and the bottom right picture :(((((






BUT THREE SAME-SEX COUPLES (and possibly even more?? Genders of the couples on the top right of the first picture and the bottom right of the second are a little ambiguous)

I don’t know how this got past Disney or why they allowed it (I mean Gravity Falls couldn’t even show a couple on screen, let alone kissing) BUT YES IT’S BEAUTIFUL

And look at all the rest of that diversity!!! Race, size, there’s even what looks like an elderly couple:

You go Daron Nefcy you go

Deep Magellanic Clouds Image Indicates Collisions : Did the two most famous satellite galaxies of our Milky Way Galaxy once collide? No one knows for sure, but a detailed inspection of deep images like that featured here give an indication that they have. Pictured, the Large Magellanic Cloud is on the bottom right. The surrounding field is monochrome color-inverted to highlight faint filaments, shown in gray. Perhaps surprisingly, the featured research-grade image was compiled with small telescopes to cover the large angular field nearly 40 degrees across. Much of the faint nebulosity is Galactic Cirrus clouds of thin dust in our own Galaxy, but a faint stream of stars does appear to be extending from the SMC toward the LMC. Also, stars surrounding the LMC appear asymmetrically distributed, indicating in simulations that they could well have been pulled off gravitationally in one or more collisions. Both the LMC and the SMC are visible to the unaided eye in southern skies. Future telescopic observations and computer simulations are sure to continue in a continuing effort to better understand the history of our Milky Way and its surroundings. via NASA


Animestyle - issue 011, May 2017
Part 3(out of 5): key frame comparison with finished anime frame
(6 pages + two close-ups)

Three of the pages have short blurbs at the bottom. I’ve copied the text here and provided my own translations for convenience.

Blurb #1 (top right picture; Victor holding Yuuri’s chin):
Hiramatsu Tadashi’s Animation Supervisor Corrections

ここからの6ページでは平松祯史による修正原画と、同じカットの完成画像を掲載する。左ページのユーリは2話のカット。 完成画像では髪が隠れている右目が、原画では描かれている。
Published in the following 6 pages are the corrected key frames by Hiramatsu Tadashi and those same cuts’ completed images. The Yuri on the left page is from a cut in the second episode. His right eye is hidden by hair in the complete image, but it’s drawn in the key frame.

Blurb #2 (middle right picture; naked Victor):
This animation supervisor correction spread is none other than a cut from episode 1. We’d like to draw your attention to the beauty of Victor’s realistic body.

Blurb #3 (bottom right picture; open-mouthed Yuuri):
The left page is Victor after having eaten katsudon. The highlights show the shine of his lips.


I’m not a professional translator, so of course any suggestions are welcome. 

Part 1: Cover, promotional/event images, character facial expression sketches (Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio)

Find links to all parts under the “keep reading” as I continue to post them.

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after being rescued by kageyama, hinata has to stay in his tub! he’s ridiculously embarrassed (not just cause hes around kageyama now, but he also feels like a burden) its very awkward in the beginning :’)


“She crystallised the whole popular frantic interest in royalty […] She was a real fairy-tale princess, delicate, graceful, exquisite.“ - Christian Dior about Princess Margaret.

Some Yuuri Katsuki icons for the troubled soul. No need to credit me if you use them & enjoy if you do!

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If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, especially ones revolving around New World Order, then you’ll love this one. 

Denver International Airport was commissioned at 1.7 billion dollars (1989) and finished at the cost of 4.8 billion dollars (1995). Conspiracy theorist believe that there is something fishy about this airport.

External image

The 1st thing people notice when they come by the airport is the giant blue mustang with red eyes. It was created by Luis Jimenez, who died in 2006 when the head of the Mustang fell down on his leg and severed an artery. Some people think its a tribute to the Broncos, but the statue has no symbols relating to them on it. Conspriacy theorist believe that this is the Pale Horse of Death.

It doesn’t help that the runways are shaped like a Swastika.

External image

Once inside the building, the murals are even stranger, like the gas mask wearing, sword/ AK-47 weilding man killing the dove of peace.

External image

Magnified picture of the note on the bottom right.

External image

Then there is this mural, which either comes before, or after the story depicted in the previous one. Everyone is giving their weapons to the German boy in the middle and it all results in peace.

External image

Then there is this mural which shows a burning town in the back, a girl holding the Mayan Calendar which predicts death and rebirth.

External image

Then comes the final mural. Which shows total peace and rebirth after a genocide.

External image

Another interesting thing pointed out inside the airport is what is on the floor. 

External image

At 1st it seems like its the symbol for Gold and Silver, but conspiracy theorist take it to mean the abbreviation for Australia Antigen (but the symbols for that is HBsAg). It has been rumored that Australia Antigen could be used in biological warfare. The symbol in the picture is also placed right before the biological warfare mural.

Don’t let me forget about the underground bunkers.

External image

Conspiracy theories are far-fetched most of the time, but are still fun to read up on. I hope you enjoyed this one.

This is Potata and today she turns 2 years old! Two of the pictures (top left and bottom right) are from when she was about 6-8 weeks old, and the other two were taken in the last 2-3 months. She’s been my best friend for almost 2 whole years and I only hope she loves me as much as I love her 😻😻

Some recent Slenderverse doodles I did. I just finished MLA0 and had a bunch of fun with it. Really excited to move onto DarkHarvest as I continue through TribeTwelve.

Pictured from top left to bottom right are Michael from MLA0, Jeff from EverymanHYBRID (: D to be exact) Firebrand from TT, and lastly Patrick from MLA0. Also some dumb little symbols mixed in, don’t mind that stuff.

Been having a lot of fun watching the more mainstream series, but I’m more excited to branch out into the lesser known verse stuff. You’ll probably see more from me, hah.