and the blooz


hOi, i got tagged by @drenny =3

(Name) my real name is Nadhyra Qatrunnada Zulfa, i know, it sounds stupid and shietty ;D

(Nicknames) it’s Blaze, but you still can call me Blazeen ;D some people i know as friends called me Blooze, or Bluuze XD

(Star Sign) I’m Capricorn :D that’s why i chose to be a goat child XD

(Height) i’m 157 cm tall :D hopefully i’m not smol to you guys XD

(Sexual Orientation) there’s a possibility that i’m asexual :D

(Hogwarts House) i just took le hogwarts house quiz and apparently i’m classified into HufflePuff XD

(Favorite Color/s) easy, IT’S BLUE >:3c

(Favorite Animal/s) well, my favorite animals are, cats, owls, and birbs :P

(Time Right Now) it’s 9:09 pm

(Cat or Dog Person?) CAT PERSON CHILD

(Favorite Fictional Character) MEL [y’know, melancholy ganz made by golzy]

(Favorite Singer/s/Band/s) bruh i have none

(Dream Job) bruh idfk

(When this Blog was Created) i… dont remember… ( ._.)

(What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr?) at first, it’s too se people’s undertale au :D then, for golzy… i remembered that i want to be her friend so bad, cuz she’s a wonderful person >:3 and then, it’s to share my arts, i always want to know what do people around the world think of it… :D

 welp, imma tag @mscheckacheck @edgyglaze @cherrub1412 @undermised @kandiicandyy

it’s okay if u dont wanna do it :3