took Levy’s clothes bag from the boy.

“Yes, Yajeh, she just needs to go to see Wendy and her doctor. To check on the baby.” Lily easily held the two blue haired children.

“Yer ma’ll be fine.” Gajeel moved towards the door. Levy no longer grew shy or embarrassed by Gajeel carrying her around, especially times like this. “If ya ask nice, she might read to ya when we get there.”

The trip to the hospital after a quick call to Wendy was full of pleading and whining, making Levy giggle. The two were currently focusing their attention on their Aunt Lucy who was on the Lacrima, on her way.

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In Sousei anime(yeah just anime not sousei manga) we have:

A married couple

A childhood friend who is in love with the boy

A boy who seems like potential love interest for the childhood friend

The masochistic brother in law who tried hard to steal his sister’s husband :

while the boy was busy with brother in law, the childhood friend and the girl…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :


and then there’s this old creep who tell a 16 years old girl to ‘join body’ with him ._. 

why no one tell me sousei anime is NTR

Don’t mess with the Joneses - brother!jughead

Words: 1555

Warnings: Cursing, the whole playbook thing, cute siblings

Request: Hey! I really love your works, they’re all amazing! 
I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is Jughead’s sister (twin or younger, whichever you prefer) and when Betty found the playbook Y/N’s name was in it but not beside any boy’s name yet (she never dated) however, when Jughead complains about his sister going on a date with one of the jocks, Veronica shows him a picture of the playbook and he gets really overprotective and the next day at school he hits the guy or something and then Brother/Sister fluff maybe??? @allkindofimaginesmultifandoms
Thank you

 A/N: Ok, this was adorable to write. The whole idea of the playbook disgusts me. Personally, I’m in love with Jughead so it was kinda odd and hard to veer away from romantic relations with Jughead to sibling Juggie so I hope I did it justice. There are also hints to bughead in this so if you don’t like it that’s fine but don’t give out about it. :)

    “Hey guys, get in here. Trev was right, they didn’t even bother to hide it.” Betty Cooper turned around to the rest of her investigative crew to show them her findings. Opening the book, all the girls peaked over her shoulder to have a look at the mythological playbook.

“New girl? Is that what I’m reduced to? 9 points.” Veronica Lodge scoffed at the disgusting lies.

“Better than ‘Big girl’, 7.5.” Ethel sounded dejected at the recent discovery.

“Polly’s name is in this book, next to Jason’s.” Betty started to tear up at seeing her sister’s name next to the murdered boy’s.

“I’m so sorry Betty.” Veronica patted her friend’s shoulder.

“This isn’t – Jason would never -“ Cheryl was cut off by a furious Betty.

“It’s right there Cheryl – God! Your brother hurt my sister!” Betty rounded on the Blossom girl, but was soon cut off by Veronica.

“B, look. Just under Ethel’s name. Y/N Jones, but there’s no football players name next to it.” Veronica had gotten to know the other Jones very well, as her and Jughead were both part of the Sad Breakfast Club.

“Oh my god V, that must mean she’s a target. What do we tell Y/N? Jughead’s going to freak. Y/N Jones: ½ of the Addam’s Family.” Betty read Y/N’s name and superlative from the boook. Betty had been very close with the Jones twins for the majority of her life, so she was aware of how protective they were of each other.

    Later that night at Pop’s; Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead were sitting around the table discussing the days events. Betty and Veronica hadn’t mentioned the playbook, as they figured they should talk to Y/N before saying anything to her brother.

“Where’s Y/N tonight Jug?” Archie asked, as she usually accompanied them to Pop’s.

“Don’t even go there. She’s gone out on a date with Jackson, you know, big brain dead football player. He’s a douchebag, but there was no stopping her.” Betty and Veronica froze at the news, glancing at each other.

“Juggie. Now don’t freak out but, there’s something I think you should know.” Betty tried to say calmly as Veronica opened the picture of the playbook on her phone. She slid her phone across the table to Jughead.

“That’s Y/N’s name, what is this?” Jughead quirked an eyebrow at the girl’s across from him. Archie looked at the girls in shock.

“It’s the football player’s playbook.” Veronica fiddled with her purse.

“You found it? I didn’t think it was real, just some thing the idiots made up.” Archie took the phone from Jughead and looked at the pictures.

“Ok. In case you guys haven’t noticed I’m not exactly bosom buddies with the football team, so please explain, what the fuck is this?” Anyone could see the apprehension growing in Jughead’s eyes. He didn’t like his sister being anywhere near the football team, seeing as they’ve never had a good word to say to the Jones twins before now.

Betty and Veronica took turns explaining the hypothesis of the book, and as they delved into further detail, Jughead hand’s turned to fists. When the girls were done, he quickly excused himself and stormed out the door.

    Running back to the drive in as fast as he could, his mind was racing with thoughts of that bastard hurting his sister. He knew for sure that that imbecile Jackson had another thing coming when he got to school tomorrow as there was one thing everyone should know: don’t fuck with the Joneses.

    Cracking open the projection room door, he saw Y/N curled up asleep on her bed. Relieved she was home, he decided he would talk to her in the morning. He scanned her face and arms quickly, to make sure there were no bruises, and his mind was eased a fraction to find her skin was clear. Jughead was dreading school, and hoped that there were no rumours or instagram posts regarding Y/N and sticky maples circling the student body.

    Y/N Pov

    Waking up to the sun creeping in the window of the drive in, you stretched and looked over to find your brother still asleep. He was still out when you got home last night, so you figured it would be best to let him sleep on a bit.

As quietly as you could you got yourself ready for the day, and made your way to Pop’s for breakfast. Sitting down in your usual booth, you recounted the events of last night. Grant Jackson had (very suprisingly, and out of the blue) asked you out yesterday, you threw caution to the wind and accepted his invitation. Meeting him at Pop’s at 8pm, you sat down and ordered your food. This was your first date, but you sure as hell knew that guys were supposed to ask questions and not talk about football plays and himself for the 45 minutes you were sitting together. When you both got up to leave, he offered you a ride home. You politley declined on 2 grounds: A) Nobody knew you and Jughead were living at the Drive In and B) You couldn’t fucking stand this guy. Taking off very quickly, you made your way home, took off your make up and threw yourself into bed, looking forward to telling Jughead about your date’s boneheadedness.

    It was lunch time when you saw your brother, and the situation you found him in was the very last on your list of expectations. You were putting you books in your locker when you heard shouting down the hall. Curiosity overtook you as you followed the sounds to a circle of people chanting ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’. Sneaking your way through the many bodies, you found your brother being held back by Archie Andrews and Grant Jackson lying on the ground with a bloody nose.

“Jughead Jones! What are you doing?!” You screamed at him, worried for his safety.

“This bastard wanted to put you in the goddamn playbook.” Jughead was still struggling against Archie’s grip. You had heard talk around school of the playbook, so you were aware of what it involved.

“Yeah, ‘The Other Half of the Addam’s family’. The freak wouldn’t even let me kiss her. You were just too fucking weird for me to even go near. A whole family of goddamn freaks.” At the sound of Jackson dissing your family, you spun around.

“You sick bastard. Don’t you dare talk about my family like that.” And with that, you kneed him in the groin and walked off to get Jughead, leaving him groaning on the ground and the majority of the audience cheering (bar the dickheads and rest of the playbook crew).

“Jughead, c’mon. Let’s get ice on your eye.” You thanked Archie and dragged Jughead along to the nurse’s office.

Grabbing an ice pack, you place it on your brother’s eye as you both sit in silence.

“Nothing happened Jug. Straight after I finished my burger I bolted. He was a dick and that was way too much socialisation for me one one night.” You try to soothe his anger.

He chuckled at his anti-social twin, literally the other half of him.

“Did he hurt you?” Jughead was dreading the answer to this.

“Jug, no. Nothing happened. I swear.” You placed a hand on your brother’s shoulder.

“Good. I’m also glad I don’t have to put my hand on Grant Jackson again, God know where he’s been. By the way, when did you become so Beatrix Kiddo? Kneeing him in the balls!” Of course your brother was making a Tarantino reference.

“Thank you Juggie. For sticking up for me back there and protecting ‘the family honour’. I love you” Neither you nor your brother were great at handling emotions, both being very private and closed off people. Being open was something you both reserved for each other and occasionally others.

“Anything for my baby sister.” He smirked down at you as you both stood up and exited the nurse’s office.

“I’m literally 17 minutes younger!” You retorted, smacking his shoulder.

He just chuckles at you and slings his arm around your shoulder.

“By the way, I’m sure Betty’s probably heard about the fight by now. You should text her to tell her that her darling Juggie is ok.” You hinted at his blossoming romance with the sweetheart that is Betty Cooper.

“Please stop your mouth from moving Y/N.” Jughead’s cheeks tint pink at your teasing.

“No, no Juggie. I’m fully behind this, my twin brother and one of my best friends.” Smiling at your big brother and how much happier he has seemed since she entered his heart.

“C’mon you pain in the ass, let’s go home and put a movie on in the Drive In.” Jug said. After the day you both had, a half day was deserved.

    When you got home, Jughead put ‘Airplane’ on and you ate your take-out Pop’s on the roof of your current home. In that moment the twins knew, as did the rest of Riverdale: Jughead and Y/N Jones are two peas in a pod, always on the same wavelength and always there for each other. They may have things tough, and they might not have much. But, no matter what; through thick and thin, they will always have each other.

1997 [3]

Part 1, 2

Characters: Dean Winchester, twin sister!reader, Sam Winchester, characters from 4x13, OC characters.

Words: 1500

Tags: @daughters-and-winsisters @evyiione  @darkestgrungeuniverse @fabulouslycassie @delessapeace-blog @mariairwin666 @1amluke @saveprettydays @cookee50 @yoursmilemakesmeloveyou @samanddeanshotsis

A/N: Just gonna clarify that this could be any town, I’m not thinking of anywhere specific while writing this. The episode ”After School Special”, where I’m taking names and characters and so on from — I’m using the setting — might take place in a certain town, I don’t remember, but yeah. My series doesn’t, it’s just a small town, that’s all.

Music suggestion: Tennis Court - Lorde (Again, I just listened to it while I wrote, and didn’t think of the lyrics, so yeah.)

Your name: submit What is this?

The beautiful thing with moving around and switching schools like you and your brothers did — was that you could become anyone. No one knew you from before, no one knew what you’ve been through — and they definitely didn’t know what your father did for a living either for that matter.

So, you were free to be whoever you liked, because the only ones who really knew you — the real you — were your family. Because, no one ever got to know you. Because, before you could make friends, true friends, you had to leave again. Just like Sammy had said.

Dean usually hung around the ”cool” kids. With his sarcasm and charisma, he had no problem with getting people to laugh. And for some reason, he was popular with the girls too. You didn’t understand that one.

Sometimes, you joined Dean and hung out with those crowds. But, other times, you went a different way. You tried out hanging with almost every type of group that existed in high school.

It was just that you didn’t bother this time. This time, as you said to yourself, you were going to keep to yourself. It would spare you energy, and then it wouldn’t be hard at all to leave. There would be nothing to miss.

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