and the brothers


jensen sings, simple man at jib jailbreak (amazing)

brother with jason & rob

wagon wheel with the gang

the weight, also with the gang

another thing i appreciate about the McElroy boys: a lot of times white dudes who position themselves as allies tend to be doing it for social capital within their circles, and it becomes really evident that it’s all performative when they fuck up. For instance, a lot of so called allies are more concerned with whether or not they APPEAR racist or sexist rather than if they actually ARE being racist or sexist. This is why so many of them fight tooth and nail against criticism. If they can spin the discussion to make them look good, that’s all that matters, so there’s no need to actually listen and learn

but the McElroys seem like the type of dudes who genuinely care about whether or not they’re hurting people, rather than whether or not they look good. when they fuck up, they apologize and try and make amends. I am genuinely convinced that Killian and Carrie’s relationship was Griffin’s apology when he learned about the “bury your gays” trope at the end of “petals to the metal”, and I think the reason he includes so many competent women as NPCs is because a) his family all created male characters and b) much of fantasy is filled with male characters with only token female characters

And like I’m not even going to debate whether or not those are adequate responses because I don’t think that’s my place. However, my point is that that’s the type of behavior I look for in my allies. As a trans person, I want my cis allies to do rather than say, and I want them to recognize that allyship isn’t about them. What’s important isn’t how you look but rather how you act, how you affect others, and how you handle being called on problematic behavior. The McElroys seem like the type of dudes who could have someone coming at them upset, and rather than see that emotion as a personal attack, they would recognize the impact of their actions on this person and genuinely try and do better because *they actually care about trying not to hurt others rather than just looking good*

TL;DR the allyship of the McElroys seems completely genuine and not at all performative. I’m not saying they deserve a medal, just wanting to make a point about how to be an actual effective ally

i think today’s hq chapter added a few years to my lifespan

  • AOBAJOUSAI OMG (which one is oikawa though???????)
  • miya twins being cute as always i love them so much
  • kageyama is badass and the only situation in which he grimaces is when tsukki says something about stopping the freak quick
  • FUKI HIBARIDA IS THERE and he’s saying exactly what i’ve been saying all this time about hinata bless this coach
  • hinata doing the thing™ and hoshiumi being pissed off lmao
  • TOBIO-KUN~ (i want atsumu to say that every chapter like 20 times ngl)

How Do You Tell?

My Buddy And I Are At Our Wit’s Ends! How Do You Tell The Burgess Twins Apart? Who’s Tom? Who’s George?

I Say i Can tell Them apart From Their Man Cakes.

Can you Tell The Difference?