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Peach Aura Quartz

Peach Aura Quartz is the fusion of Rose Quartz, Garnet and Pearl. When they fuse, they are able to spend love and charisma around everything and everyone! And although she doesn’t exist for too much, she does her best for the impossible missions!

curious fact; Her hair resembles a Rainbow Cupcake!

This was a request from a very close pal @megarosemewtwo!

Topaz Loves you!

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How do pugsley and Lydia get along? Are Wednesday and beetlejuice buds? (I love thos so much btw!)

As an artist, Lydia appreciates Pugsly’s collection of tortures devices. And it sets them up for a pretty nice friendship. Pugsly also likes anyone who makes it on his sisters good side. Which is a very select few.

And Beej has a general distaste for anyone who isnt Lydia. And an even bigger distaste for anyone who tries to “take his place” as her bestfriend. So he’s not her biggest fan. Wednesday just finds him irritating at best, but shes mostly indifferent.

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Hello Acchan! I was wondering if you had any new ideas about Lord Sirius' identity? Do you prefer Sirius being iClaudia or the twin or even someone new?

Hello Anon! Ah, such a question xD But yes, I still think Sirius could be one of the two (unless they’re a completely new character indeed, which is less probable imo but still a possibility until we know Sirius’ identity). 

Okay so, before I answer, let me just say something. I reached a point in my life as a Kuro fan where I’m now convinced that the 2CT will very probably be made canon and, while I’m still not the greatest fan of this theory to say the least (’cause psychological trauma >> hidden twin as an explanation if I had to sum up roughly), I have made peace within myself about the 2CT being the main explanation for Ciel’s character.

Anyway, I have made peace with the 2CT as long as the twin died 4 years ago and his body burnt so badly (like Vincent) that UT can’t even try to bring him back. If it turns out Sirius is the twin however… well, as of right now, I’m envisioning to put Kuro on hold for a little while, as sad as it sounds.

Just so you understand though, this possibility (of putting Kuro on hold) isn’t me being childish because a theory I don’t like became canon. I’ve been a theorizer about series I liked ever since I was 12 and I was obviously wrong a lot of times (I actually prefer being wrong anyway), so this isn’t about accuracy but about logic and consistency.

Yeah, I know, I love these words xD But anyway about Sirius being the twin…

I can’t say there aren’t hints in different chapters, although I don’t necessarily agree with all the hints other bloggers mentioned for this theory throughout the arc, but I have one big problem with it when it comes to such a development (Real!Ciel being BD!Sirius) making sense as a whole in the series.  

Of course I’ll explain why just after, but just so you know, that’s part of why I was so unsettled by ch125 last week. I used to… be sure of a few things in Kuro thanks to what we had seen until now, but after a chapter using plot convenience tricks + Violet’s plan being ridiculous and hinting at a larger explanation maybe not making a lot more sense, I am not sure of anything making sense anymore (and I don’t mean that just for the current arc). :/

From the moment an author seemingly stops being logical (although this could still be a storytelling trick of course, never say never), that means the wildest explanation could waltz in at any moment and that’s particularly unsettling for me, since I have fun theorizing by adding things together (which is why I like logic in the first place xD).

So anyway, now you know the reason why I actually was so pissed off about the new chapter: if Yana was 100% serious with what she hinted at through Violet’s plan, that means there are possible plot holes in sight (when she was able before to write arcs without those) and that means we can’t really rely on anything that was introduced in the story before. 

Back to “is Sirius Ciel’s twin being brought back as a perfected BD?” 

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for sunday blurbs: YN wins her first Oscar,and Seb(and their fans) go crazy on social media

i know you said for seb to go crazy on social media, but i changed it up a bit i hope you don’t mind!

when your name was called, your heart literally stopped and you could not move. everyone around you jumped up and applauded and you just sat there in disbelief. your best friend, whom you brought along as your date, nudged you and you turned to look at her. she nodded at you to go on stage, mouthing to you that you had won.

you jumped up and smiled at everyone around you. you couldn’t believe that leo fucking dicaprio was standing up and applauding you when you should probably be kissing the ground he had just walked on.

you quickly hurried to the stage and hugged and kissed the presenters on the cheek. you held the oscar and stared at it, let out a slight chuckle. you could not believe it.

the music and the applause died down and you began to talk into the microphone. not before letting out a profanity which sent the audience into laughter and the technician’s backstage a frenzy. it was live for the east coast, after all.

“sorry,” you winced, letting out a laugh yourself. 

you thanked the director of the film, the producer, your cast mates, your manager, your publicist and everyone in between. you saved the best for last. your family, friends, fans, and sebastian. he wasn’t able to make it to the show since he was off in another country filming.

“sebastian, i wished you couldve been here tonight to share the moment with me,” you grinned. “but since you’re not, i guess you’ll just have to watch on tv like the rest. i just want to thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be better and bigger. i wouldnt be standing here on this stage with this award in my hand if it weren’t for you. thank you. i love you.”

you finished your speech with something a bit more cheesy before walking off stage. you took pictures with the presenters and then you were told that your actual statute was going to be at the after party, where they would engrave your name on it.

the award show soon ended and when you were outside waiting for your ride, you took out your phone and quickly noticed all the notifications on your lock screen. chuckling you replied to all the texts and emails from people congratulating you. going on your social media was even crazier. all of your fans were spamming your old posts with congratulations.

but there was one person that was missing in the midst of all the craziness - sebastian. he had sent you a long text message that you would save to read in the car.

once the car showed up to take you to the after party, you hopped in and quickly opened his message.

(y/n), i am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you. and i too, wish i could have been there. but like the rest of the human race, i did watch it on television just for YOU. not like i needed to watch it to know you were going to win, but it was nice to hear them say it and to see you holding the damn thing. God, I wish i could put into words what i’m actually thinking, but this text message would go on for days if i did that.

i guess, in short, what i want to say is that you deserve this award more than anyone else in that room. ok, maybe im being a bit dramatic. can you blame me? but, seriously, you do deserve it. everyone fucking gave you a damn standing ovation!!!!!!!!!! god, i wish i could’ve been there!!!!! stupid work. 

anyway, i love you and i’m so damn proud of you. i just wanna go on the top of this hotel roof top and scream it, but i’d probably get kicked out and my publicist wouldnt really enjoy fixing that, but who cares. YOU WON A FUCKING OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!

thank YOU for being YOU. 

i love you, (y/n). ❤️😍😘

p.s: i want to be the first one, other than any one else around you, to see your statute with your name engraved on it. 


SI’d like to thank all of you all!! Here are some shoutouts to 15 of my closest mutuals:

  1. @thingswelostinthefire –My tumblr mom, Rose, also my #1 fan for 4 weeks in a row (ily, you spork)
  2. @daddysnek–Number two fan for this month. Username=my entire existence
  3. @phoenixgurl78–Number three fan for this month. Really cool person!!
  4. @deadpan-trashcan–Her tumblr is my aesthetic. Number 4 fan for this month.
  5. @starmadephan–one of my favourite blogs, a fellow loser™
  6. @plantpotphil–another one of my favourite blogs, stole/discovered the phrase, “hecking rad” from her. Not giving it back.
  7. @star-howell–fabulously fabulous. Gave me the #tag talking disease. 
  8. @aboveaverage-fangirl–loves talking to me, i can scream at her and she’s fine with it (tysm fam)
  9. @novatheinternet–secretly is a unicorn, like my best friend on this website
  10. @cyanlester–my team captain for the phandom games (#team j should have won) and just a generally wonderful person
  11. @hesitant-dan–emo trashcan, really relatable, a fab-yoo-lus squitch
  12. @softephan–speaks in memes, is a soft smol bean
  13. @lippustikku–another fabulous username, a poet
  14. @articulatehowell–(another) one of my favourite blogs!! Really cool!!
  15. @stopdan2k17–could not agree more with the title of her blog, “Gender roles are the worst type of bread.” I also agree with her username.

I’m sorry if I left anyone out! Any of you all, hit me up whenever and talk to me!!


Can we talk about the Nicki And Remy beef tho…I listen to nicki here and there and I rocks with here but why is everyone pretending like she’s the best female rapper out and the “queen”. She really not, she’s just the most popular and makes more money. Truth be told, ain’t no queen or king of rap in today’s music. And y'all (her die hard fans) act like because Nicki makes more money and sells more records that makes her better. No, money don’t make her better. And Nicki posting Remy Ma & Fat Joe album sales as a response was wack, to me, only because Remy is actually a good artist & since she was locked up for so long niggas forgot about her or just didnt know about her before LHH. Aaand of course Nicki is worth more and makes more, she been out for years and Remy been in jail.

Also, y'all know Nicki ain’t bout that street life, but Remy is. This a good beef tho. And stop complaining about Remy diss record, it’s a diss it’s suppose to be brutal, a diss ain’t suppose to be club music *cough* Drake *cough*

©channingmariexo I’m not saying it’s our best photo together, but it’s also not the worst

The guy in the back, though…

©alisky88 I just have to share that my niece got to meet her idol Jared Padalecki at the Supernatural Convention this weekend! Look how elated she is!! Makes me so happy! I love meeting actors I love! It’s an experience you remember for the rest of your life!🖤@jaredpadalecki
#supernatural #supernaturalcon #supernaturalfan #jaredpadalecki #samwinchester #spn #spnfamily #saltandburnyourdemons #alwayskeepfighting #akf #youareenough #yae #spnnash #spnfandom #spncon

©sinnerauthor Love! #spnnash

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1-20 for theo!!

I’m gonna miss some for obvious reasons, bc y’know…she’s like 5. (also sorry i’m late!! i slept all day on accident :^()

01. Full name: Theodosia Melody Chien Medina
02. Best friend: Bug Melrose!!!!
03. Sexuality: Since sexuality is nature, not nurture, I can tell you that she’s indeed a bisexual bean.
04. Favorite color: Lilac
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:

08. Favorite food: atm she’s a big fan of oatmeal cookies
09. Crushes:
10. Favorite music: Probably pop music for the time being since tots just like stuff to bop to!!
11. Biggest fear: The dark, clowns, the monster under the bed, losing her parents, her grandparents “leaving”… She’s a baaaaaaaaby, she scared of everything!
12. Biggest fantasy: That Binkee would could to life and keep her company forever and ever
13. Bad habits: Biting her nails 😒😒😒
14. Biggest regret: Not enough life to have any yet!
15. Best kept secrets: That momma switched the regular mayo for light mayo, don’t tell daddy. And when she’s a really good girl, daddy gives her an extra cookie at bedtime, don’t tell momma!
16. Last thought: “They look cool… too cool to be my friend, sigh” @ bug :’c
17. Worst romantic experience:
18. Biggest insecurity:
She’s a bit of a loner kid, her family are her only friends so her self esteem is lacking.
19. Weapon of choice: CUTENESS.
20. Role Model: She thinks her family is so cool and wants to be like all of them!

get to know my honeys

Quick coloring of a sketch I made earlier… my eyes hurt, I’ve probably watched too much Netflix.

Her name is Astoria Rosier, a Harry Potter OC (as you can see) from @r3saria
We met her at a anime convention a couple weeks ago fell in love with the OCs of her and her best friend.

More fanarts are probably about to come… this is relaxing.

@therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu 💚💚👁🌵 I hope you two had a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Best wishes! Edit: I am so sorry😰😭😭😭 I colored Wiishu’s eyes wrong. I know now that her eyes are green. I am very sorry. This is my first fanart of the two and I am in general bad with eye colors, I will remember the correct eye color next time! Promise! 😖

A story about Carrie: I got to meet her 10 years ago in London. She was doing a signing and I was practically in pieces waiting in line. I was bouncing on my heels to try and contain how nervous I was. And when you’ve admired someone for nearly as long as your entire life - as I had - I was also slightly terrified that she might be slightly blasé about meeting fans. But she was anything but. In fact, she was incredibly kind. She asked me why I was bouncing and I told her I was trying to hold all of my nerves. And she said “Don’t dear girl. Let ‘em all out. Loudly if you can.” And I laughed and I ended up babbling about how much I loved that she was a short, brown-eyed brunette like me. And I remember she took both my hands in hers and whispered “We’re the best ones.”
My heart is heavy tonight as I mourn the loss of my hero. Thank you for teaching me that a girl can be her own kind of hero. Goodnight Princess, General, and incredible Activist. May the force forever be with you.

merry christmas from nina and benny!!!

(((alternatively, if youre not celebrating, heres benny using a seasonal plant to get kisses from his favourite lady)))

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm thinking: Can you believe how badly the fandom has treated Roxy Lalonde since she was first introduced? They either make her Dirk's best friend who gives him relationship advice when he's upset. Or they give her alcohol and a cat. Her personality is more than just alcohol, a cat, and Dirk's therapist, or just a funny prop. Where's fan content with her as a scientist? A coder? A gamer? A fanfic writer? Where's the in-depth meta about her overcoming addiction or her fixation on femininity or her relationship regarding her mom and the post-apocalyptic world she grew up in, or her compulsive-heterosexuality when she's obviously more comfortable flirting with girls? When the fuck is the fandom going to respect Roxy Lalonde?

Lean On Me | A belated birthday gift to my stupid friend @seveanteen