and the best show ever

uhhh… didn’t he already do all that to liz on the flagship show?  ohhh, you mean he’ll do it to NEW and UNSUSPECTING women.  gotcha.  whew, for a moment i thought this was gonna be the same ol’ run of the mill tom/jacob/christopher/bond show. ;-)

This show

has some

of the best

characters’ development

I’ve ever seen

in any show


So can we talk about how Maggie Sawyer lied about her parents’ reaction when she was outed so Alex wouldn’t be scared of coming out to her own family. And how Maggie just really wanted it to be good for Alex and made sure she knew she was there for her if something went wrong because she was fucking kicked out of her house when she was just fourteen. Like by now I already know she is the best love interest anyone will ever have in the show.

Also, please give me Maggie meeting Eliza and feeling welcomed and loved by her family-in-law even is she wasn’t by her actual family of homophobic assholes.

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I don't watch Supergirl, but I follow a lot of people who do. So I've been seeing a lot of Kara relationship dynamics, and the understandable frustration with M-dude whoeverthehell he is. Is there any chance the writer's are setting him up to be the next big bad? Cause this looks like a betrayal in the making to me.

I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but from everything I’ve seen (and the glimpses I’ve seen on my dash) I don’t understand how anyone can’t think K*ramel is a good ship. I don’t understand how the writers can be honestly peddling this bullshit and saying it’s better than Karolsen or Supercorp or letting Kara be single. I would say ‘how can they do well with Sanvers and drop the ball so hard with Kara’ but the way they keep fucking up Alex, I’m not so sure I can even say that anymore. 

Don’t get me wrong, season 1 wasn’t like… the best show ever or anything, but it was largely enjoyable. Supergirl is pretty much the only show on right now that I actually watch and I’m not really upset that I haven’t seen this week’s yet. It’s obnoxious. I’d rather watch Kara punch literal manifestations of rampant sexism than see her shackled to this cosmic fuckboi. 

At this point if it ISN’T some big plot twist in the making to talk about how toxic relationships can get even the best of us and how you need to look for healthy partnerships then the writers might collectively need some feminist therapy because if they are honestly trying to sell us K*ramel as a healthy ship, they don’t know what healthy looks like. 

I miss the Danvers Sisters getting pizza and ice cream time together to unwind. I miss every minute of screentime any other character could be getting but we get this fucking asshole instead. I miss looking for Jeremiah. I miss Lucy. I miss Cat. I miss game night. I miss my Supergirl show. 

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any good shows besides su and voltron im bored af and cod aint helping

Well thats something that REALLY depends on what you like!

Personally I always recommend Over The Garden Wall, is amazing!

If you saw it already and you are down to catch some anime, The Tatami Galaxy is great! and FLCL is a masterpiece!

If you want more comedies, Panty and Stocking is red humor at its best, The Loud House is really entertaining for a chilly time, I’ve heard Welcome to the NHK is great but I haven’t been able to catch up with it, and Chowder is one of the funniest shows CN ever had!

If you want more softness and cute charm, Harvey Beaks is super sweet and it has that innocence charm that make people so happy! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is a series of pilots/shorts on CN youtube channel, they are like Dragon Ball + Street Fighter + Regular show which is like the best fuckin’ mix ever!!

Star Vs is also an amazing show! I need to catch up but when I saw it I knew it was going to be great, and it is!! its pretty funny, pretty good telling stories and the characters are amazing!! Is like a Gravity falls but less mysterious and MORE MABEL FOCUSED.

Nickelodeon’s Ninja Turtles have been super sweet, and honestly the 3D style is SO great I don’t mind it at all!! really well designed and has the perfect mix between adventure and comedy. 

For some more weird shows, Invader Zim is pretty good and has this Hot Topic/Goth like style, sometimes it can get so erratic is HILARIOUS.

For more… scary and kinda gross shows, Flapjack is my No.1 recommendation, incredibly funny but also incredibly scary, I recommend having a lil guts for it bc some things are pretty dang harsh! 

REASONS TO COME EARLY: Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast’s 2016 album, Psychopomp, is probably one of my favorite albums of last year. Filled with an eclectic range of sounds from shoegaze, psychedelic rock, to pop, Michelle Zauner fills in her album with accounts of pain and beauty through incredible music. Honestly, I went to a Porches show last year to see Japanese Breakfast open, and man, I must say, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Enthusiastic energy carried the show with lots and lots of jumping and a lovely surprise cover of “Dreams” by The Cranberries! As a shoegaze fan, I cannot express more excitement for the duo of this amazing band and of course, Slowdive. If you’re even remotely on the fence about attending this show, I hope this is enough of an encouragement: think of it is as a two-in-one experience!

-Maddie Budreau

Get tickets here for Slowdive with Japanese Breakfast at 9:30 Club on May 7.

Ever since the Green Day shows I went to in January I’ve literally been living GD 24/7. Like ever since that first moment in Cologne my mind has been so occupied by this band and I cannot stop thinking about them. Everything in my daily life has been tied to Green Day. I’ve booked 7 shows this summer and it’s honestly already the best decision ever. I’m showing no signs of stopping. I’m booking my GD tattoo soon. God have mercy.

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,