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Let's just call it Equal.

Today, women everywhere are marching for rights and equality. The fact that we still have to march for this subject in the year 2017 is ridiculous. So I ask, whoever you are that Still thinks women’s rights and equality are not important…..What are you so afraid of? That women will go on to do great things? Well darlings, We already have! Are you afraid women will become leaders? Oops Already have accomplished that too! Maybe we’ll prove once and for all that we really can do anything and everything in this world that you can do. Well damn … guess what… we’ve already proved that too! So now that that’s out of the way…
Ok, Maybe you’re just afraid we won’t Need you anymore.
Well, calm down my dears, I’m here to REASSURE you that we WILL always need you. We will always need each other. That’s the human way!

I’ve been in a band with all boys for 19 years. They are truly the most amazing men I know. They have always treated me with equal respect because they are dude enough to realize we are stronger together. We have a saying in the music industry that it’s not about gender, it’s about talent. Whoever has the talent, gets the gig. Simple.
See, you are scared because You are confusing a women’s demand for equality with “take over”. When really all you have to do is look up the word “equality” in the dictionary to realize that it doesn’t mean that we want to be better than you.
We don’t want to squash You or make You feel unimportant. We just want You to stop squashing us and making us feel unimportant. Stop and think about how you like to be treated. Seriously, get out a pen and list out all the rights that You have. List the rights over your body, your love, your life and your workplace… is everything just how You like it? Good! Let’s just call it equal then. Deal?



  • Me: tbh I love YOI with all my heart but it didn't deserve--
  • Some annoying YOI fan: LMAO y'all are just salty bitches 😜😜😜 u don't know what you're talking about YOI fucking mADE HISTORY so suck it up bitch 😒😒😜
  • Me: ...okay but that's irrelevant to--
  • Some annoying YOI fan: suCK IT UP

- Everything is fine, I promise.

Just Roommates?

I like this one a lot because Auston is my babe.  I would defend this boy with my life ok?  Anyways, please remember my requests are always open and i am a huge fan of positive criticism.  


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           “Just roommates?  Are you sure? You’re definitely his type so I don’t think you’re just roommates.”  That’s all you’ve heard since the minute you picked up Auston’s sister Alexandria from the airport.  She just didn’t seem to understand why the two of you shared an apartment and she continued to ask.

           “How many times do I have to say that your brother and I are only roommates, friends too I guess but definitely just friends” you say turning up the radio so she wouldn’t say anything else.

           “See, perfect example” she says reaching out and turning the radio down “he blasts the radio so I shut up, it doesn’t usually work.”

           “I think most people do that, well here we are” you smile parking the car in your regular parking spot “thank goodness” you add quietly.

           The ride in the elevator up to yours and Auston’s apartment was quiet, thankfully, and you were thankful to be home until you realized Auston wasn’t home.  Still at practice, the reason he couldn’t pick his sister up.  So, you decided to be a good roommate/friend and pick up his sister.  

           “Would you like anything to eat or drink?” You ask politely helping carry in her bags.  For someone only staying a week she had a lot of bags.  “Auston should be back soon, practice was over at 2:00 and it’s 3:00 now.”

           “We can just wait and go out for a late lunch thing” she smiles sitting down on the couch.  “So, what do you do?  This doesn’t seem like a very cheap place”

           Is she asking if you and Auston share the rent equally?  Is she insinuation that you’re mooching a place to live off Auston. “I’m a student, and I work part time and my parents also help me out a little bit” pausing before I continue “If you’re asking if I pay equal rent I do.”

           “Alex you’ve been here an hour and you’re already pissing off my roommate” thank goodness Auston got back now, Alexandria is a lot to handle.

           You retreat to your room letting them have a little alone time since it’s been so long since they’ve seen each other.  “(y/n)” Auston yells from the living room “we’re going to lunch, come on.”

           What?  You had assumed lunch was going to be a sibling thing, why were you being asked, scratch that told.  Never the less you grab your phone, wallet, and jacket, meeting Auston and Alexandria in the front room.  “Sorry, I didn’t realize this wasn’t a family thing.”

           “(y/n) you’re Auston’s girlfriend you are family” Alexandria shakes her head.

           “Sorry my what?” Auston nearly yells looking directly at you as if you did something wrong.

           “Ok Auston no need to look at me like I have ten heads, she’s been going on about us dating since the second she got in my car” you say slipping into your shoes “plus would me being your girlfriend be that bad?”  One look at his face causes you to break out laughing, causing him and Alexandria to laugh as well.  

           You and Auston have a regular friend/roommate relationship, with a few tequila induced, deep secret confessions here and there and sure he’s an attractive guy but you would never feel ‘that’ way about the Leafs number one rookie.  You couldn’t because he would never feel that way about you.  

           Lunch went by with a lot of questions, Alexandria making comments about you and Auston dating, but mostly laughing at Auston’s expense thanks to Alex’s stories about Auston’s childhood and some more recent ones too.  Alex had passed out around 11:00, after a long day of travelling you were a little surprised she made it that long.  

           You went to be shortly after but spent ages tossing and turning.  Deciding it’s pointless you get up to use the washroom you pass Auston’s room noticing the light still on.  Blaming it on your sleepy brain you knock quietly on his door when a quiet “come in” results you open it standing in the doorway.

           “You’re still awake?” he asks concern laced in his voice and your heart flutters.  Boys didn’t usually show much concern for you, especially boys like Auston.  “Is everything ok?”

           “I couldn’t sleep so I got up and saw you light was on” why did you knock on his door in the first place?  “Why are you still awake?”

           “Too much going on in my head.  Come in, I don’t want to wake Alex up” he says patting a spot on his bed for you to sit.

           “Are you stressing yourself out about hockey again?” This is how conversations have started before.  When Auston was in a scoring draught you talked to him and cheered him up, when every time he got a point the Leafs lost and he thought he was a curse you talked to him and cheered him up, when Matt Martin got into a fight for him and he hated himself for it you cheered him and countless other situations too,

           “No just thinking about some stuff, nothing to worry about.”

           “If it’s keeping you up it is something to worry about” you say quietly while pushing his hair back, a habit you picked up because it annoyed you when it fell over his face “Do you want to talk about it?”

           “Just what Alex was saying about me and you” he paused laughing a little “she’s crazy.” BANG! Did someone just shoot you in the heart? Because that’s definitely what it felt like.  Every muscle in your body stiffening.  Auston took notice because his hand turned your face to look at him before continuing. “Unless she’s not crazy and what she said isn’t crazy and maybe me and you dating isn’t so far fetched.”  

           “I take back my previous statement asking if you wanted to talk about it” you say quickly starting to get up but all your efforts being halted when Auston grabs your hand.  

           “No way, I started there’s no way this conversation isn’t happening.  But if Alex is crazy and you have absolutely no feelings for me we can pretend this never happened” do you have feelings for him, that’s the question here.  “Judging by the pink in your cheeks and the fact that you’ve moved closer to me, and haven’t moved back when I moved closer to you, I don’t think that you think Alex is crazy.”

           Wow, the both of you are really close.  So close you can feel his breath on your face.  When the hell are you ever going to get this chance again?  Based on this you make the decision to just close the space between the two of you and kiss him.  You kiss Auston Matthews.  The kiss is sweet and tentative neither of you really sure it’s happening.

           “I knew it!” is what causes you to pull away “That happened a lot quicker than I thought it would but I knew you two would be together.”

           “Go away Alex!” Auston yells throwing a pillow at her.  

           “I guess now you can go to sleep since we’ve cleared this whole thing up?” you ask him starting to get up from his bed.

           “I’m doing anything but sleeping now thanks to you” he laughs pulling you back down on his bed and bringing your lips back to his.  

           “No sex while I’m here” Alex yells out again causing you to laugh and Auston to tell her to shut up again.  

Cute Things He Does for You || Preference {Assassin’s Creed}

I am in desperate need of some assassin boys, so this is kinda a New Years present to myself. Do people even do that for New years? Eh, Whatever… and the gifs are being really slow for some reason, so I guess this one won’t have gifs. But that’s ok, I like actually writing stuff out, too. I actually think this is a preference that you have to write it out. It all depends on the preference.

CHARACTERS: Altair Ibn-La’ahad, Ezio Auditore, Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway, Arno Dorian, Jacob Frye, Desmond Miles

PREFERENCE: Cute things he does for you

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some girl in 7th grade: omg you never told me who your crush is!!!

7th grade me: yeah bc i dont have one

girl: no but you have to! everyone likes a boy so you have to, too!

me: oh rlly? uhh ok *sweating* mmmm idk maybe i guess i kinda like that one boy i barely ever talk to and who is so out of reach that i don’t ever have to be confronted by him

I forget if I’ve mentioned this yet but I’M WRITING A VOLTRON FIC. AAHHHHHH.

Basically it’s a paranormal AU that I’ve been planning for a while. It started off as just a few cute lil ideas and now it’s morphed into this huge monster of an idea so hooooo boy, I hope you’re all ready for a long-ass fic.

I guess I won’t give too much away yet, but just a few things you can expect:

- Keith and Pidge being conspiracy buddies and best bros
- Hunk and Lance being ghost hunters and best bros
- Lots of scary ghosts and evil spirits n stuff
- but also GIANT GHOST LIONS??
- A creepy spirit world!! Magical powers!! Ahhhh!!!
- Allura being badass and also super adorable
- Coran runs an oddities museum
- Shiro and Matt are ….. in trouble
- Zarkon is a huge dick
- and yeah ok there’s gonna be some real fluffy Klance because I’m …. me

Hopefully I’ll have the first chapter up sometime this weekend––and uh yeah you’ll all know when I post it because I probably won’t shut up about it. I’m really hyped about this. Ok that’s all.

Truth or Dare- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Truth or Dare
Request: An imagine plzz where you and the lost boys play truth or dare and someone dares you to kiss Peter and someone else to sleep with him
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

“Truth or what?” a lost boy asked.
“Truth or dare. It’s a game. You pick truth or dare, and ask either a question get a dare from someone. It’s pretty easy, you’ll get it.” Y/N responded.
“So who wants to go first?” Peter asked.
The lost boys just looked at each other.
“I’ll go first.” Y/N added, “Peter, truth or dare?”
“Um, truth.” Peter responded.
Y/N giggled, “Who’s your favorite person on the island?”
The lost boys laughed too.
“We have to be honest right? Well then I guess it’s you Y/N.” Peter said blushing.
“Awww!” the lost boys laughed.
“Ok Peter, now you ask.” Y/N chuckled.
“Alright, Felix truth or dare?” Peter asked.
“Dare.” Felix responded.
“Go pee in a bottle, and drink it!” Peter said.
“Seriously?” Felix asked.
“Just do it!” Y/N laughed.
Felix grabbed a bottle, and went into the woods.
He came back with the bottle, it filled with his pee.
Sitting down, Felix put the bottle up to his mouth, “Here goes nothing.”
He downed the bottle!
Afterwards, he was coughing and laughing at the same time, “That was gross holy crap.”
“Now you ask someone Felix.” Y/N smiled.
“Ok Y/N, I’m asking you. Truth or dare?” Felix asked.
“Dare. Why not.” Y/N responded.
“I dare you to kiss Peter.” Felix added.
She smiled, and looked at Peter.
Leaning in, she pecked his lips.
“Done.” Y/N said after the kiss.
Peter was speechless, and a blush was forming on his cheeks.
“Peter truth or dare?” Y/N asked.
“Me again?” Peter asked.
“Yea!” Y/N responded.
“Truth.” he said.
“What did you think of that kiss?” Y/N asked.
“I thought it was nice. I’d do it again.” Peter responded.
After that, everyone kept playing truth or dare for a while longer.

Finally, it was time to go to bed.
“One last truth or dare, Cameron it goes to you.” Y/N said.
Cameron was one of the lost boys, and he took time to think about the last truth or dare of the night, “Y/N truth or dare?”
“Dare. Let’s end the night with a bang.” she responded.
“Yea! A bang!” Cameron laughed, “I dare you to sleep with Peter.”
“What? Really?” Peter exclaimed.
“I’ll do it, why not.” Y/N responded, “As long as you’re ok with it Peter.”
“I’m more than ok with it.” Peter added.
“Alright, let’s go. Night boys.” Y/N said, taking Peter by the hand.
They waved good night to the lost boys, and went into Peter’s tent.

“You sure you want to do this Y/N?” Peter asked.
“I really do. I’ve always had a little bit of a thing for you honestly.” Y/N responded.
Peter positioned his face inches from hers, “I’ve wanted this too.”
They then began to make out, and the night kept getting better and better after that.

The next morning, Y/N and Peter were getting redressed from the night of pleasure they had the night before.
“So I guess we have to tell the lost boys we actually did that.” Peter said.
“Yea we do.” Y/N responded, “We should also make that a regular occurrence, I really had fun.”
“I always knew you had a little bit of a dirty mind. I’d love to own your body every night, but cuddle some nights. I want to be with you Y/N, what do you say?” Peter asked.
“If you’re asking me to be your girlfriend, then my answer is yes. I’d love to.” Y/N responded.
From outside their tent, Felix called out them, “Get yourselves dressed and come tell us about what happened last night!”
“Oh, we’ve got a lot to tell you!” Peter called back.
Y/N giggled, and pecked Peter’s lips as they exited the tent.


Thanks for reading!

“ This is Australia, a new member of the family. ”

i was just glad to see my precious boy and he was so cute and i had to try to make an edit ok.

bonus (if someone is interested) :

...well, Hanna-Barbera, /that/ got awkward in a hurry.

Announcer: “The Yogi’s ostrich is literally burning up the track!“

Me: “Um… no, it definitely isn’t. I guess the animators were too lazy to animate it catching fire.”

Announcer: “The Rottens’ ostrich is ahead by a dozen necklengths!”

Me: “Yeah, no, it’s barely more than 3, I measured. 

Haha! Oh, you silly cartoon-makers, and your silly, lighthearted mistakes–”

Cindy Bear: “Boy, I sure hope you get revitalized soon, so the south can rise again!

Me: *mouth hangs open in utter shock and confusion*

Ok, I know it was the ‘70s, but… seriously? They just decided to randomly throw in a vaguely-Confederate-supporting phrase? In a kids show? To be said by a cartoon bear riding an ostrich? 

Like, I can only imagine how this went down.

Paul the Writer: “Well, shoot, I think we’ve used up all the stereotypical phrases for the designated ‘southern’ character to use.”

Tim the Writer: “Crap, that’s no good! At this rate, we’ll have to create characters with unique, original personality traits!”

Paul the Writer: “I know, I know, it’s terrible! What do we do?

Tim the Writer: “Uh… uh… oh! What if we shoehorned something in about the South rising again? That’s a phrase, right?”

Paul the Writer: “…isn’t that sometimes associated with racism, and disliking the outcome of the Civil War?”

Tim the Writer: “Maybe… but it’s ok if a cartoon bear says it, right?”

Paul the Writer: “Ah, good point! Let’s use it. There’s no way this’ll be considered offensive in a couple decades.”

I’ve been on this website since 2011 and I know I wouldn’t have any other place to be comfortable with being nd, with my gender identity and the fact that I’m a lesbian and that’s kind of sad. It was here that I found out I wasn’t cis and it was here that I learned that it’s ok to like girls, too. Call me pathetic, I guess… But it was. And I like spending time here because I don’t have to censor my thoughts on parts of me that I can’t change. I know that here I can say I wish I had a girlfriend without feeling my stomach hurt from nervousness, scared that the people around you will give me looks and start asking me if I meant boyfriend. I know that here I can talk about how I’m not exactly a girl or a boy without people immediately laughing about how “It must be one of those trans things people talk nowadays”, and it really is one of those trans things. And I know I can talk here for hours about how I’m proud of having been a fan of VOCALOID for a decade without people showering me insults like “weirdo”, “weeaboo”, telling me to shut up already because I talked too much about that ‘cause it’s my special interest and it makes me happy.

xmen according to me 

logan: best boy, handgsome, stronkg, huuuuuyuuuuuuu c,,claw,,.,,, bub

scott: bland as a potato,  yells too much at logan, ok-looking, bicth

everyone else: good i guess 

Stylist: So for this photoshoot we’re doing a cute and chill boy next door look, so I’m giving you this cute Mickey Mouse shirt and beret. OK understand? Cute and chill?

Young K: Sure no problem, sounds cool ^_^

Young K:

Young K: n_n


Young K:


Young K: So I was cute right? =)

Stylist:  Ummm … not exactly what I had in mind … but I guess this works too…

a few taz thots

1. ok so lup (barry’s wife???) definitely is in the umbrestaff (that’s why the umbrestaff spelled out her name during angus’ lessons) and she’s the voice taako heard. i’m guessing she was the red robe that they found dead in wave echo cave

2. but taako’s first thought when he heard the voice (that made him feel HAPPY and SAFE) was FUCKING KRAVITZ BOY I DIE

3. carey collapsing because of magnus……her best friend…..Boy…..i cried

4. why the everloving fuck was garfield growing a magnus. i forgot he took some of magnus’ hair too so like……wtf. was griff planning this the whole time?

5. that entire scene where the boys tried to talk magnus out of taking the body because they love him and didn’t want to lose him………….boy i die shit boy



8. magnus can get all of his memories back still assuming that the void fish still has them

9. i genuinely don’t think anyone on the base is bad??? just manipulated by lucretia maybe ??


Part One

‘I’m sorry what?’ the boy said as it became clear the sheriff was too stunned to actually talk.

‘I-I’m your daughter, well I guess I’m your sister.’ you said awkwardly.

‘No you’re not, it’s not possible. My mom and dad are high school sweethearts and he wouldn’t have an affair.’ the boy, Stiles as the guard had called him, said confidently.

‘I was the captain of the football team.’ the sheriff finally spoke, making you and Stiles look at him.

‘I wasn’t exactly a virgin when I met your mom Stiles. It is possible for her to be my…’

‘It’s OK, you don’t have to say it. I just came to let you know and to give this to you. It’s a letter from my mom, she left it to me in her will.’ you explained while handing him the letter.

‘Her will? She’s dead?’ Stiles asked.

‘Yeah, she lost her battle with breast cancer last month, the funeral was last week.’ you answered sadly.

‘Anna Marie Burts…I remember her. Hell how can I forget she was my first, she said she moved around a lot because her dad’s job. Moved a month after we met.’ the sheriff recalled.

‘Yeah, look sir, I’m not here to ruin your life or ask for anything like money or anything like that. But, me and mom were not well off, all the insurance money went into hospital bills, I only had enough to get here.’ you said while looking down at your hands.

‘I just need a place to stay, only for a little while though. I’m sure it wont be too hard for me to find a job and a cheap apartment or motel at the least. Even just for the night will be fine.’ you finished.

‘Hey hey, as long as there is a roof over my head there is a roof over yours. You can stay for as long as you want, not as long as you need, as long as you want.’ the sheriff smiled.

‘Thank you sir.’ you smiled gratefully.

‘My name is John, but you can call me dad if you like.’

‘Well then, um thanks…Dad.’ you blushed happily.

‘OK, um this is your younger brother, Stiles he’s seventeen and will no doubt be bugging you very soon.’ the sh- Dad introduced.

‘Hey, I guess, glad to have another Stilinski with us.’ he smiled before pulling you into a hug, which Dad soon joined in as well.

‘OK, looks like this side of the family is all about hugs.’ you teased, but returned the hug nonetheless.

anonymous asked:

I'm not a larry but you know what? Ya'll do you bc everyone else does. There are so many ships in this fandom & larries get the worst hate when there are others that have scary ass theories & over speculate so why should larries be bullied into leaving? I think some ppl hate ya'll bc you don't believe Freddie is Louis' baby & find that disrespectful, but to call you disgusting or say you ruined the boys lives is just being hateful. We all deserve to be here & I think the boys would agree.

OK. Thanks.

I mean, I think you think you’re being supportive and trying to be nice, but this is really condescending. You’re basically saying that we are justified in being here because others are awful, so our awfulness should get to stay, too. I don’t need permission to state my opinion on things, but thanks for that, I guess. 

And maybe Larries get the most shit because our theories and speculation are the most dangerous because they’re the most true? Maybe there’s a reason for that hate? Something to ponder.

But they were dead...

Well that’s the end of Merle! He’s was a jerk anyway.

Ahh a Merle hallucination.Daryl is seeing his brother’s ghost. That proves he’s dead. Poor Daryl. 

Two seasons later… Oh wait..OK I guess he’s still alive! Well played AMC… well played. 

Oh no Judith died! They wouldn’t show her body because she’s a baby and that would be going way to far. Poor Grimes boys. There is no way she could survive outside of the prison anyway. She would be way too much of a burden. RIP Judith. 

OMG! Judith is alive! Wow! I thought for sure she was a goner! I mean we saw a bloody car seat proving she was dead. Scott you sly dog you. 

Oh no! Not Beth! That’s so sad they killed her! She was awesome. Oh well she was a weak character anyway. Everyone knew she was just another dead girl just like she predicted. 

Ahhh another hallucination of a dead character. Ty know’s she is for sure dead that is why he is hallucinating her. Poor Beth.