and the best show ever

If you don’t like ok ko I don’t trust you. If you come into my vicinity and say “I don’t like ok ko” then I’m already casting a spell that will kill you instantly at 4:00 the following day. And if you say anything about how the writers for the show are perverted? or that the art looks like bad cartoon porn, whilst having a steven universe/undertale icon? Then it looks like god is coming for you, ready to smite you with a mighty sword. You will burn in a pit of fire and transcend into the void. *snickers*”….nothing personelle, kid…….”

my mood is FIXED and REALLY GOOD now solely because i now have not only permission but direct orders from one of my art teachers to SET SOMETHING ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just realised.

I’ll never get to see them save Wolfgang, I’ll never get to see Kala and Wolfgang finally make it to Paris, I’ll never get to see Nomi and Anamita get married, I’ll never get to see Lito finally make it as a big movie star in hollywood and his love for Hernando, I won’t ever get to see how Will finally takes down whispers, I won’t get to see Ceapheus make changes to the world and his own city and I won’t get to see Sun finally be happy, finally be away from the destruction of her brother, finally be happy with mun. I won’t get to see any of it, and my heart is breaking. 


The Defenders + Text Posts


Amazing scene from episode 89.

Context: Upon finding out that Taryon hasn’t bothered to learn the names of most of his new traveling companions, Pike recruits Tary’s mechanical assistant Doty to immediately sketch some portraits. Of course, Doty takes the request very literally and decides to sketch everyone while they’re in bed. Many of them are not in bed alone.