and the blind spot

“Every girl is gonna be Harley Quinn this year”, you proclaim

As though there haven’t been a thousand Jokers at every Halloween party since an inordinate amount of men thought they could do a brilliant Heath Ledger impression

And as though there aren’t a million guys just whipping out the suit they got for a funeral for a last minute James Bond every year

And as though every media convention isn’t infested with infinity Deadpools all trying to be the most Deadpool of Deadpools to the point at which every other attendee develops a Deadpool shaped blind spot in the corner of their eye to completely phase out the swarm of Deadpools

We don’t mention those dudes because we’re cool with it. It’s completely fine. It’s all good, we’re just like, okay, yeah, cool Joker outfit, neat James Bond, nice attention to detail on that Deadpool

And that’s how it should be, like, whatever, you bought the costume with your own money and put it on your own body, it’s entirely inoffensive and completely respectful to everybody, we’re all happy in this situation

But when there’s a popular costume for women, suddenly it’s a big deal and a terrible awful thing

And it’s like, we COULD talk about how fucked up it is that oversexualised costumes get marketed to young girls, we COULD talk about how fucked up it is that there are still completely culturally insensitive racist costumes readily available at practically any costume shop, we COULD talk about how an absurd amount of costumes simultaneously fetishize and demonize mentally ill people

But nah

Instead we shame women for wearing a costume that they bought with their own money and put on their own body, that’s entirely inoffensive and completely respectful to everybody, and we pretend not to notice the double standards at play

At the party
  • V: Luciel, are you here?
  • Seven: *raises hand*
  • V: Didn't recognize you with your hair styled. Yoosung, are you here?
  • Yoosung: *raises hand*
  • V: Ah. I didn't recognize you with your mouth shut.

You hopefully already know that the “blind spot” is the name for the area on either side of a car that is invisible to wing mirrors. It’s such a frequent cause of accidents that higher-end car models have adopted fancy radar or camera systems capable of detecting other vehicles in your blind spots and delivering the information to you in furiously urgent beep-screams as you swerve in terror and/or crash anyway.

However, the technology isn’t the problem – the necessary equipment to eliminate blind spots was around back when Henry Ford was still producing cars and anti-Semitic newsletters. All you need are your car’s wing mirrors – which most people have adjusted incorrectly.

You see, blind spots can be put into full view of your side mirrors, provided that these mirrors are adjusted to contain no part of your own car. Just angle them away from you until the point where your car is no longer visible in either one, and leave them there. That way, there’s no overlap between them and the rearview mirror, and any car that’s passing you on either side will remain in at least one of your mirrors until it enters your field of vision.

6 Little-Known Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life


They hunted in sync, Chirrut always prowling near the rebels and Baze always prowling near Chirrut. Baze did not limit his targets to those who might spot the blind man, but he kept Chirrut under observation nonetheless; where the Force would fail Chirrut, Baze would not.


WELL, so much for “not drawing before practicals”. I ended up getting bored trying to prepare cuz you just can’t prepare for those things…

SO YEAH HAVE SOME BLIND SPOTS GOODNESS FROM YOURS TRULY. It feels like FOREVER since I drew digitally, so if it’s sloppy, forgive me. It was supposed to be a quick thing :)

Precious sunshine children <3


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because i didnt want to make a long post ^^;

this is actually sort of a ficlet i’ve had sitting for so long now, i decided to just bahhh put it out there.

i’m gonna put the script under the cut for those who use screen reader-things, and pretty much just to make it easier for some :3

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Seven Hills Road

By Ellicott City, Maryland (which already has a reputation for being a city full of hauntings) there is a road known colloquially as Seven Hills Road. This road has a history of a very peculiar haunting, but also has a history of many unfortunate car accidents. It is said that if a person drives down this road and crests the seventh hill at midnight, a black truck will mysteriously appear and come speeding towards you and chase you. There are many stories to go along with this myth from residents and visitors. Many fatal car accidents have occurred on this road, which is actually called College Avenue. Whether or not a the demon truck actually exists, “hill-hopping” itself was a popular thrill for teenagers and young adults. They would speed up and down the road, a very dangerous activity as the road has many twists and blind spots, and the speed limit is or was 25 mph. Many people have lost their lives on this dangerous road this way.


Marinette pulled a pastel pink coin purse from her desk drawer. Tikki flew herself in the moment the purse was opened.

 “Oh this is perfect! Tikki, check it out, it’s you-size.”

As Adrien neared the stairs up to the school, his cane bumped into what he thought was another leg. Whoever it belonged to didn’t move from their spot.

“Enjoying yourself, Adrien?” Master Fu greeted.

Official scenes and snippets from the fic guys! Blind Spots is coming along quite nicely, I think ^ v ^